Showing off with a longboard is fun. Especially with those grooves and moves!

But without a complete high-quality longboard, you cannot show off even after having those skills.

To build a complete longboard, using a quality truck is important. However, selecting the best longboard trucks among so many options seems overwhelming. Especially when you are making it for the first time.

You know not all trucks are made equally. The variation exists to meet different riding style needs. You always want to pick one that suits your riding style best.

The article will help you find one to meet your style. So without any further delay, let’s dive into the main part.

We have invested a decent time to find some top-quality longboard trucks. After going through different types of longboard trucks, we have come up with these 7 good longboard trucks.

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • High perrformance Truck

    Yocaher- Trucks Combo
    Top pick
  • superior durability

    Havoc 180mm Reverse Kingpin
    Top Pick
  • best for Cruising

    Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks
  • Best for cruising & dancing

    Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings
  • Trucks for Tricks

    Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP Longboard Trucks
  • Best For Carving

    Paris V2 180mm 50°
  • Double kingping

    Gullwing Sidewinder

yocaher longboard skateboard trucks combo


Yocaher- Longboard Skateboard Trucks Combo

TOp Feature

Yocaher Longboard truck is great to push your performance level to another level. The combo set features Heavy Duty Polished Trucks made of aluminum alloy. It ensures longevity and durability.

You don’t want to have your truck broken in the middle of the road, right?

The Grade 8 standard Kingpin trucks enable the users to tighten or loosen the trucks.

Besides, you will get 78A Hardness Speed Cruiser wheels for smooth longboard rides. These wheels will also be perfect for overcoming stones, pebbles, and other obstacles easily. Due to its strong construction, you can expect a longer lifespan from it.

Its Risers are plastic made to increase the space between wheels and decks to prevent wheel bites. The strain on your board also decreases for the same reason.

You will get Bolts and Nuts with black coating for added durability. The bearings feature synthetic oil for smooth operation.




Havoc 180mm Reverse Kingpin Trucks - Best Longboard trucks for downhill

Top Feature

havoc reverse kingpin downhill rider skateboard trucks

When your concern is to get the best trucks for longboarding, consider Havoc 180mm trucks Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks. Its 180mm width will fit most longboards perfectly.

The aluminum alloy construction provides superior durability and longevity. At the same time, the construction makes it lightweight for smooth carrying.

Due to its reverse kingpin mechanism, adjusting the trucks is easy. Once you adjust it, you don’t need to readjust further. The bolts and screws are durable enough too for more tightening.

Besides, the design makes it more responsive while driving at high speeds. You can achieve a larger turning radius while having a good speed.

Apart from that, the higher baseplate angle makes it perfect for taller riders. For any good longboard trucks, having proper grippy touch is mandatory.

That’s what the Havoc 180mm is offering. It prevents skidding to deliver maximum safety.



caliber ii fifty cruiser trucks


Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° | Best Longboard Trucks For Cruising

TOp Feature

Are you mad about the brand and its quality? 

The Caliber brands can fulfill your dreams with its improved quality. The inner step is now more enhanced to provide you a large contact area with its bushing style.

You will get a higher rebound along with responsiveness that leads to a smooth riding experience. Its outer step features a perfect circle to deliver a no-slop fit which differs it from others and it is a kick. You will get contact with the pivot-cup-surface area with the baseplate. It ensures a snugger fit.

The kingpin diameter delivers a consistent clearance with proper lean. Besides, its in-house treatment process makes the longboard carving trucks more durable and strong. You can get superior strength without losing control and response for the pressed-in kingpin and reinforced baseplate.

The thinner paint tightens the tolerance. Also, it will improve the overall truck performance which makes it one of the best longboard trucks for cruising.




Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings - best longboard trucks for dancing

Top Feature

cal7 best dancing longboard trucks

The next, 180mm Trucks is another good truck from the brand- Cal 7. All the parts are designed to ensure smooth longboard riding.

The lightest longboard trucks feature aluminum construction for strength and solid ride. Besides, you will get a 50-degree baseplate that ensures smooth, quicker turns for a better riding experience.

For a fast and decent spin, it features Premium ABEC bearings that make it one of the best trucks for longboards. You can use these longboard cruising trucks in the street for their 70mm 78A durometer wheels. These cool longboard trucks even feature wheels with different colors to add a unique style to your longboard.

Apart from that, the longboard trucks and wheels have two riser pads and strong steel hardware. Its 180mm hanger width makes it perfectly fit in most longboards. Installing the trucks is easy since all parts come assembled. All you have to do is to attach the wood



caliber ii forty four sliding longboard trucks


Caliber Trucks Cal II 44° RKP - best longboard trucks for sliding

TOp Feature

If you are after the unique longboard trucks, consider the RKP Longboard Trucks. The 44 Degree Baseplate makes it truly unique among those 50-degree trucks baseplate. Due to this baseplate, you can enjoy a smoother turning. Also, it delivers better control at high speed.

To support better turning, you will get a 180mm long truck suitable for different deck sizes. You can even enjoy being more responsive with it. The 10-Inch Axle allows you to attach different wheels and enjoy different riding styles. If you want to set yourself apart from your friends, this CAL ll model will help a lot.

The Cone Bushing SetUp enables the users to perform different tricks. Its durable construction will support the tricks.

To conclude, for stable riding experience with proper control, hardly any trucks compete with it. For the best longboarding trucks, it can be a good one to pick.




Paris V2 180mm 50°- Best Longboard Trucks for Carving

Top Feature

paris longboards truck for carving

Paris V2 180mm wide longboard trucks offer a smooth riding experience for their durable construction and bushing. The 6-hole baseplate makes it perfectly suitable for new and old school mounting.

No matter if you like old or new school longboarding, these trucks will be perfect to use. Its 180mm size is compatible with different deck sizes as well.

Also, the 50° baseplate ensures a responsive ride. With the virgin aluminum construction, you will get added strength and durability.

Besides, it uses a T6 heat treatment process that can handle shock and rough ride. The axles and kingpins are made of grade 8 steel to deliver skateboard experience.

Apart from that, the 90a urethane bushings enable any user to perform amazing tricks to surprise your friend. To make it unique, the trucks come in Multiple Colorways. Pick any that suits your personality. All the components are included too for easy installation.




Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks Set of 2

Top Feature

gullwind sidewinder skateboard longboard trucks

If you’re looking for something that has a double kingpin setup and also offers smooth turning, super maneuvering, and smooth-riding then the Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard Trucks would be the best choice for you.

You will rarely find longboard suspension trucks that offer such facilities to perform any tricks. For showing off, nothing can be better than this model.

Even in a tight space, it allows users to turn. Its wider hanger enables the users to use the truck for different decks and wheels.

You can install it to suit your riding style. The construction easily absorbs the shock and ensures better durability. Having good construction is essential to perform any tricks, and that’s what you will get from it.

Along with the construction, its look is good. You will find different colors to pick that suit your style.

Moreover, the trucks offer easy adjustment. You can make it perfect for your longboard by adjusting the truck. Overall, if you require a high-performance truck for your longboard, consider it for its excellent performance. 



Best Longboard Trucks

What are the best trucks for downhill longboarding?

Downhill longboarding requires lower degree baseplates. Also, 180mm reverse kingpin trucks provide better stability downhill. The bushing seat should be tight enough to withstand the pressure of riding downhill.

Considering all those factors, the Havoc 180mm Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks  will be a perfect match. The trucks offer 180mm width with durable aluminum construction

Besides, its reverse kingpin sits lower and provides a stable riding experience downhill. If you require a downhill longboarding truck, this one will be a perfect choice.

What trucks do cruisers use?

Cruisers need trucks that can offer superior performance with smooth turning. The length should be 150mm and 180mm depending on the deck side. Besides, they use either reverse kingpin or standard kingpin for easy turning and movement. The construction is important to hold the pressure.

Only the RKP Trucks  match the description. With its pressed kingpin, it offers a smooth turning experience with consistent lean. 

Besides, the in-house treatment process makes it stronger to handle cruising. Its reinforced baseplate will help to achieve great cruising performance.

What are the best trucks for longboard dancing?

Longboard dancing requires more stable and durable trucks. The width should be 180mm to get a wider deck for more dancing space. 50 degrees angle will be perfect for higher speed and smooth turning. It also helps to control the longboard at high speed. 

The wheel between 60-70mm can work well. Also, the Wheel Hardness between 80-86A will be a perfect match for dancing.

Considering all those factors, the Cal 7 180mm Trucks with Wheels, Bearings can be a good pick. Its convenient 70 x 51mm wheels are perfect for dancing. Also, you will get a grippy 78A for better movement. 

With its 50-degree angle, controlling and gaining speed will be easy. Finally, you can have enough space for its 180mm size.

What trucks are best for sliding?

To perform siding with your longboard, controlling the speed and doing technical sliding are essential. Also, you need to do a sophisticated freeride maneuver. A 50º truck will deliver good balance when speeding up and turning. Pick medium-soft bushings for a stable siding experience. Durable construction should be your priority too.

Best longboard trucks for sliding

The Caliber Longboard Trucks is the perfect match for siding. With its one Bushing Set Up, you can experience a stable siding experience. Its 44° size provides good turning too. The 180MM width makes balancing easier for siding. You can enjoy a great siding experience with these trucks

What trucks are best for Freeride?

To get the maximum benefit from freeride, picking low trucks is good. A 50-degree setup can deliver a better responsive and curvy feel. The bushing seats should be tight enough for a fast freeriding experience.

To handle the overpressure, Strong metal construction plays the most vital part. So considering the metal is necessary too.

Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks is a perfect example of such trucks. It is a 180mm 50° longboard truck to offer a responsive feeling. The high-quality 90a urethane bushings provide fast freeriding. Most importantly, virgin aluminum and grade 8 steel construction will give you the strength to perform freeriding. 

Buying Guide: How to choose your longboard trucks

skate insider

Not everyone knows the ABCD of longboard trucks. Having a list of the best longboard trucks is not enough for them to pick the right one.

That’s why we are here to guide you. Here are the things you need to consider when looking for a longboard truck.

Longboard Truck Size

The longboard width should be the same as your deck size for extreme comfort while riding. Equal size helps the board align perfectly with the wheels and truck. Best Longboard Trucks Explained

You can have a maximum ¼” difference between the deck and truck width. For example, for a 9” deck, try to get a 180mm truck. It will deliver a great stable experience.


Deck lean

During the turning, the deck shifts towards the turn. That is called deck lean. The more the deck leans, the smoother and more intense turn it will be. It depends on the truck height and truck tightness. If the height is higher, it will deliver better deck lean.

Similarly, loosen trucks will provide more deck lean compared to tight trucks. Now you decide which deck lean you need. Pick the right truck based on your needs. If you need more deck lean, go with the taller, loosen truck, and vice versa.


Hanger is the T-shape design that moves when you turn the longboard. It should be durable and well-constructed. Make sure you check the metal before buying the trucks.


The axle is the part that holds your longboard wheels and bearings. Without a high-quality and durable axle, riding a longboard is risky. You cannot perform any tricks or do cruising, carving, and dancing without a tough and sturdy axle. Riding downhill is impossible too without a durable axle. Consider the construction.


Kingpin determines the performance and stability you can get on the road. Two types of kingpins are there- standard and reverse. You can use a standard kingpin for regular city longboarding. 

It offers good control at high speed. However, it might not work well at a slower speed. In that case, you can go for a reverse kingpin.

The reverse one offers high responsiveness at a lower speed. It also delivers higher stability at higher speed. You can use it for downhill, cruising, carving, and other ridings since it sits lower. Depending on your needs, pick one.


The baseplate and truck angle play a vital role in your longboard turning experience. It is a rectangular metal piece that screws the decks and truck. The angle will determine how smooth a turn you can make. The higher the angle, the smoother the turn.

Getting a 50-degree angle will be suitable for smooth turning. You can perform cruising, carving, and dancing easily with it since these require smooth turning. However, for downhill experience, getting a 44-degree angle will provide better stability.

Duel Pivot

The pivot cup is the part where the hanger rotates. It has a great impact on the turning capacity. Dual pivot trucks offer smoother turning compared to traditional ball pivot cups. You can turn in a dime with dual-pivot trucks. For effective turning, getting a dual pivot truck will be a good decision.

Bushing Seat

The Bushing seat is located in the middle of the hangar. It also plays a role in your turning ability. Two types of bushing seats are there – wider and strict. A wider bushing seat provides more hanger options space to move smoothly. 

You can enjoy free and lively carving with it. On the flip side, a strict seat keeps the hanger in place, making it suitable for higher speed and downhill riding. Consider your need to pick the right one.


The risers are small pads you put between the truck and deck. It increases the ride height of your truck for better turning and smooth rides. Also, it prevents wheel bites. Make sure to use higher risers for a comfortable ride.


The last but not the least important factor to consider is the materials. It determines the stability and performance of your longboard and truck. So make sure you get high-quality materials.

“Reverse Kingpin” versus “standard”

The reverse kingpin goes through the hanger and reverses when the truck turns. It is suitable for downhill, carving, and freeriding riding since it sits lower. You will get a stable experience during tough riding.  

On the flip side, the standard kingpin design has an upward-facing 90-degree angle. You will get more control but lack stability. It sits higher and ensures more maneuverability and clearance. For city riding or general cruising, the standard kingpin is perfect

Reverse kingpin vs standard kingpin for longboard trucks

What difference do longboard trucks make?

The longboard trucks are different from the other boards. They are generally wider than traditional trucks since the longboard deck is wider. Besides, the kingpin offers more responsiveness compared to others.

You will get more control and stability on turning, making the longboard suitable for cruising, dancing, or carving.

Do trucks matter on a longboard?

The trucks have an enormous impact on a longboard. They determine the overall performance of a longboard. How much can you turn, how smoothly can you turn, or how stable you perform- the trucks determine all. 

At the same time, trucks determine the control during the high speed or low speed as well. That means trucks matter on a longboard a lot.

Why do Longboards have the trucks backward?

The longboards have some trucks backward called reverse kingpins. Due to the reverse kingpin, it sits lower and provides better stability and control during higher speed. 

You can ride downhill or cruise or carving when you have a reverse kingpin. That is the reason why longboards have the trucks backward.

Should Longboard trucks be loose or tight?

When the trucks are loose, you get a smooth turning experience. But that doesn’t work when you are riding at a higher speed or riding downhill. Tight trucks will perform well in higher speed or downhill riding.

Now, based on your needs and riding styles, you can loosen or tighten your trucks on your longboard.

How tight should Longboard trucks be for downhill?

The trucks should be tight enough when riding downhill. You do not need to move the truck so much since you are going straight. 

However, do not make it so tight that you cannot turn. It will lead to accidents and serious injuries. A little bit more than moderate tight is suitable for downhill riding.

How big should my longboard trucks be?

The truck size and the deck size of a longboard should be the same for superior performance and comfort. So make sure your longboard truck size is close to deck size. A wider truck will deliver more stability but responsiveness. On the other hand, the narrower truck will deliver less stability but more responsiveness.

Where should I put the trucks on my longboard?

You should place your trucks based on the kingpin type. If it is the standard kingpin, make sure the bushings and kingpin head face inwards, toward your deck. On the other hand, for a reverse kingpin truck, make sure the bushings and kingpin face inwards.

Final Words

Riding a longboard is always fun and refreshing. It’s fun and enjoyment increase when you install the right trucks on your longboard. The best longboard trucks should be durable, wide, and tall. 

Only then you can achieve smooth riding, superior turning, and overall good performance. That’s why we have portrayed some good trucks for your longboards.

Among those Havoc 180mm Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks can be a good choice for downhill riding. Besides, you can go with the Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks for a siding and freeriding experience. 

For dancing and cruising, Caliber Trucks 50° RKP Longboard Trucks will be perfect. So pick the right one and enjoy your longboarding experience better than ever.


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