Top 10 Skateboard Brands In 2024 You Should Check

best skateboard brands for beginners

Skateboards are more than just funky printed decks on wheels. The good skateboard brands italicize on the engineering and durability of the decks & accessories; not only the exposure & brand-name only. 

Roughly 70% of skateboarders are juvenile learners under the age of 18. As beginners, they prefer a primary brand that will provide a nice deck with longer-lasting parts. A decent deck with dependable wheels does the job as they are only building confidence to cruise. On the other hand, Professional skateboarders usually opt for a high-end brand. Their skateboards must have increased durability for tricks to be performed finely. They will spend some extra bucks if necessary. 

This article features 10 best skateboard brands reviews and their best-sellers. We have compiled all categories of skateboard brands there are; from premium decks to quality skateboard parts.

Sit back & all you need to do is follow the trail!

Where to Find The Best Skateboard Brands

When you’re shopping for the best skateboards brands, it’s natural to find online deals very lucrative. But the best place to shop for skateboards is a physical sports store. It can be a local skate shop or your favorite brand’s flagship store. There’s nothing like the feeling of being assisted by expert store staff & exploring the board of your choice.

Most local skate shops nowadays deal with several well-known skateboard brands. These shops showcase the topmost famous skateboard brands for both professional skaters and beginners.

Why Our Guide?

Whether you’re looking for a skateboard on a budget or you are willing to spend a fortune for your luxury custom-made deck; you must know the insights of a brand when you are aligned with them. With so many different taglines & names, it gets tough to decide which brand you should bet your money on. 

Our article features the top ten skateboard brands that are setting trends in the industry by innovating modern technology for skateboarders and bringing new designs every time. This is a proper guide to acquire the core knowledge about skateboards as well as the leading brands. The FAQ section answers your queries. The enlisted top ten skateboarding brands fulfills the diverse skaters’ liking. It is a detailed review of skateboard brands, their pricing, the pros and cons, and where to find them. At the end of the read, we hope you’ll have your decision ready!

List Of 10 Best Skateboard Brands That You Can Vouch for Your Money

Now I wish I had the chance to review each category of brands, but I must stick to the word limit, so I’ll just do what I do best; pick out the most popular skateboard brands, give an account of the pricing, features, pros & cons, and which one to buy from them. All under one click!

01.Element Skateboards: The Best Among All

Element Skateboards brand for young, adults, professional skaters

Element Skateboards is an American skateboard company founded by professional skateboarder Johnny Schillereff in 1992. This brand started to expand the Elementality vision of Johnny, he wanted to create awareness for skateboarding. To date, Element is a top professional skateboarding company. 

The brand focuses on the interconnection of art & skateboarding & also takes care of its contribution to the environment & nature. They are the perfect blend of sustainability & performance. 

Element is a commendable eco-friendly brand. They use undyed wood to lessen the usage of industrial chemicals in the production process. The name “Element” is targeted to make the skaters feel the uniqueness of customized boards.

The high quality wood material they use is Canadian Maple with aluminum fittings. The thin Featherlight decks provide the beginners an enjoyable riding experience while hardcore skaters love the heavy durable Thriftwood spectrum. It is indeed the best skateboard brand for heavy riders. Whatever you need, name it & Element has just the perfect match. 



element skateboard brands all skateboard features explained

Best Element Skateboard for All Skateboarders: The Element Section Complete Skateboard

The Section by Element is a complete skateboard for any pro skater. Easily handled by all beginners, trucks & bearings work so smoothly that any professional would love to take it out on a stroll. The skateboard deck is made of undyed Canadian Maple, the core ingredient of Element Skateboards. It gives the deck a commendable pop and durability. The deck lasts months of heavy skating. There are no tracks of industrial chemicals usage. Easy installation and servicing can be done at home. The trucks might be a bit big for the board which makes the rides wobbly but that can be avoided by balance practice. At price $110, this is a great buy if you are really passionate about your game.

Is Element Skateboards a good brand?

Element’s complete skateboards deliver the best quality skate decks for the money that you spent. They are generously respected in the skateboarding industry. Within $100 or more, you get a complete setup including a high-quality deck and decent parts by Element. All in all, the brand is a good deal for your investment.

02.Powell Peralta Skateboard: The Most Durable Skateboards Brand

George Powell & Stacey Peralta are the entrepreneurial couple who founded Powell Peralta Skateboards in 1978, a recognized manufacturer of heavy-duty decks. Stacey Peralta used to be a professional skateboarder thus her brand’s excellence is trusted by skaters all over the world. They are one of the best skateboard brands for big guys in a breath. 

If you’re hunting unbreakable boards, Powell Peralta sure deserves a checkout. The skateboard decks are infused with a light yet hard, yellow birch wood & fiberglass. The wood substance is strong already while the water-resistant glue presses the strongest joints. They assure maximum stiffness & pop which makes it durable & virtually impossible to snap. 

Powell Peralta makes their flight deck boards feather-light. You can show-off your skills on the wheels without worrying on the ramps. The business also launched innovative wheels, decks, trucks & other accessories. Recently, their apparel range started manufacturing safety gears that you can style with Powell Peralta Completes.

The brand has worked together with world-famous skateboarder Tony Hawk. He started with them as early as 13 years old & rode their quality decks until 1994. So you can easily vouch for your money on this brand ruled by the professionals for years.



Best Powell Peralta Skateboard for Durability: Powell Peralta Flight Deck

The Powell Peralta Flight Deck is thinner than your smartphone & lighter than anything. I am afraid you won’t find any other skateboard design more poppy, playful & longer-lasting than this one. Great news is they are working on making it more affordable too! 

The deck has a mellow concave shape and ranges between 8 to 9 inches with a gradual option of 0.25”.

If it starts to wear, the fiberglass may cause your skin to itch. We couldn’t find any alternative to this new skateboard durability as it is a manufacturer’s but rumors have it is the glue they use.

Why powell peralta is a good skateboard brand?

Powell Peralta is the perfect skateboard brand if your personal preference is durability. They are in a word “unbreakable”. Their Flight decks are the lightest in the history of board decks. Powell Peralta is always counted among the most popular skating brands. They have remained unchanged in quality for the high prices. You won’t be wrong if you choose from them.

03.Santa Cruz Skateboards: Most Reliable For Professionals

Santa Cruz Skateboards brand for professional skater

Santa Cruz Skateboards is known as the oldest skateboarding brand in history. Richard Novak, Doug Haut and Jay Shuirman founded the brand Santa Cruz in 1973. If you are a passionate professional for high-quality boards, choose Santa Cruz blindly. 

Santa Cruz uses the North American maple for their decks. The 95A durometer wheels glide on the streets or ramps like a butter slab on a hot pan. Their team of 16 professionals have been constructing boards that stand out in excellent craftsmanship. Professional Skateboarders & trick performers have always preferred Santa Cruz decks for the unbeatable durability.

The Santa Cruz is a brand for hardcore professional skaters. Each deck has more concave and pop compared to the Flight decks. The heads behind the brand work hard to bring up the spirit of sports irrespective of the size of the wallet. So they are one of the best skateboard brands for cheap budget holders. 

Santa Cruz skateboards deal in both complete boards & accessories. They are highly recommended among the best trick skateboard brands. If you are looking for a brand that can take a beating, Santa Cruz is your brand.

Santa Cruz decks turn heads in the skate parks. Legendary designer Jim Phillips did a great job designing the monstrous artworks. The brand understands trends, tastes & personal preferences. Their “Marvel” & “Star Wars’ series have a separate fan base.



Best Santa Cruz Skateboard for professionals:The Santa Cruz Classic Dot Skateboard

The Classic Dot skateboard is the most popular among professional skateboarders for its pintail shape and superior build. You are sure to become the envy of many if you go to your neighborhood skate park cruising on the Santa Cruz Classic Dot. Even on the streets, it suits trick performers with its unique double kicktail. This 7 ply maple board comes in 3 sizes – 7.25”, 7.8” & 8”. since it is a complete set, wheels & trucks are fixed. Ready to go right outta the box on the ramps! The 95A durometer wheels provide the best grip for a professional ride & tricks.

Santa Cruz Classic Dot Skateboard for professionals

Is Santa Cruz a good board brand?

Being the oldest player, Santa Cruz knows & makes rules of the game. All these years, they have walked the skating industry with glory. There’s no other more dependable brand than Santa Cruz for professionals. They warrant their conventional boards against any manufacturer’s defect for 120 days, something worth the money & your trust. 

04.Zero Skateboard: The Rowdy Brand

zero skateboard brands for pro skaters

Zero Skateboards is originally a Californian brand. It is among the notable American skate brands that have their names for breaking the social norms when it comes to games & sports.

The founder of the brand is Jamie Thomas, a professional skateboarder from the 90s. He chose a “Skull” as the brand logo to represent revolution & freedom of expression against social rules that are abiding. The riders of the brand are mostly people who are outspoken & unbent when it comes to their boundaries. 

About their products, the brand has a team of pro skaters to design & manifest revolutionary gears in the skateboarding trade. They are a brand of excellence. They started as a Skates clothing brand but gained popularity for the eye-catching graphics on the skateboard decks. Some riders found them edgy, yet some loved them as a symbol of their rouge personality. 

If you think the regular brands don’t suit your renegade personality, Zero is here! You can choose a rogue graphics skateboard deck from their wide range of options & install wheels, trucks, bearings etc of your choice. 

Zero Skateboards is affordable for all skaters. Better to spend on a skateboarding brand that speaks your mind. Represent the skateboarding brand in and out of the skating parks with their amazing collection of skating shoes, apparel & other accessories. 



Best Zero Complete Skateboard for Rebel Skaters: The Zero Single Skull Skateboard

The Skull Skateboard is a signature toy machine by Zero. Its centerpiece logo is a skull which is Zero’s brand logo as well, with a finished black background. 

The logo represents the rider’s personal preference for bold & brazen graphics. It is an all-around complete skateboard at a reasonable price. Its weight of one & a half-pound makes it very lightweight for tricks. The board doesn’t come with a grip tape installed so you will have to buy that separately.


The Zero Single Skull Skateboard for rebel skaters

Is Zero Skateboard A Great Brand ?

Zero is a high-quality skating brand for beginners to professionals. In 25 years of their business, they never compromised with the quality of their decks. Even though they were a skate apparel brand at first, they are doing great as a skateboard brand now. 

05.Almost Skateboards: The Hot Brand

Almost skateboard brand the hot skateboard brands for skaters

If you don’t know, carving refers to those long, big turns you perform by leaning in. It’s essential to have excellent control and stability to perform such movements. Sector 9’s catalogue heavily focuses on such aspects. 

First, the trucks — it uses quality Gullwing trucks. These puppies have an incredible turning radius, which helps with sharp turns and stunts. There are multiple options for the wheelbase, all of which ensure excellent grip. 

Moreover, the wheel wells ensure that there aren’t any wheel bites. You can also find drop-through designs for extra stability with cruising. Lastly, let’s discuss the graphics. All of the boards have unique surfing-influenced artworks, which I love. 

Sure, the price tag is slightly higher than lower-end products, but the value these provide is fantastic. The only thing to keep in mind is the Gullwing trucks might not be well-suited for beginners. 



Best Almost Complete Skateboard: The Almost Mullen Dr.Seuss Skateboard

Renowned kid’s cartoon artist collaborated with Almost Skateboard & that’s how the Mullen Dr.Seuss born. It is a full concave board with two different sizes: 8” & 8.25”. 

Comes with a wheelbase of 14” & 14.25” respectively. 

The decks from Almost are up to 50% more longer-lasting than the regular decks of other brands.  The upper sodium has a funky graphic while the lower part has Rodney’s name on it. The simple 7-ply Carbon fibre board construction is glued together with a strong epoxy bond. Without lamination, it gives a great pop & comes with 30-days breakage guarantee. 


Mullen Dr.Seuss Skateboard best almost skateboard for young skaters

Is Almost Skateboard a Good brand?

The Almost Skateboards is trusted by young skaters for the team of pro skaters behind the show. Almost’s founder Rodney Mullen has had a near-legendary career pioneering many skating tricks. Riding an Almost Complete article brings a sense of pride of joining the legendary hardcore skaters’ tribe. 

06.Girl Skateboards: Best Skateboard brands Complete boards

Girl Skateboards brand a Complete skateboard brand for professionals

Do not be quick to judge the “Girl” in the brand’s name. This skateboarding company has something for everyone!

Girl Skateboards has risen in significance with their “Ladies Bathroom” logo which is very distinct from the others. The company is committed to manufacturing decks that are reliable for the promising performers. 

Girl Skateboards team is decorated by Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Megan Baltimore & Spike Jonze. Rick & Mike had experience in Professional Skateboarding when the team started to work hand in hand in 1993. The brand was founded to offer the pro skateboarders a future with compatible skateboards. 

As founders, Rick & Mike wanted to work on the difficulties faced in their career as a professional skateboarder. Consequently, their designs have unbeatable construction & features that easily blend-in with your taste. You can buy & modify the deck or pick a complete piece with the trucks, wheels and bearings attached. 

Their slogan is skateboarding should be productive, joyful and thrilling, Girl is one of the pro skateboards brands of all time. A “Girl” deck is made of strong seven ply maple. The high quality decks can be customized with a variety of tongue-in-cheek graphics or can feature the “Girl” logo. 

“Girl” even has an apparel line featuring the Girl logo. Their distributors are the Crailtap. Skating outfits and Merch are available in a wide variety of sizes & styles by the brand. The skateboarding company also produces films, videos and more. 



Best Girl Complete Skateboard : Bannerot 93 TIL Deck 8.25”

The Bannerot 93 Til Deck by Girl Skateboards is the most loved Girl deck by users. This perfect skateboard is a popular choice in the skateboarding world. The deck width is 8.25 inches in an oval shape and ends in 6.75” nose & 6.8” tail. This article by Girl Skateboards has simple riding features for beginner skateboarders. 

The seven-ply maple gives it a sturdy yet lightweight shape. The top graphic features the Simon Bannerot Pro model graphic. The noob skaters enjoy carrying around this complete board. It is also featured in their skating films so much so that the skaters take pride in riding the Bannerot. At the cost of $59.99, this Complete piece comes with 14” wheels and little stickers to put on. A complete win-win!

girl skatebord Bannerot 93 TIL Deck 8.25” for girls and all skaters

Are Girl Skateboards good?

The Girl Skateboarding company is a legit brand by an amazing team of legends and wave rippers. They started with professional skateboards but recently joined the beginner skateboard scenes. Girl brand boards are fine as an affordable complete pre-built board. You will easily find the toy machines in the local skate shops or Wal-Mart.

07. Sector 9 Skateboards: The Board For Beginners

sector 9 skateboard brands skateboard best for beginners

Sector 9 Skateboards are popular for being one of the best skateboard brands for 10-year-olds, even for beginners. Their longboards are highly applauded for the high-quality boards and the smooth and easy riding feel they provide.

Beginners are hesitant riders. They want to obtain a stable, fearless riding stanza first & Sector 9 skateboards are wide enough to help you gain that. A relatively massive, low-riding, durable board that is ideal for pushing, strolling, and some downhill is what Sector 9 offers for beginners. The Sector 9 Nineballs wheels are also high-rated. They are pursued by many for their treaty. 

Their recent Bamboo Collection called “The Roots” has gotten everyone’s attention in the skating industry. Skating brands never thought of such an eco-friendly initiative. The bamboo gives the deck a pop & snap while ensuring durability. The lightweight bamboo boards are extremely easy to carry around. 

If you are confused between whether to spend a fortune for your kid’s first board or buy a mediocre one to learn with – we propose Sector 9 is a safe choice! 



Best Sector 9 Skateboard for Beginners: Sector 9 Ledger 40”

The Sector 9 Ledger is a credible full-size pintail cruiser. It features a 27.75″ wheelbase with either 65mm Nineballs or 67mm Lumithane wheels attached to it. Sector 9 has installed Charger RKP trucks to this Complete set to make it a responsive board for cruising & commuting. The 40” full maple deck makes a sturdy board. The combination of the wheels & board offers good stability for beginners. The smooth & easy riding feel helps the beginner to build confidence for downhill, speedy rides or performing tricks. The colorful Josh Smith surf graphics on the bottom exterior gives this board an exceptional look. The price tag says $159, sure a bit high but the performance of this board is high quality too!

Sector 9 Ledger 40” best cruiser skateboard for beginners


What makes Sector 9 the best fit for beginners?

Most popular skateboard brands have Sector 9 on top of them. Even if you don’t belong to the skateboarding world, you must have heard their name at least once. It is indeed the best fit for beginners since the 90s. Purchasing a Sector 9 complete means choosing an upgrade over cheaper beginner boards. Their cruiser models provide the smoothest ride for the beginners. 

08. Blind Skateboards: The Skateboard For Kids

blind skateboards brand best skateboard for kids

Assessing a brand for your 6-year-old can make you sweat. We know it can be scary to introduce them to the gigantic ramps. But if your kid is passionate about skating, all you should do is find out the good skateboard brands for kids & make a choice. Blind Skateboards can be a good selection for your loving child.

The Blind Skateboards is at the top of skateboarding brands for kids. Professional Skateboarder Mark Gonzales decided to leave Vision to start his own brand & named it “Blind”, a wink towards his former brand Vision. Mark & World industries launched the brand Blind in 1989, when the skateboarding world was being ruled by Vision & Powell Peralta. This brand is currently being handled by Spike Jonze.

The older boards had a limited tail space so the brand improved. Recently they installed DSM’s single press manufacturing process. The new full concave, upright kicks, and full tail skateboard is admirable. A bigger constant deck suitable for kids. The features are similar to other good skateboard brands co-hosted by Dwindle distributors including Darkstar, Globe, Almost, Enjoi Skateboards, etc. 

The Blind Skateboard is a brand for youthful skaters & kids. The bold & brazen artwork pop out among all other broads & attract the juvenile minds. 



Best Blind Skateboard for Kids:The Blind Reaper Dagger Blue Complete Skateboard

The Reaper Dagger Blue Complete by Blind is the right fit for younger skateboarders who are just learning. The full Concave maple board measures 31-inches in length & 7.75-inches in width & 52-mm Blind wheels attached. The grinding rail is great as grip tape ensures anti-slip rides for kids. The Dagger might not be very durable but it promises high-performance. They kept it lightweight for kids by using a 7-ply deck. A pair of slant trucks hold up against any impact during tricks. It is a great purchase in a good price. 


The Blind Reaper Dagger Blue Complete Skateboard for kids

Are Blind boards any good?

Blind Skateboard means a pleasant riding experience with better board control. Kids love Blind in & out of the skate parks. The individually pressed steep concave board provides the smoothest ride. The Blind has been backed up by a skate team of professionals for decades now. 

09. Enjoi Skateboards: The Board For Fun-lovers

Enjoi Skateboards brand the best affordable brand for funlover skaters

Surfing through an ocean of skateboard brands, it is normal if the serious-looking boards with heavy features have started to exhaust you. “enjoi” is the brand that can be a breather in your skating rink.

“enjoi” with a lowercase E, that’s how the brand wanted their spelling. However, nobody will flinch on you if you use an uppercase. The products are made in greater China. But don’t assume it to be some “Chinese Crap” when I say China! Most brands get their products made there. The production costs less there which affects the pricing too. 

It is safe to say that enjoi is a beginner friendly skateboard brand than the other “Skate or die” brands. It is rather a light-hearted brand that provides the skaters with the comfort of choosing their board for the fun without stressing about the technicalities. That doesn’t imply they compromise their quality at all.

The Black & white panda on the logo on enjoi gives off a friendly vibe. The brand’s distinct cool image succeeded the apparel line. The styles are modern & colorful, rebellious to the norms. Popular among both skaters and non-skaters. Riders count enjoi among the best skateboard brands for street skaters for the light-minded image. 

Apart from decks, enjoi deals in skating accessories too. The trucks, wheels & bearings they sell have a regular line of buyers without complaints since the 2000s till now. If you want to customize your gears and parts, enjoi can be a brand with a range of options. The brand has also won several awards for the skate movies they produced. 



Best enjoi Skateboards for fun-lovers: The enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

The bright white Panda eyes on this Enjoi Complete article talk about the funky character of the brand. This one is a Canadian maple veneer with lightweight aluminum trucks attached to it. The board is single pressed and finished with Resin 7 glue technology. They used American bushings & pivot cups in the construction. The steel kingpins & axles are anti-rust & stainless. Two pairs of 52mm 99A durometer wheels work endlessly on smooth rides on ramps & streets. The wheels have rubber removable shields for self-servicing. At $80 only this amazingly built board can be your best mate at skating!

The enjoi Whitey Panda Complete Skateboard

Are enjoi complete skateboards good

Enjoi decks have an amazing pop, highly durable with a soft concave. Enjoi skateboards are versatile because their concave makes riding comfortable and tricks easier. The fun-loving, light-mood street skaters recommend Enjoi. The new Resin-7 formation makes the most solid boards. The wheels roll smoothly & quick. All in all, it is one of the brand boards in the industry. 

10. Birdhouse Skateboards: the adult’s brand

Birdhouse Skateboards brand is known as the adult’s skateboard brand

Tony Hawk & Per Welinder established Birdhouse together, 30 years ago in 1992. The partnership broke off later when Tony chose to go with Powell Peralta. Clearly, Birdhouse Skateboards is the brain-child of legendary skateboarders which is pretty self-explanatory for the image of the brand. 

Alongside Tony himself, the legendary female pro skater Lizzie Armanto joined hands with Birdhouse which gained them a large fan base. Besides, their heavy presence in the Tony Hawk series of Skating video games have kept their name on everyone’s lips. 

Birdhouse’s current team is decorated with early freestyle riders who are known for their versatile terrain skills. No doubt, the team is sincere at their job.

Birdhouse is known worldwide as a one-stop shop for skating enthusiasts. They use seven-ply maple wood in their products so the boards are durable enough to tackle any landscape. Most professional and experienced skaters trust Birdhouse skateboards blindly.

Ever since it is being counted among one of the best skateboard brands for adults. You can shop from their range of complete boards or separate skate accessories & skating apparel etc. 



Best Birdhouse Skateboard for Adults:The Birdhouse Lizzie Armanto Purple Complete 7.75”

If you want to let the world know that “Birdhouse” is your board of choice then their Lizzie Armanto Complete board is the one you must have. It comes as no surprise that the respectfully size 32”X8” board is the perfect assortment of smooth wheels, durable deck & flexible trucks. The industry standard skateboard Impresses nearly all styles of skateboarders. The wheels are 52mm 100A polyurethane. Moves quickly at a high speed creating vast transitions or leaping down large stairs, handrails & street corners. The robust board has a rock hard deck supporting up to 220 lbs, an ideal skateboard for adults. 

Birdhouse Lizzie Armanto Complete 7.75” skateboard for adults


Is Birdhouse Skateboard a good brand?

Birdhouse provides technology implemented skateboarding decks. The decks have a phenomenal construction, fit for all terrains. The quality complete sets by Birdhouse are fit for all skill levels, the street skaters, the ramp riders, for poolside skaters etc. They can be used by beginners to pro-level skaters. They are even popular among youngsters for their eye-catching beautiful graphic decks. 

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Skateboard

| How To Choose The Best Skateboards brand explained

Suppose one day you wake up with your teenage kid clenching his hand on his chest & telling you that all they want for their next birthday is a Skateboard. Or you decide to buy one for street skating or as a way of commuting. 

Can be an exciting thought until you have to dive in an ocean of different brands, taglines, colors & sizes. Choosing the right skateboard can be overwhelming & a daunting process. This is why we have put together every bit & piece of how to choose the best skateboard & what to look for, step by step. 

best skateboards brand chhosing is important for the better skateboarding experience

Complete Vs. Custom skateboard

You can “Mold” yourself the best skateboard by customizing it for yourself. Or you can buy a complete, ready-made skateboard from a local skate shop. However, to assemble skateboard parts, you must have a profound knowledge of the mechanics of a skateboard, especially under the deck. You will have to put together the parts all by yourself which takes a lot of expertise.

Usually, the beginners want to stick to a complete skateboard by a brand. They take the help of an expert shop staff to select the best skateboard companies. The professionals like to customize themselves the skateboard of their preference, which is why they must look into the aspects stated below.

choosing the best complete skateboard or custom skateboard depend on skateboarders


Skateboards come in different sizes, namely penny boards, skateboards & longboards respectively. They are respectively short to large. What you must decide before choosing a size is, who will use it & the purpose of their usage.

Normally, Penny boards are around 20 to 24 inches long. Skateboards are about 30 inches long on average. Lastly, longboards are, of course, longer. Longboards average starting from 32″ to 40″ and above. This is broad categorization based on the sides only.

As a means of commuting or just cruising around the neighborhood, anyone would prefer a penny board or just a longboard. The kids are more comfortable with the size of a shortboard, the traditional skateboard. Again, the skaters who prefer bumping the ramps of a skatepark and play tricks, skateboards are for them. 

bset skateboard comes in different sizes, shapes and colors

Shape Preference

Most skateboards have a radial concave shape. The configuration includes a slight wavey center with higher corner edges. There are other shapes too such as the w-concave, flat cave, progressive, asymmetric, convex etc. Shapes come secondary when you are deciding to buy your/your kid’s first board. 

The radial skateboards are the best when it comes to comfort. You’ll be trying hard to stand on your board for a while as balancing takes the most time. Radial boards are easier to stand in the center because of the concave shape. Your feet center better on those. 


Skateboard decks play the most role in reinforcement & speeding. Beneath the attractive graphic designs, these boards are more about having a solid material good enough for cruising and tricks.

If you are an experienced skateboarder, you’d want to perform cool tricks. The reason why you should pay attention to the tail & nose of your board. A skateboard with short tail & longer nose makes gripping easier. On the contrary, a shorter wheelbase helps with better reinforcement. Longer wheelbases work the best for speeding. 

skateboard decks size matters while choosing best skateboards brand

Deck Material

Canadian Maple wood is the core ingredient of most skateboard decks. A good skateboard company will always want its product to last. While buying a deck, you must check the label for surety. 

Some companies work with bamboo & Baltic Birch plywood. Again, There are plastic-made boards too, the small skateboard brands use them to make decks for kids. They are easily handled as well as lightweight.

The popularity for the Maple wood deck talks for itself. If you are looking for durable decks should go for seven or eight-ply maple wood decks with an extra brace.

deck material of best skateboards brands explained


The first rule of buying a set of trucks for your skateboard is to make sure they match the width of your deck. You wouldn’t want your purchased truck set to go too far out towards the edge of your board. 

As a classification, mid-height trucks give you the most stability. They are the all-rounders you need for street skating. A lower set of trucks tend to offer stability but cuts off your turning ability while a higher truck set offers vice versa. Choose as you want to ride!

skateboard trucks matters while choosing best skateboard


Pass on all the plastic or rubber wheels that come your way. Wheels should only be made of Urethane. It is a material with clear white color, high durability. The element doesn’t lose its shape that easily so the wheels last longer and keep providing you smooth rides. 

Wheels can make or break your skating. You must check the durometer reading of the wheels while making a purchase. 99-101A durometer refers to the hardest wheels there are. These are good for speeding but have less grip. Again, for the newbie riders, softer wheels with 92-95A durometer configuration are the safest. But they turn out very versatile in the journey of your skate learning. 

Spin the wheels freely before buying. The bearings must have an ABEC 5 or 7 grading. They are best graded for skating purpose. Take the help of a salesperson if so many configurations confuse you.

skateboards brand feature best skateboards wheels in a complete skateboard

Grip Tape

Grip tape, the name is self-explanatory. It is the outer coverage of your board that gives you traction so that your feet stay stuck on the board, while you rode or perform tricks. These are often plain or come under cool graphic designs.

Grip tape wears out with time. Changing the grip tape is part of the skateboard servicing that you may do on your own or go to a skate shop for. You can follow my guide on How to change the grip tape of your skateboard for a DIY process.

The grip tape feels like sandpaper under your feet and doesn’t let the board slip away. The effects turn down as you use your board. This tells you when to change it. You can choose a classic black color or any other design that suits your personality. 

skateboard grip tape of best skateboards brand explained

Final Words

The brands (and their products) we have mentioned above are some of the best brand of longboard industry. My first suggestions would be Landyachtz, Sector 9, Santa Cruz, and Rayne boards. 

Feel free to choose whichever suits you the best, and enjoy your smooth ride!