Best Headphones for skateboarding & longboarding

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Do you feel bored or lonely while skateboarding or longboarding? 

Then, the best way is to get premium quality Headphones for skateboarding & longboarding. It will also boost up your confidence in skating. 

Your first task is to go through all the features of the headphones at a glance. Relying on any reputed brand can integrate your experience of listening to music with its specifications.  

You should carefully check the headphone’s acoustic system, audio jack size, connectivity type, and other specifications. Some of the advanced models come with lightweight and easy volume-operation facilities. Whichever headphone is your ultimate choice, always notice that its sound isn’t a threat to hearings. 

05 best Wireless Earphones for skateboarding & longboarding

This segment reveals a shortlist of top 05 headphones for skateboarding & longboarding. Come to a final decision after going through all the depicted features carefully.

philips earphone headphone for skateboarding


Philips SHQ1200WT/28 ActionFit Sports-Best sport in-ear headphones

TOp Feature

Philips dynamic type closed acoustic system headphone is popular for serving a quality sound. It works in a frequency range of 30-20,000 Hz. So, the user won’t find any difficulty with clear audibility. Its 13.5mm speaker diameter integrates the music experience at an advanced level. 

This orange-colored Philips headphone can fight against sweat for its premium rubber material. It’s also usable on rainy days with the desired sound quality for its waterproof feature. Due to its 4gm weight, it gives a pleasant feel while wearing it. 

The headphone never falls automatically for their anti-slip rubber ear caps. For the premium quality cable, it won’t tear easily in an accident while skateboarding or longboarding. Its 1-meter long wire makes it highly selectable as skateboarding headphones. 

It has 110 dB sound sensitivity which is an ideal value for the health of the ear. The Mylar dome-type diaphragm inside it makes it special for heavy-duty purposes. There is a 3.5 mm gold plated connector which makes it suitable for universal use. 



JBL Reflect Flow- Best wireless headphones for skateboarding

Top Feature

jbl skateboard headphone

An in-ear headphone with a wireless option makes skateboarding or longboarding more comfortable. JBL Reflect Flow has a powerful battery life of up to 30 hours to support its wireless connectivity technology. The 10-minute rapid charging function allows you to use it for about one hour. 

This wireless headphone works on the advanced Bluetooth connectivity technology. Along with eliminating the wire, this headphone has launched the easy music & call control function. However, its IPX7 rating ensures that the headphone can be used even in rainy weather. 

It arrives with some enchanting audio specifications. With 102 dB driver sensitivity, it can deliver a quality sound without affecting your ears. The 5.8 mm sized driver featuring JBL Signature Sound develops your listening experience.  Its silicon-made ear tip material provides the user a comfortable feel while wearing.

There are voice assistant integration, Google assistant, a built-in microphone, and many more features. These features can offer you some advantages while skateboarding or longboarding.  Without any confusion, this could be one of the best wireless headphones for skateboarding.


RHA wireless headphone for skateboarders


RHA TrueConnect- Best wireless earbuds for skateboarding

TOp Feature

RHA TrueConnect earbuds come with some high-end features. It has a 6mm dynamic type audio driver which ensures a quality sound wave. As its frequency ranges from 20-20,000 Hz, the user can listen to any music smoothly. The audio sensitivity of 98 dB makes it user-friendly for ears. 

If you’re looking for earbuds with Bluetooth 5 version, this could be the desired one. It works perfectly even in the 15-meter range distance. Despite using the latest Bluetooth version, it can offer an attractive battery backup. Almost 9 hours 30 minutes of playback can be received using a single charge. 

When skateboarding or longboarding, its durable build will give the user a feel of mitis. The sweat or water can’t decrease its performance for having water-resistant IP55 certification. 

You won’t have any trouble wearing these earbuds for their neat 12g weight. It has a compact charging case with only 79g weight. After analyzing all the specifications, RHA TrueConnect can be mentioned as one of the best earbuds for skateboarding.



Cambridge Audio Melomania 1- Best sport in-ear earphones

Top Feature

Cambridge Audio headphone for skateboarding and longboarding

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 is an expensive in-ear stereo earphone with useful options. It has a software control facility which makes it easy to operate. You’ll get a microphone with an extreme noise cancellation facility. Its premium memory foam will add comfort while skating. 

Its 96 dB microphone sensitivity with 100 Hz frequency response makes it secure for heavy use. There is a powerful dual-core processor to operate the earphone without any trouble. The Bluetooth 5 connectivity system with a 5.8 mm audio driver can serve you some excellent music. 

The premium black finish, the USB headphone jack makes it selectable in the $100 budget range. Its firmware is upgraded to serve a high-performance audio mode. Even, you have the customized EQ option with this earbud. 

As the earbud is only 4.96 g weighted, the user can wear it for a long period. You can get a total playtime of up to 45 hours. So, the necessity of charging again & again is eliminated by this earphone. 


SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 skateboard earbuds


SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2- Good skateboard earbuds

TOp Feature

A good skateboard earbud with a wireless connectivity system is essential for successful skateboarding. With the “hear clearly, speak confidently” motto, this Galaxy bud is determined with 2 outer beamforming mics. That’s why it’s possible to deal with clear audio every time. 

Galaxy Buds 2 has a 10% smaller dimension than the Galaxy Bud to ensure its lightweight when wearing. Till now, it’s the SAMSUNG’s slimmest and lightest earbud design. It’s experimented that around 29 hours of battery life is offered from this exclusive earbud. 

This earbud comes with an easy one-tap function that creates the convenience of controlling the playlist. It has the convenience of connecting with other Galaxy devices. You can enjoy your favorite music with around 9 dB ambient sound while skating. 



Most frequent questions and answers

Is it safe to wear earbuds while skateboarding?

The main purpose of wearing earbuds while skateboarding is to mitigate your loneliness. But, it’s not safe to wear earbuds if you can’t concentrate on skateboarding. If there is no smooth driveway, it’s recommended to avoid earbuds. 

Is it illegal to wear headphones while skateboarding?

Skateboarding with headphones in most public areas is legal. The law may vary according to the place. You don’t have any right to hurt people with your inattention. Listening to music by wearing headphones is slightly dangerous while skateboarding. But, it’s not illegal, as far we know. 

Should you skate with music?

Skating with good skater music is a great way to enjoy skating precisely. It refreshes your mind along with keeping you detached from other sounds. You should listen to the music specially created for skating. However, never try to skate with music in a crowded place.

How do I keep my headphones from slipping?

Slipping the headphones is one of the commonest problems while skating. If you have high-end headphones with ear support, it won’t happen. The rubberized protection on the speaker must be updated regularly for increasing its holding performance. Otherwise, it won’t stay in place while skating. 

What are the best true wireless earbuds for longboarding?

The price of a skateboard depends on the quality of the products. However, we suggest you pick a skateboard that is ideal for hitting the streets or the city’s skate park. The price range to get such a skateboard falls between $75 to $130. You can find more affordable options in the market.

Final Words...

Finding one of the best skateboard headphones is somehow difficult. If their features meet your criteria, most often the budget doesn’t match. That’s why the features of the top 5 value for money headphones for skateboarding & longboarding are elaborated here. 

After going through the recommendations above, you may have decided your desired pick. If you haven’t decided yet, then get RHA TrueConnect as it has some mind-blowing features. This earbud is budget-friendly, handy in longboarding or skateboarding, and good-looking. 

If you aren’t interested in the wireless version, then go for the Philips SHQ1200WT/28 ActionFit Sports. Prioritize your necessity, using convenience and other things before selecting the final product.