07 Best Cameras For Filming Skateboarding in 2024

best skatebaoard camera of 2021

The old days of Tony Hawk are gone when he took part in a skating competition and won the first prize. Now, every enthusiast skater can show their enthusiasm and share their skating skills with their fans on YouTube or other social channels.

One of the best keys to gain success and engage with the audience on these platforms is filming skateboard videos your fans want to watch. And to film the crisp & clear videos, you need a high-quality camera. 

Regarding this, our editorial team tested and enlisted the 7 best skateboard cameras in 2023 that offer advanced stabilization systems to capture your every move. Therefore, each of the cameras has a higher resolution, better lenses, and a zoom-in function. To discover more breathtaking features, continue to read this round-up guide. 

KEY TAKEAWAYS: After conducting thorough research, our experts reviewed these 7 best skateboarding cameras by testing. 

  • Among them, GoPro HERO9 is the best for its ability to capture high-quality photos and videos with details.
  • Then, EOS Rebel T6 will be best if you look for the best DSLR camera for filming skateboarding .
  • Finally, AKASO EK7000 is just for you if you are on a budget. 

Now, it’s time to take your eye to every camera to learn what features they offer.

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • Best Skate Camera

    GoPro HERO9 Black
    Top pick
  • Best 4K Video Recording Camera

    Sony FDRAX53/B Video Recording Camcorder
  • Best DSLR Camera

    Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit
  • Best for Recording Sports & Actions

    Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Video Camera
  • Best Action Camera For Skateboarding

    GoPro HERO8 Black
  • Best For Vloggers

    DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera
  • Budget Friendly

    AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera

GoPro hero9 best videos and picture skate camera

1.GoPro HERO9 Black-Best Skateboarding Camera

TOp Feature

GoPro HERO9 Black features a 20MP lens with 5K video resolution to capture, shoot, and record by maintaining every detail. 

Its 20MP lens offers you to snap high-quality and crisp pictures without sacrificing quality. At the same time, SuperPhoto is available when you’re shooting live photos. It automatically picks the best photo enhancement option to improve image quality coming out of the camera. 

On the other hand, this camera from GoPro provides 5K resolution. As a result, you can shoot & record clear-crisp skateboarding video without losing the details, even when you zoom in. 

Indeed, it’s the best skateboarding camera to shoot and capture high-quality photos & videos that make everyone stun. 

But those two features can’t motivate us the way hyper smooth stabilization can. In other words, it’s the only feature that makes our mind include the camera at the top of this list. 

Because of the advanced hyper stabilization, you can shoot and capture high-quality photos & skateboarding videos even in shaky conditions.  

Like me, you know skateboarding is a moveable game that causes shaking. If you want to capture your skating memories and share them, you need a camera that has a great video stabilization feature. In return, you can record your skating with little jerks.  

A simple camera control system is another notable feature we spot out. The hero 9 features a rear touch screen with a front display. So, you can effortlessly operate the camera with your finger and shoot 14.7MP frame grabs


2.Sony FDRAX53/B 4K HD Video Recording Camcorder-Best 4K Video Recording Camera

Top Feature

Sony camera for 4k skateboarding video

Finding a camera that allows you to record 4K videos without reducing quality is a challenging task. But the Sony FDR-AX53 Camera makes this daunting task simple. Now, you can get high-quality videos with no or little jerk. With 16.6MP, the camera features 4K XCVC-S recording. Shooting a video in this format, you can capture the best quality video by protecting every detail, even using the zoom-in option. 

Alternatively, its Exmor R Sensor allows you to take lifelike photos when you snap the shot in a dim environment.

Above all, its wide-angle lens with 20x optical zoom in 4K doesn’t affect the video quality. On top of this, the B.O.SS stabilization system offers you crisp & blur-free videos even in unsteady conditions. Now, your skating moments deserve the stunning clarity and fascinate your friends with the crisp video this 4K camera offers.  

Therefore, this Sony camera features a 3-inch LCD which makes it perfect for any situation. Its lightweight design and construction material give it a premium feel. 

Like other Sony cameras, it comes with a rechargeable battery pack, an AC adapter, a power cord, one HDMI cable, and a micro USB cable. As a result, you don’t need to spend extra bucks to get them separately. 


Canon DSLR camera for skateboard photography

3.Canon Digital SLR Camera Kit-Best DSLR Camera For Skateboarding

TOp Feature

Do you know what makes a DSLR camera better? A DSLR camera is well-known for its compatibility with a wide selection of lenses, optical viewfinder, and prolonged battery life. And the EOS Rebel T6 is a perfect example of a DSLR camera. 

The EOS Rebel T6 is well-suited with every EF or EF-S lens to let you discover your inner ‘movie director.’ Now, you can record full HD video with first-class quality and nice-looking background blur. You can even shoot & capture full HD skateboarding videos in low-light conditions. 

Besides, you can capture high-detail, crisp, vivid images with this Canon camera. It features an 18MP CMOS sensor with DIGIC 4+ image processor to take lifelike photos. 

And thanks to its wide ISO range of 100-6400, which allows you to shoot high-quality and bright pictures in low light conditions. 

9-point AF system of the camera delivers fast & precise focus. So, you can capture up to 3.0 frame per second which is enough to take action shots.

 On top of this, the optical viewfinder allows you to frame and capture subjects optimally because of its accurate focusing. 

Moreover, this canon camera comes with different modes like Basic+ and Scene Intelligent Auto mode. The auto mode helps you to capture bright & alluring photos by delivering accurate exposures. 

On the other hand, you can choose multiple effects like portrait, warm, and monochrome to get the best shot. 


4.Panasonic 4K Ultra HD - Best Sports Camera For Skateboarding

Top Feature

Panasonic Ultra HD skateboarding camera

A camera with greater image stabilization and zooming function is a must for recording sports and actions. Regarding this, Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Video Camcorder is what you wish to get. It features a 5-5-axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization system. Because of this option, you can record sports like skating without any noise or blur, even in shaky conditions. 

And the 20x Optical Zoom LEICA Dicomar lens allows you to shoot crisp and clear skateboarding videos when you zoom it in. 

4K video recording and add-in camera editing options bring the experience of shooting and taking photos to the next level. Now, you can’t only shoot crisp pictures but also crop, zoom, and pan them without using any software. 

The notable feature we figure out of this camcorder is its HDR mode. By dint of the HDR mode, you can shoot clear, crisp, and vivid videos & photos both in bright and dark areas. On top of this, it can also reduce the high-contrast look created by over and underexposed conditions. 

1/2.3-Inch BSI Sensor is another awe-inspiring feature of the Panasonic camera. It has a large effect area with 8.29MP to offer you clear, bright, and vivid pictures even in dimly lit situations. 


GoPro hero8 action camera for skateboard photography

5.GoPro HERO8 Black Best Action Camera For Skateboarding

TOp Feature

We already ranked and included the advanced version of GoPro HERO8 at the top of this list. Still, the HERO8 is an exceptional but the best action camera on our list. Undoubtedly, HyperSmooth 2.0 and TimeWarm 2.0 convince us to give it place for the phenomenal action cam. 

HyperSmooth 2.0 offers excellent video stabilization so that you can record clear & crisp video even in trembling conditions. So, there is no worry about sacrificing video quality. 

On top of this, the SuperPhoto + HDR feature ensures you capture killer 12MP of pictures with HDR effects. Because of this, you don’t only get high-quality photos in low-light areas, but the feature also reduces blur. 

Besides, its TimeWarp 2.0 allows you to shoot super stabilized time-lapse videos while you move through any activity. It adjusts the speed automatically based on scene, motion, and light. You can even slow the effect down to real-time to enjoy your skating moments. 

Therefore, the HERO8 has four digital lenses- Narrow, Liner, Wide, and SuperView. You can toggle between any of them and use them to choose the ideal field of view for shooting. In return, everyone can now join in action photography and capture the best quality action pictures and skateboarding videos. 


6.DJI Osmo Action - 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital Camera-Best For Vloggers

Top Feature

dji osmos camera for skateboard vlogging

DJI Osmo Action makes a name for its ease of use, offering excellent image quality, and durability. Every vlogger who looks for an easy-to-setup, stabilized, and rugged should find this action camera attractive. Like other cameras, you can also take it with you to shoot biking, skating, and other extreme sports. 

The 4K camera benefits from the RockSteady technology with various algorithms. In return, no matter what trembling or heavy action you get, you can capture shake-free footage. 

Like other cameras, this one also has a 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor with a 12 MP lens to let you shoot vivid and lifelike 4K videos and pictures.

The best feature we spot out is its 8x Slow Motion. Because of this feature, you can capture every move of the sport with jaw-dropping clarity and details using slow motion. Besides, the time-lapse system allows you to record super stabilized videos. You can now enjoy every move of your game by slowing down the effect to real-time. 


7.AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera - Best Budget Skate Camera

Top Feature

Akaso ek7000 affordable skateboard camera

At the bottom of this list, we enlisted the AKASO EK7000 Action Camera. It is the best budget-friendly skate camera on our list. Though it is affordable, you can capture crystal clear and vivid photos with this camera. 

Like a high-budget camera, it allows you to record 4K 30Fps & 2.7K 30Fps video with 16MP photos. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality of pictures you shot with AKASO EK700. 

A remote controlling system, perhaps, is the best feature of this camera. It features a wrist remote, which allows you to operate the camera with ease. Now, you can capture photos, record videos, and frame shots using the remote control. 

Nonetheless, the action camera includes two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries. Each of the batteries can record up to 90 minutes. As a result, there is nothing to worry about the recording time. 

best Camera for skateboard filming

Buying Guide: How to Choose The Best Camera for Skateboarding

Buying the best camera for filming skateboarding takes a lot of investment. But not every camera in the market is perfect for shooting action. You don’t want to end the buying session by picking the wrong one that doesn’t meet your needs. 

The following criteria will help you to choose the best camera for filming skateboarding. So, consider them before going for one. 

skateboard action camera

Action Camera (Types)

The action camera market is booming because of its versatility and ability to capture high-quality photos. You can find several types of action cameras in the market. 

Among them, box style and cube style are the most common. Most users go for box-style action cam as they can use it everywhere- from holiday tours to shooting skydiving. 

On the other hand, a cube-style camera is the best if you look for a compact and portable camera. It’s your personal preference which type of camera you are going to choose.


The sensor is the soul of a camera. Image quality, resolution, and size everything depend on the sensor. There are various types of sensors available in the market. 

It’s not possible to describe which type of sensor is best in a few words. It will be better for you to check this article that helps you to pick the best camera for skateboarding with a prime sensor. 


Camera lenses determine what quality of photo you can get from a camera. If you fail to pick a camera with good lenses, you can’t expect the highest quality. 

So, you should be wise enough to pick the lens. You can read this guide that helps you to pick the best lens for photography.

skateboard camera lenses explained

External Microphone Capacity

Most of the cameras on this list have a built-in microphone. It helps to pick up the background noise. On the other hand, an external microphone is specially designed to restrict background noise and pick the sound from the source. So, make sure the camera you are going to choose has an external microphone capacity. 


For filming skateboarding, a compact size camera is best. As a result, you can carry it with you and operate the camera with ease to shoot pictures. 

Therefore, there is no fear of throwing the camera off when you skate around on the track. Fortunately, every camera we included is compact.


Pick a lightweight and compact camera. As a result, you can carry it wherever you go and operate with ease. Fortunately, every cam on this list is lightweight. The size of the cameras is also small. 

User Interface

Choose a camera that is simple and features a user-friendly interface. In return, you never have trouble using & operating it. However, every camera includes a user manual to let you learn the basics.

Field of View

The field of view of a camera is also a crucial aspect. How much area of a scene your camera can capture depends on FOV. It generally relates to the focal length and the sensor size. We recommend you pick a camera with a larger angle that allows you to shoot most of the scene. 

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is the most crucial feature you must consider, especially when you go for one to film skating. We all know that skateboarding is a motile game. If you want to record every move with details, you should pick a camera with an advanced video stabilization system. 

As a result, you can record high-quality skate videos without minimum blur & noise, even in shaky situations. In this case, GoPro HERO9 black will be your go-to option as it features HyperSmooth technology.


When it comes to choosing a camera for filming skateboarding, you should pick a rugged and waterproof camera. As skating is a moveable game, you also need to move with the skater. 

So, there is a chance of the camera going down from your hand accidentally . That’s why it is a must to select a camera that has a rugged case, which can resist impact.


Long battery life can change the game of shooting and recording. Always look for a camera that comes with a rechargeable battery with a high mAh rate. The longer the battery life will be, the more time you will get to record videos and capture photos.

Best Cameras For Skateboarding photography


Most frequent questions and answers

What do skaters film with?

Most skate photographers and videographers use camera with a wide lens or fisheye. They use this type of lens because skaters move quickly through a frame. So, it will be better to use a wide lens so that you can capture any tricks they perform.

What cameras do skaters use?

Generally, skaters use a camera with wide lenses to capture every trick. The following cameras are often used by skaters. 

Is GoPro good for skateboarding?

Most skaters use GoPro because of its compact size. As GoPro is smaller in size, there is no fear of throwing it off when you are skating. 

How to Set Up Your Camera to Film Skateboarding?

You can use the following set-up to film skateboarding.

01. First off, set the ISO. It will be better to set it to low. The lower ISO you set, the less noise will be in your photo. Set it to 100-800 for daylight.

02. Set the aperture to f/5.6 – f/8 for a bright sunny day.

03. If you are filming at 60 fps, 1/100 will give you the natural motion.

04. Keep adjusting the white balance until it looks right.

05. Now, set the focus to 3-4 feet.

Why do skaters use fisheye lenses?

Skaters love fisheye lenses as they can capture more of the field compared to using other lens types.

Can you zoom with a fisheye lens?

Yes, you can. objects near the middle of the lens will seem large whilst all different objects appear curved.

Where to buy skateboarding cameras?

You can buy skateboarding cameras from your local market or on Amazon or the official website of a camera brand. 

Final Words...

In the end, we know skating is a motile game and the sport of speed. So, it is challenging for normal cameras to capture the real craft and details of skateboarding. In this case, you need a camera that has a greater video stabilization system. 

Fortunately, we mentioned the 7 best skateboard cameras on the above tested list. Every camera offers higher MP and resolution to capture crisp and clear pictures. Remarkably, each of them has a HyperSmooth system to shoot skate videos in shaky conditions. 

Using them, you can record your skating memories with details and make the memories more memorable.


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