10 Best Longboard Brands

best longboard brands in 2021

There’s nothing compared to riding through the sunset on your longboard, wind breezing through your hair… Well, maybe I’m somewhat overdramatic, but many of you certainly feel that way.

Statistics shows that Only in the US, the number of skateboarders rose to 6.5 million in 2019. Longboards have seen a notable upward trend over the last few decades, and for good reasons. From those long, breezy rides to the downhill ones — they provide everything. 

Regardless of the product, the issue remains the same — which brands can you trust? Before looking at the board itself, you have to find the best longboard brands to be able to choose from one. 

To rid you of that problem, we have come up with a review for some of the top brands that produce longboards. Let’s get to it then! 

10 Best Longboard Brands Ranking in 2022

Longboards require impressive build quality and well-thought-out designs, which isn’t something every brand can do. Here are the brands that can:

Our Top Pick (Updated)

  • High-End Longboards

    Rayne Longboards
    Top pick
  • Best for Value

    Arbor Collective Longboards
  • Best Overall

    Landyachtz Longboards
    Top Pick
  • Affordable

    Quest Longboards
  • Best for Carving

    Sector 9 Longboards
  • Best for Beginners

    Magneto Longboards
  • Best for Commuting

    Loaded Longboards
  • Best for Freeriding

    Madrid Longboards
  • Best for Tricks

    Santa Cruz Longboards
    Top Pick
  • Best for Freestyling

    Globe Longboards

rayne best high ends longboard brands

01.Rayne Longboards

TOp Feature

First up on the longboard brand list, we have a Canadian company — Rayne. If you’ve been into the game for a while, you’ll know that it is well-known for its excellent ergonomics and remarkable build quality. 

To me, the most noteworthy parts are the high-end decks it produces. You’ll mostly find boards made with bamboo and fiberglass, which are sturdy and lightweight.  The boards are comfortable to do smooth ride and suitable for any purposes ranging from downhill racing to freestyle riding. Even better, you could even use one for longboard dancing if that’s your poison. 

You can find boards suitable for riders of any weight that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, these boards don’t come cheap. But if you’ve got the budget, Rayne is undoubtedly one of the best longboard companies



Best Rayne Longboard for Beginners

Rayne Longboards Supreme 36″ Longboard: If you want to start with a bang, this is the way to go. This board features a 36″ maple deck, and the quality is exceptional. If you’re into freeriding, this material will provide a remarkable experience. 

It features a gravity cast aluminum trucks mounting style, which helps lower your center of gravity and increase the overall stability. Moreover, it becomes easier for you to reach the ground. 

It measures 9.6 inches in width, and the wheelbase is around 26.0 – 26.5 inches. Moreover, the rocker profile helps with downhill rides too.  

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02.Arbor Collective

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arbor collective best value longboard brand

Next among the best longboard companies is Arbor collective — a brand producing quality longboards for years. As expected from longboard industry veteran, you can find boards suitable for cruising, freestyle and downhill riding style, and everything in between. 

My favorite thing about these boards is the aesthetics. You can find an endless number of options ranging from artworks to abstract designs on the front and back. 

But that’s not all; the build quality and materials are just as remarkable. Along with the standard materials, you can get bamboo wood too. Such boards are lighter and durable. 

Moreover, Arbor uses custom-made wheels for the boards, maintaining a higher standard.  If you’re into anything related to cruising, freestyling, or longboard dancing, there’s a suitable option for you. 

Lastly, the brand actively tries to reduce its carbon footprint, which is always a bonus. 



Best Arbor Performance Longboard for Cruising

Arbor Performance Complete Bamboo Axis 40:  I must say this first — the design had me hooked right away. It features a snowy finish on the top with 8-ply Canadian Hardrock maple and a carbonized bamboo finish ply. 

Not only does it look attractive, but the quality and durability are just as impressive. Arbor also uses impressive trucks here — the Paris Reverse 50-degree (180mm). The drop-through design makes it even better.   

This product is excellent for anyone looking for a long and smooth cruising experience. And when you add the Momentum Core and the superb grip, it’s a no-brainer.

Similar Arbor Performance Longboards

landyacht overall longboard brand


TOp Feature

It’s virtually impossible to browse through longboard brand rankings and not have Landyachtz in it. This brand has been in the game for around two decades and produces most parts for their boards. 

This diversity allows them to maintain the same quality throughout the lineup. The decks are long-lasting and sturdy, made with quality materials like bamboo and maple. There are shorter longboards if you’re into tricks too.   

The foot platforms are very stable, and the stability is surprisingly good when paired with the brand’s Bear trucks. Much like the boards, you can find these trucks for all purposes, including carving, cruising, and freestyling.  

While you can find high-end boards, there are lots of value options as well. Overall, Landyachtz is an easy recommendation. 



Best Landyachtz Longboard for Carving

Landyachtz Ripper Complete Longboard : This board is one of my favorites, thanks to how amazing the control feels. First off, this board is roughly 36.9 inches in length and 9 inches in width. That means you will get a comfortable foot placement with enough legroom. 

It also features 155mm Polar Bear trucks — a specialty of Landyachtz boards. The wide trucks are handy to ensure that the stability is as good as it gets without a drop-through design. 

Moreover, there’s just a decent bit of flex, which makes this product even more fun. Be it for carving or cruising, this board performed surprisingly well. For the materials, you get quality Canadian maple, so we’re set on that front. 

Similar Landyachtz Longboards

04.Quest Longboards

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quest best looking longboards brand

We’d all like to get the best of the best, but our budget may not allow us to. That’s why it’s essential to be able to find an affordable product that provides you with a great longboard experience. Quest is one of those popular longboard brands for me and many others.  

These American Longboards will provide excellent value if you want something without breaking the bank. You’ll usually find 7-ply mixtures of bamboo and maple (or something along those lines). 

Despite the price, the decks are pretty impressive. Sure, it won’t be right to expect Landyachtz-level performance out of them, but that’s normal. They mostly use 6-7″ aluminum trucks, which are decent enough. 

The boards also have wheel wells to prevent any wheel bite. The wheels themselves are typically around 70mm in height and ensure stability. Overall, you can consider Quest if you want a bang for the buck. 



Best Quest Longboard for Beginners

Quest Super Cruiser Gaia Artisan Maple 44″:  This is one of the best longboards if you want to get started with something affordable and versatile. First off, Quest uses its typical 7-ply super-flex bamboo combined Hardwood maple deck here. 

It’s not the best in the business, but nothing to scoff at either. The deck is flexible, provides decent foot placement and stability. This board also features a kick tail and nose, which actively play a role in improving the experience. 

The 7″ trucks are made of aluminum, hence these are lightweight and sturdy. You get 70 x 51mm 80APU wheels too, which is typical for these boards. It might not be the best longboard in the world, but it sure hits above its league. 

Similar Quest Longboards

If you don’t know, carving refers to those long, big turns you perform by leaning in. It’s essential to have excellent control and stability to perform such movements. Sector 9’s catalog heavily focuses on such aspects. 

First, the trucks — it uses quality Gullwing trucks. These puppies have an incredible turning radius, which helps with sharp turns and stunts. There are multiple options for the wheelbase, all of which ensure excellent grip. 

Moreover, the wheel wells ensure that there aren’t any wheel bites. You can also find drop-through designs for extra stability with cruising. Lastly, let’s discuss the graphics. All of the boards have unique surfing-influenced artworks, which I love. 

Sure, the price tag is slightly higher than lower-end products, but the value these provide is fantastic. The only thing to keep in mind is the Gullwing trucks might not be well-suited for beginners. 

sector nine carving longboards brand

05.Sector 9

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If you don’t know, carving refers to those long, big turns you perform by leaning in. It’s essential to have excellent control and stability to perform such movements. Sector 9’s catalogue heavily focuses on such aspects. 

First, the trucks — it uses quality Gullwing trucks. These puppies have an incredible turning radius, which helps with sharp turns and stunts. There are multiple options for the wheelbase, all of which ensure excellent grip. 

Moreover, the wheel wells ensure that there aren’t any wheel bites. You can also find drop-through designs for extra stability with cruising. Lastly, let’s discuss the graphics. All of the boards have unique surfing-influenced artworks, which I love. 

Sure, the price tag is slightly higher than lower-end products, but the value these provide is fantastic. The only thing to keep in mind is the Gullwing trucks might not be well-suited for beginners. 



Best Sector 9 Longboard for Carving

Sector 9 Striker Complete 36.5″: This is undoubtedly one of the most responsive longboards I’ve tried out. While you can get more responsiveness with top mounts, a drop-through style’s stability is unbeatable. The Striker Complete gives you that. 

The length is 36.5 inches, while the width is 9.5 inches, which is ideal for carving. But the stars of the show are the Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. Thanks to the double kingpin style, this board allows for deep carving. 

Moreover, the wheelbase is roughly 26″, which is suitable for sharp turns. And as it features a drop-through design, even a beginner can enjoy this board. It also ensures superb grip with the slightly softer wheels.  

Similar Sector 9 Longboard Recommendations


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magneto best beginners longboards brand

When starting out, most of us aren’t sure about what we’d settle for. In such circumstances, an inexpensive but good longboard brand is what you need. Magneto longboards ensure impressive responsiveness and control within budget.  

First off, the decks are made with your standard Canadian maple (typically six plies). You can also find options with carbon-infused bamboo. Overall, the Longboard decks are quite durable with ample flex. 

Another benefit is that many boards come with sandblasted grit, meaning you don’t need additional grip tape. The trucks are usually aluminum-made and perform well for the most part. 

There weren’t any issues with wheel bites, and turns were pretty smooth. And the slightly softer wheels allow for better grip and control. Even better, you can find both drop-through and top mount options.



Best Magneto Longboard for Carving

Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboard: As I said before, intense carving means you’ll make tons of sharp turns. That means you need all the stability and maneuverability — and that’s what this longboard provides. 

The deck is 38.5″ x 9″, making it suitable for sharp turns and better control. You’ll also notice a slight concave that allows your feet to be in place comfortably. The drop-through design is another highlight. 

Compared to top mounts, this mechanism gets your center of mass even lower and improves stability. The longboard wheels are 70mm in size and 78A on the hardness scale. That means you’ll enjoy excellent grip and better maneuverability. 

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loaded commuting longboards brand

07.Loaded Longboards

TOp Feature

Longboards are a popular option for commuting. However, you need to be careful about the deck’s shape, the maneuvering capabilities, and the mount. As one of the good longboard companies, Loaded boards doesn’t disappoint. 

The materials include bamboo and fiberglass, which is incredible. Their quality is pretty impressive, too, providing decent flex for commuting and staying lightweight. 

You can find ideal deck lengths for commuting (around 39-40″ for many), although the catalog isn’t as extensive as brands like Landyachtz. The longboard  wheels are also pretty impressive, with the softer wheels providing better grip.  

The overall value proposition for these boards is undoubtedly impressive. You get quality trucks made with aluminum, decent weight capacity, and lightweight, attractive designs. 



Best Loaded Longboard for Commuting

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard: This longboard is one of the best options if you want something for your daily commuting. First off, the deck length is 39″, which is ideal for commuting. And the materials are suitable as well. 

This board uses a combination of bamboo and fiberglass. While bamboo provides the necessary flex, fiberglass provides it with the rigidity to keep things tight. You can use it for anything from commuting to carving and tricks. 

You also get 70mm Orangatang wheels, which are incredibly lightweight and sturdy. The 80A wheels are comparatively softer, meaning they’ll provide an excellent grip. 

Moreover, the Paris trucks complement them well. Overall, this is an excellent product from one of the quality longboard brands.  

Similar Loaded Longboards


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madrid freeriders longboards brand

While it’s possible to freeride with most types of boards, some of them come with extra features that make things convenient. The next professional longboard brand on this list, Madrid, produces boards with excellent control and stability.  

First off, the price range. You can find its boards both in the lower and higher end of the pricing spectrum. And with over five decades of experience, you can imagine the quality of its decks. 

The materials include quality bamboo and maple, and many of their boards have a unique concave. This feature allows for better foot placement. There are drop-through options that improve the stability for freeriding.  

The wheels (lots of 70mm options) and trucks are also suitable for faster conditions and maintaining excellent stability. Any longboard brand ratings will say the same thing. 



Best Madrid Longboard for Freeriding

Madrid Dream 36″ Galaxy: As you know by now, freeriding requires comparatively harder wheels to help the board retain its speed. The Dream 36″ Galaxy is a complete build that comes with Cadillac wheels with 80A hardness. 

Hence, the board will remain comparatively more stable and achieve higher speeds. The deck length is around 26.5″, and the width is 9.6″, which is suitable for tricks and freeriding. 

The build materials are pretty impressive, and the deck flex is minimal. Moreover, the drop-through design provides extra stability, which is necessary at high speed. Lastly, the Cadillac trucks and bearings make the package even better. 

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santa cruz longboards brand for tricks

09.Santa Cruz

TOp Feature

If you know your history, Santa Cruz is one of the top longboard brands to release concave longboard decks. Concave designs allow for easier flicking and technical movements. See why they’re suitable for tricks?

Well, that’s not all. You can find boards with surprisingly lightweight wheels, allowing for an easier time maneuvering the board. Moreover, 85A or 90A wheels are tougher and better-suited for such movements. 

The boards also have ABEC-5 precision bearings (a few have ABEC-7!), making things run smoothly and stably. Most of the boards use 7-ply maple wood to ensure durability, but there are other options like bamboo. 

Deck flex is also minimal, which is necessary for this style of riding. Add the aluminum trucks, and they’re the perfect package for technical riding styles. If you want the best longboard brands, it’s hard to go wrong here. 



Best Santa Cruz Longboard for Downhill Riding

Santa Cruz Impact Complete Skateboard: If you’re in search of a sturdy longboard for downhill riding, this is the board to go for. Firstly, it uses 7-ply Canadian maple wood to ensure proper strength and durability.  

You get 54mm wheels, which are tough enough (90A OJ wheels) to handle the intense downhill situations. Without that, the board would become unstable at a higher speed. The deck size is just as impressive too. 

It measures 40 x 9.69 inches, which provides you with a lot of space for downhill riding styles. And thanks to the design, your center of mass goes lower and increases the stability. 

And in my opinion, the trucks hit the sweet spot with a height of five inches. Lastly, the ABEC-5 bearings give you the edge that keeps things smooth. 

Similar Santa Cruz Longboards


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globe freestyles longboards brand

I should start with the mandatory last but not the least, as Globe is undoubtedly not the least. It’s one of the largest longboard manufacturers in the world since the 80s. 

One of the best things about this brand is that it creates all of the components in-house. That includes the trucks, decks, and wheel cutouts. The decks use the best Canadian Hardrock maple and provide exceptional durability. 

Moreover, the trucks are one of the biggest highlights here. You get high-quality aluminum trucks that are suitable for anything ranging from freestyling to cruising. It also provides ABEC-7 bearings. 

And that is a big deal because not many brands provide such high-quality bearings. The same goes for the wheels as well. You can find a range of options with different hardness alternatives for your purpose. 



Best Globe Longboard for Carving

Globe Byron Bay:The Byron Bay is one of the most popular offerings from Globe for carving, and it shows why. As you know, carving requires quality, softer wheels. 

This product comes with 78A wheels, which is fantastic. These wheels will ensure better grip and allow you to really lean in for those sharp turns. 

The deck also plays a huge role here. It’s 43″ inches in height and 9.5″ in width, providing lots of real estate for proper footing. The deck’s shape is somewhat like a pintail, but it has a kicktail too! That means it’s also suitable for curb hopping. 

And as expected, it’s a top mount design. You also get quality 150mm RKP Slant trucks, which give superb maneuverability. However, it doesn’t come cheap, but that’s understandable if you want (one of the) best brand of longboard

Similar Globe Longboards 

best longboard brands

Things to Know About Longboard Brands

Here is a compilation of some of the common questions people have and the answers to them. 

What Are Good Longboard Brands?

Rayne, Arbor Collective, and Landyachtz are some of the best longboarding companies. And if you want budget options, brands like Quest perform exceptionally well. 

What Is the Best Longboard Brands for Beginners?

If you want something affordable, Quest or Magneto longboards can be suitable. But if you can spare the budget for somewhat higher-end options, Arbor Collective, Madrid, or Landyachtz can be excellent alternatives. 

What Are the Best Selling Longboard Brands?

If you look at the great longboard brand reviews and bestsellers, you’ll see that Landyachtz, Globe, Santa Cruz, and Arbor Collective are some common names.

What Brands Are the Best Freestyle Longboard?

Freestyling necessitates lightweight longboards that are easy to maneuver. In those terms, Rayne, Loaded boards, Arbor Collective, and Landyachtz longboard brands can provide you with suitable boards. 

What Are The Best Longboard Brands for cruising?

Depending on your budget and size requirements, these are the options you can consider for cruising:

What is The Best Longboard Brands for Sliding?

The best longboard brand for sliding for me is Landyachtz (especially the Switchblade series). Of course, brands like Globe and Santa Cruz also have some decent options. These boards have sturdy decks and admirable maneuverability. 

Is Sector 9 a Good Brand?

Sector 9 is undoubtedly an excellent brand. Their Gullwing trucks, quality longboard decks, mesmerizing artworks, and responsive control make the boards some of the best. Moreover, the boards provide remarkable value for money. 

Is Retrospec a Good Longboard Brand?

Retrospec is well-known for its extensive catalog impressive value proposition. Additionally, the decks are made with quality maple and bamboo with options for all purposes. 

Longboard Price

The prices for longboards can largely vary, from sub-hundred to a few hundred USD. When buying, look at the build quality and the materials used, as these often make the most significant difference. 

Then come the bearings, wheels, trucks. For example, ABEC-7 bearings cost more than ABEC-5 but are better in quality. It’s essential to determine the priorities first and look at what options you have within the budget. 

But don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to find excellent inexpensive boards these days. Some of the brands above (i.e., Quest Rorshack 34″ Complete Longboard) can give you many features at lower budgets. 

However, higher-end brands like Globe will cost a bit more but with better materials and build. You can use the guide below to determine the sweet spot for you. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Longboard Brands

skate insider

Not everyone knows the ABCD of best longboard trucks. Having a list of the best longboard trucks is not enough for them to pick the right one. That’s why we are here to guide you. Here are the things you need to consider when looking for a longboard truck.

Types of Longboards

Let’s look at the types of boards you can find when choosing the products.


While it might seem trivial, the deck’s shape can play a huge role. In short, the shape will either be directional or symmetrical.

Directional Longboards

Directional boards will only take you in one direction — forward. You can easily figure out one side from another in most of these boards. These boards are most famous for purposes like cruising or going downhill.  As you can imagine, these boards are stable and smooth. Two such examples would be fishtail or pintail. longboard style symmetrical, directional

Symmetrical Longboards

Enter the holy grail for tricksters. You might have guessed that these boards can move any way you want. It’s even possible to perform 180-degree slides with such longboards.  As the name suggests, the deck looks similar on both sides. But they don’t lack versatility. Freestylers to street riders — these boards can suit everyone.

Types of Longboard Decks

Once you have settled on the board’s shape, the next part is the deck. You’ll find a few types of longboard decks — the top mount, double drop, and drop-through boards. 

  • Top Mount

Among the three, top mount boards are the most common. They’re also easier to make and cost comparatively less. On such boards, the deck is directly placed on the trucks.  Doing this results in a comparatively less stable board. However, it provides you with more versatility. 

  • Drop-Through

While the decks are mounted on the trucks on top mount boards, that’s not the case here. The trucks are pushed through the board here.  These boards are lower in height, as the manufacturers have to carve out the bottom to make space for the truck. If you want to use your board for long distances, these can be suitable. 

  • Double Drop

The last option you get is even lower than a drop-through board. These boards use drop-through trucks and push them through cutouts in the board, making them stay lower.  Doing this makes the board surprisingly stable and provides a smooth experience. However, you may find that these also cost significantly more than many other options. People often buy these for downhill riding. 

Board Flex

Every board has some form of flex to it, especially if it’s a lengthier board. 

Types of Flex

  • Lateral flex is when your board bends across its width (or left to right, if you will).  
  • Longitudinal flex refers to the flex a board has from its tail to nose. The more this flex is, the more flexible things become. 
  • Torsional flex is what you get when you combine the lateral and longitudinal flex. People don’t always refer to this portion, though. 

Flex Levels

Longboarders usually categorize the flex levels into three categories: soft, medium, and stiff. 

  • Soft Flex

Boards with softer flex are excellent at absorbing shock as it provides more give. Therefore, if you’re riding through rough roads or terrain, these boards can be beneficial.  However, they aren’t ideal if you intend to do smooth ride at a higher speed. Stability will go out of the window, and the experience will be far from perfect. Only opt for these products if you prefer slow cruising. 

  • Medium Flex

Medium flex boards are the sweet spot if you want versatility. They maintain a bit of the ‘bouncy’ feeling without going overboard. That also means you get decent shock absorption.  Furthermore, they can handle more speed in contrast to soft flex boards. Therefore, these are also the right place to start if you aren’t sure what to get. 

  • Stiff Flex

The name says it all — these boards are rough and sturdy with little to no give. That means you can move very fast without losing stability like you would with a softer flex board.  These products are most suitable for downhill riding, where you need to move very rapidly. However, you won’t find the same smooth cruising experience.

Trucks, Bushings, and Wheels

These are three of the most crucial elements of a longboard (or any kind of board, for that matter).

longboard trucks features, parts- axle, hanger, bushing, baseplateTrucks 

Longboard trucks are what connect and hold your longboard wheels to the board’s deck. They are T-shaped, with each side holding a wheel. The base plate of the truck is connected to the board’s deck.  It has parts like the axle, hanger, kingpin, and bushings. The axle goes through the hanger (the large triangular part of the truck) and connects to the longboard wheels.  You should look at the base plate’s angle first, as a higher one allows for a sharper turning capability (handy for carving). As a middle ground, stay around 50 degrees. 


The (usually colored) rubbery parts on the truck’s center are called bushings. There are two aspects to look for these bits made of urethane — hardness and shape.  Typically, anything below 83A is considered soft; 84-90a stays in the mid-range, while 93A and upward is harder. As expected, a softer option will provide better responsiveness. A harder one provides better stability, however.

You should choose one according to your purpose. In terms of the cone sizes, the options typically are stepped cones, short/tall cones, barrels, and stepped barrels. Short and tall cones will allow for a smooth carving experience.  Barrels will acquire the whole area on the bushing seat, thereby providing better stability with faster riding. That makes them suitable for downhill riding. 

Stepped barrels are a bit more restrictive but provide somewhat better stability with faster downhill riding. The compromise is that you get a softer durometer. Lastly, stepped cones are the sweet middle point. 


Firstly, a small diameter will be more versatile and speed up quickly. However, the top speed will be somewhat limited. The opposite applies to larger diameters, providing you with a higher max speed. 

For hardness, soft wheels (75-80A) are easier to control but slow down much quicker. Harder wheels (around 83-88A) will provide somewhat less control but keep the acceleration up. 

Final Words

The brands (and their products) we have mentioned above are some of the best brand of longboard industry. My first suggestions would be Landyachtz, Sector 9, Santa Cruz, and Rayne boards. 

Feel free to choose whichever suits you the best, and enjoy your smooth ride!