Best wireless Headphones For Skateboarding & Longboarding

wireless Headphones For Skateboarding and Longboarding

Best Headphones for skateboarding & longboarding Do you feel bored or lonely while skateboarding or longboarding?  Then, the best way is to get premium quality Headphones for skateboarding & longboarding. It will also boost up your confidence in skating.  Your first task is to go through all the features of the headphones at a glance. … Read more

10 Best Longboard Brands in 2023 – Reviews with Top Picks

longboard brands for beginner, pro, tricks, cruising, carving, pumping, surf, downhill,dancing

10 Best Longboard Brands There’s nothing compared to riding through the sunset on your longboard, wind breezing through your hair… Well, maybe I’m somewhat overdramatic, but many of you certainly feel that way. Statistics shows that Only in the US, the number of skateboarders rose to 6.5 million in 2019. Longboards have seen a notable … Read more

Top 5 Best Lubricant for Skateboard Bearings that Surely Change Your Riding Experience

lubricant for skateboard bearing, skateboard bearing lube, grease skateboard, skateboard speed cream

5 Best Lubricant for Skateboard Bearings Cruises around the street or performing some tricks in the skate park brings ultimate fun to every skater’s life. You can enjoy the thrill of skating till the bearings of your skateboard spin freely. Riding on the street exposes the skate-bearings to mud, debris, water, and dust. All of these … Read more

07 Best Drop-Through Longboard

drop thru longboard

07 Best Drop-Through Longboard in 2022 Cruising around the town with a longboard is a fun activity. But racing with your friends on the downhill requires such a type of longboard that can support it. Downhill racing means speed & stability. A regular longboard can’t hold the weight & high-speed at the same time. In the … Read more

07 Best Longboard Trucks To Show Better Skill

best longboard trucks, reverse kingpin trucks, longboard trucks for cruising carving pumping

07 BEST LONGBOARD TRUCKS In 2022 TO SHOW BETTER SKILL Showing off with a longboard is fun. Especially with those grooves and moves! But without a complete high-quality longboard, you cannot show off even after having those skills. To build a complete longboard, using a quality truck is important. However, selecting the best longboard trucks … Read more

12 best longboard bearing in 2023

longboard bearings, fastest longboard bearings, longboard bearings for cruising better experience

12 Best Longboard Bearings Even though everyone in our team is longboard enthusiasts and we know almost everything about longboards, we were once losers too, We had those days when our fellow skaters passed us and beat us in the race. After years of practice and research, now we know that it was the bearings … Read more

12 Best Skateboard Decks For Ultimate Performance

skateboard decks, most durable skateboard decks, skateboards decks for street

Best Skateboard Decks Reviewed & Tested In 2023​ Back in those days, my friends and I loved how skateboard decks were durable, sturdy, and functional. Plus, they were affordable as well. No one knows how good it feels to be a kid from the 90s. Today, you can hardly find those sturdy skateboard decks, and … Read more