12 Best Longboard Decks Review

A skateboard will allow you to fly in the air like Tony Hawk or Jay Adams. But a longboard is different, and it’s ideal for cruising, downhill race, and free-riding. 

If you want to participate in a downhill race competition with your friends, you need a longboard. But the heck is- the market is flooded with a wide range of longboards from different brands. Consequently, you may have trouble picking the right one. 

That’s why you decide to build a custom longboard with your personal choices of decks, trucks, and longboard wheels. Among them, the longboard deck is the most crucial part.

Based on board material, width, length, and shape, we make a list of the best longboard decks that meet your longboarding style. So, let’s check them out and discover the right deck that supports your weight & lasts for years to come.

As we said earlier finding the exact longboard deck for your longboarding journey can be troublesome.

So sometimes it might be impossible to spend enough time looking for the best longboard deck. Well don’t worry, we have got your back. Here is a quick recommendation of the top 3 longboard decks for your convenience.

As we said earlier, finding the exact longboard deck for your longboarding journey can be troublesome. So it is important to give enough time for selecting the right type of deck that best compliments your riding styles. But we live in a busy world where every second counts.

  1. If you are a newbie and want to get a super quality longboard deck at an affordable price, then get your hands on Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser Longboard Deck.                                                 
  2. If budget is not your prime concern and you want to explore the endless possibilities of the longboarding world, then Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard could be the best option for you. The deck is super responsive and has 3 different flexes to take your longboarding experience to the next level.                                                                           
  3. Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer is overall a well-functioned deck. If you want to get the feeling of surfing inland, then you should go for the deck. Your cruising and commuting around the town will be super enjoyable with the deck without breaking your banks.
Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • Best for Beginners

    Quest QT-NSC44C
    Top pick
  • best for heavy-rider

    Atom Drop Through Longboard Deck
  • Best for freestyle longboarding

    Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard
  • Great for kids

    Kryptonics Spongebob 36" Longboard Complete
  • Best for downhill riding

    Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard
    Top Pick
  • most durable longboard deck

    Quest "Totem Longboard 36", Natural
  • best longboard deck for tricks

    Loaded Boards Dervish Bamboo Longboard
    Top Pick
  • Best affordable

    Atom Pin-Tail Longboard 39"
  • Best for smooth riding

    The Super Cruiser 36" Remix
  • best longboard deck for cruising

    santa cruz skate mahaka rasta cruzer
    Top Pick
  • best longboard deck for Teenager

    ReDo Skateboard
  • best longboard deck for Teenager

    Kryptonics 36"

quest longboard for beginners

01.Quest QT-NSC44C

TOp Feature

If you are just starting out and want a high-quality board deck at an affordable price, The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard deck is the answer for you.The deck comes in with a big size of 44 inches so it is ideal for taller people. Its weight capacity is also good, people with 200+ lbs can comfortably board on the deck.

The deck features beautiful artisan bamboo and multi-ply maple, making it lightweight yet ensuring high quality and durability to perform different types of rides. The deck performs greatly when it comes to cruising around the city. And you can easily cruise down a hill for the flexibility of the deck.

Again it is spacious enough to keep your feet steady and balanced and the safety measures will save you from wheel biting.Considering the performance and budget, the quest super cruiser longboard deck is an ultimate choice for beginners who are nervous enough and at the same want to establish themselves as skilled surfers gradually. It prevents wheel bite.



02.Atom Drop Through Longboard

Top Feature

atom drop stylish longboard deck

Atom Drop Through Longboard Deck is a unique and stylish deck that comes with 7 ply maple laminate and this robust material ensures the durability of the deck even after getting some bumps on the road.

This drop deck boards is perfect for cruising but is not constructed strongly. So it is not ideal for high-speed riding. The deck offers more flexibility when compared to other decks. So you can still have a comfortable ride with this dropped boards even if your path is full of debris and cracks.

Since the deck is drop-through, it stays closer to the surface and lets you push the board faster and more frequently while cruising. It holds an amazing weight capacity of 275 lbs and the grip tape is rough enough to save you from slipping while riding. If you want the best longboard decks that can offer great value for your money, then you should definitely go after it.

 This easy-to-ride and most stable deck styles is specially built for amateurs to give them confidence and inspiration to thrive into the exciting world of longboarding.



playshion longboard decks for freestyle

03.Playshion Drop Through

TOp Feature

If you are a beginner and to explore different types of rides like cruising, carving, freestyle boards, freeride, etc at an affordable price, then you should get your hands on Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser.

The deck comes with a symmetrical design and 8 ply hardwood maple which is sturdy but flexible. The deck is 39 x 9.1 and has a slight concave on the middle. Therefore you can securely keep your feet on the board and make every turning with much ease. It can hold up to 252 lbs and belongs to the unisex departments. Height is not an issue while riding on the deck.

So anyone, from grandson to grandpa can have fun on the board. Sounds interesting, right? The playshion deck is super stable because of the drop mounting design that makes sure the ground clearance is by 4 inches. 

 You will face a difficult time while performing tricks due to the high flex of the deck. So consider it for safe cruising. Overall it is a durable, waterproof, and quality deck.



04.Kryptonics Spongebob 36"

Top Feature

kryptonics spongebob best quality longboard deck

Kryptonics is one of the popular brands for producing quality longboards. And Kryptonics Spongebob 36’’ Longboard Complete Skateboard offers the best quality and functionality among its user.

the deck is specially designed for kids but adults who weigh under 220 lbs could find the deck quite comfortable. The deck comes with a standard size of 36 inches. The deck also features thick and durable 8 ply maple wood with an impressive wide shape of 8.75 inches.

The deck has a rounded pin tail design for making arching turns easier and riding effortless,Moreover with 6 inches heavy-duty aluminum trucks, you can control and make your rides smoother.



laded longboard deck for downhill riding

05.Loaded Boards Tan Tien

TOp Feature

Loaded takes pride itself in its model Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard due to its all-around performance and rich materials used to build the deck.

The deck comes with an impressive length of 39, a width of 8.75 inches with a wheelbase of 27 inches. That said, with that flat deck you can efficiently cruise on hilly surfaces and perform advanced tricks.

It features a great construction of fiberglass and bamboo so the deck is quite lightweight and flexible. And the deck is so lively and responsive that you can make the downhill riding and carving a piece of cake. Serious downhill riders loves it.

The deck is drop-through, so you can rest assured about the enhanced stability and more efficient and easier pushing. If you do like snowboard-inspired longboarding, then The Loaded Boards Tan Tien Longboard might be a perfect match for you. The only downhill is the deck is quite expensive. Advanced and expert riders best choice.



06.Quest Totem 36"

Top Feature

quest totem most durable longboard deck for all

If you want to get the vibe of skateboarding while longboarding, then the mid-sized Quest Totem Longboard has got your back. 

The deck has a modest deck length of 36 inches at an affordable price.  The deck comes with a combination of bamboo and maple that gives the right flex to the professional as well as beginners. So the professional can practice some newly invented trick on it while the new one can learn riding keeping better balance.

Its durability and stability will give you a surf-like feeling on the pavement. With this neo-classic beauty, you can enjoyably cruise to the pool and beach or ride around the city. The performance, style, and quality of the deck will surely inspire you. You can consider it as a short-distance cruiser.



07.Loaded Boards Dervish Bamboo

Top Feature

loaded boards dervish best for tricks longboard deck

Loaded Boards Dervish Sama Longboard is the ultimate board for dancing, pumping, cruising, freestyle, carving, and sliding. The deck measures 42.8″ x 9″  and weighs 1.4 to 1.6 kg with a longboard wheels base of 31.5″.

Loaded Dervish Sama deck is a drop-through deck so different riding style becomes very fun and easier. As the deck remains closer to the ground, the center of gravity of the riders lowers significantly. It increases board stability. As a result, the board gets added stability.

 This drop deck boards has a mild concave to facilitate foot locking while board walking or dancing. It is made using bamboo and fiberglass to provide energetic flex. It provides 3 flex ratings. Higher flex is suitable for lighter riders and lower flex is suitable for heavy riders. Although the deck is expensive, it is totally worth the money.



08.Atom Pin-Tail 39"

Top Feature

atom pin tail longboard deck you anyone can afford

If you are a beginner and want a casual board styles to surf in the concrete landscape or commute around the city, then you should pick an Atom Pintail Longboard. And you don’t have to be worried about owning this as you will find it under your budget.

The deck length is 39″ which guarantees enough stability while riding at a fast speed. Its 9.6″ width ensures that the rider will have proper room to keep their feet on it and perform different tricks comfortably.

You will experience no wheel bite with this deck as it features a traditional pintail design. Moreover, there is a slight concave to keep you stable while practicing different rides. That means the concave helps you keep your feet on the deck without being nervous and more stability. The deck is maple laminated so you can expect longer durability.



09.The Super Cruiser 36" Remix

Top Feature

super cruiser smooth riders longboard deck

The Super Cruiser 36’’ Remix Aqua Blue Bamboo And Maple Deck work fine especially with kids around 12 to 14 years.

The deck comes with a size of 36 x 8.5 inches. Though the deck length is not spacious enough, it is perfect for those who feel nervous about longboarding and want to start out. It is built with bamboo and cold climate maple hardwood which makes it lightweight yet durable.

The deck comes pre-assembled so you can get rid of the trouble of assembling.  You will get amazed by the performance longboard created and classic graphics of the deck. You can cruise to the beach, ride across the town, and travel in style with the deck. Its weight limit is 200 lbs. So be careful about the weight limitation. Otherwise, serious accidents can happen.




10.Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer

Top Feature

santa cruz mahaka cruiser longboard deck

The Santa Cruz Longboard company made its appearance in the marketplace in 1973. Since then they never fail to wow their customers in building quality skateboards.

Among them, one of the best is Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard. It is a nice long cruiser decks with a long body shape. The deck board length is 43.5 inches and the width is 9.9 inches. Large space to board on. 

The longboard wheels base is 31.6 inches. So there are no possibilities of wheel biting during sharp turning. On the top of the deck, there is grip tape and amazing graphics on it and it has got the Rasta Red Golden Theme which is really attractive. 

The deck is ideal for cruising and longboarding and can take your wherever you want to go over the toughest roads without any problems. Because the deck best suits the inland lifestyle. The deck is made of 100% American maple which ensures proper flexibility. You will experience no wheel bite.



11.ReDo Mini Branson Koi Cruiser complete

Top Feature

redo mini best teenagers longboard deck

If you want to give your kids a perfect longboard for enjoying longboarding with fun, then ReDo Longboard 26″ x 7.25″ Mini Branson Koi Cruiser Complete Longboard for Boys Girls Kids Teens is the answer for you.

Redo longboard is famous for manufacturing longboards with innovative designs and board material to make the riding experience enjoyable.  The deck length is 26 inches and the width is 7.25 inches and the load capacity is 110 pounds. The manufacturer suggests the deck for kids aged between 12 to 14. The redo longboard deck is easy to maneuver and steer.

So kids get immense pleasure while riding on this deck. To get increased control in the edge, the deck offers a wider shape. So you won’t face any difficulties while making sharp turns. The deck is built from 7 ply CN maple so the durability and flexibility are quite impressive. It will give you a smooth ride experience.



12.Kryptonics 36" Longboard

Top Feature

kryptonics 36 inch stylish longboard deck

Kryptonics is another popular name in the longboarding world. This board comes completely assembled and ready to ride.  Kryptonics 36″ Longboard comes with a standard deck size. And the deck is an 8 ply and northeast maple with a standard old-school tail shape. 

Clear sand grip covers the top providing traction while still showing off the graphic. The deck styles features a basic concave and a single kicktail to give it a classic look and feel.

They also give you added control and easy braking. The deck provides superb room to keep feet on the deck confidently, no matter whether you are a large or small skate rider. Overall the design is quite appealing.



Buying Guide: How To Choose Your Longboard Deck

skate insider

It might not be surprising if you ask yourself “Am I having the right longboard deck?” right after buying one. So it would be wise to know what factors should consider before purchasing a longboard. Let’s focus on that.

Types Of Longboards

Longboards are available in 4 different types. We have get clear insights about these types so that we should not get deceived by our instant decision.


Cruise refers to longboards that are special designed for novices. It distributes the weight of the riders evenly on the board. As a result, riders can remain stable while riding. It gives them the confidence to adopt a new style of riding and more stability.


The next type is drop-down. It is an upgraded version of the cruise. Since the deck remains closer to the ground, riders get enough stability for that.You can easily push the longboard with your feet or legs with little effort.           

Most importantly it features a symmetrical boards design so that riders can instantly switch between the tail and nose and change the direction of moving. Drop-downs are a little bit pricier than cruise but at the same time, they offer more functionalities. Downhill, slides, and carvings are possible with them. You can tailor your riding style and take it to the upper level by practicing this type.

Drop Through

Drop down and drop through belong to the same type but the only exception is speed. Drop through is quite faster when compares to its competitors. Drop throughs are very useful in downhill racing because the deck stays higher from the ground.

 Downhill demands more experience and skills. You should learn board control skills for downhill. So pros are eligible for this. Riding downhill boards is quite risky for beginners. So they should not try riding style downhill before getting skilled enough.

Top Mount

Top mount inspires freestyle riding and longboard dancing. top mount longboards has the most traditional board shape. It opens the door to performing different tricks. Only experienced and skillful riders have permission to do that. If a beginner tries to do that, he might get seriously injured. So newbies should not be tempted to perform dangerous tricks.

Different Types Of Longboard Decks

While selecting a longboard deck, you should be certain about the longboarding you are going to do. Different longboard decks serve different riding styles. Let’s have a quick look at these!longboard deck types- carving, freeride, cruising,  slalom, penny

Cruising Longboard

Cruising and carving longboard decks mainly serve the purpose of commuting. The deck comes with a pintail shape and wide wheels to absorb the vibrations.


Speed is the only factor when it comes to downhill. So the deck is made stiff to ensure added stability and smoother control.The grip is rough enough to hold the riders tightly on the board.


Freestyle longboarding offers a great number of functionalities. It allows riders to taste different types of tricks. The deck features a kicktail to let the riders doing tricks


Freeride longboarding and downhill are almost the same. In that case, the deck has a symmetrical design and slight concave to lock in the feet perfectly

Longboard Deck Size

Longboard decks come in different sizes. Longer boards decks are good for stability and smaller decks are great for learning and performing tricks.

Longboard Deck Shapes

One directional shape: The deck that moves in only one direction is called a one-directional shape. Cruising and carving decks are one-directional boards shapes.

Symmetrical shapes: The deck that can move in two directions is called a symmetrical shape directional longboards.

These are directional longboards deck shapes.

Deck Concave ​

Deck concave helps the riders to keep their feet tight and confidently on the board. For dedicated downhill boards racing, a deep concave deck is a must.

Longboard Flex​

 Soft: Soft longboard flex can easily blend with the road shocks. So it is ideal for cruising.

 Medium: Medium longboard flex provides enough stability at a fast speed.

 Stiff: A deck with stiff flex indicates huge stability at great speed. This kind of flex is ideal for racing.

Longboard Kick

A kicktail decks allows riders to pop up their decks. If you want to perform tricks, then your deck must have a kicktail.

Construction Of Decks

Most of the decks are constructed with bamboo, maple wood, carbon fiberglass, etc.  bamboo-made decks are lightweight and less durable whereas decks made with carbon fiber can last forever.


Most frequent questions and answers

What are longboard decks made of?

Longboard decks are generally made of wood, bamboo, maple hardwood, and sometimes expensive carbon fiber glass.

What longboard deck should I get?

The answer depends on what kind of longboarding you prefer.

If you prefer cruising, then go for Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser Longboard Deck, and for freeriding and doing board tricks, you can pick Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser.

What longboard deck is best for cruising?

Apart from Quest OTNSC44C, Atom Drop Through decks are best for cruising.

What deck is best for cruising?

Apart from Quest OTNSC44C, Atom Drop Through decks is best for cruising.

What longboards are best for sliding?

How to pick the best longboard deck for beginners?

Beginners always feel a little bit nervous while starting longboarding. So they should pick a longboard deck size that can give them enough stability and confidence when standing on the deck. And at the same time, making the learning process easier and enjoyable. For that our recommendation is Atom Drop Through Longboard deck.

What shape of the longboard deck is best for beginners?

 A drop-through longboard deck is the best for beginners as it offers multiple flex options and great board stability. The perfect example of a drop-through deck is Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser.

Is a drop-through longboard deck good for beginners?

Yes, a drop-through decks is good for beginners.

Do longboards have a weight limit?

Yes, longboards have a weight limit. Depending on the materials used to make the longboard, the weight limit can vary significantly.

Is a drop deck longboard better?

A drop decks boards longboard is better for experienced and skilled riders as it goes faster than any other deck and is perfect for downhill riding styles. Quest Skateboards California Native Spirit Longboard could be a good example of this.

How much is a good longboard deck?

Based on the used materials, a good longboard can cost between 30 to 350 dollars. If you want a high-quality deck, then you have to go deep into your pocket. But if you are a beginner, you can get a quality deck under $100, like Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

Why are longboard decks so expensive?

Long board styles decks are so expensive than other board styles because of the valuable components used to make the deck. Generally, companies make the best longboards decks using vertically laminated bamboo and wood. But sometimes to acquire the highest quality, they use a bit layer of carbon glass which dramatically increases the price of the board. Such as Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard deck.

How long do longboard decks last?

 Depending on usage and materials, longboard decks can last 1 to 5 months or even years.

Final Words...

We hope you have now got a list of the best longboard decks from where you can easily pick the right one for you. Since we have discussed every deck in detail, you should have no problems in making a well-informed decision.

If you want a budget-friendly deck, you can choose Quest Totem Longboard. But if your preference is exploring different types of rides and board tricks, the pick Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard.