How to overcome fear in skateboarding? Burst your fear

Do you remember when you just mastered how to stand in both legs and then the next goal to achieve was to learn how to walk and how much it seemed scary yet cool watching your parents pulling it off smoothly? Bet you don’t and neither do I. But I bet you can remember how scary and nervous it felt on the first day of our school or frist day of your job. Bet it now feels as easy as breathing, you can pull it off without even thinking! Its just very normal to be fearful, its just how our instinct warns us because it never experienced anything like it before, so yea it starts to create scenarios in our head by gathering datas from familiar experiences and gives off an idea of how its going to be. Most of the time to most of us its “Scary”. As a fellow ‘Scared’ person its my duty to tell you how I dealt with the fear and how to overcome fear in skateboarding .Considering the following action plan helped me a lot

  • Making up mind
  • Learning the basics
  • Spending time to master the tricks
  • Learning to fall and commit
  • Rewarding myself to focus 

So keep reading and dont be scared cause this article isn’t going to let you down, you will learn a few tricks to get over with fear of skateboarding by the end of this article. 

overcoming fear of skateboarding

Make Intention

If you’ve reached this far then you already pulled off this step. A part of you might’ve warned you that this article is gonna suck but another part that overpowered it pushed you to ‘Take the risk’ convincing yourself that may be it wont suck as much as I think it will! And yea most of the cases “IT DOESN’T SUCK”. So yea make up your mind get a hold of that emotion and make intention that you are gonna do anything to get past this scared feeling.


mke intention to win fear of skateboarding

Educate yourself

Efforts that are given after getting Educated and efforts that are given after getting seduced by its “wow factor” or mere assumptions are likely to bring opposite results. Learn about the basics of skateboarding. Learn about the do’s and don’ts. Ask the experts, because it may seem like piece of cake when the pull off a stunt with his skateboard but believe me baking that cake is the hardest part no one gets to see or know.

educating skateboard basics to conquer the fear of skateboarding

Get your Safety Gears on

Once you start to feel like you’ve almost read all the articles on the internet about “How to overcome fear in skateboarding” then may be you do feel like its time to hop on the board and get on track. But No! Tell your adrenaline to not to fool you, because now its time to get to shopping and buy the available safety gears before you heat the track. Remember, Better be safe then sorry!

skateboarding with safety gear to get rid of fear of skateboarding

Set a date

Finally It is the day when you start having visions of yourself that you are pulling out those stunts like pro and amature skateboarders are cheering you and eagerly waiting for you to ask for some tips. Yep! Set a date, may be a month from now or 6 months from now or a year from now that you will give yourself to teach and perfect the tricks. And make sure you do follow it too!

practice skateboard at a achedule to conquer fear of skateboarding

Start Small

Don’t be shy or be overconfident to start small. Believe me you are gonna need the basics of skateboarding. Even if you already know the basics, revising them only will get you close to the perfection!

learning to fall at a small start to overcome skateboard phobia

Get used to falling

Theres a lot to learn before you can finally be on your own class. For example. 

Learn how to fall

There are tricks to fall that may save you from injuries. Learn them. 

Chicken foot

Being scared of keeping both feet on deck is scary. So learn how to land first with only your front foot and after that your back foot.


Learn how not to overthink and concentrate to what you are doing and what you wanna achieve. 


Even the Pro-est riders fail thousands of times to pull off one trick smoothly. Without optimism you wont be getting anywhere. 

Boost Self confidence

Start with a trick that you know like the back of your hand and boost your self-confidence. Then try something new yet similar to it, you may find it easy.

Watch Videos

Try watching the videos available on social media.

Ask an Expert

An expert’s opinion is always a gem. May be ask him to show you how he does it and then ask him watch you do it. And you may ask for suggestions afterwards. 

Ignore the crowd and its comments

Its ok to fail and you surely will fail at first and as you are practicing in public you surely will hear some comments or see something demotivating and displeasing. IGNORE THEM! Concentrate on yourself and revisualize your vision and keep it up!

Get a Partner

A good friend is always a plus. Get a partner with whom you can always roll and share your vision with.

Calculate the risk

Learn how to calculate the risk. Not everything you think is cool is worth it. Theres no alternatives of making smart decisions. 

Reward Yourself

Along the way you surely will pull off some stunts perfectly eventually. Don’t forget to share it with your friends may be shoot a video and post it online. It will boost your confidence. And don’t forget to reward yourself for the hard work, may be a treat or buying new skateboard. Just make do something to remember the moment and yourself happy!

You don't have to be an expert at everything!

Not everything’s meant for everyone. Its really ok to give up. Usain Bolt may never be able to be like Michael Jordan even if he tries it with his best all his life. Learn when to give up. And never ever belittle yourself if you fail at something.  

Remember “Give your best and forget the rest!”

Final Words....

you will need it all from Concentrated power of will till Fame after you post the stunt videos online to keep yourself going until a point where the word fear wont be worth remembering anymore. Don’t forget to share the miserably failed attempt videos too, it surely will help other enthusiasts like you to believe on themselves like you did believe on yourself! 


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