Best Skateboarding Wheel For Cruising and Tricks

skateboarding wheels for cruising, tricks

Finding the best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks is a daunting task. You need to pay attention to the diameter and durometer of the wheels to pick the right set of wheels for tricks and cruising. 50-50mm wheels are perfect for performing flip tricks and 55+ mm wheels are related to cruising.

On the other hand, hard (99a) wheels are ideal for tricks, and soft (78a) wheels are perfect for cruising. 

Fortunately, our editorial team enlisted the top 10 cruising wheels for skateboards combined with the wheel diameter & durometer. As a result, you can cruise and do tricks with them. Therefore, we also provide a buying guide at the end of the review so that you can pick the right wheel-set. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

10 Best Skateboard Wheel For Cruising And Tricks

Here is the list of our best skateboard wheels for tricks and cruising. If you are in a hurry, go for these three best cruiser wheels without any hesitation. 

shark skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks


Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels

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Fast, soft, and superior grip! Every skater loves these words. But getting a skateboard that meets these requirements is a nightmare. Fortunately, these wheels from Shark Wheel are here to bring your imagination into reality. 

Its unique shin wave shape wheels tend to kick pebbles and other small objects out of the way. So, you don’t hate the rough terrain anymore to go through because of cracks and bumpy roads. These wheels will help you just roll over them and keep on going like a champ

Apart from these, the softness of this set of wheels is a 78A durometer. It means they are soft and provide superior grip, which makes these wheels ideal for cruising. 

On top of this, the wheel size of these makes it a champion on going over rugged terrain. Each of the wheels is 60 mm. They can easily have smooth rides over small rocks, twigs, and cracks. 

Therefore, it’s the most versatile wheel on our list due to its wheel size. These cruiser skateboard wheels are perfect for cruising, freeriding, and downhill. And the best part is- they fit almost every penny board and cruiser board. 

Despite these upsides, these wheels have a few downsides as well. For example, some users complain about wheel bite. However, wheel bite is not a big deal. You can fix this issue by adding 1/2″ riser pads. 




Fireball Tinder 60mm 81a Durometer Skateboard & Longboard Wheels

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fireball tinder cruiser wheels for skateboard tricks

What if you get a set of wheels that are perfect wheels for cruising and also let you smooth slides? Then, Fireball Tinder Skateboard Wheels for cruising is what you need to set up your cruiser board. 

These great wheels are super soft and grippy as the durometer of the wheels is 81A. You can roll over most pebbles with ease, and brick sidewalks don’t even get a chance to lose your momentum. Pairing these wheels with red bearings, you will get some major speeds off just a couple of pushes. 

When it comes to sliding, you can hardly find a set of wheels that beat these beasts. They include Slide Prepped and leave massive urethane lines. The rounded lips break in the wheels progressively and are designed for consistent slides to the core. Indeed, you can slide at your fav freeride spots. 

Turns out, these large wheels offer comfortable cruising around the street. They are soft, and the wheels are wider enough to go over rocks, cracks, and bumps for a smooth ride and comfy ride. 

Like Shark Wheels, the diameter of these wheels is 60mm, contact patch is 35mm and they fit smaller longboards, mini-cruisers, and double-kick skateboards. 



spitfire bighead best wheels for cruising and tricks


Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

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If you look for best skateboard wheels for cruising that are not so soft and not so hard that allow you to cruise and slide, go for this set of Spitfire skateboard wheels.. 

The durometer of Spitfire wheels is 99A. It means they offer an excellent grip than your conventional hard wheels and provide more slides than your traditional softer wheels. Indeed, you can ride around the street or in skate parks smoothly with these wheels. 

Unlike our first and second pick, the diameter of these wheels is smaller (53mm). However, these Bighead wheels are wide and a little softer compared to other street wheels. As a result, you can roll over pebbles and cracks and cruise with confidence. 

The only downside we spot out is- these different wheels flat spot easily. In simple words, they get worn out easily when you do powerslides. 



Skateboard Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings and Spacers

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abaec7 skateboard wheels bearing and spacers for the skateboarders do tricks

Refresh your cruiser with this set of wheels and ABEC 7 bearings. Yes, TGM Skateboard Wheels include high-performance ABEC bearings to let your board run smoothly forever. 

Unlike other cruisers on this list, it includes a complete set of eight pieces ABEC 7 bearings. And you know your cruiser can never roll without bearings. As it comes with skate bearings, you don’t need to buy them separately. 

On top of this, this brand also includes bearing spacers. Due to these, you can tighten your nuts down to prevent your wheels from wobbling around. In return, your wheels will spin smoothly and freely. 

When it comes to the diameter and durometer of the wheels, this is set of small wheels and a bit hard. We recommend you pick the 54mm wheels instead of 50mm. 

Compared to other wheels, these skate wheels are a bit hard (92A-99A). They are perfect for riding on hard surfaces or in the skate park. Also, you can perform tricks with these. 



freedare skateboard wheels for cruiser


FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 60mm 83a with Bearings and Spacers

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Get the wheels, set them, and start riding right off the bat! This is what we can say about FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels. Unlike other skate wheels, they come in fully assembled, including bearings and spacers.  So, you don’t need to waste your time by assembling those wheels. Just place the wheels on the axle, and you are ready to ride. 

Compared to other wheels, these are wide (45mm in width). In other words, you will get better stability for smooth riding. This set of wheels is soft enough to roll over gravel yet hard enough for cruising. 

The hardness of these wheels is 83A, which is perfect for cruising around the street. They roll on the surfaces smoothly and will give you a better riding experience.

Turns out, this set of wheels also includes high-performance bearings to keep your wheels spin faster and smoother. 

The only downside is- the bearings these best skateboard wheels include are not qualitative enough. However, the quality of the wheels is excellent. 




Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel

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Ricta  Clouds 78a best cruising wheels forSkateboard

Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels is one of the best cruising wheels for skateboards. With a 54mm wheel diameter, this set of wheels will fit your cruiser board optimally. Due to the modern shape of these wheels, you don’t feel them heavy when cruising around. As a result, you can maneuver your skateboard with ease and gain comfort skating experience. 

Cruising around the street with bumps, cracks, and rocks is a nightmare for every skater. If you skate with hard wheels, you may get injured as hard wheels can’t resist impacts well. If you pick wheels of this set will help you ride over cracks and bumps like a champ. 

The hardness of Ricta cloud wheels is a 78a durometer, which is soft, bouncy, and grippy. They can absorb shocks from the rugged terrain with ease. Therefore, the wheels offer ultimate grip even on a wet surface. 

Apart from these, this set of Ricta’s cloud wheels are also quiet. Unlike the 95a wheels, it doesn’t make noise. You can’t even notice whether they ride stable over cracks or smooth surfaces. 




Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser 69mm 78A Urethane Longboard Wheel Set

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Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser 69mm 78A  Longboard Wheel Set for  cruising, carving, freeriding, and downhill

Well-suited to any type of riding! Yes, this sentence perfectly resembles the Cloud Ride Cruiser Wheels. Due to its high-rebound urethane, it provides enough grip and bounce to perform every type of riding from cruising to downhill. These wheels receive the wear & tear optimally when powersliding because of their sturdy construction, which ensures longevity. 

Like Ricta Wheels, this set of wheels comes with a 78a Durometer, which is soft. Because of its softness, it provides the more grip you need when curving. Also, you can have smooth and stable ride over cracks, bumps, rocks, and uneven surfaces than other most wheels. 

The best feature that melts our mind is its square-lipped design. It provides superior control and great grip to let you perform some sliding and tricks. 




Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels

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Bigfoot Skateboard Wheels for cruising and performing tricks

With 53mm wheels, they provide an 83a durometer. The combination of diameter and durometer makes it ideal for cruising and performing tricks. As these are small wheels, they roll slower and provide the stability you need for trick riding. On top of this, these wheels are soft enough and allow you to smooth ride over rough surfaces optimally. 

The notable feature we spot out is- its hard plastic core. It aligns the bearings precisely, which will never slow you down when turning. In other words, no outside pressure is put on the wheels. As a result, you will never lose momentum while riding in one direction. 

When it comes to fitment, this set of 53mm wheels perfectly fits your 8.25” skateboard. And you need no risers to set it. Plus, they ride smoothly on the street and sidewalks. Bumps and cracks will not be a hindrance to cruise around the street. 

The only shortcoming we spot out of this wheelset is- it includes no bearings. So, you need to spend extra few bucks to get high-performance bearings. 




OJ Mini Super Juice Skateboard Wheels

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OJ Mini Super Juice Skateboard Wheels for doing tricks in multiple cracks and rough surfaces

If you want to perform both cruising and tricks, go for the OJ Mini Super Juice Skateboard Wheels. The diameter of these wheels is 55mm, which is perfect for cruising and doing some tricks. 

With a 78A durometer, this wheel-set is soft and grippy. Plus, they are wide enough to take on multiple cracks, uneven surfaces and rough surfaces. You can just go through pebbles, rocks, and cracks smoothly. 

However, if you want to ride longer distances, we recommend OJ’s big brother (60mm wheels). They don’t get worn out quickly and provide the stability you need for cruising. But you can stick with the 55mm wheels if you want to do both cruising and tricks. 

Turns out, this set of wheels are not so heavy due to their smaller sizes. As a result, you can easily turn and maneuver it to do some sliding as well. 

The only downside we spot out is- you need to get 1/8″ – 1/4″ risers if you go for the 60mm wheels. 




Orangatang Cruising Wheels

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Orangatang Cruising Wheels performing sliding and tricks

At the bottom of the list, we reviewed one of the best skateboard wheels for technical tricks. And this set of ideal wheels come from Orangatang. We enlisted these wheels for the grip and high speeds they deliver. With these wheels, you can go for hard carving, pumping, and long-distance cruising. 

You can find four different wheel durometer options- 77A, 80A, 83A, and 86A. All of them are a little hard, which is perfect for cruising over smooth surfaces. 

Maximum traction is what pushes us to include these high-performance wheels on our list. Due to the sharp and square lips, you will get unmatched tractions from the wheels. In return, you can perform slidings when you desire. 

Turns out, the sturdy and supportive core maintains a smooth ride and supports the lips for maximum tractions & crisp slides. So, you will never back yourself from carving and pumping as they provide the grip you need.



Buying Guide: What to Look for When Buying Skateboard Wheels for Cruising

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Take the following considerations into account to pick the right cruising wheels for the skateboard.

Types of Cruiser Wheel

You can find two types of the skateboard wheels for cruising- cruiser skateboard wheels or soft skateboard wheels and street wheels. Cruiser wheels are soft and offer grip you need for smooth riding. Therefore, they fit any skateboard deck and spins faster.

Benefits of Cruiser Wheels

When it comes to purchasing cruiser wheels, consider what benefits you will get from those wheels. Compared to harder wheels, cruiser wheels are soft and provide the grip you need for a smooth ride. Turns out, cruiser wheel spin smoothly on sidewalks and rough pavement. 


The way your skateboards deal with the impact, wheels may not need to resist the shock. However, you need to take wheel material into account as it also absorbs shocks from the road. Most skaters prefer skate wheels that use PU materials as their construction component. They are sturdy, affordable, and provide unsurpassed stability. 


How soft or hard skateboard wheels depend on the wheel durometer. Both the soft and the hard wheels have upsides and downsides. A soft wheel with 78A durometer is a bit slower but provides optimum grip. If you are a beginner and want stability when skating, go for softer wheels.  On the other hand, you should choose the best wheels that range between 87A-90A durometer. 


What size wheels you need to pick depends on the size of the skateboard deck you have. You should go for 70-75mm biggest wheels if you have a 40″ deck. For a medium-size deck (34-42 inches), get the great quality wheels of 8-72mm. Finally, go for 60-67mm wheels if you have a smaller decks (34 inches). Big wheels will provide you fast ride while small wheels provides slow ride.

Contact patch

Contact patch means the clearance between the surface and your skateboard. Wider wheels remain connected with the ground and provide better stability for a comfortable ride. A smaller contact patch helps you to slide easier. So contact patch is important while skating. Actually less contact patch is what we should look for.

Wheel shape

You can find two types of wheel shapes- sharp-lip and round-lip wheels. Both of them are good for cruising. If you need more grips, go for the sharp-lip wheels. They have sharp edges that offer greater traction when you make hard turns. On the other hand, a rounder wheels will be your best trait if you want to slide and curve.


Most frequent questions and answers

Are skateboards good for cruising?

Skateboards, especially the cruiser board, are good for cruising. Cruiser boards are a bit longer than the standard skateboard but shorter than a longboard. Due to their medium size, the skater can easily maneuver it from one place to another and cruise around the street. 

What skateboard wheels are best for street cruising?

Skateboard wheels that durometer fall between 78A-87A are the best skateboard wheels for street skating cruising as they provide enough traction to roll over cracks and bumpy road. Here is the list of best skateboard wheels you can try for street skating cruising experience. 

Are cruiser wheels soft?

Yes, cruiser wheels are a bit larger and softer compared to other skate wheels. However, how soft the cruiser wheels are will depend on the durometer. We recommend you go for the softest wheels options as they provide the grippy edge you need for a smooth ride. Bones wheels are softer wheels and it will give you smooth cruising.

Can you cruise on a trick skateboard?

No, you can’t cruise on a trick skateboard. A trick skateboard is specially designed for basic tricks. The wheels of a trick board are hard. So, you will not get enough grip. When it comes to cruising, you need other soft wheels that provide excellent grip. We recommend you get a cruiser board to cruise around the street skating. 

Can you cruise on hard wheels?

No, you can’t cruise on hard wheels. Hard wheels are specially designed to perform tricks and they will not provide the more grip you need for cruising.

What size skateboard wheels are best for cruising?

Skateboard wheels with 53mm or above are best for cruising. They are not so small wheel and not so big. As a result, you will get both the better grip and speed you need for smooth riding.

Are harder cruising wheels faster?

Yes, harder cruising wheels are faster compared to others. They are perfect for skating in the skate park or on slick surfaces.

Can I put cruiser wheels on a regular skateboard?

Yes. Cruiser wheels are specially designed so that they fit on your regular skateboard and cruiser skateboards. However, they are a bit smaller wheels to fit on the longboard. 

Are soft wheels good for tricks?

No, soft wheels are not good for tricks. Due to the softness, the soft wheels are bouncy, and you can’t landing tricks accurately because of their bouncy nature.

What wheels are best for mini ramp?

Small wheels are good for mini skateboard ramp. Diameter of 56mm or 58 mm is recommended for mini ramp.

Final Words...

After scrutinizing hundreds of products, we reviewed those top 10 best skateboard wheels for cruising and tricks. All of them provide the better traction and enough speed you need for smoothest ride. So, you can go for any of them. 

However, we recommend the Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels most. The diameter of this set of perfect wheel and comes with a 78a durometer. As a result, you can go over cricks, rocks, and twigs with ease.