20 of the Best Skateboard Videos of All Time

Are you a skateboarding newbie? And hope to become an expert? Then you must read this piece. This article will help you become a pro skateboarder by covering the most famous skateboard videos.

Skateboarding has become a global phenomenon over the last decade. Today, millions of individuals play the sport worldwide. So, to get into skateboarding, you must watch the best skate clips of all time.

Here are 20 of the best skateboard clips of all time. From beginner to pro, these skateboarding videos cover every level of skating imaginable.

a chronological history of the best skate videos

Take a trip from Alein workshop Memory Screen 1991 to Primitive Skate 2022. you will get more updated skateboarding videos time to time. keep enjoying!

1.Alien Workshop – Memory Screen (1991)

Memory Screen, a skateboard video made by Alien Workshop in 1991, is the company’s first release. It featured many young skaters having fun, riding on ramps, and filming it in Super 8 format (which adds to the nostalgia). This timeless classic was well ahead of its time thanks to inventive editing, fantastic music that complemented the action on the screen, and tons of technical, vert, and street skateboarding.

Directed by: Rob Dyrdek, Steve Claar

2.Blind – Video Days (1991)

By the early ’90s, skateboarding was so influential that it was considered a youth culture movement. In 1991, legendary director Spike Jonze brought out Blind’s Video Days. This film changed skateboarding forever by focusing on the personalities of his friends (and soon-to-be legends), Mark Gonzales and Mike Vallely. With its daring skateboard moves and catchy soundtrack, Video Days introduced mainstream audiences to the sport of skateboarding. This piece of history is still discussed and revered by skateboarders decades after its debut.

3.Plan B – Questionable (1992)

Plan B’s Questionable is arguably one of skateboarding’s most legendary videos. Featuring Alex Polera, Colin McKay, Pat Goode, and Mike Maldonado delivering mind-blowing tricks on vert, street, and ramp. Not only is the skating amazing, but Chico Brenes, Rodney Mullen, and Rocco Duplantis go all out while Iron Maiden provides an epic soundtrack to this incredible skate vid. This video was the first glimpse of what was to come – it set a standard that most skateboard companies have imitated today.

.Directed by: Mike Ternasky

4.101 – Snuff (1993)

Jason Dill did the impossible when he released his 1993 video Snuff. It was filled with insane tricks, including a backflip on a rail. The video featured Gino Iannucci, Michael Abrahams, and Jason Dill pushing themselves to the limit with their skating. Skateboarding had never been seen before, and its release changed everything we knew about what could be done on a skateboard, even today.

Directed by: Jason Dill

5.Welcome to Hell - Toy Machine (1996)

Welcome To Hell, from Toy Machine, is a classic skate movie that shows how raw street skating has always been rooted in skateboarding. The video, released in 1996, features the talents of Mike Maldonado, Ed Templeton, and Elissa Steamer as they cruise through the streets of Los Angeles. It also includes bonus footage of Chad Maska as he left Toy Machine to join Shory’s.

Directed by: Jamie Thomas

6.Mouse-Girl Skateboards (1996)

Mouse’ was the second skater-produced skate video by Girl Skateboards. The video is a collection of skits, mainly featuring professional skaters with new and unknown talents. The video features Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Spike Jonze, and some now-famous actors like Vincent D’Onofrio (Law & Order) and Chloë Sevigny (American Psycho). This video is considered by many to be the best skateboard  video ever made and get listed in our best skateboard videos of all time. 

Directed by: Spike Jonze

7.World Industries Trilogy (1996)

The 1996 World Industries Trilogy was a compilation of videos with the most influential skateboarders. It consisted of 101, Blind and World Industries teams, all major skateboarding companies at that time. The 30-minute video shows how the team helped create new tricks, such as mute flips and manuals. This video brought together the best skateboarders in the world and created a brilliant piece of work. 

Directed by: 101 Skateboards, Blind Skateboards, World Industries

8.Eastern Exposure 3 - Underachievers (1996)

Underachievers – Eastern Exposure 3 (1996) is a fantastic skate video from the ’90s. Many skaters featured in the video have moved on to pursue other careers, but this documentary is their testimony. It contains various approaches to skateboarding, including street, transitions, and vert sections. This is about balls and style, raw street skating at its finest.

Directed by: Dan Wolfe

9.Shorty's – Fulfill the Dream (1998)

The introduction of Chad Maska to Shortys was a positive move for the respective companies. He also shows off his technical skating, which is raw, gnarly, and unnatural. The video is not designed to be artistic and beautiful, and it’s just skateboarding as it should be. We do see a lot of Hasselhoff, but that is what we remember. 

Directed by: Chad Muska

10.Birdhouse The End (1998)

With beautiful cinematography, a well-edited soundtrack, and gripping footage of the best skaters in their primes, The End is a must-see for non-skaters and skateboarders. It captures the camaraderie and passion of skateboarding like no other film before or since. Alexis Takahashi is at his best, and Steve Berra’s more laid-back skating style is fantastic to watch. It feels so real!

Directed by: Jamie Mosberg

11.Zero–Misled Youth (1999)

Zero’s Misled Youth marked a massive evolution in skateboarding. This video was huge at the time, and it is still just as rad to watch now as it was back then. The video features many of skateboarding’s best skaters and an insane amount of raw footage that hasn’t been seen since it was released on VHS. There’s no doubt that Misled Youth hugely influenced innovation within skateboarding; watch Jamie Thomas in Never Been Done, and you’ll understand why.

Directed by: Jamie Thomas

12.Alexis Sablone — Cons: Seize the Seconds (2020)

Cons is a film that is honest and real. Alexis Sablone pushes himself here, including one-foots, board slides, and big kickflips down giant steps with multiple bumps. Cons prove what we have known since his first full-length video in 2014: he’s a master of skateboarding in its pure form. There are no gimmicks or tricks that may impress an audience but don’t inspire him or the rest of skateboarding. 

Directed by: Ben Chadourne

13.Mason Silva — Nike SB: "Mason" (2020)

Mason’s part is a masterclass in hitting hard and the art of skateboarding. He displays the strengths and weaknesses of modern street skating, and his part is a creative embodiment of the conversation brewing in skateboarding recently. Mason has something for everyone, from high-speed lines to low-speed trick selection.

 Directed by: Mason Silva

14.Anthony Van Engelen — Dancing on Thin Ice (2020)

Dancing on Thin Ice is the final chapter for Anthony Van Engelen, who retires with an undeniable pile of accomplishments and memorable characters. It’s a relief to see Andrew Reynolds abandon his blockbuster jumping for ledge lines in a store video. On the other hand, Anthony Van Engelen is still performing recognizably visceral stunts well into his forties, which is both inspirational and alarming.

Directed by: Kevin Rodrigues

15.Bobby De Keyzer — Quasi: "BOB" (2020)

“BOB” isn’t simply a brilliant video part for Bobby De Keyzer. It’s also a document of a time—a moment in the history of skateboarding that can never be captured or reproduced. From filming in Toronto’s less crowded streets and parks to releasing it directly through the brand’s social media, Quasi was at the forefront of an industry-wide conversation about ways to distribute content.

 Directed by: Tomas Morrison

16.Illegal Civilization- Godspeed(2021)

The hype on this video is enormous, and it is rightly deserved. Maybe it’s not this generation’s Baker 3, but it is exceptional throughout, with a banger of a finisher by Alex Midler. The vibes, the team’s chemistry, and the overall quality of the individual parts make this something special. Zion Wright is a standout. Ishod Wair is charismatic, raw, and talented.

 Directed by: Davonte Jolly 

17.Vans- Nice to See You (2021)

Van’s Nice to See You features a hefty roster of riders who ride well. Skaters like Chima Ferguson and Sam Hitz have come together to put together their best stuff for this release. It is pretty much every skater worth keeping up with in street skating.

Directed by: Under the guidance of Los Angeles-based renowned filmmaker and photographer Greg Hunt

18.Pizza Skateboards- Ethereum

Pizza Skateboards is an unconventional skateboard and skateboarding project by a group of friends worldwide. The team comprises Rahim Robinson, Ducky Kovacs, Evan Doherty, and Vincent Milou. The team has been traveling and skating in Europe – Japan – Australia – USA and have created a series of videos documenting their adventures.

Directed by: Vincent Milou

19. Bronze 56k- The Reuben (2021)

The Bronze 56k video is a must-watch. It opens up with a rocket launch and immediately barrels into a backside tailslide. From then on, it seems like Gus feels no fear, just commitment to his tricks. He reminds me of Jamie Foy’s style and body type. While the old-school heavy metal music might not be for everyone, this video is packed full of skills and humour that will make you want to watch it again and again.

Directed by: Patrick Murray 

20.Primitive Skate | DEFINE (2022)

After a massive summer, Primitive Skate is back with a complete-length offering that’ll make your head spin. Featuring insane tricks from Wade D, Paul Rodriguez, and many more – this has some of the best skatings from all genres you’ll see in one video. Not only is the skating so good, but the vibe here is so fun and motivating it makes us want to get out there and skate again!

Directed by: Alan Hannon.

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Final Words....

If you want to learn how to skateboard, many instructional videos are available on YouTube and other online platforms. You’ll find that many of these videos are very generic and don’t offer much value.

The good news is there are a few videos that are worth watching. We covered the most famous skateboard videos. 


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