How fast can you go on a longboard

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Plying on a longboard is much more exciting than on a skateboard. Skaters know how smooth it feels to glide through the autumn breeze in a rusty skatepark on a fall afternoon. And if you can level up your longboard speed then it’s a cherry on the icing!  The average longboard speed is much faster … Read more

12 Best Longboard Decks Review

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12 Best Longboard Decks Review A skateboard will allow you to fly in the air like Tony Hawk or Jay Adams. But a longboard is different, and it’s ideal for cruising, downhill race, and free-riding.  If you want to participate in a downhill race competition with your friends, you need a longboard. But the heck … Read more

10 Best Longboard Brands in 2022 – Reviews with Top Picks

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10 Best Longboard Brands There’s nothing compared to riding through the sunset on your longboard, wind breezing through your hair… Well, maybe I’m somewhat overdramatic, but many of you certainly feel that way. Statistics shows that Only in the US, the number of skateboarders rose to 6.5 million in 2019. Longboards have seen a notable … Read more

07 Best Drop-Through Longboard

drop thru longboard

07 Best Drop-Through Longboard in 2022 Cruising around the town with a longboard is a fun activity. But racing with your friends on the downhill requires such a type of longboard that can support it. Downhill racing means speed & stability. A regular longboard can’t hold the weight & high-speed at the same time. In the … Read more

How to make longboard faster

how to make longboard faster, make wheels spin longer

Longboards are elevated versions of skateboards with more stability and durability. Thus, it is ideal for speed riders and athletic skaters. Once you learn to ride it, you would want to speed up your rides. The adrenaline rush of high speed in your nerves, the jumps, the bumping against your ramp and the wind against … Read more

07 Best Longboard Trucks To Show Better Skill

best longboard trucks, reverse kingpin trucks, longboard trucks for cruising carving pumping

THE 7 BEST LONGBOARD TRUCKS TO SHOW BETTER SKILL Showing off with a longboard is fun. Especially with those grooves and moves! But without a complete high-quality longboard, you cannot show off even after having those skills. To build a complete longboard, using a quality truck is important. However, selecting the best longboard trucks among … Read more

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