10 Best Skateboards for Beginners in 2024

beginner skateboarder

Who doesn’t love to fly in the air with a skateboard? But learning to skate by yourself can be a process of trial and error. However, taking it slow and practicing the basics, you can be a master in skating and fly in the air or perform the typical tricks like Tony Hawk. 

About 11 million people say they love skateboarding regularly. If you want to join the group and enjoy the thrill of skating like them, the first piece of equipment you need is a skateboard.

But the heck is- choosing the right skateboard for beginners is just a pain in the ass. You can find thousands of options there, and not all of them are designed for everyone. Some of them are perfect for kids, and some of them for adults. 

To keep you safe from the hassle, we enlisted the 10 best skateboards for beginners. All skateboards are ideal for beginners, no matter, he is a child, teenager, young, and adult.

So, stay in tune with us till the end.

10 Best Beginner Skateboard Review

Finding a skateboard for a beginner that is easy to control, comfortable, and smooth is a challenging task. However, our expert editorial team can manage to make a list of the best beginner skateboards after conducting thorough research. 

If you are in a rush, we compiled a shortlist here to let you compare each of the skates to pick the best one from them.

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • Best for Beginner Adults

    KPC Pro Skateboard Complete
    Top pick
  • Budget-friendly

    Roller Derby Deluxe Series
  • Best for Teenagers

    Skateboards, 31 inch Pro Skateboard Complete
  • Entry-level SkateBoard

    Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard
  • Perfect for everyone

    POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards
  • Best for Beginner Girls & Boys

    PUENTE Complete Skateboards, 31 inch Pro Skateboard
  • Best for Beginner Girls & Boys

    BELEEV Skateboard 22 inch Complete skateboard
  • All-in-One Skate

    Meketech Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard
  • Best for 5-10 Years Old

    Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard
  • best for all level skater

    ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard

kpc pro skateboard for beginner adults


KPC Pro Skateboard Complete- Best for Beginner Adults

TOp Feature

Back in 1996, Krown burst on the scene of skating to offer prime quality skateboards at low cut-price to the skaters. Right off the bat, this KPC Pro Skateboard Complete from Krown could be the best skateboard for beginner adults. 

From deck to tiny hardware, each element meets the manufacturing standards. As a result, whether you are a pro or just getting your feet wet in skating, it will be your go-to skateboard for safe & smooth riding. 

Skateboard Deck:

Made of durable Canadian Maple, the deck width is 8.0 x 32 inches, making it wider & sturdier enough for skaters who look for an upgrade. 

If you are good at the basics of skating, you will find this skateboard perfect for learning some new tricks. The mid-size concave of the skateboard doesn’t only make it comfortable but you can also flip & turn the board easily to learn tricks. 

On the flip side, the top surface of the deck uses 80 grit black grip tape to let you grip the skateboard to avoid slip-away. 


The trucks of this skateboard use heavy-duty metal which can resist corrosion. These skateboard trucks connect the wheels finely and let the board turn smoothly. Trucks of the skateboard come loose which will be easier for a heavy person to control. However, you can overcome this issue easily by tightening it. 


Thanks to its metal wheels. It is made of urethane, making it soft & smooth. Plus, the skateboard features  ABEC 7 bearings inside the wheels. So, you require only a few strong paddles to roll at high speed for skating around. 

The size of the wheels is 52mm which is comparatively small, making it best overall skateboard for performing tricks.




Roller Derby Deluxe Series- Budget-Friendly Skateboard

Top Feature

Roller derby deluxe budget frieindly skateboard for all

Finding a high-quality skateboards for beginners is a daunting task. It will be more challenging when you are on a budget but want to get a functional roller-skate. Fortunately, RD Deluxe Series Skateboard is just for you, which is high in quality and competitive in price. it is one of the best cheap skateboard in the market.

From construction material to its mechanical component, everything is standard that makes this affordable board a good option for beginners. 


The classic size and shape of the skateboard deck fit both kids and adults to learn skateboarding with this skate. 30.75 x 7.5 inches skateboard deck has enough space to keep the foot on it. Made of 7-ply hard rock maple, it is firm enough to carry the weight and lasts for a long time. And a full layer of grip tape on the top makes it safe for you or your child to ride with it. 


5 inches aluminum trucks of the skateboard give superior stability and durability to hold up your weight. Above all, the skateboard features 4mm risers that you can find between the baseplate and the deck. It works as a cushion and protects your skateboard from shock produced by wheels and trucks. 


 50mm PU wheels are shock-resistant and soft enough for a smooth ride. Plus, it features Bevo Silver-5 bearings to increase speed. In simple words, the soft wheels offer greater grip tape and the skateboard bearings provide the speed you need. As a result, it requires only a bit of force to gain the pace for a faster ride. 



skateboard 31inch for pro skateboarders


Skateboards, 31 inch Pro Skateboard Complete

TOp Feature

For smooth ride & safe skateboarding, all you need is excellent controllability, balance, timing, and a skateboard. And YouFu 31-inch Pro Skateboard is exactly what you look for. 

Its double kick-tail concave design offers prominent control, allows for tricks with ease around the street or skate parks. The best part is- it requires no assembly. So, you can ride with it as soon as you unbox it.  


The deck of this skateboard uses heavy-duty 7-play maple wood to give it long-lasting life. You can skate with it for years to come due to its tough construction material. On top of this, the deck’s top is covered with grip tape, keeping your foot in its place for safe skateboarding. So, as a beginner, you don’t need to worry about getting injured by slipping away. 


Each of the trucks is made of durable magnalium and they are 5 inches in width. As a result, they can be befitting for both teenagers & adults and can bear 396lbs of weight. Therefore, you can find there 44mm super pliable PU pads are pre-installed for providing you shockproof skating experience. 


Made of hard 95A PU, the wheels make it simple to turn and let you change the skateboard direction with ease. Turns out, there are ABEC-9 bearings to support the weight of your body and keep the skateboard stable. All of these make this simple to ride and allow you to play around with the roller-skate. 




Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard- Great Entry-level Board

Top Feature

powell golden flying dragon best entry level skateboard skateboard

If you look for a durable and functional skateboard but don’t want to break the bank, it will be a wise decision to go for this roller-skate from Powell. 

The built-in quality, wheel size, and truck material make the skateboard stand out from its competition. It is durable, easy to maneuver, and ideal skateboard for beginners to do some basic stunts and tricks.


The quality of the deck is standard. It is 31.63 inches in length and 7.63 in width which offers enough room for your foot on the deck. The plastic skateboard has a good amount of stiffness and its grip tape is not bad. Indeed, this skateboard is ideal for kids, even an adult can ride with it with no fear of breaking it. 


For the price, trucks are durable and hold up the weight perfectly. The truck is made of durable plastic to ensure longevity. However, they are a bit flimsy but sturdy enough to carry your or your kid’s weight. 


The rule of thumb is- softer wheels of a skateboard are perfect for cruising or riding. On the other hand, hard wheels allow you to do tricks and they roll faster. Regarding this, this roller-skate is ideal for doing tricks as it features 99a Durometer wheels. On top of that, each of the wheels is 54mm which is a good size for the starter to learn skating or try some tricks.



positiv team complete skateboard for adults teenagers and children


POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards

TOp Feature

If you want to skate like the Positiv Team members Rodney Jones or Andi Macdonald, Positive Team Complete Skateboards will be your best trait. 

Each of the parts of this skateboard is made of sturdy materials. So, it can carry the weight of an adult or your child. Therefore, the skateboard is easy to maneuver and lets you perform tricks.


The Positiv Team Complete Skateboards come with a series of skateboards. They are Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones, and Sandro Dias. Each of them uses durable maple or birch as their construction material to ensure durability. The dimension of each skateboard varies based on its model. For example, Andy Macdonald Skateboard features a deck that is 32.125 inches in length and 8.0 inches. Indeed, the deck is spacious enough to fit your child or a teenager. 


The trucks of Positiv Skateboards use metal as their built-in material. So, they are durable and can support the weight of a skater no matter he is an adult, teen, or child.


Wheels are the moving part of the skateboard. The Positiv Team Complete Skateboard comes with smooth wheels of different diameters. For example, Rodney Jones features 54mm 99A PU wheels. They can resist shock and offer a smooth riding experience.  




PUENTE Complete Skateboards- Best Skateboard for Beginner Girls & Boys

Top Feature

puenete complete skateboard for beginner girls and boys

Girls and Boys always look for stylish and functional skateboards. PUENTE designed this 31-inch skate with the demand of young girls & boys in mind. 

Instead of stickers, Puente uses a thermal transfer pattern to make the graphics more realistic. It is waterproof and doesn’t fade away over time. Indeed, the skater’s outlook will remain the same and look stylish after several years of use. 

When it comes to functionalities, it is durable, shock-resistant, and excellent for basic stunts and tricks. 


Deck is made of durable 7-layer maple wood to add longevity to the skateboard. The deck size is 31 x 8 inches offering ample room for the foot on it to turn & direct the skateboard. Therefore, the top surface of this skateboard uses a high-density emery non-slip surface. So, you can control the skate with no fear of slipping away. 


Trucks are an aluminum alloy and each of them is 5 inches. They are sturdy enough to bear 440lbs with ease. Therefore, the pre-install PU bushings can resist shock so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride. 


Wheels are the element that is responsible for rolling the skateboard. The 53mm shockproof 90A PU wheels are smooth and provide a better riding experience even on a rough surface. On the other hand, each of the wheels is equipped with ABEC-7 bearings to offer you the speed you need for steady skating. 




BELEEV Skateboard Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard- All-in-One Skate

Top Feature

beleev mini cruiser for all in one skate

Skating is a fun activity. To not limit the enjoyment of skateboarding, you need a skate that is classic in size & shape, easy to maneuver, and portable. And BELEEV Skateboard 22-inch Mini Cruiser meets all of these requirements. 

The skate is designed with an everyday skater in mind. Because of its compact size, you can take it with you wherever you go and enjoy the fun of skating everywhere. 

Besides, this skateboard comes fully assembled. It means you can ride with it right off the bat after unboxing it. 


With a 22 x 6 inches deck, there is enough space for your feet on top of the deck to glide & control it. It uses sturdy and flexible polypropylene to ensure longevity, keeping the skate stable, and provides the comfort you need for smooth riding. The deck is firm enough to support a skater up to 220lbs, making it a perfect fit for kids, teenagers, and adults. 


Trucks of the mini skateboard feature a 3.25″ thick aluminum for providing maximum speed & control. It connects the wheels to the deck firmly and lets you turn the skate. 


This skate features 59mm PU tear-resistant wheels. In return, it reduces bumping and provides ultimate comfort as the wheels are soft. On top of this, each of the wheels is equipped with premium ABEC-7 bearings to maximize speed while preventing the skate from wobble around. 

Apart from these, each LED wheel is rotary powered. In other words, when you ride, the wheels will light up in various colors with no batteries required. Indeed, it will be a source of fun & provides safety at night. 




Meketech 22-inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard-Best for Beginners Kids

Top Feature

meketech 22 inch mini cruiser skateboard for beginner kids

Whether you go shopping for the best skateboard for yourself or your child, Meketech 22-inch Skateboard will be your best trait for cruising. 

Its deck is flexible and sturdy while it has four soft & smooth wheels to ensure a steady & safe riding experience. You can cruise around the street with this plastic cruiser effortlessly. 


The length and width of this skateboard’s deck are 22 x 6 inches. The plastic deck is sturdy and wide enough to keep the foot on it and can bear up to 200 lbs.  Because of the plastic body, you can easily glide it into your bag and take it with you wherever you go to enjoy cruising. 


Each of the trucks uses sturdy aluminum as its construction material to ensure longevity. Plus, it keeps the skateboard steady and can hold up 200 lbs. Above all, the 3.25 inches trucks come in multiple colors that make this skate unique and gives a wow outlook. 


Four wheels of the skate are made of PU, making the casters soft & smooth enough to roll on the street, ramps, or for park skating. The size of the casters is 60 x 45mm which are wide enough to offer greater stability and lets your child cruise around with security. Moreover, each wheel has high-speed ABEC-7 bearings. So, you or your kids need just a little force to roll and cruise. 




Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard-Best for 5-10 Years Old

Top Feature

merkapa complete skateboard for 5 to 10 years old

Are you looking for the best skateboard for your 5-10 years kiddos? Then, Merkapa 22-inch Skateboard is what you wish to get for your child. 

The deck size (22-inch long) and the speed it provides are ideal for your kids who have no prior experience in skating. Built-in material this skateboard uses is durable and doesn’t take apart easily. Indeed, it perfectly holds up your child’s weight for ensuring safe riding. 


22 inches long and 6 inches in width of the deck makes this skateboard suitable for kids only. Its built-in material (PP) adds longevity to the mini skate and can endure children weighing no more than 180 lbs. 


Trucks are an aluminum alloy and each of them is 3.25-inch in size. Due to its heavy-duty material, this skateboard doesn’t only give a longer life but it can also resist corrosion. Therefore, the tough material makes the skate sturdy enough to bear 180 lbs. 


60mm PU wheels, equipped with ABEC-7 bearings are shockproof and provide faster maneuverability for a pleasant riding experience. The soft wheels offer excellent grip and allow your kids to rise speed with a few paddles. Nonetheless, each of the LED wheels is rotary powered and they light up when you are driving the skate. It will be a great source of enjoyment and ensure security when skateboarding at night. 




ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard

Top Feature

chromewheels complete skateboards for beginners

Whether you are an entry-level skater or pro, ChomeWheel 31-inch Skateboard will fit you best. Even a child who has no prior experience can find skating a piece of cake with this roller-skate. 

The double-kick concave design with vintage fashion offers superior control and straightforward to brake. It means whether the skater is a starter or pro, the skate will be perfect for doing some primary stunts or other tricks. 


31 x 8 inches full-size deck uses 8 layers of maple wood as its foundation material. Due to the heavy-duty element, the skateboard is stable enough to endure the weight of 220 lbs. Therefore, its emery non-slip surface offers greater stability & powerful grip for safe skating. So, there is no fear of getting injured by slipping away from the skateboard. Indeed, it would be best for both children or adults to learn how to ride a skateboard


The anti-shock skateboard is made of unyielding thick aluminum trucks and steel axles. Because of the sturdy construction, it can sustain the load of 220 lbs weight while providing more agile speed for safe riding. You can glide and roll it on the street or even on rough surfaces. 


Now, let’s move on to learn about the wheels that roll. This skateboard has four casters. Each of them is 55mm and uses shockproof PU materials to enjoy smooth and shock-free riding. Every wheel is equipped with ABEC-7 bearings and PU bushings offer safe & smooth ride. 



Best Skateboards for Beginners Kid

Kids are now super excited about the thrilling sport- skateboarding. Any child can skate and enjoy it if they have the right equipment at their fingertips. 

Yes, we admit there are thousands of skateboards right there. But you can’t go for all of them. Before picking a skate for your loving kids, you should consider some criteria to let them ride smoothly and safely. 

Firstly, take the width of the skateboard’s deck into account based on your child’s height. If your kids are under 3’4″, a skateboard with 6.5-7 inches will be perfect. 

Therefore, if your kid’s height falls between 3′ 5″-4’4″ inches, it would be best to have skateboards 7 to 8 inches in width. 

On the other hand, a skate with 7.5 to 8 inches width will be ideal for the kids whose height range is 4’5″-5’2″. And lastly, you should have a skateboard over 9 inches in width if your kid’s height is 5 feet 3 inches. 

Secondly, consider the grade of the skateboard. You can find three levels of skateboards- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. An advanced skateboard requires more money and skills to control as it comes with harder wheels & bearings. So, it will be a wise decision to go for a entry level skateboard.

Finally, you should consider whether the skateboard will be safe for your child or not. Purchase a skateboard from certified and well-known brands to ensure optimum security.

Considering all, the following skateboards would be perfect for your child. 

skateboard micro, mini, full size for kids, young, adult

Best Skateboard for 5 to 10 Years Old

Giving a skateboard to your kid as a gift will be a great surprise. However, neither all skateboards in the market will suit your 5-10 years old child nor your child like each of them. Indeed, it’s challenging to pick the right type of skateboard for the 5-10 years old kid. 

The following considerations will help you to pick the best skate for your kids. 

First off, pay attention to the look & design of the skateboard. For adults, we can effortlessly choose a skate according to our choice. But the kid’s taste is not the same as ours. If the kid doesn’t like it, chances are he never skates with it. 

As a parent, you already know what your child likes. But if you buy a skateboard for a gift, know what the giftee likes by asking his or her parents. 

Secondly, get a skateboard that fits your child. If your child is 5 or 10 years old and his height falls between 3’5″-4’4″, a mid-size skateboard with 7 inches deck in width will be excellent. 

Finally, choose the right type of skateboard. There are different types of skateboards available, including skateboard, cruiser, longboard, and mini cruiser. 

Not each of them is designed to do or perform the same type of skating. A cruiser will be a good choice if your kid just wants to cruise around your neighborhood. 

On the other hand, if your child loves to perform both some basic stunts and tricks, a skateboard will be best.

Regarding all of these, we find these skateboards after conducting thorough research. We hope your kids love them. 

Best Skateboards for Beginners 12 Year Old

A 12-year old child is mature enough to hit the street with a skateboard. So, it is important to give him the right equipment. Keep the following consideration in mind when choosing a skate for your kids.

Firstly, think about the deck size. Never choose an oversize skateboard as such a kind skate requires more strength to ride. On the other hand, if you choose a small board, he struggles to balance out the skate. 

A 7.3″ width deck will be perfect for a 9-12-year-old kid whose height falls between 4’5” and 5’3”. Keep in mind; choose a skateboard considering the width of the skate, not the length. 

Secondly, consider the deck shape when you go to local skate shop to buy a skateboard for your 12 years old child. We recommend you select the Radial Concave Shape skateboard. It’s a U-shape skate and provides the maximum grip for riding and learning tricks.

Finally, pay attention to the wheel size of the skateboard. Smaller wheels (50-53mm) are perfect for the beginner as they are slower, stable, and ideal for street skating. 

The following skateboards will be the best trait for a 12 years old kid. 

Best Skateboard for Beginners Teenager

The local skate park or streets are full of enthusiast skaters. And most of them are teenagers. A teenager loves fast riding and likes to try new tricks. So, you should go for a skate for a teenager that can carry the weight of the rider, comes with great appearance, and more.

Before getting a skateboard for a teenager, make sure you take the following considerations into account. 

First off, get a skate that is visually eye-catchy. Teenagers or young guys or girls love stylish skateboards. Fortunately, you can find a wide range of skateboards with various patterns or graphics. 

Secondly, begin with picking the right size of skateboards that fit the boy or girl. For all skaters over 13, taller than 5’3″, a skateboard with a 7.5″ deck in width will be perfect. 

Thirdly, skateboard wheel size matters a lot. Generally, teenage boys love fast riding and large wheels (75mm) will be ideal in this case. However, for beginners, it is recommendable to stay with small wheels that offer better stability. 

Finally, pay attention to the construction material of the skateboard. Experts recommend having a skate that is made of maple wood that ensures longevity. 

Respecting all of these, these skateboards will be perfect for teenagers. 

Best Skateboard for Beginner Girl

Take your eyes close to these factors when you are in the market to get a skateboard for a beginner girl

When you go shopping for a skateboard for a girl, the size of the skate matters the most. Generally, the rule of thumb is- a skateboard with 28-32 inches long and a 7.5-8.25 inches deck is recommended for a girl. 

The longer and wider a skate will be the more space you will get for moving, flipping, and turning the skateboard. 

After figuring out the best size, it’s time to focus on the shape of your skateboard. There are thousands of skates available with multiple shapes. Among them, Radial and Progressive Decks are most popular because they offer greater stability and grip for secure riding. 

Next, consider the wheelbase of the skateboard. As a beginner, we recommend you go for a skate that comes with 55+mm wheels in diameter. Such a kind skateboard is easy to turn and control. 

At last not least, you should pay attention to the skateboard bearings while you skate. Though it isn’t crucial like other features, it can improve your riding experience. For the starter, we recommend you to have a skate with lower-rating bearings (ABEC 3-5). 

Here is the list of skateboards you can consider for a beginner girl.

Best Skateboard for Beginners Adults

Skateboards we mentioned for kids, boys, or girls will not fit adults. For older skaters, you need to pick a skate that can carry the weight of the rider. 

Here what features you should look into a skateboard for adults:

The first feature you should take into account is the deck size & construction of a skate. For performing tricks, we recommend you end your buying session by choosing a thin deck (7.5-7.55 inches). This type of roller-skate is a breeze to control due to its weight. 

In contrast, you can move on to a wider deck (8-inch) if you want to get a skateboard for cruising.

Considering the construction material is also a decisive criterion. You don’t want a skate that will fall apart after several rides. In this case, a skateboard made of maple wood is best. 

Secondly, take your eyes close to what materials are used to make trucks. As the trucks hold the deck and the wheels together, they should be well-built. Trucks made of aluminum alloy are durable and can bear the weight of the rider optimally. 

Lastly, think about the wheels and skateboard bearings. It’s up to you indeed what type of wheels & bearings you will choose. Soft wheels are better for street skating and for riding on rough surfaces. On the other hand, harder wheels are perfect if you want to ride fast. 

Though bearings are not that important, it will be better to check the ABEC rating (above 5) for smoother skating.

Here are some examples of skateboards for adults that meet those criteria.

Best Beginner Skateboards For Cruising

The wheel types of a cruiser skateboard make it unique and apart from other skateboard types. Like longboards, a cruiser is also thin & small to provide higher speed and excellent control over curves & turns. Before picking one for you or your child, consider the following aspects of the skateboard. 

First off, think about cruising. Specifically, where you want to go and how long it takes to reach there matter the most. The distance and your energy are co-related with skating. So, ensure that it is not beyond your capability and the tracks are not so difficult. 

Now, it’s time to look for these features into a skateboard- size & shape, pliability, and wheels. 

Cruiser boards are typically curved and the tail of it is a bit up. The reason behind this design is to make sure it cuts more air for getting the max speed. Don’t buy a cruiser that comes with a more flat shape.

Then, you need to take the cruiser size into account. Choose a cruiser that fits your height & weight. However, cruisers are generally smaller in design for a faster ride.

Secondly, the flexibility of the cruiser is also important. The more pliable your cruiser will be the more shock it can resist. As a result, you can experience smooth riding at a higher speed. 

Finally, consider the wheel size & hardness. Softer wheels are perfect for rolling on rough surfaces. Therefore, you should pick a cruiser that features small skateboard wheels (minimum 55mm) and comes with a low ABEC rating. we made a list of best skateboarding wheels for cruising and tricks so that you can pick the convenient wheel.

Considering all, these three cruiser skateboards meet the requirements. 

Best Skateboard Brands for Beginners

Here are the best skateboard brands you can rely on to get your next skate. 

Element Skateboard:

Element Skateboard, a California-based company, is an industry-leader skateboard manufacturing brand. They earn a huge name & fame because of producing and bringing elegant designs routinely. 

Low cost skateboards design is the single aspect that makes them stand out from the crowd. Like other popular bands, they will not cost you an arm and a leg to get a high-quality skate. 

Therefore, they are also well-known for manufacturing sports accessories like grip tape,knee pads, riser pads, elbow pads, bearings, bearing lube, and other protective gear.

Plan B Skateboard:

Plan B Skateboard is also a California-based company. Back in 1991, this company was established by Mike Turansky, Brian Johnson, and Jackson Kontzer. Its cool logo makes it exceptional. On top of this, each skateboard is made of sturdy 7-layered maple wood to ensure longevity. Besides sporty products, they also design & produce the sexiest skateboard apparel for skaters. 

Zero Skateboards:

Back in 1996 Jamie Thomas, an enthusiast skater, established Zero Skateboards in California. This skateboard manufacturing company is well-known for producing sturdy, stable, and easy-to-control skates

Best Skateboard to Learn on

Not all skateboards will be perfect for learning to skate. If you are a newcomer in the skateboarding world, you should choose a skate that meets the following criteria. 

Firstly, consider a roller-skate that fits you. In simple words, it should have a skateboard deck that offers enough space to keep your foot on it. 

In this case, pay attention to the height of the skater. If he or she is over 13 years of age, get a full-size skate that comes with a 7.5″ deck in width. 

The next thing you should take into account is the grip system. Choose a skate whose top layer covers with grip tape to hold the foot on the deck firmly for safe riding.

Also, you need to check the trucks, wheels, and bearings before picking a skateboard. Fortunately, every skate we mentioned in this guide is perfect for a beginner to learn skating. So, you can go for any of them.

Buying Guide: How to choose your beginner skateboard

skate insider

Among the young, skateboarding is an extreme recreational sport. It’s created by surfers who love to enjoy the thrill when they aren’t on the waves. 

You can find a wide range of skateboards that come in multiple sizes, shapes, styles, and looks. So, it is a daunting task to choose the right one.

The selection process will be more complicated when it comes to buying a skateboard for beginners. 

However, considering these criteria like design, deck size, construction material of the skate will be a lifesaver and help you to pick the best skateboard.

Here, what to look for in a skateboards for beginners:- 


The design of a skateboard you should choose is your personal preference. You can go for a solid-colored skate or a patterned or vintage-style roller-skate. Indeed, it’s up to you what design of skateboard you like to have. 

Height & Weight

Height & Weight are two criteria you must take into account when you go shopping for a skateboard. Though height is not that crucial, you should consider the weight.

A lightweight skate is portable, and you can carry it wherever you go. The average heaviness of a skateboard is 11 pounds, which is light enough to take withskateboard decks length width

Skateboard Deck Size

The deck size of a skateboard is an unavoidable criterion you should consider first. Picking a random size skate is not a wise decision, even worse, it will not fit you.

For a skater over 13 or older, a full-size skater with a 7.5″ or larger skateboard deck in width is ideal to choose. In contrast, a 7.3″ width deck is perfect for a kid of 9-12 years of age.

If the age of your child or kid falls between 6-8 years, a mini skateboard with a 7″ deck in width is perfect. skateboard decks-muni, micro, full size


After considering the deck size, trucks, and the material it uses is important. Skateboard trucks connect the skateboard wheel to the deck and allow the skateboard to turn. How optimally the trucks can hold up the weight depends on their construction element. Experts recommend having a skateboard with aluminum trucks. 

Next, take the height of the skateboard trucks into account after checking the built-in material. We recommend you go for low-height trucks as they offer excellent stability. Mid trucks are preferable for park skating also for street skating. For flip tricks, High trucks are mostly recommended. we have come up with 10 best skateboard trucks of 2o22.


The wheels of a skateboard are also a decisive part. The size and hardness of a skateboard wheels determine how fast you can ride with a skateboard. Generally, the diameter of skateboard wheels is measured by millimeters. Most of the wheels in the market you can find fall into this range- 50-75mm. skateboard truck explained

You can choose the small wheels (50mm or around) to perform technical street skateboarding as they are easy to control. On the other hand, if you want to ride fast and need both speed & balance, go for bigger wheels. 

Besides, you should consider the durometer (determined the hardness) of the wheels. 


How smoothly your skateboard will roll or spin depends on the bearings of the skate. Skateboard brands measure the precision speed by ABEC ratings. But it is wrong. To learn which bearings will be perfect for skateboards, check out this article from Tactics. 


You can find a ton of options out there when it comes to purchasing a skateboard. Not all of them are good for skating or each of them is worse. To avoid confusion, it will be better to choose a skate from a brand rather than a non-brand. Element Skateboard, Powell Skateboard, and Plan B Skateboard are some of very popular brand you can trust.


Experience also matters when it comes to picking a skateboard. Before choosing a skate, consider your skating experience level. Not all cruisers or skates are designed for beginners or experts.

As a beginner, we recommend you go for a board that comes with a wider skateboard deck, low trucks, and soft wheels. 


Like others, you don’t want your skateboard to get broken after using it for a week or two. And how long a skateboard will last depends on its construction material.

Canadian maple wood or maple wood are considered the best durable substance. So, make sure the skateboard you are going to pick uses this wood as its deck material. 

Therefore, ensure the built-in element of your skateboard trucks. We recommend you to have a skateboard with aluminum trucks that can carry the weight of the rider. Though plastic skateboard are sturdy enough, we suggest you avoid them. 

Complete or Custom skateboard

Complete or Custom skateboards mean the skates come fully assembled and that are not. In simple words, a complete skateboard comes in fully compiled. On the other hand, a custom skateboard needs to buy a deck, trucks, wheels, and other accessories separately and requires you to set up them. As a beginner, it will be better to choose a complete skateboard to avoid the hassle of assembling the skate. or you can check our Best skateboard decks of 2022 or skate trucks article to create your custom skateboardskateboard features deck, wheel, truck, nose, tail


Most frequent questions and answers

What is skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a recreational sport, popular among the young, involves riding and doing various tricks on a skateboard. It evolved and originated in the United States. Skating isn’t only a game but it is also a form of art, a type of transportation, and of course, a fun industry job. According to a report found in 2009, the estimated worth of the Skateboarding market is $4.8 billion.

Is Learning to Skateboard Difficult?

Honestly, learning how to skate is not that difficult we assume. If you begin learning from the basics, it will be a piece of cake to learn skateboarding. Start from the fundamentals like how can you balance, carve, and push before trying out tricks. Many starters find skating hard as they jump the gun on learning difficult tricks first, which is a big mistake.

What is the best type of skateboards for beginners?

Which type of skateboard will be best for a beginner depends on what style of skating you are interested in and your size. Also, you should consider your budget to get the best one for the price. For your first skateboard ,We suggest you choose a skate that’s wheels are above 60mm in diameter. Such a skateboard offers greater stability. 

What is the best size skateboards for beginners?

The best size skateboard for beginners depends on the skater’s age. A full-size skateboard that’s deck size is 7.5 inches is ideal for every skater over  13 years of age with a shoe size of 9 or up. On the other hand, a skateboard deck with 6.5 inches to 6.75 inches will fit a beginner skater who is 5 years of age or under.

Where to get good skateboards for beginners?

You can find  good skateboards for beginners everywhere i.e in your local skateboard store, a big-box store like Walmart or Home Depot, and on Amazon. Before purchasing a skateboard, we recommend you consider the criteria we mentioned in the buying guide section. 

How much should you spend on your first skateboard?

The price of a skateboard depends on the quality of the products. However, we suggest you pick a skateboard that is ideal for hitting the streets or the city’s skate park. The price range to get such a skateboard falls between $75 to $130. You can find more affordable board options for your first skateboard in the market.

How long does it take to learn to skateboard?

It completely depends on you. If you are in a rush and can’t wait to hit the streets, it may take at least two weeks to learn. In contrast, you need a minimum of 30-60 days if you wish to start from the basics and want to learn some tricks.

What every skateboarder needs?

What every skateboarder needs is a high quality board with durable deck. A great skateboard will not only last you for years to come but also provide the best performance and feel when skating on it. this is one of the extreme sports. so you also need some additional skateboarding accessories. Every skater should wear some protective gear while they skate on rough terrain. Grip tape, knee pads, elbow pads, riser pads are some of the protective equipment you need.

Final Words...

So, which is the best skateboards for beginners amongst the top ten skates we mentioned above? 

Well, we cater to each of the skateboards by gender, age, and skating experience. If you are a beginner adult, we recommend you to have the KPC Pro Skateboard Complete in your lineup. Every part of the skate uses standard material that makes it ideal for adults. 

On the other hand, if you look for a skateboard for teenager, ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard will be your perfect bait. 

For those who are on a budget but look for a high-quality product, Roller Derby Deluxe Series is just for them. 

You can also go for other skateboards we mentioned above based on your personal preferences. 


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