Where is skateboarding most popular in the world?

Even though the roller skates don’t require a track to start having good times with, yet there are some places around the world where the skateheads start to feel like home. Yep it is true! There are locations that are counted as skateboarding heaven. From Barcelona all the way to Copenhagen there are cities that offers from several multi million-dollar skate park to skate friendly infrastructures. If you are looking for a destination for spending your next vacation with your skateboard, get your skates packed cause here are few locations where you may make the best memories of your life with it!

20 Best skate cities where is skateboarding most popular in the world


Lets start with a quote from Maxim Habanec, “I love Barcelona, it’s like heaven for skateboarders. Smooth ground everywhere you go, nice weather and interesting people”.

Well, It is exectly as he said. A mild weather relaxed daylife and intense night life. Ever growing innovative structures, yep pretty much sums up as the must visit skateboarding location. One of the city’s hotspots is Mecba where you may get to see pro skaters randomly skating and as a plus you may get to learn some tricks from them too! 

macba barcelona skateboard friendly city


A city with futuristic infrastructure filled with street artists and beautiful scenarios all around and open minded peoples are as cherry on top, yeah it is Berlin. Named as second Bercelona and it sounds just right! 

Since 1989 heavy construction with a vision to modify the city has made the city a skateboarder’s dream place to be in. When to visit? Summer time brings up the perfect condition for a trip. Of you ever plan to visit Berlin make sure you visit Kulturforum as it is second to none just like Mecba of Barcelona.  


berlin is a skateboarding friendly city

3.Los Angeles

If you ever ask a skateboarder about his top 5 places. Be sure that Los Angeles will be there. Humans decorated the Streets with large palm trees God decorated it with his ever shining sun so that skateboarders can gather at infamous points and skate together. 

Even though there are cases where the police seemed to crash into the scene yet Skating on a Sunday noon at J-Kwon is worth it! 

Los Angeles will be in top 5 for skateboarding


The fastest developing country of the world must have a skateboarder friendly city right? Guangzhou is the one. Depending on where you live may be an expensive flight to reach here but once you are here you can make your vacation extra long because it is very affordable here and surf its tonns of marble surfaced places and modern structures. 

If you start to feel bored here you can always take a short ride to Hongkong and Shenzhen! Not bad right?

5.San Francisco

The crowd says it all started here. The birthplace of skateboarding. The hills, the tram tracks here are always ready to offer more than you expected. A heavily crowded city with skateboarders. 

Skating places? The Embarcadero! This legendary spot along with other few spots have been redesigned for skateboarding but it seems to offer more than only to skateboarders.


This winner place has produced a Tampa Am winner who came as completely unknown but left as a champ. His name is Filipe Gustavo. 

Only the best place can produce best riders. Indeed it is the best of what Latin America has to offer. This well designed city always makes a place in the bucket list of a skateboarder.


If you hate first ranked cities cause of its crowds and predictability. Then Melbourne is the city you are looking for. A city with simple layout, tasteful arts, wholesome foods, 20 skate parks within 10 miles, may be San francisco is the place that offers stories but this city is most friendly for skateboarders.

It is the coolest city for skateboarders by a mile!

melbourne is a city of skateboarding

8.New York City

This city has to offer almost every thing for every enthusiast. A skateboarder loves concrete. And yea New York city is a concrete jungle! May be you can permanently come here and start living with you skateboard and surf its hundreds of skateboarding spots including the multi million dollar parks!

I short it is a city with a rich skating scene and history. But it is expensive! 


This city of England is more of a historic place for skateboarding. It has the oldest known skateboarding park along with 50 more old spots. Despite the unfriendly weather condition this city has a lot to offer to a skateboarder. 

Skating site? South bank is the must go skating site for a skateboarder. 


The city of love and creative peoples. Sounds like the city for creative skateboarding lovers! 

State of the art skateboaring facilities, beautiful peoples with the beautiful scene it has to offer is a must go place for a skateboarder. Even though there are Only a handful spots for skateboarding each one is unique in its own way!


Mother Russia is so large so how come it wont have any spots for Skateboarders? Moscow is the city filled with friendly skateboarders and marvel pitched places. Even though it isnt the safest place to be and the city always is in rush. But visiting this place is still worth it!

skateboarding in moscow is fun

12.Mar del Plata

Home to Milton Martinez the beach city is as beautiful as it sounds. A shiny sky with plenty smooth spots beside a beach, sounds like a plan in Summer. 

The concrete parks are ripped by senior skateboarders tells that it is one of the oldest place of Latin America where skateboarding got popular.

By the day you can skate and have amazing local foods and by the night the Argentine city comes alive with its lights.


Lets again describe this place with a quote from Vincent Matheron, “Marseille’s Bowl du Prado is my second home. Really, it’s where I grew up”


The place has a history that starts at early ’90s. But Bowl du Prado at ’91 is what made this place go booming with skaters. Along with the ever growing interest of skateboarding the city is also evolving to support the desire of the skateboarders. 

Skating places? City Hall, la Major and the Saint Charles train station are all worth hitting up if you’re ever in Marseille.


The wildest place to be is Rio. In between the mountains and the famous waterfront the city feel as alive as it can be. 

Rio is the centerpoint for global events and it has a historic concrete bowl-skating scene. They DIY concrete parks are cherry on top for the skateboarders. The city is all about a wild ride!


Not only This city is warm and welcoming but also this city has quite a lot of spots and scenes for skateboarders. The Grindhouse Skate Club with indoor ramps and The 5 high skatepark on the fifth floor of a converted industrial unit are the must visit places with your skateboard. 

Even though it is one of the poorest country in Europe it is all safe and sound here that makes it a location for true skateboarders.

16.San Diego

San Diego is The perfect beach city with a big skateboarders crowd. California skate mission isnt complete without a visit to San Diego. 

Skating spots? The city’s North County has a lot of skating spots. This location is a home to many pros and skateboard manufacturers.


Visit this location only if you are looking for some challenges. Rough surfaces known as Calcada is infamous here for skating. But there are few spots that you can take short travel to for skating. 

It is not only for skating this city is so beautiful that it is a must go place if you like travelling. 


If France had a skateboarding captial, then it will be Lyon. A new plaza in the Parc Blandan, and for winter sessions, there’s the Gerland skatepark are few of the new additions to skating spots along with some historic ’90s spots. 

In case you broke some parts or looking for expert servicing the you gotta visit ABS, Wall St or Namasté skateshops.

19.Buenos Aires

The Argentine capital has the oldest skateboarding history that can go back to ’70s. With such old base the skateboarding scene only got bigger. 

The city offers more than 20 skateboarding spots and tonns of welcoming citizens that will offer the skateboarders a great time!


The capital of Denmark is the greenest city the world has to offer. The city is very progressive and pretty futuristic. The city has the greenest skateboarding spots that anyone can find in the world. 

If you love to skate in green you will love Copenhagen. 

Final Words....

A skater always has a deep desire to ride on diffrent trails that the world has to offer. Doesn’t matter if you are a pro or not, a frequent traveller or not. These locations will make marks on your memories. And at the end of the day you will tell yourself it was “A vacation well spent”.


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