How to Clean Skateboard Griptape

Grip tapes play an integral role for skaters riding on their decks. It helps you in keeping your board on-air as you do a Kickflip or jump up a puddle. Just as much as it wrecks your shoes, it is necessary to keep it clean for better performance.

One of the best feelings is to start a skating day with a clammy, sturdy and grippy deck. But that will last only a few minutes as it glides through mud, dirt & sand.

But you can’t just tear off your old and dirty grip tape & get new ones installed after every ride right? Why not just give it a fresh clean shower?

What To Use To Clean Skateboard Griptape

If you want to avoid making a hole in your pocket by buying new grip tape sheets every 10-15 rides, this article is for you!

Start with buying the items below to clean your grip tape:

  • A wire brush(preferably soft one)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Naturally made rubber

You can find all the supplies in your nearest Dollar store or you can order through Amazon. They might cost just as equal as a new grip paper roll. But they surely augment the vitality of your existing grip tape in performance, in excellence as well as in grip!

hoe to clean skateboard grip tape with wire brush, toothbrush, household brush

Expectations Vs. Reality

It’s true that once you run your skateboard a cleaning process, you will see following benefit :

  • The wheels and truck work better
  • The grip tape feels sticky again
  • Saves the hassle of replacing the parts and pieces within a short period
  • Saves you from making a hole in your wallet
  • Keeps your skateboard intact from any external harm

 However, know what to expect! Even The best skateboard grip tape feels sticky again after a wash but it won’t look anew. Once used, gadgets tend to look rugged. It is fine as long as it works when in the field. 

But in my opinion, if your skateboard grip tape is peeling or you do want it to look new, you may try & replace it.

How To Clean Skateboard Grip Tape: step by step

These are the simple steps to make your skateboard or longboard look neat & make it ready to ride within no time! 

Step 1: Removing The Grim With A Rubber

“Grip Gum” is something you’ll easily find in any skate store or sports shop. This is a chunk of natural rubber we are talking about. Shouldn’t cost you more than a few dollars.

A substitute to this rubber is an art supply, cheaper but equivalent when it comes to performance. Ask the stationary storekeeper for “Rubber Cement Pickup” and you will have in hand what we need for this step. 

Now that you have it, you would want to rub across your grip tape firmly. It should extract out all the crud and gunk off of your grip tape. The texture of the surface of grip tape is such that it increases traction between the board & your shoes. So if you feel the need, repeat the wiping process on spots that have embedded extra to clean skate grip tape with grip gum

Step 2: Wire Brush Helps!

Local hardware stores are where you will find a soft wire brush. While buying one, remember to check for the bristles to be soft. Skateboard grip tape surfaces are sensitive enough to be ruined by coarse brushes.

Do not use any sort of liquid cleaner such as glass cleaner, dish soap, etc. Skateboard grip tapes easily soak up liquids below the surface & as they get dampen, they are ruined.

Presently as you have the brush, rub the spots where you feel the rubber couldn’t work well enough. Brushing it through will easily take away gunks stuck beneath the rough surface. Some might tell you to use an old toothbrush for the same. In my opinion, toothbrush bristles aren’t tough enough to withstand the hardness of grip tapes. 

Lastly, run through step 1 once more so that the rubber piece can suck away all the dirt you brushed out of the holeshow to clean skateboard with brush, toothbrush, household brush, dishwashing brush

How To Clean Longboard Grip Tape Without Rubber/Brush At Home

Most people don’t know how to deep cleanse a coarse longboard grip tape at home if a piece of rubber or brush isn’t helping even. No reason to be worried as my article today is here to cover all your queries!

Remember not to run this process with skateboard grip tape as it is sensitive in texture to withstand any scrubbing or soaking.

Here’s what might help you:

  • Any liquid soap such as shampoo, window cleaner, tap water, dish soap, clean paper towel etc. That’s all!

Time to follow the steps below as I guide you:

  1. Start by preparing the cleaning liquid you will need for this process. Mix water with ½ cup of cleaning liquid or wash soap. You can use a professional measuring cup for preciseness. Do not make it too runny.
  2. Now dip a rubbing cloth or microfiber into the solution and start scrubbing the parts of the grip taped deck which you feel are too grimy. You can also use a soft wire brush from the last section for scrubbing.
  3. Start scrubbing at one end of the deck and thoroughly focus on the sections you think are important to get rid of all the dust and mud. Make sure you cover all parts as you reach the other end.
  4. Do not wet the grip tape with liquid too much as it might start peeling. This might require you to replace it.
  5. Time to dry the surface. Use pieces of microfiber cloth as they are good absorbent. Lay it all over your deck and dab until the water vanishes into the cloth. Do Not Rub. 
  6. Lastly, finish by wiping it clean with a piece of Grip Gum again. Before that, the gum doesn’t work if the deck is even a bit damp. So only do it after it is well dried.skateboard griptape before and after cleaning 


Most frequent questions and answers

What household items can I use to clean my grip tape?

As described in the article, you can use household ingredients to clean your skateboard grip tape. Some of them are toothbrushes, shampoo, dish washing soap or car wash and window cleaner(as stated before) etc. You can also replace the microfiber with a kitchen rug.

How do I get the dirt off my grip tape?

It is normal if you don’t have time to run a deep cleansing process every time. A soft wire brush should be enough in that case. Brush off the dry dirt or mud particles once it dries off gently. Do not rub too hard. That’s how you can get the dirt off of your grip tape without getting all messy & wet. grip

Does clear grip tape get dirty?

The best part of having clear grip tape installed is that it is easily replaceable. IT DOES GET DIRTY. But the cleaning process is easier than the normal ones. Only rubbing with a Grip Gum does the job! And for a deeper level of cleanliness, showering your deck with soapy water splash should be enough.

Final Words....

The article has been authorized keeping all kinds of problems that may arise while cleaning up your favourite playtool. We hope it covers all sorts of queries that you may have.


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