12 Best Longboard Bearings

Even though everyone in our team is longboard enthusiasts and we know almost everything about longboards, we were once losers too, We had those days when our fellow skaters passed us and beat us in the race. 

After years of practice and research, now we know that it was the bearings that slowed us down. Since then we took on the mantel of ‘longboard supers’, we don’t want our readers to lose their races. That’s why we decided to pick the best longboard bearings for them.  

While picking up the right bearings, we kept our eyes open to features like superb smoothness, better ABEC ratings, stronger construction, and greater protection.

Seems like, we’ve found 12 products that met our demands. . All of them are fast, durable, smooth, and of course, affordable. It’s our promise that you won’t be getting out of here without being an expert on longboard bearings. 

Table of Contents

12 best bearings for longboards

The top 3 longboard bearings we’ve kept for you are the super fast Yellow Jacket Premium,  incredibly strong Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings, and amazingly light Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings

There are more in our arsenal, and all you need to do is just explore. Let’s get started then?

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • Longboard Bearing For speed

    Yellow Jacket Premium
    Top pick
  • Best Bearings For Heavy Riders

    Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings
    Top pick
  • longboard bearing for smooth ride

    Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings x8
  • Bearings For Professional

    Oust MOC Skateboard & Skate Bearings
  • Bearings for cruising or commuting

    Bones Bearings Reds
  • Quiet Longboard Bearing

    Bones Super Reds Skateboard Bearings
  • best budget longboard bearings

    Zealous Bearings
  • Best for lower friction

    Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings
  • Beginner-Friendly

    KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings
  • Best for All Level Skaters

    Bones Race Reds Skateboard Bearings
  • Longboard bearing for cruising

    Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings
  • longboard Bearing For distance

    Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings

yellow jacket longboard bearing for optimum speed


Yellow Jacket Premium-Best Longboard Bearings For Speed

TOp Feature

The moment you’re paying for a longboard, you’re paying it to have a fast ride, not a turtle, right? But that’s what your board will turn into if you won’t pick smoother bearings like the Yellow Jacket Premium Pro Longboard Bearings.

On both precision and speed, the bearings yellow jacket premium bearings showed impressive performance. It seems being pre-lubricated with High-Speed Racing Lube is what has pushed them to that level along with taking down the friction.

As they’re of ABEC 9 rating, being fast is pretty obvious for them. This is also what has made these bearings the perfect choice for downhill racing and speed navigation.

The engraved colorful seals of yellow jacket premium bearings work like a protective barrier against dust, dirt, and rocks. Now there’s no need to get them cleaned every week.

If you’re asking for versatility, not only with longboards, but they’re also compatible with rollerblades, Inline Skates, and Electric Skateboards.

In case you’re not being fully satisfied with them, the makers have given a Money-back guarantee, which seemed quite hassle-free to us.




Bones Reds- Best Longboard Bearing For Heavy Rider

Top Feature

bones red heavy riders longboard bearing

It’s not easy to nail the control on longboards at the beginning. But having a bunch of bearings like the Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings might save your neck there.

Their level of strength is quite amazing as they can easily keep up with those who rides rough. The thing that made these bearings this strong is the high-speed nylon ball retainer. They haven’t only improved the strength but also pushed the speed higher.

There’s nothing much to say about their sturdiness as the metallic construction itself handles that part quite smoothly. This means, you won’t be needing much of a maintanence if you want these bearings to last longer.

To keep the speed up to the mark, the makers have used Speed-Cream racing lubricant, which has contributed decently to the speed. But we felt the performance could get better with a bit more pre-lubrication.

Cleaning them up is nothing hard to handle. Removable rubber shield make cleaning up easy.But we believe the credit for that goes to its rubber shield that you can remove anytime you want. Moreover, its non-contact nature doesn’t influence the speed negatively either.

If you’re still in the beginning phase of your longboarding, the Yellow Jacket Premium quality Bearings can be a great deal, but only when you’re ready to excuse the noise a bit.

On the scale of strength and performance, Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings is one of the incomparable options. Just make sure you’re not ignoring their hunger for extra lubrication.



bone swiss smooth riding longboard bearing


Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings x8 - Best longboard bearings for smooth ride

TOp Feature

As you’re seeing the name of Bones twice on our list, there’s no way to deny that they’re a big shot in the world of bearings. This time they’ve come up with another one from their arsenal – the Swiss Ceramic longboard bearings.

Due to being pre-lubricated with Speed Cream, you’re free to count them as the ready-to-go bearings. Just get them out of the box, install them, and start riding.

With the standard size, they cause zero hassles to get installed on almost any longboard or skateboard.

To keep the whole construction light, the makers have used Cerbec ceramic balls. But that doesn’t mean they’ve compromised on hardness and strength, which has ultimately pushed the durability higher.

On the acceleration part, these bones swiss bearings bearings have shown promising performance. After all, what else would you expect from bearings that come with ABEC 7 rating?

The Nylon ball retainers have made the riding smoother than ever. But we won’t suggest putting these on your longboard if you’re more into unnecessary aggressive riding.




Oust MOC-Best longboard Bearing For professional

Top Feature

oust longboard bearings for professional

It’ll be hard to believe if you’ll say you’re an expert of downhill racing but never heard of Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings. That’s because lots of pros love to have these bearings in their longboards.

These bearings come with a size 608 where the diameter is 22mm, inner diameter is 8mm, and width is 7mm. From these numbers, you’ve probably already understood, there are not many longboards out there you’d find incompatible with them.

There’s one more feature that has made these bearings among the Top ten best longboard bearings, and that is the smoothness. It even helps at the time of carving turns.

As the labyrinth shield doesn’t let the lubricant get out or let any dirt and debris get in, the need for cleaning them often seems to be missing here.

There are three variants of these bearings with the name MOC 7 Speed, MOC 5 Tech, and MOC 9 Airrr. They all might look similar but different from each other on the basis of the cage, ball grade, seal and finish.

When you’re into having bearings with maximum smoothness for your longboard, don’t think twice before going for the Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings.



bones red skateboard longboard bearings for increasing speed


Bones Reds Bearings

TOp Feature

After checking out so many Bones creations, we bet you’re clear about the fact that they make no low-quality stuff. Guess what? They’re back again with their Reds Bearings.

Like their major models, they’ve used removable rubber shields here too. This non-contact shield doesn’t only take down the frequency of friction but also takes the cleaning to an easier level. 

Thanks to the Nylon ball retainer, there will be no shortage of speed and strength. Clearly, not only you’ll be able to handle rough surfaces but also keep the speed to a level where you can call yourself fast.

The set includes 8 washers along with 4 spacers. With these, we don’t see how you’ll have any room for instability.

Thinking about smoothness? The Speed-Cream racing lubricant within got that part covered. Now whether it’s cruising or commuting, you’ll get perfect performance on both from this best quality.

Whether you’re craving for smoothness on cruising or commuting, Bones Reds Bearings can bring that on both. Just don’t underestimate their level of performance on the basis of poor packaging.




Bones Super Reds - Most Quiet Longboard Bearings

Top Feature

bones super reds skateboard noise free bearing

If you were asked to bring out an updated version of Bones Red Bearings, what would you name them? Don’t worry; you won’t have to bang your head for the name as team Bones have already figured that out. It’s the Super Reds Skateboard Bearings that we’re talking about.

The makers have focused this time on steel races more and made them of better quality. But that’s not the only part, as they’ve also upgraded the balls.

Thinking about the surface finish? We haven’t seen a superior one than this in earlier Bones bearings. All these upgrades have not only made them better but quieter.

Friction or cleaning is still not a headache for team Bones as they’ve ensured the presence of the rubber shield to deal with that. So, dirt, dust, or rocks are kind of just words for this bearing, not hazards.

These bearings are worth having if you’re thinking about longboarding downhill or uphill. After all, the momentum they build is responsible for such a performance. If that doesn’t make them among the best longboard bearings for cruising 2021, what does?

It’s hard to believe that bearings of this quality can be bought at such a low price. From our experience, we can say not too many high-end bearings have reached this level.




Zealous Bearings-Best Budget Longboard Bearings

Top Feature

zealous budget friendly bearings for skateboard and longboard

For obvious reasons, putting the hands into the pocket for buying spacers is not a pleasant feeling. But Zealous steel Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards can save you those extra bucks along with being your next perfect set of bearings.

Bearings deformation generating friction is nothing new. But team Zealous has figured out a solution to this problem with their Archoil Nanoceramic Grease. Its nanoceramic compound gets the deformations filled and lowers the friction.

Rather than making you spend extra dollars, these zealous bearings come with .4045″ built-in spacers. Not only these spacers will lower the friction but they also can make the bearings last long.

To pass the compatibility test, the Zealous bearings had to be perfect on the axle holes as well. With the 8mm holes, getting added to any longboard is not going to be a problem for them.

Spacers aren’t the only name on the list of useful built-in components here; there are 0.5mm speed rings too. These speed rings ensure more clearance in the steel bearings.

To make the bearings last long, sealing is more than important. Thankfully, the rubber seals got that part covered, and they don’t allow any debris or dirt to get in. At the same time, they make cleaning an easy hazard to deal with.




Bones Ceramic Super Reds-Lower Friction

Top Feature

bone ceramic super reds friction free longboard skateboard bearings

It’s time to get back the Bones once again with their Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings. Team Bones have broken their boundaries before with their bearings, and they’ve done it again with this set too.

Protection has always been the top priority of this brand. That’s why, without compromising the bearing safety, the makers have added the single rubber shield. With this non-contact removable rubber shield, the friction has been lower as the dust or debris doesn’t get any way to slip in.

To make any bearings faster, you need to take care of their weight first. But team Bones haven’t only cut off extra weight. They’ve made the bearings waterproof, harder, and stronger as well by adding Cerbec ceramic balls in the equation. Besides, compared to steel balls, they last longer.

The Nylon Ball Retainer has turned into kind of team Bone’s signature move. And why wouldn’t it? After all, that’s what pushes the ceramic bearings towards greater speed and strength.

Nothing can pull off smoothness like the right lubricant. Thanks to the speed-cream racing lubricant in these bearings, which has made sure the inner operation remains smooth as butter.

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skateboard Bearings is mostly focused on strength and speed. If that’s what you want in your next bearings, go for them unless you’re a beginner.




KVENI Ceramic- Best Longboard Bearings For Rain

Top Feature

kveni longboard bearings for rain

It’s nothing uncommon for beginners to suffer from the wrong choices of bearings. But it seems KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings are made to ease that up to a certain extent.

We don’t know how much you know about ceramic balls, but they’re faster and better than steel. The good news is, they’ve been used in these ceramic bearings and improved the overall quality, speed, and smoothness. Plus, they’re low on friction.

For fitting into any longboard, 608RS is clearly a standard size. To be sure about the size, you can check out the numbers, which are 22mm on outer diameter, 7mm on width, and 8mm on the axle.

We thought only professionals riding with something with this rating. But these bearings have brought that closer to beginners now. It’s a clear sign that even beginners can hit higher speed levels like pros with these ceramic bearings.

To make water a harmless liquid for the bearings, the makers have its components waterproof. It seems having a little fun in the rain won’t hurt them at all.

Along with making the bearing quiet and waterproof, team KVENI has also improved the outer — the carbon steel-made outer ring is saying so, at least.

Any beginner would fall in love with KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings based on their killer performance unless they forget to put in the spacers.




Bones Race Reds- Longboard bearing For All SKill Level

Top Feature

bones race longboard bearing for all type of skill

The changes we’ve seen so far in Bones bearings weren’t anything instant eye-catcher. But in their Bones Race Reds Skateboard Bearings, the improvements are quite hard to ignore and impressive also.

Bringing some exceptions in, team Bones have added built-in spacers on these bearings. This means, rather than shedding some extra bucks you’d have a friction-free riding from the moment you’d put them on.

While roaming on the road, the dirt, rocks, or dust won’t show any mercy for sure. But that’s not going to be a problem for these bearings as they’ve got Protective Rubber Seals to handle them.

We’ve never seen any Bones bearings without the high-speed Nylon ball retainers, and this set wasn’t any exception. Like always, they’ve kept the strength level at its peak.

The extended race has literally taken additional washers and spacers out of the job. Now, you can have an equal kind of performance with fewer parts, which also makes the bearings easy to assemble. Plus, it makes the speed reach a greater level.

Bones Race Reds Skateboard Bearings are an indicator of the kind of improvement this brand can bring in. Grabbing a set of these won’t be a mistake for sure whether you’re a pro or beginner.




Bones Super Swiss 6-Best Longboard Bearing For Cruising

Top Feature

bones super swiss cruiser longboard bearing

This time team Bones have thought of trying something a little out of the box. They did try and came up with the Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings as a result of so.

Usually, we see their bearings with 7mm diameter. But for the Super Swiss 6, they’ve pushed that number to 8mm. As a result, you’ll be getting extra advantages on compatibility. 

From the name, you’ve probably assumed that these bearings got 6 large balls. This means there will be better acceleration and speed whenever you’ll step on the road with your longboard.

For protecting the inner part, each of the bearings has its own removable rubber shield that you can remove anytime. This rubber shield seems to be a great help in reducing frictions.

As for durability, you won’t have to bat an eye. Like always, the makers have handed over that job to their nylon ball retainers that contribute to the bearings’ strength. So, you can see, it’s tough to fall short on durability with the super-solid components.

For adding extra points to its internal smoothness, team Bones have pre-lubricated the bearings with cream Speed Creams.

In case you end up with the defective one, you can go for a replacement without paying for a new set.

If you’re looking for the right bearing to improve your longboard experience, we bet the Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings can easily pull that off. We hope you can digest a bit of noise for the sake of that.




Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearing-Best For Distance

Top Feature

bronson speed longboard bearings for distant riding

When you’re a beginner, taking a bump is like an act of nature that you can’t avoid. But you surely can have some control over the speed if you’ve got the Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings on your longboard.

We were trying to find out what is actually making the bearing so fast. Once we checked out the microgroove surface, it became clear as day that this is what was giving the lubrication a better edge which has improved the spin and speed.

There’s some remarkable reduction in breakage and damages from side impact. But later on, we came to know that Deep-Groove raceway balls were doing that.

It’s not easy to save the bearings from dirt and moisture, especially when you’re a rough ride lover. Thankfully, the straight edge shields do perfectly what they’re made for and keep them out of the equation. On top of that, cleaning the inners gets a bit easier.

Rather than making you shed extra dollars on washers and spacers, this package got both of them included. From now on, tightening the bearings is going to be super easy for you. 

The is among the fastest longboard bearings out there, but only if you’re ready to excuse their slow speed at first.



What Are The Fastest Bearings For Longboards?

To be the fastest bearings for longboards, any set of bearings needs to fulfill a few conditions like perfect ball size and inner smoothness. The ones that covered these conditions to be the fastest bearings are Oust MOC Skateboard and Skate Bearings, and Yellow Jacket Premium.

Best Longboard Bearings For Heavy Riders

The level of strength Bones Reds Bearings comes with makes them the best longboard bearings for heavy riders. After all, the strong outer ring, solid Nylon ball retainer, and spacers are speaking in favor of the bearings.

Best Longboard Bearings For Cruising

We believe no bearing can be as good as the Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings when it comes to crusing. The reasons are clear as day. By using 6 balls instead of 7, the makers have made them stronger and faster than the regular bearings. After all, that’s what you need for cruising, right?

Best Longboard Bearings For Distance

It’s tough to call any other set of bearings the best for distance except Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings. When it comes to distance, speed doesn’t matter as much as smoothness, and on that part, these bearings simply rock. Besides, the low rate of breakage also seems to be helpful in the job.

Best Longboard Bearings For Speed

For hitting the top speed, we think Yellow Jacket can be the finest one for speed for you. The way they utilized the High-Speed Racing Lube, not reaching the top speed will be kind of unbelievable in their case. Apart from that, they wouldn’t have got ABEC 9 Rating if they weren’t fast enough.

Best Longboard Bearings for Rain

If there’s anything that we’d have to call the best one to roam in the rain with, then it would be KVENI Ceramic Bearings. As they’re waterproof, cruising with them in the rain won’t hurt them much for sure. A fair share of credit for that goes to their rubber seals too.

Best Quiet Bearings for Longboard

For this segment, our vote goes to the Bones Super Reds. Their makers have brought in some major upgradation in the components, including balls and surface finish. This kind of upgrade has made them run more smoothly, which has automatically taken the noise down.

Best Value Longboard Bearings

We can’t think of a better name here than the Zealous Bearings for Skateboards and Longboards. The way they take the maximum advantage of internal Archoil Nanoceramic Grease for eliminating friction is amazing. Besides, the Built-in Spacers save a few bucks without making you buy new sets of them.

And what to say about the 5mm Speed Rings? After all, the clearance they deliver is top-notch. Surprisingly, all these come at a very low and reasonable price.

What Kind of Bearings Deliver a Smooth Riding Experience?

The smoothness of any set of bearings depends on a few aspects. They are good retainers, perfect ball size, and sufficient lubrication. If you’re asking for our opinion on that, then we’d say Oust MOC  Bearings meet most of these criteria.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Longboard Bearing?

Ball Material:

  • Steel

When you’re on a tight budget, it’s better to go with the ones that are made of steel. The best thing about steel bearings is they’re amazingly good at resisting cracking. On top of that, with the ride, they get heat up which promotes their elasticity even if there’s any heavier load.

  • Ceramic

What we love about this kind of bearing is they’re literally the kind that you’d love to have as your next downhill longboard bearings. The reason is nothing but their inability to get affected by the heat.

This is why when you’ll be going downhill racing, you won’t have to worry about safety, at least. But what might disappoint you is the price as it’s a bit higher than steel.longboard bearings-ceramic, steel

Longboard Bearings ABEC Scale: 

The ABEC scale rating is the indicator of the wheel’s revolution per minute. But that doesn’t mean it’s the proper measurement of the bearing’s acceleration or spinning speed. Even some of the companies don’t count using the ABEC system as anything essential.

But apart from them, a lot of companies do, and that’s why you need to have a clear idea on this concept as that’s how you might’ve to pick up your next bearing.

ABEC-1: This is the lowest on the scale. They’re low on both price and quality.

ABEC-3: This one is mostly about reasonable pricing. But compared to the higher ones, they’re not as fast or smooth as them.

ABEC-5: This is the generalized segment that most of the riders prefer in the first place on the basis of its standard performance and price.

ABEC-7: If you’re a rider who wants to have a taste of faster speed, then ABEC 7 is made for you. The price is comparatively high and so is the excellence of riding.

ABEC-9: If there’s anything that can beat ABEC 7 on speed, then it’s none other than the ABEC 9. This segment is mostly preferred by professionals and expert skaters with a love of downhill skateboarding

longboard bearings ABEC scale,rating

Size of the Bearing:

The standard size of bearing for Longboards is 608. Bearings of this size usually come with the measurement of 22mm on the outer diameter), 7mm on the width, and 8mm on the diameter/axle. This one is also the most commonly used size for longboard axles.


Even the lubricants you use in your bearings come with a variation, and the smoothness of the bearing depends on that too. No longboard bearings you’d see out there that run on thick lubricants.

While choosing the thin one, you’ll have to check out how efficient they are in lowering or eliminating the friction. Otherwise, they might slow your wheels down.

In case the bearings are pre-lubricated, find out what kind of lube is used in there so that you can reapply the same later on.


Always grab bearings that come with pre-lubrication. There are two major benefits of this. First, you won’t have to lubricate the bearings by yourself, which makes them ready to go right after getting out of the packet.

The next one is, the makers know which longboard bearings grease will get you better spinning and speed. That’s why they use that to get you the maximum performance.

Spacers and Washers:

Both washers and spacers are about delivering the required clearance you need on the truck and longboard axle. Installing a set of bearings without them will increase the friction and even can influence the durability negatively.


Always go with the style that suits your longboard. In the right style, you’d see how perfectly it holds both retainer and bearing with the outer and inner races. It also includes a rubber shield that delivers total protection. Some even come with the metal ones, but they’re non-movable.


Having a noisy set of bearings can be awfully irritating when you’ll be trying to pull off difficult tricks. Even at the time of plain riding, it turns into a pure source of irritation. So, to be on the safe side, go with bearings that don’t make any noise, and even if they do, that’s on a tolerable level.


There’s no assurance that you’ll be ending up with quality bearings. That goes in the same way for getting defective bearings too. That’s why you need to go for an option that has the coverage of a warranty.longboard bearings construction-features, ball bearing

Bearing shields

Rubber or Metal cover of bearings that prevents dust and particles from entering the bearing. Bearing shields help to keep the grease inside the bearing. Rubber Bearing shields can be taken apart and can be cleaned easily whether Bearing shields with metal remain attached.


Most frequent questions and answers

Do Bearings Matter on a Longboard?

Indeed they do. Most of the board’s performance depends on the bearings, whether it’s smoothness or speed. Even in the question of strength, bearings need to be considered thoughtfully. Otherwise, you might never get to see the level of performance you’re expecting. you can also check our best longboard trucks to get more performance from your longboard

How to Buy Longboard Bearings That Have Low Noise?

The best way to pull that off is by checking the reviews. As it’s not always easy to check the noise level before installing them, the actual user with their reviews might help you out with that as they know better how the bearings sound.

How Tight Should My Longboard Bearings Be?

Loose bearing is another name of danger in longboards. So, when you are setting bearings on your board, make sure you’re making them as tight as required. But don’t force it excessively.  

Try to get that job done with bearing spacers. Tight the nut as hard as you can. But make sure you’re not messing with the spinning mobility. As spacer does the tightening better, get the ones made of steel.

By the way, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep up without the spacers, but you’d miss the additional advantage of having prolonged durability of the bearing.

Final Words...

Still confused about which one to take? Well, maybe we can help you pick.

Our first priority is the Yellow Jacket Premium. It’s hard to ignore a set of good quality bearings like this, especially when they’ve got ABEC 9 Rating. But that wouldn’t have been possible without the High-Speed Racing Lube within. Besides, they’re fully protected with Engraved Colorful Seals that save them from any dirt and debris.

The Bones Reds Longboard Bearings are what we call the bearings of rough riders. And why wouldn’t we after seeing their High-speed nylon ball retainer that has made their strength level far better?

Besides, their Metallic Construction has nailed the durability part. There’s no chance to complain about their smoothness, too, not after seeing they’re filled with the presence of Speed-Cream Racing Lubricant. within

After that, the one we think will stay ahead of the others is the Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings. The prime reason for this is their Cerbec Ceramic Balls. These balls are amazing at cutting off the weight without sacrificing strength and hardness.

Plus, to keep the smoothness at peak, they’ve got the backup of Speed Cream Lubrication. Even on compatibility, they’re way ahead due to their Standard Size.

Now, that we’ve told you everything bit by bit, we don’t think you won’t have any problem getting the best longboard bearings at all.

The smoothness of any set of bearings depends on a few aspects. They are good retainers, perfect ball size, and sufficient lubrication. If you’re asking for our opinion on that, then we’d say Oust MOC  Bearings meet most of these criteria.


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