10 Best Skateparks in California

California is brimming with skateparks and offers some of the finest skating terrains in the world. With endless miles of rolling hills and coastline, California has been a haven for skateboarders since the 1970s. There are over 2,000 skateparks in California from then to today, and the number keeps growing. 

Whether it’s rare street obstacles, bowls, vert ramps, or a DIY spot, California has it all. They aim to provide better opportunities for teenagers, especially in disadvantaged communities.

But with so many great skate spots, choosing where you want to skate can take time and effort. Here are the 10 best places to skate from a skater’s perspective.

10 Best Skateparks in California

Here are the 10 top locations to skate in California. Whether you’re an expert rider or just learning to skate, these parks will provide plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure

  • Chicano Park Skatepark
  • Alameda Skate Park
  • Fremont Skatepark
  • Pedlow Field Skate Park
  • Stoner Skate Plaza
  • Costa Mesa Skate Park
  • Linda Vista Skate Park
  • Garvanza Skatepark
  • Park de la Cruz Skatepark
  • Belvedere Skatepark

1.Chicano Park Skatepark, San Diego

Chicano Park Skatepark, San Diego

If you’re looking for a skatepark that’s free to use and is located in Barrio Logan, Chicano Park Skatepark is your spot. It is thought to be one of San Diego’s best skateparks. It has a huge bowl, a mini ramp, and a halfpipe. It’s notable for its Chicano murals, but it also boasts several street-inspired features, including quarterpipes and A-frames.

The DIY street-plaza concrete skatepark is neither a park nor a plaza; it mixes the streetscape and small-scale transition elements. There are some fun rails to grind on and drop-ins into the bowl area (or “street” area). If you’re looking for something challenging to try out at this park, look no further than the A-frame with a rail on one end and manual pad/ledge on another!

2.Alameda Skate Park, Alameda

alameda skatepark in California

Alameda Skatepark is one of the Bay Area’s best outdoor parks. It has a good mix of street and vert skating, plenty of riding space, and incredible views. The park first opened its doors to skaters in 2001 and occupies a total of 36,000 square feet. This park is fun for solo skaters and groups because there are four bowls with stairs leading up to them so that you can do some serious hauling ass around inside.

This skatepark is located on a Navy base. So, if you’re lucky enough to get into this one, it will be closed off to cars, and your session will be uninterrupted by traffic or pedestrians.

The park has a good flow with plenty of space, and it’s great for beginners because there are many ramps to practice on without getting in the way of anyone else. There are also some fun rails if you want to do some manuals or grinds. The only downside is that there aren’t any cracks for people who want to learn how to slide.

3.Fremont Skatepark, Fremont

Fremont Skatepark, well designed skate park in California

The Fremont Skate Park is one acre in size and features a street course, bowl, fun box, and other elements you’d expect to see at any modern skatepark. The park’s design was created by Wormhoudt Inc., which has designed parks all over California and beyond.

Fremont Skatepark is open from dawn to 8 P.M. So if you’re looking for an afternoon activity on your next trip out west or want to practice some tricks before heading home after visiting San Francisco, this is an excellent spot for skating!

The park has a lot of space and is perfect for beginners and advanced skaters alike. It’s also well-maintained, so if you’re looking for a place to skate where you won’t have to worry about the surface being slippery or cracked, this is a great option!

4.Pedlow Field Skate Park, Los Angeles

Pedlow Field Skate Park, Los AngelesPedlow Skate Park is located in Encino, Los Angeles. It first welcomed visitors on February 17, 2001, and reopened to the public in August 2006 after undergoing extensive renovations.

This skate park has a 20,000-square-foot concrete park emphasizing street skating. The skaters can enjoy a large pool bowl, snake run bowl (which looks like a wave), pyramid feature, and rails. Some fun street elements are also suitable for beginners or those who want to teach their kids how to skateboard or scooter safely without being bothered by crowds of people.

There is no entrance fee, but this is not an official site. Because of this, it may be inaccessible at inopportune times due to vandalism or repairs. But you should check ahead of time because the hours can change based on the weather, etc.

5.Stoner Skate Plaza, West Los Angeles

Stoner Skate Plaza, West Los Angeles

The Stoner Skate Plaza is California Skateparks’ latest project in West Los Angeles. The plaza’s main inspiration is the letter S for Stoner, which is shown by a red line that travels through the park and serves as a hub for different activities.

The Plaza is 20000 square feet of concrete skateboarding heaven, surrounded by trees and benches to provide shade so you can chill out after your session. They’re the top experts in concrete skate park construction after 20 years. So, regardless of your skill level, you’ll find something useful there! It includes skateparks, public works, multi-use park facilities, and residential and commercial landscaping.

6.Costa Mesa Skate Park, Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa Skate Park, Costa MesaThe Costa Mesa Skate Park is a 24,000-square-foot park built in 2005. It has elements that are designed for street skating and bowls. The bowl’s V shape allows for almost all classic maneuvers to be performed on it. 

This skatepark belongs in Costa Mesa because of its proximity to the ocean and beach communities nearby. And that makes it the perfect spot for surfers who want to take a break from riding waves or want a place where they can relax after surfing all day long. The city built this skatepark to provide recreation for residents and visitors alike who want an alternative activity to swimming or playing volleyball on the beach during their vacation at this popular destination along California’s coastline!

The park has a variety of obstacles, ranging from quarter pipes to stairs. This is especially helpful for those just starting because they can learn to perform certain maneuvers without worrying about injuring themselves by hitting a rail or hitting someone else at high speeds.

7.Linda Vista Skate Park, San Diego

Linda Vista Skate Park, largest skatepark San Diego Linda Vista Skate Park is the largest skatepark in San Diego and is free to use. Locals have loved it ever since it launched on January 16, 2018. There are many features for all skill levels, including rails, stairs, ramps, banks, ledges, jumps, a bowl, and more! 

The park also has lights so you can skate at night if you want to (which always makes things more fun). Even a bridge crosses over the park—it’s like having your skate-through tunnel!

As far as non-skating features go: Shade structures and sitting/observation areas are available throughout the park, so you can rest when you need it or hang out with friends while they’re skating.

8.Garvanza Skatepark, Los Angeles

Garvanza Skatepark, Los AngelesIf you’re looking to go out and skate in Los Angeles, Garvanza is the place to be. It’s a gritty spot designed with the help of local skaters who want a place to hang out with their friends. The park is known for its gnarly, graffiti-filled bowl that can be intimidating for beginners. 

The park has so many features that you’ll never get bored skating here. There are rails and stairs, an open bowl, a snake run, and a bank-to-bank transfer. There’s also a street section with rails and stairs that doubles as a mini ramp when there aren’t any skaters around.

While this is not the spot for you if you’re looking for a leisurely skate session, it’s a great option to test your skills on something more challenging than your neighborhood park’s quarterpipe.

If you’re ready to tackle the bowl yourself, know that access is limited: Skateboard Park Hours: 10 a.m.-10 p.m., daily; Visitors must wear helmets, elbow and knee pads (and no shoes). Under 18 participants need a guardian present at all times to enter the park.

9.Park de la Cruz Skatepark, San Diego

Park de la Cruz Skatepark, San Diego for practicing skill at nightPark de la Cruz Skatepark is a 19,300-square-foot facility located in San Diego. It features a flow bowl with a spine ramp, a street plaza with flow features, banks, and transition ramps. There is also a street plaza A-frame with gap and rail features ideal for beginners to learn how to ride transition ramps on their boards.

The skate park has a signature mid-city ramp that features beginner gap, rail, stair, and ledge boxes, making this place perfect for both beginners and professional riders who want to try new tricks on their skateboards.

In addition to having access to these fantastic facilities, you can also enjoy sports lighting and skate park lighting, making it easier for you at night to practice your skating skills!

10.Belvedere Skatepark, East Los Angeles

Belvedere Skatepark plaza style, East Los AngelesBelvedere Skatepark is one of your best options if you’re looking to spend a day shredding the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. This plaza-style skatepark is set up like a small town street with curbs, banks, and bowls—all made out of old-school concrete that feels unforgiving if you fall on it (which will happen). It has more advanced features for experienced skaters, like quarter pipes and snake runs. If you’re feeling ambitious, there’s even a street course.

The best part about Belvedere Skatepark is that it’s completely free. All you have to do is bring your board and some knee pads, and you’re good to go. Just watch out for signs on the wall when entering, as there are rules at this park that everyone must follow.


Most frequent questions and answers

What is the biggest skatepark in California?

At 68,000 square feet, Lake Cunningham Action Sports Park is California’s biggest skate park. It has a design and layout that are up-to-date and great for both beginners and experienced skaters. There are several different areas to skate across multiple levels, and the park features a variety of obstacles as well as street elements such as snake runs, steps, stairs, and ledges.

What is the oldest skatepark in California?

 The Carlsbad Skate Park opened in 1976, making it the oldest skate park in California. The park is also one of the largest and most popular skate parks in this state, with features such as curbs, stairs, and ledges.

Who owns California Skateparks?

California Skateparks is owned and operated by Joseph Ciaglia, whose passion for skateboarding has been the driving force behind his company since its inception in 1998. A lifelong skater, Joseph was inspired to start his skatepark after witnessing his hometown’s lack of quality facilities. Since then, he has built some of the world’s best skateparks and established himself as a leader in the industry.

How much does it cost to build a skatepark in California?

The cost to build a skatepark in California ranges from $50-$75 per square foot. This is an average price based on the total estimated costs, which include design and construction services.

Final Words....

If you’re looking for some of the best skateparks in California, we hope this list has helped you narrow down your options. There is something for everyone, regardless of their level of skills and experience. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to practice or an adrenaline rush, these 10 locations will keep you entertained all year round.


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