10 Best Skateboard Trucks In 2024

skateboarding trucks for skateboard

Imagine the embarrassment of botching a flip in front of a watching world. That’s the moment you wish the ground would split open and swallow you. Tired of underwhelming tricks? Upgrade your gear with the best skateboard trucks. That’s what I did to elevate my skills and you can too.

As a knowledgeable skateboarder, I aim to assist my readers in finding the ideal skateboard truck. When I say “perfect,” I mean a truck with features such as a lightweight aluminum axle, robust baseplate, and comfortable bushings.

Acquiring the best skateboard trucks is essential to reaching pro-level skating. To aid you in this mission, I’ve put together a comprehensive review. After reading it, nothing will stop you from landing your signature trick with ease.

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Key Takeways

  • Materials and Turning Radius: The best skateboard trucks are made of durable materials and have a good turning radius for smooth rides and tricks. Independent Trucks and Venture 5.0 Low Polished Skateboard Truck Trucks are popular options for their reliability and performance.
  • Trucks Width: The width of the truck should match the width of the deck for optimal stability and control. A looser truck allows for easier turning, while a tighter truck provides more stability for landing tricks.
  • Trucks Height: The height of the truck also affects riding experience, with lower trucks providing more stability for speed and higher trucks offering better maneuverability for technical skateboarding. You’ll enjoy smooth riding with the Gullwing Sidewinder because of its optimal height.

Best 10 Skate Trucks in 2023

The top three products in our list are the incredible Independent 149 Stage 11 Standard Truck, expert-friendly Venture 5.0 Low Polished Skateboard Truck, and the affordable [CCS] Skateboard Trucks. 

And there are seven more to explore. So let’s get started…

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • Best skateboard trucks

    Independent 149 Stage 11 Standard Truck
    Top pick 1
  • Best for speed

    Venture 5.0 Low Polished Skateboard Truck
    Top pick 2
  • most Affordable Skate Trucks

    [CCS] Skateboard Trucks
    Top Pick 3
  • Best Trucks For Regular Skating

    Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks
  • best trucks for flip tricks

    Independent Stage 11 Hollow Skateboard Trucks
    Top Pick
  • best trucks for street

    Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck (Set of 2)
  • best for carving

    Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks Set of 2
    Top Pick
  • Best for carving & cruising

    Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks
  • skateboard trucks for beginners

    Core Skateboard Trucks
  • skateboard trucks for turning & tricks

    VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

independant skateboard trucks for street skating


Independent 149 Stage 11 Standard Truck- Best Skate Trucks

TOp Feature

Independent trucks doesn’t only make top-grade skates but also manufactures the best trucks for skateboards. So for a smooth landing every time, you can look at this one as it has everything you expect. 

Thanks to the Chromoly steel construction, you will get that extra boost of durability. Therefore, if you are looking for something designed to provide long-lasting service, this one can be your soul mate!

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro skater or a noob getting this thing won’t be an issue. As independent trucks doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, so you can keep using this if you are not ready to commit to something expensive. 

Well, don’t get fooled by its affordable price points because it has all the potentials to ensure a high-end performance. This best skateboard trucks can endure all the tricks you want to perform and won’t get damaged in the process. 

Moreover, these stage 11 independent trucks are designed with a low height to help you land with supreme precision. It also comes with a high center of gravity, so you will always have a stable experience. And that’s good news for all the beginners out there who want to become pros so desperately!

The medium-hard bushing will make sure that you have an excellent turning radius. Additionally, the construction of independent trucks is flexible yet robust, which makes everything more fun, trust me!

However, the bushing may feel a little heavy while turning. If you can handle that for a few days, you will become used to it. After that, you will get a skateboard truck for a lifetime. And that’s what we want, don’t we?




Venture 5.0 Low Polished- Best Skateboard Trucks For Speed

Top Feature

venture skateboard trucks for beginners

These low-polished best skateboard trucks by ventures are exceptionally lightweight. Therefore, if you want to get the best skateboard trucks for speed, this is the thing you want in your life. 

It comes with a thinner design than the other trucks, but you don’t have to worry about that. This truck will perfectly cover your skateboard so you can perform the trickiest trick without any struggle. 

You can easily install it in your larger decks to enjoy an amazing service all the time. Moreover built with reinforced forged baseplate ensures the enhanced durability more than your expectation. 

As these trucks are a bit stiff, you can grind on the chunky edges with supreme ease. And trust me, you are going to have twice the fun you are having right now! 

It is designed with a small radius and straight hanger, which makes it suitable for grinding, and I already told you that. However, this feature makes you work on your turnings a little harder, and I guess that will make the ride a little bumpy!

Another thing I must mention that it comes with a lot of lean. Consequently, these trucks are perfect for manuals, making me want to invest my money in them!

So for snappy tricks and effortless manuals, this skateboard truck will be a blessing. And we are getting everything within super inexpensive price points, which is pretty impressive. 



ccs best budget friendly skateboard trucks


[CCS] Skateboard Trucks- Best Budget Skateboard Trucks

TOp Feature

Sometimes our wallet seems to have a low cash flow, and that’s alright! But that shouldn’t stop us from skating, am I right? So for those tight budget days, here is my review of one of the best cheap skateboard trucks.

It is one of those trucks that come with rugged construction yet feel super lightweight while performing tricks. Hence, if you are not ready to handle heavier boards, this option sounds like a lifesaver.

This skateboard truck has a taller design to ensure better clearance for the skater. And you will get different size options which make it more user-friendly than it already is.

Thanks to its rugged baseplates, you won’t have to worry about any damages. You can go for heavy-duty usage, and this thing is going to endure all the abuse you have to offer! You will be grateful to its rugged base plates as it prevents small day-to-day damages.

The soft and responsive bushing is the most fantastic feature it has. It allows you to enjoy smooth turnings and lets you control it with ease like the other trucks on the list. However, if you love the harder bushings, you should look for another option as it won’t be your cup of tea.

Moreover, the axles make sure that you won’t have to face any slipping while performing tricks. Hence, for the utmost safety, choosing this truck sounds like a great idea!

So yes, when you are saving some bucks to get a high-end model but right now need something that offers greater value, this skateboard truck is right there. And you won’t be disappointed; I can assure you of that.



Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks- Best For Regular Skating

Top Feature

havoc skateboard trucks for regular skaters

undoubtedly, the Havoc skateboard truck is one of the most excellent ones out there. These trucks are (going to) perfect for regular skating, and you can easily maintain your budget limits. Sounds like the best of both worlds but it has a lot more to offer!

If you keep getting the wrong sizes, you can say goodbye to those days. As these come in a standard truck size, you don’t have to worry about that issue anymore.

And that’s a relief, to be honest.

The aluminum alloy construction is super durable and lightweight. Therefore, this skateboard truck is an excellent option for beginners going to try street skating. You can learn and practice all the tricks with ease to enhance your skill level.

However, it is not designed for doing grindings as the design won’t support the tricks performed by the street skaters. So it would be better if you stick to casual skating with this product to be on the safer side.

These trucks by Havoc might not be the best skateboard trucks for tricks, but for everyday rides, it’s a pretty good one. So if you are not an expert already, you can consider getting this skateboard truck one for a trouble-free experience.



independent stage 11 trucks for skateboard flip tricks


Independent Stage 11 Hollow Trucks- Best Skateboard Trucks for flip tricks

TOp Feature

You may have already learned that the Independent trucks brand is one of the leading skate truck brands out there. So here is another product from manufacturers that promises to go an extra mile when satisfying the users.

And yes, I am not exaggerating at all!

The hollow design is exceptionally lightweight and allows you to perform all the flips you want to. Besides being feathery, this independent trucks is also pretty robust, so you can keep an optimal balance while skating.

You will see tons of hollow trucks in the market, but I chose to go with this one. I believe that if you are going to master some tricks, you will need a reliable weapon. And with this truck, you will never feel unstable.

One of the most incredible things about its construction is its amazing impact absorption quality. Therefore, it will ensure smooth landings and prevent trembling, which makes this thing more attractive and undoubtedly one of the best skteboard truck brands. 

The medium bushings will let you enjoy an agile yet stable ride. Hence, anyone can get this for the ultimate comfort from this skateboard trucks with hollow kingpin and hollow axle; it is no secret.

Forged aluminium and hollow axle construction of this independent trucks ensures its durability that it will last for a long time. So you don’t need to replace it any time soon.

Additionally, the taller design allows you to have enough clearance. Thus, you can try any trick you want without any fear of stumbling. And that’s something I would bet on because this feature will make our skating session delightful.




Caliber Truck Co. 10-Inch Skateboard Truck (Set of 2)- Best Skate Trucks For Street

Top Feature

caliber skateboard trucks for street skating

This skate truck by Caliber doesn’t come within an inexpensive price range; that’s true. But we can’t deny the fact that with a great price comes greater service! Well, that statement makes us look twice at this truck!

The first thing I want to tell you about this product is its ergonomic geometry. It is designed in a way so it can handle all the rough terrains, twists, and turns you throw at it. If you want to talk about heavy-duty skateboard trucks, you should really give this one a thought.

This skateboard truck is suitable for any skateboard out there, and that’s what impresses me the most. It comes with grade 8 kingpins and a no-rake hanger design.

what else do we need for effortless skating?

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what board you are using right now; this truck will fit in without any struggle.

The double-barrel bushings are there to ensure the steadiest experience for you. So if you are not an expert yet, don’t get worried. This truck will turn you into a one in no time.

You will see the magic of caliber truck while you are going fast on a straight road or making a tight turning.It won’t let you feel the wheel bite at all, and that’s exceptional quality. 

For enhanced stability and balance, sticking to this skate truck will be an excellent idea. However, if you can deal with the budget, there isn’t an issue you will feel with this one




Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks Set of 2- Best Trucks For Carving

Top Feature

gullwing skateboard trucks for carving

When looking for an excellent carving truck for street skating, you must consider getting the Gullwing Sidewinder for optimal performance. Designed with unique bushing makes it one of the best skate trucks for turning, if not the best skateboard truck for flip tricks.

This longboard trucks comes with a larger and wider to make it super responsive to your style. Therefore, you can start enhancing your skill and practicing all the tricks as soon as you get this thing in your hand.

If you are into cruising, it’s going to ensure the smoothest ride for you. This truck is going to support your speed, which is something we need for an outstanding experience.

The most fantastic thing about these skate trucks is that they come with a dual-pivot hanger. So while flipping like a pro, you can take perfect turns without any struggle. As a street skater, it sounds like a dream come true!

Moreover, it is made with soft bushing to turn it into a super-responsive one. You can now control and ride it smoothly all the time. Talking about comfortable skating, this truck will guarantee that!

However, while getting this for your regular skateboard, take a look at the specs carefully. But if you are an expert, you don’t have to think twice before putting your bucks on it.




Paris V2 180mm 50°- Best Skateboard Trucks For Carving & Cruising

Top Feature

paris skateboard trucks for carving and cruising

This skateboard truck is designed for carving and cruising; that’s no secret! From an expert to novice, anyone gets this truck for their skate; that’s the real beauty of it. 

The 50-degree baseplate means that you will have the ultimate support while using this in your board. Your turns will be well-balanced, and rides will be super stable even if you are running faster than ever. 

Thanks to its reverse geometry, you can install this whole thing in minutes. Therefore, it is a real-time-saver, which makes it more desirable. 

These skate trucks are constructed with virgin aluminum, so the durability is out of this world. Once you invest your money in it, you don’t have to worry about getting another one in a long time. 

Besides robust built, it also offers you the benefit of universal mounting. It can be fitted into most modern skateboards, which saves your time and energy, which you can allot for your skating sessions.

The 90a urethane bushing is super responsive. As a result, you will never have to worry about any struggle while riding. However, if you easily get annoyed by the skateboard truck squeaks, you should browse some other options.

And if you can deal with this mundane issue, there is nothing that can stop you from enjoying this best skateboard trucks amazing benefits!




Core Skateboard Trucks -Skateboard Trucks For Beginner

Top Feature

core skateboard trucks for beginners

From heavy-duty baseplate to lightweight feel, this skate truck by Core has it all. And it comes within everyone’s budget, which makes it a pretty popular choice these days.

Thanks to its ergonomic pivot cup, you can enjoy smooth-skating all the time. It is a perfect choice for novice users who aren’t ready to do something crazy but getting prepared for a bang!

The lightweight aluminum hanger ensures that you can go in any direction without any struggle. And it is also effortless to control, which allows you to perform some tricks precisely.

As this best skateboard trucks with hollow kingpin is made with super responsiveness, you are guaranteed to have a steady ride.  On top of everything, you will get multiple color options that will allow you to choose the most suitable one for your personality.




VJ 5.0 Skateboard Trucks- For Turning & Tricks

Top Feature

vj 5 skateboard trucks for turning and cruising

So we are at the end of our best skateboard trucks reviews and will end it with an outstanding product. If you want to choose something from tons of color choices, this VJ 5.0 is the one you seek.

The package includes all the add-ons; hence you don’t have to go for any separate ones. Therefore, it is a real money saver, I must say. And it goes with all of your standard skates, which makes it super user-friendly.

This best skateboard trucks comes with a tall construction which makes it perfectly suitable for professional tricks. So it is good news for all the street skaters out there who want to get an ergonomic truck without spending the mother lode!

The axles are constructed with top-grade aluminum. Consequently, you won’t feel heavy while flipping in the air. Moreover, your landings will be a lot smoother, which is pretty impressive.

It comes with hard skateboard wheels that will allow you to have top-notch mobility while going fast while street skating. So it will be an excellent choice if you are willing to buy best skateboard trucks and wheels set.

As you get all the add-ons after purchasing the truck, it sounds like an amazing deal to me. So if you want to get a greater value for the money, you should really keep this product while making the ultimate choice.



Buying Guide: How to choose your skateboard trucks

Tight Trucks vs Loose Trucks

Well, this thing totally varies from person to person. Firstly, you have to fasten the truck securely; then, you can ride for a while to see if it is too tight or loose. If the board feels a little stiff and uncomfortable, you can try losing it a bit to check if it is working or not.

And here is pro advice for you. As a beginner, you should always start with a loose truck. Once you start to enhance your skill, you can make it a little tighter over time. When the truck is loose, it will be easier for you to perform the tricks.Skateboard Trucks feature

Skate Truck Brands

Some top-tier brands manufacture the most excellent trucks for your skateboards. Brands such as Independent, Venture, Havoc, Thunder, Gullwing make exceptionally ergonomic trucks that will guarantee an outstanding service as long as you own them.

If you stick to the leading skateboard truck brands, there will be fear of dropped quality. And you will see products from these best skateboard truck brands in this article. Well, it is the ultimate review; you should know that!

What to Look for in a Skateboard Truck

Yes, before you make the purchase, you should learn about the things that turn a skate truck into an efficient one. If you carefully read the following section, you will never have to worry about poor quality anymore!

So let’s roll!


Before you buy a truck for your skateboard, you have to measure the deck width perfectly. As your truck size has to be the same as the deck width, you can’t take any chance with that.

If your trucks are wider than the deck, you will have to face wheel bites while skating, and that’s not good. You can look at this skateboard truck size chart in the manufacturer’s or follow this instruction for a better experience.


You can get taller or lower heights while getting a skate truck; it totally depends on your preferences and size of your skateboard wheels. Low trucks are perfect for street racing and street skating as the center of gravity has to be low for those tricks. Otherwise, you can go for the taller version without any trouble.

And if you are an expert, the height won’t come in your way while playing tricks. You should keep that in mind.Skateboard Trucks height-high, mid, low ,wheel size


Baseplates are made of different materials. Most of them come with metal construction such as steel or aluminum. The steel base is heavy-duty, can withstand all the abuse. But it will feel a little heavy while flipping.skateboard trucks feature- baseplate, kingpin

Baseplates are made of different materials. Most of them come with metal construction such as steel or aluminum. The steel base is heavy-duty, can withstand all the abuse. But it will feel a little heavy while flipping.


Well, skateboard wheels bushing plays a vital role in the performance of your skateboard. Medium to hard bushing will take a little time to break-in, but they will support the skill of an expert skater. On the other hand, soft bushings are super responsive, which is suitable for beginners.

Hence, you have to decide according to preference and skill level. Moreover, if you are a heavyweight person, go for the medium-to-hard bushings to better support.Skateboard Trucks feature-bushing, nut, hanger

Truck Hangers and Length

The hanger length of the truck makes sure that you have a secure grip while turning. If you get shorter hangers, you will have to balance the skate, which is tricky manually. So as a beginner, always go for the wider ones.

However, for the street skater, shorter lengths are better as they are more responsive. It allows them to control the board according to preference. In this way, they can perform all the flips on their terms.


The axles have to non-slip to ensure better safety while skating at full speed. Make sure that your axles can absorb the impacts and can stay in one place without sliding. And always avoid getting harder axles as it can mess with your flexibility.Skateboard Trucks-axle, hanger


Kingpin is the head of the skateboard trucks, and it will be facing the ground when you install it. If you place it along with the rest of the hanger, it will be a high kingpin. And when it is installed deeper into the hanger, you can call it the low kingpin.

Lower kingpins are a better choice for technical and expert skaters. By contrast, you should go for high kingpins if you are an armature.

The kingpin has to be durable enough as it holds everything together. So if you want better durability, you shouldn’t go for the hollow ones as they don’t tend to last longer. Solid ones are a better choice for heavy-duty skating.


The idea of affordability isn’t the same for everyone. But there is for every low budget; hence you don’t have to worry about that.

In this article, I have mentioned some of the most inexpensive products in the market right now. They are willing to provide a high-end service within a limited budget. So take a look at my recommendations for a better value.

Special Materials

When you want to use a skate truck for a lifetime, you can go for the one made with special material. This unique material includes lightest titanium alloy, magnesium, and aluminum.

The titanium alloy hollow axles trucks are high-end ones. They are super expensive but come with premium-grade quality and service. Moreover, they are highly durable and exceptionally lightweight hollow trucks.

Additionally, magnesium skate trucks are also lightweight and less pricey than titanium alloy ones. And aluminum kingpins are also lighter, durable and affordable, which is why you will see plenty of trucks in my review that comes with aluminum construction.Skateboard Trucks- axle, kingpin, baseplate


Most frequent questions and answers

How to Put Trucks on a Skateboard?

You can follow this instruction for installing trucks in your skate.

  • Firstly, place the kingpin and bushing facing inward and toward each other.
  • Now attach the nuts and screws.
  • When you are done with attaching, fasten them tightly to ensure a secure fitting.

For a trouble-free experience, you can go with the best skateboard truck brands like Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks , as it is effortless to install.

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks?

You can measure skateboard trucks by hanger and axle width. And you have to do it precisely; otherwise, you can’t attach the trucks on your board.

Are Slant Trucks Any Good for Skateboard Tricks?

If you choose slant longboard trucks for skating, you will be able to enjoy a lightweight and breezy experience. Moreover, they come with a wider design which allows you to have smooth turnings and trouble-free landings.

So yes, for doing skateboard tricks, slant trucks sound like a great idea.

Which Brands Are Known As the Best for Skateboard Trucks?

Plenty of skateboard truck brands out there.When it’s about the most excellent skateboard trucks, you can go for best skateboard truck brands such as Independent trucks, Gullwing, and Venture. You will have some great options in this article to make a confident purchase. Pro skaters choose best skateboard brands like independent, venture, thunder as their fovourite.

What Are the Lightest Skateboard Trucks?

When the axles have an aluminum construction, you can expect a super lightweight truck experience from them. Moreover, trucks with hollow designs or hollow trucks are lighter than solid ones.

So if you want a lightweight truck, then you can pick the Independent Trucks for a breezy experience. this is the lightest truck we recommend.

What Size Bolts for Skateboard Trucks?

The skateboard trucks come with a set of 8 bolts and 8 nuts. And the standard size is 7/8 inch if there is no riser. Otherwise, you will need 1-inch for 1/8-inch hardware for risers. These sizes will be enough for a successful installation.

Do Skateboard Trucks Make a Difference?

The trucks are the essential part of a skateboard. It determines your performance and safety, so you must choose it wisely. If the trucks aren’t good enough, you will never be able to practice tricks with perfection, and you don’t want that!

How Much Does a Skateboard Truck Cost?

There are so many factors that can determine the price of your skate trucks. Different skateboard brands uniquely manufacture their product so that you will see tons of products in various ranges.

However, good skateboard trucks should cost between $30-$60 bucks. If you are willing to spend that amount of money, you will get an excellent skate truck.

Final Words...

When you want to use a skate truck for a lifetime, you can go for the one made with special material. This unique material includes titanium alloy, magnesium, and aluminum.

The titanium alloy trucks are high-end ones. They are super expensive but come with premium-grade quality and service. Moreover, they are highly durable and lightweight trucks.

Additionally, magnesium skate trucks are also lightweight and less pricey than titanium alloy ones. And aluminum kingpins are also lighter, durable and affordable, which is why you will see plenty of trucks in my review that comes with aluminum construction.


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