Best Skateboard Grip Tape: Top 10 Recommendations!

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You must find the best quality grip tape for keeping up the good balance while skating. Grip tapes can be compared to sandpaper. Such materials stick to your shoes and skateboard well so that you won’t slide off as well as be able to ride the skate smoothly. 

High Quality Grip tape maintains a good balance between your skate shoes and the skateboard. From the beginner to the professional skateboarders, everyone needs skateboard grip tape to stay safe from injuries. 

Skateboard grip tapes are not that easy to pick. You might get different grip tape brands  in various price ranges. Make sure you gather rough ideas and details about the best skateboard grip tape in the market.

Finding best grip tape brands for skate will certainly boost up the experience and keep skating easier.

Top 10 Skateboard Grip Tapes

Ripping shoes are a common scenario for every skater. But we are here to protect your favorite pair of shoes from shredding. The popular grip tapes we enlisted will be easy on your shoes but will be tough on tricks. 

Our Top Pick (Updated)

  • Best for Easy Application

    Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black
    Top pick
  • Best-Overall

    Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet
    Top Pick
  • Best-Budget

    Black Diamond Sheet of Skateboard Grip Tape
  • Best Multi-purpose

    ZUEXT Bubble Free Waterproof Black Scooter Grip Tape
  • Honorable Recommendation

    Grizzly Grip Tape Tramp Stamp Black Griptape
  • most Durable

    Mr. Pen- Grip Tape
  • Best for DIY Design

    Senya Skateboard Grip Tape
  • Best for Cruiser

    Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape
  • Honorable Recommendation

    Black Widow Skateboard Griptape Checker
  • Honorable Recommendation

    Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape

mob skateboard  black grip tape sheet


Mob Skateboard Grip Tape - Best for Easy Application

TOp Feature

Don’t apply grip tape on your deck before this? Then, Mob Skateboard Grip Tape will be your go-to option without making any mess. It contains thousands of hidden tiny air holes, allowing air to escape through. As a result, you can stick this Mob grip tape with your skateboard deck without any air bubbles. It’s helpful for the newbie who has never applied grip tape before. 

Exclusive silicon-carbide grit materials ensure both longevity and really grippy grip quality. Due to this material, the grip tape from Mob will never wear out. And its super sticky adhesive keeps the tape attached with the deck firmly. As a result, extremely hot and cold weather fail to peel it off. 

The grip tape is thirty three inches long in length and 9 inches in width. It means this Mob grip tape fits every skateboard- even in some cruisers. 

Nonetheless, you can’t find a good grip tape that is customizable like Mob Grip. It comes in different colors and patterns to choose from that meet your personality. 




Jessup Skateboard Griptape - Best Overall

Top Feature

jessup grip tape for overall skateboard

Tough on tricks, easy on shoes! Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet is what you need for skating and performing tricks safely. Superior gripping capability, solid bonding to the deck, excellent durability are all criteria you need for professional skateboarding. And this grippiest grip tapes provides all of them. 

This professional skateboard grip tape uses silicon carbide grit with an aggressive adhesive.  Due to its sturdy construction, you can land any tricks on this trusted grip tape. It will never wear out and serve you for years to come. 

Turns out, its ‘Super Tough’ grip formula sticks to any board. As a result, you can customize it according to deck concaves. Therefore, it’s easy to trim out and won’t wear out like other grip tapes. 

When it comes to gripping ability, you can find no anti-slip grip tape roll like this. This Jessup ultra grip tape offers maximum grip for ultimate riding control in the skateparks or performing the toughest tricks.   

Indeed, you can hardly find a grip tape that offers maximum grip, lasts for a long time, and provides rock-solid bonding at this price point. 



black diamond best budget friendly grip tape


Black Diamond Skateboard Grip Tape- Best-Budget

TOp Feature

You don’t hate to get a gripe that is customizable, durable, and offers maximum grip. And if you find all of these features in a single product at an affordable price, waiting to get it might not be a smart decision. Yes, Black Diamond Grip Tape is what meets all of these criteria. 

Maximum grip is what we most skaters love about this grip tape. Its 80 grit silicon carbide surface offers you optimum adhesion for your deck. In return, you will get the support and a firm grip on the board to perform tricks with exceptional riding control. 

Now, let’s move on to its longevity. Black diamond grip tape comes first when you are considering longevity.Like our top picks, it uses silicon as the construction material. Because of its heavy duty grip tape design, it can withstand any weather conditions. On top of this, this grip tape uses industrial grade glue that adheres to any deck surface. As a result, the tape will not wear out or peel off easily. 

Stylish is the other word we can use to define this skateboard grip tape for skateboards. It is the only grip tape on this list that comes with multiple colors and patterns. You can choose any of them and decorate your deck. 

Turns out, you can easily cut this grip tape out for custom application. 




ZUEXT Black - Best Multi-purpose Grip Tape

Top Feature

 ZUEXT Bubble Free Waterproof Black Scooter Best Multi purpose skateboard grip tape

What if a single grip tape fits your every stuff like a skateboard, longboard, razor, gun, and stairs? Then, ZUEXT skateboard Grip Tape will be your ideal choice. 

ZUEXT skateboard Grip Tape has tear proof backing trims cleanly which makes grip tape clean every time. This backing trims work as a grip cleaner. Because of its wide size, you can cut it to fit every application, including your skateboard, wheelchairs, gun, roller board, and scooter. Indeed, this is a multi-purpose grip tape. 

When it comes to superior durability, only a few skateboard grip tapes are available in the market. The thickness of ZUEXT grip tape is 1.5 mm. Plus, it uses sturdy silicone carbide grit as its construction material that won’t wear out. Therefore, the stick adhesive keeps the tape on your board firmly, and it doesn’t peel off in extreme heat or cold. 

Next, let’s move on to gripping ability of ZUEXT grip tape. The super strong adhesive it uses offers superior adhesion. In return, all levels of riders get a maximum grip that leads them to perform the toughest tricks with confidence. 



grizzly skateboard grip tape


Grizzly Grip Tape Best for all

TOp Feature

At the bottom of the list, we include Grizzly Grip Tape for its ability to better grip your feet firmly on the skateboard. So, you don’t need to worry about slipping away from the deck.

The strong adhesive backing is the key features we spot out about grizzly grip. Due to this, it sticks with your deck firmly and doesn’t peel off easily. Therefore, its stamp lets you know where the nose and the tail are on the board. 

Unlike the Mob Grip Tape, Grizzly Griptape is not sharper grip, causing your shoe to shred so quickly. On top of this, this grip tape is large enough that fits almost every skateboard- even on some cruisers.




Mr. Pen Skateboard Grip Tape- Most Durable

Top Feature

mr pen durable skateboard grip tape

Support you for years to come! Yes, Mr. Pen Grip Tape is what lasts for several years and provides you the support and better grip you need for skating. 

This high-strength grip tape is 1/32 inch thick and uses durable silicon carbide grit. Plus, its super sticky adhesive prevents the grip from peeling off in cold & heat. All of these ensure the longevity of this longboard grip tape. 

Apart from its super durability, this specialized grip tapes is also multi-functional. The dimension of this tape is 36.4 x 10.6 inches. So, it will fit both your skateboard and longboard. Therefore, you can easily trim it  and stick it with your scooter as well. 

Bubble-free application is the best feature of this product we spot out. It has thousands of invisible holes, allowing the air to escape through to ensure easy to apply with no bubbles. 




Senya Skateboard Grip Tape- Best DIY Design

Top Feature

senya best DIY design skateboard grip tape

Do you want to make your skateboard unique from the most boards of your fellow skaters? Then, bring the Senya Skateboard Grip Tape to your house. The appearance of the Universe Galaxy Nebula of this sandpaper and its unique DIY grip designed tape will give a unique look to your skateboard.  

Besides its beautiful appearance, it’s also functional. The pro-grade grip tape offers world-class adhesion to let you perform the trickiest tricks with confidence. And the best part is- it supports all levels of riders and allows them to land any tricks. 

Durability is the other name of Senya Skateboard Grip Tape. The gripper uses silicon-carbide grit as its built-in material with the binding process for maximum grip. As a result, it won’t wear out easily. Therefore, its sticky side adhesive prevents the tape from peeling off in extreme temperatures. 

Easy to apply is what we love most about it. Cutting and trimming the tape with a sharp knife will be a breeze. You can cut it and apply it effortlessly to fit any skateboard or scooter. 




Lucid Grip Spray Grip Tape- Best stylish

Top Feature

lucid spray grip tape for cruiser skateboard

Cruising around the skate park on a cruiser needs a little bit of help that just keeps you on the board. Regarding this, you don’t need super grippy grip tape, which may just shred your shoes. And this grip tape from Lucid is what you look for. 

It’s not like the traditional grip tape you see on the market. Unlike other tapes, it includes sharp stones and adhesive. Just sprinkle some tapes on the deck and spray the glue to secure the tape on your skateboard. 

The best part of the Lucid grip tape is– you can apply on the areas where you need the most grips. So, you don’t need to waste the grip sheet on your entire skateboard. 

Apart from these upsides, this best grip tape sheet also has some downsides. For example, it only provides a little bit of grip. So, it will not be perfect for you if you love to perform the toughest tricks, which require ultimate riding control. 




Black Widow Skateboard Griptape

Top Feature

black widow best skateboard grip tape

Black Widow Grip Tape is the best clear skateboard grip tape. The clear grip tape is almost see-through so it shows your board color. 

The dimension of this grip tape is 9″ x 33″. So, you can cover almost every regular skateboard riders and cruiser by installing it. Therefore, its adhesive keeps the grip tape in its place without peeling it off. 

Like our top picks, this grip tape also uses silicon as its construction material. So, harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold won’t peel it off. So, it will provide the grip you need for years to come. 




Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape- Honorable Recommendation

Top Feature

shake junt grippy grip tape for skateboard

Simple yet stylish! Shake Junt Spray Grip is simple and comes in one color. You can find everything like grip tape, and an adhesive bottle in the package. 

Shake Junt grip tape is sticky enough that provides maximum grip for performing tricks. Therefore, the grippy glue will never come off due to extreme heat and cold.

Simple installation is the remarkable feature we spot out. Just unbox your grip tape and adhesive bottle and put them together on the skateboard deck. 



Buying Guide: How To Choose Grip Tape For Skateboard

a buying guide for skateboard grip tape

Take the following considerations into account before purchasing the best griptape for your skateboard. They will help you pick the right one. 


Before buying a grip tape for your skateboard, make sure whether the grip tape will fit your skateboard deck or not. Most professional skaters often make this mistake by picking the wrong size grip tape. 

They keep their feet in this trap by choosing wrong buyer’s guide that’s dimension is equal to their skateboard. That’s why the tape doesn’t fit their board properly due to the concave design and kicktail’s shape. 

We recommend you pick the grip tape about one inch wider than the width and two inches longer than the length of your board. Always try to pick standard size.

Consider the Sharpness of Your Grip

The next criterion you should consider before buying the best grip tape is its sharpness. It’s indispensable because it provides the support and more control you need for performing better tricks or just cruising. 

Most pro skaters prefer the grippy and extra sharp grip tape. Such a grip tape helps them to perform the toughest tricks and provides them ultimate riding control. 

However, the downside of getting a too sharp grip tape will rip the shoes so quickly. And of course, a pair of shoes are more expensive than the grip tape itself. 

We suggest you take a grippy tape with less sharpness if you want to prolong the lifespan of your shoes. 

Keep in mind; you need to go through some trials and errors to discover the right type of best grip tapes for you. 


Don’t forget to consider the stickiness of the grip tape before purchasing one. How long the grip tape will last and how reliable the grip tape will depend on the stickiness. 

A grip tape industry-grade adhesive will keep the tape in place on your board. Therefore, it ensures whether the grip tape will peel off or not. 

On top of this, the strong adhesive of the grip tape will prevent the tape from wearing & bubbling up. 


How you decorate your skateboard it’s up to you. A colored grip tape looks more stylish on your board than a blank grip tape. If you are looking for a stylish grip tape, go for the this Sheet of Skateboard Grip Tape. It comes in different colors and patterns. 

Compatible with Longboard or Not

It doesn’t make sense to buy separate grip tapes for your skateboard, longboard, and cruiser. What you need to do is- just choose the right size of grip tape. However, you should buy multiple grip tapes if you are a downhill skater.


You don’t want to get a grip tape that will wear out after a round of skating. Pick the best grip tape that will last for years to come. And how long a grip tape will last depends on the built-in material. Always buy a standard grip tape that uses silicon as its construction element. It is one of the most important factors while choosing grip tape. This type of good grip tape can shield your grip tape from wear, heat, and cold


Price will not be a factor when it comes to buying a new grip tape for skateboards. All of the grip tapes we reviewed are within your reach. Different quality grip tapes varies with price. However,  if you still consider your budget, go for the Black Diamond Skateboard Grip Tape. 

Final Words

We reviewed some of the best skateboard grip tapes on the market. After describing each of them with details, the list still seems quite long. 

To help you out, we recommend the Jessup Skateboard Grip tape is best. From price point to its features, everything is top-class compared to other standard grip tapes on this list. 

Therefore, this popular skateboard grip tape is reliable, durable, feel secure and easy on your shoes. So, you don’t regret it if you will get it.