Which Way do Skateboard Bearings Face?

It is not necessary to seek professional help every time you need to replace your skateboard bearings. You can do that on your own. You need to gather a little bit of confidence and enough knowledge to change skateboard bearings that are not rugged.

Newbies might be thinking, which way do the skateboard bearings face? I got you! So I will teach you the most workable methods for setting up your skateboard bearings. This article will make your task easy, like a piece of cake.

I will try to give a solution for all the possible questions that might come to your mind right now about skateboard bearings. So sit tight and read with due attention.

the way skateboard bearings go in

Which Way Do Bearings Go in a Skateboard

Do you know what can give you extra speed and smoothness for each skating? Yes, you get it right, knowing the correct position of your skateboard bearings. In addition, a perfect installation can reduce friction and ensure your safe riding.

You are supposed to be wrong if you think it doesn’t matter which way bearings go. Well, let me make it crystal clear, your perfect skating partly depends on which way bearings go in. 

Here I am going to walk you through the simple question by which you can get the solution quickly:

Which Way do Bones Reds go?

We will start with bone reds because, as you know, it’s the primarily important part. Remember, bone reds are always faced the outer way. It helps to control the speed of the skateboard bearings. Let’s know how its works:

First, stick the red part of the bones outside, then attach the other side of the bones red inside. Set the red side in the wheel and push it back with your hands as much as possible. Now put the washer in the upper side of the bones reds and tighten them together.

bones reds skateboard bearings always face outer way

Which way Does a Wheel Bearing go in?

If you hear any noise while spinning the skateboard, then maybe it’s time to replace the wheel bearing. For doing this, the only tool you will need is a skate wrench. Take off all the nuts from the wheels, then take your wheel bearing.

 Now put the rubber part on the outside, take your wheel, and push it as far as possible to ensure the space for bearing. When you are done, put a washer and your nut together. After that, use the wrench to tighten the whole thing very well.

the way skateboard wheel bearings go

Are Swiss Bearings Essential for Skateboarding?

Swiss bearings are the most standard bearing for skateboards because its made of the highest technology. This is suitable for both outdoor and indoor skating. Those are harder, faster even last longer.

Most users of Swiss bearings say they get dirty soon, but did you know Swiss bearings become more speedy when it gets dirty? The main reason behind people are fond of this bearing is it can be used in a hazardous area, and its performance will be the same. Especially Swiss bearings are mostly used for downhill areas. 

Can You Use a Shield-less Bearing?

If you are using a shield-less bearing, you might face some technical problems. Shield-less bearing is not a permanent downgrade for skateboards.

These ingredients come with chemicals, preventing dirt from getting into the bearings. So this can add advantage to you.

skateboards bearings shield construction

Which Way do Skateboard Wheels Face?

Here I am talking about the way to face the skateboard wheel. Let’s see how to do it:

1.  We have to start the setup process with trucks. The way you ride your board and lean into your turns makes your front and back trucks brake very differently. Don’t mess up which side comes from the front and the back. 

2. Take a wrench or vice grip and remove the wheels. Take off the axle nuts and keep all the nuts and speed washers together. 

3. Get the bearings out of the wheels. Slide the wheel and bearing about a ½ inch onto the axle, then pry the bearing out using your wrist. Repeat the same steps to remove all the wheel bearings.

4. Put the bearings into the wheels, then put speed washers back on the axle. Then place two bearings with the shields facing down.

5. Now, put the new wheel on top of the bearings and press down on both sides with equal pressure until the bearing slides fully into the rotation.

6. If you want to use bearing spacers, put them on—the axle before pressing in the second bearing.

7. Unless your wheels are specifically designed to go a certain way. 

8. Put the speed washer back on and tighten the axle nuts. 

9. Do all these steps for the rest of the wheels, and you are done.

Follow all of those steps for the perfect skateboard wheels setup. 

Tips for Perfect Skateboard Bearings Set Up

Here are some tips for better skateboarding:

Removing skateboard wheels graphics

Some people don’t like the graphics on skateboard wheels. If you are one of them, you can remove it easily by following simple tips. 

  • First, you must arrange the things you will need to do. You need a Mr. Clean magic eraser, gloves, wheels, and water. 
  • Now wear gloves that dampen the magic eraser and scrub until the graphics are gone. All you need is your thumb pressure. 
skateboard wheels and bearings set up

Removing yellowish spots from skateboard bearings

The main reason behind this problem could be that urethane breaks down and degrades from exposure to sunlight. To make your skateboard wheels white again, you have to go through some easy  steps given below:

  • Take a large bowl or use your bathroom sink.
  • Fill the sink with a good quantity of water, then mix a big scoop of OxiClean. To make the solution more effective, use less water.
  • Put the wheels on the solution and keep scrubbing. 

Final Words....

Well, guys, that’s all there’s to it.

I hope there’s no more confusion about which way do skateboard bearings face. You don’t need expensive products or anything to install skateboard bearings.

 Just follow the steps, and your skateboard setup is done within an hour. Hopefully, you have found something beneficial after reading this article. 


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