07 Best Drop-Through Longboard in 2022

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Cruising around the town with a longboard is a fun activity. But racing with your friends on the downhill requires such a type of longboard that can support it. Downhill racing means speed & stability.

A regular longboard can’t hold the weight & high-speed at the same time. In the worst case, it may break down, and you can’t enjoy the thrill of a speedy ride. Regarding this, a drop-through longboard comes into play.

Its deck is lower to the ground for easy pushing and sliding. Therefore, it provides greater stability due to the low center of gravity.

As the market is flooded with a ton of drop-through longboards, we researched these 7 best drop-through longboards for you. So, you don’t need to waste your valuable time searching for the right one. you can also check our best longboard brands to get more product recommendation.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the round-up guide. 

Drop-Through Longboard Review in 2021

Read every detail of the products thoroughly we mentioned below. Each of them is functional, durable, and offers superior stability. 

However, you can go for Rekon Complete Drop Through Longboard if you don’t have much time to read this long article. It is long-lasting, offers fast & smooth riding, and is sturdy enough to hold your weight.On the other hand, continue to read to discover the best one that serves your purpose. 

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • Best Overall

    Rekon Complete Drop Through Longboard 42 inch
    Top pick
  • Best for Beginners

    SANVIEW 39" Drop Through Longboard
  • Best for Speed & Balance

    Retrospec Rift Drop-Through Longboard
  • Best Stylish

    Volador 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser
  • Best for Downhill Carving

    Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch
  • Best for Kids & Beginner Adults

    Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard
  • Best-Durable

    WiiSHAM Longborads Skateboards 42 inches

Rekon Overall Drop Through Longboard


Rekon Complete Drop Through Longboard 42 inch

TOp Feature

Getting a high-performance longboard that provides ultimate control, comfort, and speed is a challenging task. But the Rekon Complete Drop-through Longboard proves us wrong. Also, it breaks our fallacy that a high-performance longboard makes our wallets empty. This longboard is durable, affordable, offers a fast riding experience, and is ideal for everyone. 

Firstly, let us break down its construction and design. The board uses sturdy 9-ply Canadian maple wood as its built-in material and is bounded by advanced adhesives. Indeed, it can handle anything you throw at it and hold up to 220 lbs effortlessly

Therefore, this board comes with a 7-inch durable aluminum truck to ensure maneuverability and performance. All of these high-quality components assure the overall durability of the longboard. 

Thanks to its drop-through design. The board remains closer to the ground and users can easily control and maneuver it. Besides, the deck is layered with professional-grade grip tape that keeps the feet stable on the board. Indeed, the user-friendly design makes this longboard ideal for riders of all ages. 

Finally, let’s see what the performances you will get from it. The longboard comes with large 70mm, 78A PU wheels equipped with high-speed ABEC-7 bearings. And you know that big wheels and high-speed bearings always provide the speed you need for a long drive. Its 95A high-round bushings are a bit stiff but provide you the ultimate control and balance as you glide through the wind. 

To sum up, Rekon Complete Drop-through Longboard is the best-overall longboard on this list that is functional, durable, and friendly to your pocket. 




SANVIEW 39"-Best Drop Through Longboard For Beginner

Top Feature

 SANVIEW 39" Drop Through Longboard for Beginners

Most amateur skaters struggle to balance the skateboard when they stand on the skate for the first time. So, they should choose a longboard that provides excellent stability.

And the SANVIEW 39″ Drop deck Longboard is what beginner skaters are craving. Due to its low gravity design, the skate hugs the street for you and offers the stability you need for safe riding.

Therefore, it is lightweight and comes with super grippy wheels to provide ultimate maneuverability and comfort. The longboard deck uses 8-ply Canadian maple as its construction material to ensure durability & strength. Plus, the entire deck is framed on the 7-inch aluminum trucks. So, this longboard lasts for a long time and can support up to 260 lbs. 

Now, let’s talk about how fast this longboard is…. 

With 70mm x 51mm big wheels, the longboard features ABEC-9 high-speed bearings. Wheels in this range are perfect for a speedy ride. 

On the other hand, ABEC-9 bearings are specially designed for downhill skating. Turns out, the weight of this longboard is only 7 lbs, making it a breeze to turn and maneuver. Observing its lightweight design, you may doubt whether it can hold the weight or support the high speed. 

Fortunately, its sturdy design can hold up to 260 lbs, and the grippy wheels and high-grade bearings can support fast cruising. Indeed, it will be perfect for those beginners who look for a longboard for cruising, sliding, downhill, and curving. 



 Retrospec Drop Through Longboard for Speed & Balance


Retrospec Rift | Best Drop-Through Longboard For Speedy Ride

TOp Feature

If a drop-through longboard becomes synonymous with speed & balance, the Retrospec Rift Drop-through Longboard is exactly what you need. 

RetroSpec Longboard features large 78 PU wheels. And you know the larger the wheels will be, the more speed you will get from the skate. Plus, its high-speed ABEC-7 bearings make the speed double and you can experience the fastest ride ever. 

In terms of balancing your longboard, you can’t find a single longboard on this list or in the market that offers a superior balance like this. Its deck is lower in the center. So, your feet remain secure on the deck, keep the center of gravity low and give you the utmost stability & control. 

Now, let’s move onto its construction. The 41” x 9” longboard is made of sturdy 9-ply Canadian maple deck. The more plys a longboard will have, the more durable it will be. So, you don’t need to worry about its sturdiness. 

Apart from these, the width of this longboard is 9-inch and its length is 41-inch. It means there is sufficient space for both adults & children to keep their feet on the deck. 

The upper layer of the deck is covered with extra gritty and abrasive grip tape. So, your feet will not slip away to ensure safe riding. Furthermore, every truck of the longboard has two high-rebound bushings. They help you turn your cruiser board with ease and absorb shocks to ensure comfortable skating.



Volador 42inch | Best Drop Deck Longboards For Free Ride

Top Feature

Volador 42inch Complete Cruiser Best Stylish drop throug longboard

Do you want to make your fellow skaters fascinate and attract others? Then, Volador Freeride Longboard will be your go-to pick. Talented artists design this and reveal their art talent by designing this stylish longboard. 

It comes with a wide range of graphics from strikingly vintage to Avant-garde looks. Just choose one from there and make other riders fascinated. Apart from its stylish appearance, this longboard is also functional. 

It comes with a 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks . With it, you can adjust the longboard trucks to 45 or 50 degrees to gain the utmost maneuverability. On the other hand, extra-large wheels (78×51 mm) with high-speed bearings offer you an unsurpassed skating experience. 

Finally, let’s check out its construction. This longboard uses 8-ply natural hard rock maple glued with epoxy, making it long-lasting. It will support you for years to come and can ride with it with little maintenance. 



Atom Drop Best for Downhill Carving drop thru longboard


Atom 41" | Best Drop Through Longboard for Downhill Carving

TOp Feature

Downhilling with a longboard requires maximum stability and a good amount of flex. And the Atom Drop-Through Longboard provides that stability you need for downhill carving. 

Its ultra-low design keeps the board closer to the ground and this board will hug the roads. In return, you will get the ultimate stability and control over the longboard while downhilling. 

The 9.5-inch wide deck uses durable 9-ply maple laminate, which adds sturdiness to the board. In other words, it can support the shocks and speed while downhilling. Due to its wide deck, you will get enough space to keep your feet on the board. 

On top of this, the upper layer of this atom drop deck longboard is covered with a gritty silicon carbide grip. It keeps your feet secure on the deck with no fear of slipping away. 

This downhill atom board is equipped with 70mm wheels and high-speed ABEC-9 bearings. The extra-large wheels are smooth & grippy, providing the speed you need for fast riding with utmost comfort. 

Therefore, the bearings that make the longboard move comes with high-quality lubricant. So, they will spin freely and a little push on the ground will bring you a long way.  The best feature of this board we spot out is- it comes fully assembled. It means you can start skating & downhilling right away once you unbox it. 




Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Top Feature

playshion drop thru longboard Best for Kids & Beginner Adults

PlayShion Drop-Through Freestyle Longboard will be the perfect bait for beginner kids & adults who just get their feet wet in longboarding. It uses Drop-Through mounting technology that keeps the board low to the ground. As a result, you can brake the longboard with your right foot and it is easy to push due to its low clearance feature. 

Indeed, this one is perfect for beginner adults and kids to learn skating & longboarding. Therefore, the 51mm wide wheels is the beginner longboard in the market. They are wide enough, and skaters can control the skate with ease. 

On top of this, you can adjust the longboard trucks and loose or tight them according to your comfort level. If you want to turn the longboard effortlessly, make the trucks loosen. In contrast, tighten them to get speed and stability. 

Like other longboards, this one is made of eight flexible ply maple deck, which makes it strong yet pliable. In return, it can hold up to 250 lbs without any issues. 

Forget to mention that the deck is slightly concave in the middle to keep your feet secure to the board. In simple words, it lets you turn the board with ease and provides you better control over the skate. Each of the trucks is made with aluminum and equipped with soft bushings. Due to this, the longboard can easily absorb the shocks to ensure smooth and comfortable riding.




WiiSHAM Longborads Skateboards 42 inches

Top Feature

wisham best durable drop through longboard

No one loves to get a longboard that can’t support the speed and weight. As downhill carving is a type of speedy riding, you need to get a longboard that is strong yet flexible enough to hold the speed and weight.

Regarding this, WiiSHAM Longboards will be your best trait. It is made with thick and sturdy 9-ply Canadian maple wood, making the longboard durable. Turns out, it has a good amount of flex that can support both speed & weight. 

Besides, the deck is supported by sturdy aluminum alloy trucks. It means this longboard can handle just anything you throw at it and can carry up to 250 lbs. 

Moreover, you will get a smooth and fast riding experience from this longboard. It features 70mm x 50mm extra-large wheels that glide on the road freely. 

Plus, its ABEC-9 speed-bearings spin fast and give you the comfort of extra-fast downhilling. Indeed, you can hardly find a longboard that provides ultimate durability like this WiiSHAM longboard.



Drop Down Longboard vs. Drop Through (Top Mount Longboards vs Drop Through)

Drop-through and down-through are two particular types of longboards in the market. When you see them in your naked eyes, you can hardly find a difference between them. So, it will be challenging for you which one you should pick. But once you discover the purpose behind these two longboards, you can come to the point and decide on what you need.

longboard - drop deck vs drop through

Now, let’s check out what makes drop-through and down-through longboards difference

Provide Different Riding Experience

Both drop-through and drop-down longboards come with a low gravity design. But each of them gains those low ground platforms in different ways to get the different riding experience. Experienced riders can catch the difference effortlessly, but new skaters can’t notice any differences in the beginning.

Deck Shape

The next difference between the drop down board and the down-through longboard is their deck shape and deck design. Trucks of a mount longboards are placed on top of the deck through a small cut. On the other hand, down-through longboards set the trucks under the deck to ensure stability. 

Speed & Stability

When it comes to speed & stability, we recommend you pick the drop deck longboards if you need speed. A drop-through longboard is fast. In contrast, if you need stability over speed, a down-through longboard will be your best pick. 


The responsive rate of a drop-through longboard is excellent compared to the down-through board. You can go a long way with a little push and turn the board with minimum effort. Indeed, a drop-through longboard responds faster than its counterpart. 

Deck Width

Drop-through longboards have a wider deck compared to the down-through longboard. In other words, there is enough space on the board to keep the feet securely. As a result, you can control and maneuver the drop-through longboard with ease.

top mount longboard

On the other hand, a down-through longboard has a narrow deck because of its concave cut on deck. However, you will get better stability at high speed from the down-through longboard.

best drop-through longboard for beginner


What is a drop thru longboard?

A drop-through longboard is a type of skate on which trucks are dropped through the deck. It comes with a lower deck that is closer to the ground and offers ultimate stability. 

Are drop through longboards good for cruising?

Though you can cruise around with a longboard, it would be best if you choose the longboard for long-distance riding. Also, longboards are excellent for speed riding, downhill, and carving. 

Are drop-through longboards better?

Yes, drop-through longboards are better for carving, speed riding, and long-distance riding. The deck of the longboard remains closer to the ground. So, you will get excellent stability and maneuverability from this board. 

Are drop-through boards good for tricks?

Unfortunately, drop-through boards are not good for tricks. They are specially designed for downhill longboards and speedy riding. 

Can you dance on a drop-through?

Yes, you can dance on a drop-through longboard as they provide excellent stability as the board remains closer to the ground.

What size drop-through longboard should I get?

It depends on what you want to do with a longboard. If you wish to perform cruising and carving, a longboard with 28-46 inches will be excellent. On the other hand, a 32-42-inch longboard will be your best bait for turning your skate quickly.

Final Words

After conducting thorough research, we reviewed those top 7 best drop-through longboards for you. We categorized each of them by best-overall, best durable, and so on. 

As a result, you can decide which one you should pick.Among them, we recommend the Rekon Complete Drop Deck Longboards most. It is durable, offers smooth & fast riding, and budget-friendly. The best part is- it comes fully assembled. So, you can ride right away after unboxing it. You can also choose any of them based on your requirements from the list. 


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