Best Skateboard Decks Reviewed & Tested In 2024

Back in those days, my friends and I loved how skateboard decks were durable, sturdy, and functional. Plus, they were affordable as well. No one knows how good it feels to be a kid from the 90s. Today, you can hardly find those sturdy skateboard decks, and when we studied the market, we were really disappointed.

Now, we really wanted skateboard lovers to get those feels we experienced back in those days – the high-end configuration at an affordable price range. There was this voice telling us to get you guys the best skateboard decks

We were actually looking for solid maple construction, minimal graphics, lightweight design, great wheelbase, and many more. We tested products from top skateboard deck brands; It turned out that only 12 skateboard decks met our demands.

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Key Takeways

  • Powell Golden Dragon is a solid choice with a fairly long length that comes with durable board construction and a K12 deep concave curve suitable for most skaters. 
  • Element Section Black 7.75 skateboard deck has a nice traditional design and should be a good fit for intermediate riders. 
  • Bamboo deck Skateboards Green Fish Graphic, on the other hand, has a quirky design. Although the design might not be to everyone’s taste, it’s made from environmentally friendly materials with solid performance. All the decks has their identity and suitable for every skill levels.


12 Best Skateboard Decks (Tested)

There are a lot of shoddy skateboard decks in the market. Trust us, we would know. And you don’t want to be skating on them, let alone waste your money. After testing and researching 100+ hours we picked best 12 skate decks in 2023.

Our Top Pick (Updated 2024)
  • Superior Performance

    Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon
    Top pick
  • Best For Intermediate Skaters

    Element Section Black 7.75
    Top pick
  • Best Deck For Tricks

    Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic
    Top Pick
  • Best Looking Skateboard Deck

    Baker Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White
  • Most Durable Skatebard Deck

    Bamboo Skateboards Geometric Graphic
  • Best Skateboard Deck For Beginners

    Vision Original Psycho
  • Best For Street Skating

    ztuntz Bucktee Plankton
  • Best Deck for Smooth Riding

    Baker Brand Logo White 8.25"
  • Best Deck For Cruising

    Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck
    Top Pick
  • Best Deck For Heavy Riders

    ICE DRAGON Canadian Maple Skateboard Deck
  • Best For All Skill level

    Deathwish Skateboard Decks
  • Light-Weight & Durable

    Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Deck
    Top Pick

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon best skate decks


Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon- Best Skate Decks

TOp Feature

Powell is the most popular skateboard brand that’s known to make quality products, and this one won’t disappoint you either. The design and the board construction are both solid. It can be a great choice for hardcore advance skaters who take the sport seriously.

The first thing that will jump to you is the(its) cool design. Its dragon design is striking and looks quite menacing. Frankly, it just looks like a performer right when you take it out of the box. The design of this one easily makes it one of the coolest skateboard decks.

Powell Peralta has a reputation for making complete deck that last though slightly expensive than other regular decks. This one uses seven plies maple build quality which is rigid and is simply very well made. For skaters that want to take their deck for a spin almost every day and do some intense riding, the build quality would be perfect.

The length of this one is 31.375″, and the width is 7.5″. That should be good for adult riders who have some experience riding skateboards. Tricks can be done easily with it too. 

And let’s be honest, every rider wants to do a couple of skateboard tricks, don’t they? Want to show off your skating skills with a reliable and well-made skateboard deck? This one really does deserve a close look.

It’s a concave K12 deck. Now, what does that mean? 

K12 means the deck has a double kick nose. It also has a deep concave which makes it quite rigid and stiff. You will have a new skateboard deck that isn’t too thick but still has ample response and pop.




Element Section Black 7.75- Best Deck For Intermediate Skaters

Top Feature

Element Section Black 7.75 decks for intermediate skaters

We love good value around here. With this one, you get a free Mob grip tape, and we don’t think anyone can complain about that. Besides, if you don’t know about the Element brand, let us tell you about it. The brand is a very reputed one that prides itself in making top skateboard decks with modern technology and considered as top skateboard decks. 

The clean and simple graphics are one of the coolest designs you will see. We understand that design is purely subjective. But the graphics on this deck is done very well and are in good taste. Some skateboards decks may look a bit tacky. Not this one, though. It’s classy and somewhat minimal. 

How a skateboard deck looks may not be the main factor when it comes to the performance of one. But design still matters. It’s a way of making a statement for yourself, and we completely get that. That’s why we think for the right skater,among all the decks the design of this one will be a perfect fit. 

All that’s fine and dandy. What about the performance then? It didn’t leave us wanting in that department either. We loved the overall usability. One thing we would like to mention right away is that this deck is more suitable for intermediate riders. 

Construction is solid since it’s made from durable material. The thrift wood construction will help it last for some time. Of course, it’s a skateboard deck that will go through some harsh uses. Don’t expect it to last forever. Having said that, you will have some good memories with it if you take care of it. 

That durability comes at the cost of the deck being slightly thicker. Which naturally means it’s a bit heavy too. We didn’t feel like that was a deal-breaker, though. It was still light enough to carry around with relative ease.



bamboo skateboard decks for tricks


Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic-Best For Tricks

TOp Feature

How does a bamboo skateboard sound? Well, that’s exactly what we have for you today. If you’re a bit iffy on getting a bamboo deck skateboard, wait till you read about this one. They make some quality products that are well-known in the community and have a brand reputation to go along with it.

First thing first, the design. We don’t think the design of this one is for everyone. Skateboard deck designs come in all different shapes and colors. There are frankly unlimited graphics to choose from, and not everyone will want a green fish plastered on their deck.

That’s the thing with the design, though. Your skateboard deck is meant to be an extension of yourself. The design is meant to show off a bit of your personality and character.

This one comes with a unique green fish graphic which some may find unappealing. But we like the abstractness of it. And we are sure some of you will love it just as much as we do.

One thing everybody will love is the solid construction. The skateboard is made from 6-ply bamboo, which gives it impressive durability. It’s a pretty flexible deck as well. Once you take it out for a spin, you will immediately appreciate the control you get. 

The Bamboo board is a bit odd shaped deck. The deck features a U shape regular decks with a deep concave. And that’s where the control comes from. You will be able to easily do cool skateboard tricks and hard turns when riding with the U shaped deck.

It has a short tail and comes in three sizes. This means there are quite a lot of options to choose from. Go for the 8” x 31.75”, 7.75” x 31.5” or 8.25” x 32”. Whichever works for you.



Baker Logo Deck-8.0 Black/White-Best Looking Skateboard Deck

Top Feature

baker logo black deck best looking decks

How about a skateboard that’s just black and white? Noir enthusiasts will love the look, and hey, Baker isn’t just any run-off-the-mill brand either. They have been in the game for some time and know a thing or two about manufacturing skateboard decks. And that expertise shows here.

We might just call it the best looking skateboard deck, thanks to its contrasting black  canvas and white design with the brand name plastered across it. It’s loud but sophisticated and looks very professional decks with a hint of playfulness.

All in all, we can’t complain about the design. If you want a very stunning design with not many splashy colors and cool graphics, this one can be a great choice. The white on black look really pop.

One small gripe we have is the size. You will get options for which color you get, but as far as size goes, there is only one available. This might limit some riders from enjoying this well-made deck, and that’s a bit of a bummer. The size is 32″ x 8″. That’s standard, but options always make things better.

What you won’t miss, though, is a durable deck. What Baker’s deck may lack in size options makes it up by being a solid and robust option with great build quality.

You will easily be able to ride it on different terrains and suitable for street and vert skating. Harsh and bumpy terrains won’t be much of an issue, thanks to the 7-ply construction. 

And can we just appreciate the fact that riders of all skating skills levels will be right at home with this one? That’s something we can’t say about a lot of decks out there.



bamboo most durable skateboard graphic decks


Bamboo Skateboards Geometric Graphic-Most Durable Skatebard Deck

TOp Feature

Yeah, we just couldn’t help ourselves but add another one from the guys over at Bamboo Skateboards. Don’t think we got lazy. They just happen to make some good skateboard decks.

Honestly, take everything we said about the previous one from the same brand and change the graphic, and voila! You will end up with this one. It has the same durability and great look as the previous one. Given how much we liked the other one, that’s a plus in our books.

Solid construction is something you will notice right away. Made from the tried and tested 6-ply bamboo, this deck will give you ample durability. A durable skateboard gives you peace of mind.

That’s what you get in this one. Peace of mind that it won’t just suddenly crack out of nowhere. Can you imagine how dangerous that would be when you’re riding? Well, it isn’t something that would be an issue.

Being made from bamboo has other quirks as well. Not only is it more environmentally friendly than maple, but it’s also lighter like other professional decks. That will give you more control over your skateboard and will help you ride with ease.

Performing tricks gets easier as well, thanks to the deep concave shape. You get more control over your board, and riding it instills confidence. If you’re a fan of scooping, the pointy tail will come in handy.

Another cool thing about this particular board is the wide range of sizes available. You can choose from 8.25″ x 32″, 7.75″ x 31.5″, and 8″ x 31.75″ which is great for riders with different skating skill levels. This one really is a well-rounded deck and checks all the boxes for us.




Vision Original Psycho-Best Beginner Skateboard Deck

Top Feature

vision original psycho skateboard decks for beginners

If you’re a beginner skater, looking for your first deck, then Vision has you covered with their Original Psycho skateboards. It comes with a very wide deck size that’s great for beginner skateboarder. And the durability is on point as well.

With 10” of width, modern truck hole pattern, this is one of the best skateboard decks for beginners. The wide base gives you great stability and helps you maintain balance. This is good if you feel like you need a little help to maintain your balance on skateboards.

 That’s because of the curved nose. It curves up, which makes it a great board for stunting and doing tricks. For flashy riders who want to perfect all the tricks and stunts in the book, that’s music to the ears. However, the width can get in the way when doing tricks.

Let’s get onto the durability, then. It’s made from very high quality maple wood. That gives it some much-needed durability and rigidity. You won’t face any build-quality issues with it since it will handle day-to-day use with ease.

One cool factor is the design. They are made for nostalgic riders who miss the original. These are replicas of boards from those eras but do a good job capturing the overall spirit.

It has a low concave design with modern truck hole pattern the same contour you found from the boards in the 1980s.




ztuntz Bucktee Plankton- Best Deck For Street Skating

Top Feature

ztuntz Bucktee Plankton Skateboard Deck for street skating

No one ever said skateboard decks need to be boring. Looks like ztuntz got the message here. They managed to make a quirky and durable Plankton-themed board that looks just as good as it performs. 

If you were a fan of SpongeBob growing up, this one would immediately take you to your childhood. The theme is very apparent, and ztuntz doesn’t shy away from it. It looks playful and is just a nice and fun board to look at.

Do you know what isn’t fun and games, though? The durability. Yep, given how cheerful this deck looks, the build quality is very impressive and will hold up even during the most intense riding sessions. 

Ztuntz used a 7-ply hard maple to construct it. They didn’t just stop there. Oh no. This street deck went the extra mile and put in the effort to laminate it. And it has an aerial bond keeping it all together.

What that gives you is a superbly long-lasting board with all the flexibility and rigidity you need. We must say for a board that has a cartoon character on the front, it’s built like a tank.

Of course, it isn’t indestructible. But it should last you for a long time. Street riding is the best suited with this one. That being said, you won’t have a bad experience riding it in the park or vert. There are multiple sizes available which is always a good thing.




Baker Brand Logo White 8.25" - Best Skate Deck For Smooth Riding

Top Feature

Baker Brand Logo White 8.25 decks for smooth riding

Looks like Baker managed to take another spot in our deck reviews. This time they came swinging with full force with this Brand Logo Board 8.25” white skateboard. It has all the features and the same quality build you would expect from Baker skateboards.

Compared to the other professional decks the design is cool and minimal. It’s in the name itself. ‘Brand Logo’ means the brand’s logo is plastered on the face of the board. That is a design of this one, and we must say it’s bold. We love it.

When you have a brand reputation like Baker, slapping your logo and calling it a day is justified.

Nice graphic isn’t the only thing it has going for it, though. The build is something not many skateboard decks will give you. We loved how robust and durable this felt.

You will love the control and overall stability you get with it. Materials are the same affair. The deck features a seven plies build quality with a veneer press. That gives you great pop and long-lasting durability for everyday riding.

One cool perk you get with baker is the wider boards width and mellow concave deck shape. That makes it quite easy for riders who need just a little bit of extra support and balance. If you have larger feet, you may like it as well.

The impressive feature list doesn’t end there. This skateboard comes with 52mm TGM wheels and high-quality Amphetamine ABEC bearings. These two together give you a perfectly smooth and fun riding experience. you will be able to do street skateboarding or vert skating also. And what else is skating if it isn’t fun, right?




Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck - Popular Skateboard Decks For Cruising

Top Feature

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck for cruising

Okay, we are going to say it right off the bat, the design of Cal 7 skateboard deck might not be for everyone. It is one of the best quality skateboard decks, as you can see from the name, and comes with free grip tape.

Cal 7 is a top skateboard deck brands managed to make here a board that foregoes all the flashy aesthetics and just delivers superior performance all around. Hardcore functionality enthusiasts who don’t care much about the design and just want a simple board that does what it’s meant to do may love this one.

And hey, who is to say the design is bad. You may prefer the extremely understated look, and that’s completely fine. We still stand by the statement we made in one of the previous deck reviews – design is subjective.

You can choose from a host of color finishes. However, there are no graphics. It’s mostly just solid tones, while some have gradients.  The blue one sort of grew on us, and we quite like it.

Riders who want an inexpensive but good cruiser deck can check this one out. The material it uses is a 7-ply Chinese maple wood layer. So, it will be durable for the most part.

But don’t expect it to be as durable as some other boards you can find. The concave shape is medium, which makes it comfortable to ride. Simply cruising along with this board is an absolute joy.

That incidentally somewhat makes it a good choice for beginners as well. It isn’t the best for beginners, but the comfort factor is something new riders will love. One thing you need to note is it does lose some of its pop and crispiness over time.




ICE DRAGON- Best Skate Deck For Heavy Riders

Top Feature

ice dragon skateboard deck for heavy Rider

We have a small confession to make. We aren’t done reviewing blank skateboard decks. ICE DRAGON’s deck deserved a spot in our review for its uncompromising build quality and simple minimal design. Also, the max weight limit makes it a good choice for heavy riders. 

Let’s touch on that first, then. The weight limit and durability actually go hand in hand. If you’re someone who is on the heavier side, you may want to look into this deck from ICE DRAGON. It has a weight capacity of 280 pounds which is quite impressive in our books.

That weight limit comes from just how well built it is. The skateboard deck uses 7-ply Canadian high quality  maple wood this time. We are moving on from Chinese maple layers, it seems.

Nonetheless, what it gives you is a very well-made and solid board that should have no problems dealing with daily ride sessions and moderately rough terrain. Also, we don’t mind the design either.

It’s a pretty plain and simple design, with the only choices available to you are the color choices. At least it comes in a few very nice and vibrant colors.

The concave is mellow concave and has a double nose. That might need a bit of getting used to but won’t be too much of an issue. You can perform flip tricks, grinds and park skating easily with it too! And the size of this one is 31″ x 8″. There is an 8.25″ size available as well.




Deathwish Skateboard Decks-Pefect For All Skill Level

Top Feature

Deathwish Skateboard Decks for all skill levels

Hold your horses! Everything is fine. Don’t think that this skateboard deck is something Evel Knievel would use to perform his death-defying tricks. It’s a perfectly safe deck to ride, and what’s more, it’s pretty well made as well. Deathwish is founded by the BakerBoys, which tells you something about the quality. 

It uses a 7-ply hard maple decks for its build and is just as durable as you would expect. Deathwish’s skateboard deck can walk toe to toe with all the other skateboard deck brands on this list when it comes to durability.

The deck was rigid and gave great support than many other decks. It was flexible but didn’t feel flimsy one bit. We loved how well made it is from the wheels, deck, and everything else. Another thing is the ability to do easy tricks with it.The mellow concave enables flip tricks. Flashy riders will love it.




Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Deck

Top Feature

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand lightweight skateboard Decks

This particular deck isn’t special but gets the job done for the most part. The overall durability is on par with other decks, and riding it is pretty easy too!

We loved the 7-ply NA maple board build, which gives it some much-needed durability and overall rigidity. Since it’s a medium concave shape deck, riders who aren’t sure what type of concave suits them will love it.

The wheelbase is 14.25″, and the nose and tail are 6.9″ and 6.6″, respectively. All in all, we love the design and performance of this santa cruz deck. It’s a very responsive little board that comes with all the necessary features you need for a solid new skateboard deck.

Doing tricks and flips is very easy with this particular deck, and since it’s a lightweight deck, you won’t have much trouble taking it for a spin in the skate park. You can also use this santa cruz deck for street skating as well.



What Are the Best Skateboard Deck Brands?

If you buy a skateboard deck from a reputed skateboard brand, you can be sure of one thing. That is quality. A good skateboard deck brand should give you a deck that’s made from high-quality materials and one that can handle all the intensive riding you will be doing. 

While all the best skateboard deck brands on this list are a solid choice, some do stand out. You cannot go wrong with names like Baker, Powell, Element, and Vision. These skateboard deck brands have been in the game for a long time and know what they are doing. 

They are known to use the latest technology to deliver some of the best skateboard decks in the market you can find right now. Take the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon that we reviewed, for instance.

It’s a perfectly well-rounded piece of kit with all the features that a skater would need.

The Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic is a really good one as well. The brand makes top-quality bamboo decks that are both environmentally friendly and durable and reliable brand for a long time. 

Then there is the Baker Brand Logo 8.0 Black/White. It’s also a solid choice that looks great with a cool design and durable build quality. And how can we forget the Element Skateboards?

It’s a great choice for riders with all skill levels, and the shape gives you some good control as well. All these skateboard brands are great choices and reliable brands, and you shouldn’t regret getting anyone. Here you will find a list of best skateboard brands that you can trust.

Skateboard Decks for Beginners

Here is the thing about skateboarding, there are all kinds of riders with their very own riding style. Some may want to pull off crazy tricks, and some just want to cruise and ride on the street. 

Some are pros, while some are just entering the world of skateboarding. The best thing is there is a deck for everyone. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. We have the perfect skateboard deck for you.

The Vision Original Psycho is a perfect choice if you haven’t ridden a skateboard before. If you start with a moderate skill level board, you might feel like you don’t have the right balance.

See, the thing is, not all decks come with a wide base. They may be narrow around 7” to 8.25” of range. New riders can easily lose their footing on these and fall over.

Where the Vision Original Psycho shines is with its fairly wide width. It’s a whopping 10″. That is plenty for an absolute beginner to start learning. It will give you enough space to keep yourself planted on the board, and you will, of course, won’t feel like you’re falling off.  This deck is the best option to enhance your skating skill.

Which Decks Should You Choose for Street Skating?

As we said, not all skaters will have the same riding style. Maybe you just want to ride on the street. That’s completely fine as well. For that, we recommend the ztuntz Bucktee Plankton Skateboard Deck

Another recommendation for street skating is baker skateboards by pro skaters.

This one is a perfectly well-made board with the same 7-ply maple construction we have seen in so many decks so far. The durability is there, and so is the ease of riding.

One cool thing you will love is the addition of an ollie pop. That adds a bit of character. What skater wouldn’t want to learn how to do an ollie. That’s even more true when you’re skating on the street. 

Doing an ollie is very fun and will surely get you some attention from other skaters on the street. And this one helps you do that very well.

What Skateboard Decks Have the Best Pop?

Before we tell you which one to go for if you want the best pop, let’s do some housekeeping. What does pop even mean in the world of skateboarding? It’s a pretty simple thing.

Pop is a simple trick which involves hitting the tail of the skateboard hard on the ground. This motion will give you some air, and you jump along with the skateboard. 

Basically, popping will make your skateboard airborne for a bit. How cool does that sound? If you’re looking for a board that gives you the best pop in the skate parks, you can go for the Baker Brand Logo White 8.25″ skateboard deck. 

The material and the shape make this one a superb popper. And the design is pretty slick too. So, you aren’t really missing out on anything here.

Are Blank Skateboard Decks Good?

They absolutely can be! Blank decks skateboard deck are just boards that don’t have any graphics or pictures on them. They are just a high quality blank board and have grip tape mostly. Don’t think just because these decks don’t have any flashy graphics, they won’t last you as long.

These can last the same as any other high-quality decks with cool graphics you can find. The best part is, more often than not, blank standard skateboard decks will be cheaper. In some way, you get more for your money with high quality blank deck. 

If you’re in the market for a deck and want to save a buck or two, blank decks are a very easy choice to go with. But make sure you buy one that’s from a reputed brand. A blank board from a shoddy company won’t be any good. That’s true for all kinds of skateboard decks, actually.

Do Girl skateboards have good pop?

Whether or not girl skateboards will have a good pop depends on the quality of materials of the skateboards. For example, if the skateboard is made from maple wood and has concave shape, then the girl decks is bound to have a good pop. 

How do you get good pop on a skateboard?

The small part of the skateboard or the surface area of the skateboard in contact with the ground is going to make the skateboard have good pop. The shape of the skateboard is also crucial for determining whether or not the skateboard will have a good pop or not. 

It is also important for you to find the best position to stand on the board. If you find the right position to stand on the board and to exert pressure, then the board will definitely make good pop. 

Do Plan B skateboards have good pop?

Many Plan B decks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are able to pop. Plan B manufactures professional-grade high-quality skateboards that are definitely worth the money and the hype. Plan B has aesthetically pleasing patterns and designs, good product quality, and even a seasoned reputation in making skateboard decks. The best range of size for Plan B decks is 8.75 inches. 

Which skate deck is the best?

Which skateboard will be the best also depends on where you choose to skate. For example, if you are skating in a park, the anti-hero Eagle series will be the best for you. For street skating, Baker Brand’s skateboard will be the best. 

What Skate Decks Do the Pros Use?

Pros usually go for longer decks. They have a great build quality and a better concave shape. Also, the specific riding style comes into play. For a professional skateboarders, the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon deck is a good choice since it has all the features and durability they would want.

What size deck is best for flip tricks?

If your shoe size 9.5 or larger, go for 8.0 to 8.5 inches decks. . For a skater, 7.75 to 8.25 inches decks usually preferable for the flip tricks, ledges, flat bars and technical tricks.

Buying Guide: How to choose your sateboard deck

skate insider

Choosing a skateboard deck that’s right for you isn’t just picking one from a list and calling it a day. The ones we reviewed are all high-quality. You shouldn’t have a problem with that. But there are some nuances you need to keep in mind.

Skateboard Deck Construction

The construction of the board is very important. If the board isn’t made from high-quality materials, it will chip easily and may even crack. And that’s the last thing you want with a board that’s meant to be used for riding on the streets or the skate parks.

Skateboard decks can be under a lot of pressure so getting one that’s built with durable top quality materials is a must. Look for maple deck since that’s the most commonly used material you will see being used.

Other decks choices like bamboo work well too. You will even find different sorts of maples. Some are hard maple, and some can use a laminated construction. At the end of the day, what you need to look for is durable construction. One that will last you for a long time.

What Deck Width Is Best for a Skateboard?

A typical skateboard width will range between 7″ to 8.75″. A wider  boards width is sometimes thought to be better since you get better support. But it will also depend on the style of skating you want to do.

For street skating, a narrow width is preferred. You want to be able to do tricks and jumps all day. A narrow width will make it much easier to perform, and you won’t have trouble flipping and rotating the deck.

Skaters that are more into transition skating, however, will love a wider deck than most other decks. This style is done in parks, bowls, and vertical ramps. transition skaters need the most balance and foot space.

That will help you keep you planted and won’t cause you to fall off. Besides, a wider board can be a good choice for beginner skaters too.skateboard decks width

Skateboard Deck Length: Does Deck Length Matter?

Another thing you need to consider is the deck length. For professional skateboarders, a higher deck length can be helpful since it usually means a larger wheelbase. You may get a wider boards wheelbase with a longer deck length.

That might alter the control of your board. Longer boards are tougher to ride and are recommended for cruising. Shorter ones can help you pull off some cool tricks, though.skateboard decks length for beginner,adult,pro

Wheel Base:

Choosing the right wheelbase will come down to your personal preference and height. You can get decks that have multiple holes for versatility. A narrow base will allow for quick turns and more responsive riding. A shorter rider will also like a short wheelbase. These come at the cost of stability, though.A large wheel size is great for stability. But you won’t be as nimble. Taller folks should prefer a wide base. It depends on what feels good to you and what you’re comfortable with. 

Nose and Tail:

The nose and tail are on either end of your deck. For new riders, it can be a bit difficult to identify which is which. But in most decks, there will be some visual cues that will tell you.The nose will have a bigger kick. The tail is short and snappy and helps you to pop. Bigger tail is great for foot placement

Baseplate Length:

Baseplate length is something many new skaters don’t remember to keep in mind when buying a skateboard. Your slides can feel very different depending on the baseplate length. If it sticks out further from the wheels, it will make contact with the rails when sliding. And if it doesn’t, then the wheels will come in contact. This can impact the speed and length of the slide. Many riders will use wax to smoothen the obstacle.

skateboard deck feature - mountain holes,rails,tail


Hanger Shape:

When it comes to the hanger shape, beefier hangers are more durable. You can identify the best skateboard trucks and their durability just by the shape of the hanger. A beefier hanger also means it will take more time to break in. 

Mounting Holes:

Mounting holes are where your skateboard trucks will go. Most skateboard decks will come with one set. However, some come with multiple. That’s a good thing to have but isn’t an absolute necessity.


Rails are pretty self-explanatory. Rails can directly dictate how your slides are since they run along the edges of your deck. Rounded rails make doing tricks and flips easier.

Others are meant for more stability and keeping your feet in place when sliding. Sharp rails with blunt edges are good for sliding and convenient for flatter foot placement.


Effective Foot Platform (EFP) is somewhere in the middle of your board. It’s the area you will stand on to control your board. Get one with an EFP that feels right for you. That way, you will be most comfortable controlling it. 


The number of plies is the layer of natural wood tightly pressed together to make the board. This layering process makes it very durable compared to using a single piece. 7-ply is the standard, but more robust ones can come with 9, and others can have only 6. 

Skateboard Deck Styles:

There are different shape deck styles as well. skateboard decks style-old school, penny/cruiser ,skateboard, longboard

  • Cruiser: cruiser decks have kicktails and are made for just cruising around. They are mid-length and are easy to maneuver than other decks.

  • Longboard:A longboard is great for transportation. They aren’t suitable for tricks. These can be designed for downhill racing as well.

  • Shortboard: Shortboards are the shortest decks and are made for getting air and performing crazy cool tricks. These are great for street skaters.

  • Old-school:These decks will also have a kicktail but come with a flat nose. You can skate pools and ramps with ease. They have a wide nose and are a bit asymmetrical.

Skateboard Concave Shapes:

Concave is the curvature of the deck. It gives you more control and will make it more durable too. There are different types of concave shapes.skateboard decks type-flat, concave, steep

  • Steep Concave:These are easy to ollie and do flips since they are raised on the edges. One thing to note is you may not find these to be the most comfortable. That deep concave or steep concave doesn’t allow your feet to stay flat on the deck. 
  • Mellow Concave:This shape is the best for board feel, stability, and also comfort. Your feet will be almost completely flat on the board, but the tricks are harder to do than other decks. Mellow concave boards are easier to break as well.
  • Medium Concave:A perfect middle ground between the two. These can be a good choice for beginners.
  • Flat Concave:A completely flat deck with the most foot grip and room. 
  • Radial Concave: the most common shape you will find in a skateboard is radial concave which gives you better foot grip. progressive concave is an evolved form of radial concave.

Camber and Rocker:

A camber deck offers a raised middle portion. And the rocker board boasts a dropped middle section. Now, a rocker deck will have a low center of gravity, and a camber deck will give you more flex.skateboard decks camber, rocker


Stunt and trick lovers will want a kicktail. It’s the upward curve you find at the end of a skateboard deck.

Final Words...

There you have it. Now that you know which are the best skate decks, you can make a more informed decision when it comes to buying one for yourself. 

Powell Golden Dragon’s build good quality deck along with superior performance make it the overall top skateboard deck choice and should work well for almost all sorts of skaters. The response and pop are pretty good, and the deck length is a fairly respectable one as well. Not to mention the concave K12 curve works wonders in controlling it. 

If you think you are comfortable with the skill you have right now and want an intermediate-friendly skateboard deck, you can’t go wrong with the Element Section Black 7.75.

The traditional design is something many skaters will love, and also the durable build quality will hold up well even against tough riding conditions. 

Lastly, the Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Graphic with its polarizing fish graphic is sure to turn some heads in the park. The deep concave deck will make it super easy to perform tricks. And there are a lot of different sizes as well. That gives it some versatility when it comes to choosing one that fits you. 

At the end of the day, no matter which one you go for, remember a good deck for someone else doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a good fit for you. Pick one based on your individual needs and preference.


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