Best Skateboard Shoes To Buy in 2024

best skate shoes for beginners, young and pro skaters

brands are coming up with fresh & trendy designs that suit the spirits of the age. The 2022 sports journal has praised several brands for innovating modern features in skating shoes and their good-looking outlooks. We decided to review their best pieces for you!

Skateboarding possesses the 6th position as the most popular sport in the world. It has already made its debut in the Tokyo Olympics 2022. Time to set your gears right & level up your game! 

Do not worry as our featured best skate shoes can be your go-to sneaker even when you are not sliding down a rail. Read through to hear all the first-hand experiences & learn about the best shoes to skate in. 

Why Our Guide?

Worried about what shoes to wear when skateboarding? 

Willing to buy the best-looking footwear of the year even if it costs you a fortune? We’ve got you covered!

After much digging into the manufactory, our skate experts have enlisted the most refined and good-looking skating shoes available currently in the market. We have scrutinized the critical features like traction, durability, flexibility, board feel, etc & tested each for over 60 hours. These are the 10 world’s best skate shoes of all time that you can swear by!

We also added a helpful tested buying guide to assist you if you decide to personally evaluate. The mentioned factors are to consider for a conscious decision. The FAQs will save you time finding the answers to the questions that pop up in every skater’s mind. All in all this article is a complete buyer’s guide for skating shoes. 

10 Best Skateboard Shoes

Our experts have polled the best skateboarding shoe brands to find out the latest skating shoes in every category you may need. These 10 best skateboard sneakers are one of their kind in 2022.

Our Top Pick (Updated)

  • Best overall

    Etnies Joslin 2L
    Top pick
  • Best for Beginners

    Lakai Manchester Skate shoes
  • Best for Kids

    Adidas Unisex-Child Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe
    Top Pick
  • Best Shoe for adults

    DC Men’s Pure Skate shoe
  • Best for Women

    DC Women’s Kalis Vulc Skate Shoe
  • Best Skateboard Shoes for Wide Feet

    DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe
  • Shoes that Don't Rip

    Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers
  • Best for Cruising

    Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas Shoe
  • Best Budget Skateboard Shoes

    Adidas Seeley
    Top Pick
  • Best for Ankle Support

    VANS Unisex Adult SK8-HI BLK/Port Royale Skate Shoe

1.Etnies Joslin 2L

Etnies Joslin is the top-selling professional skate shoe you will find in the game. Named after Californian Professional skateboarder Chris Joslin, these are Etnies good skate shoes with all the lovable qualities you’d want in a pro skate shoe. This is a bit of an impact absorber, so takes time to break in but once it gets comfortable, there’s no turning back. 


The Etnies Joslin variant has an upgraded Michelin outsole. The compound rubber material provides an excellent board grip. A pair of new shoes were tested & they take about 6 hours to break in comfort. Even for a cupsole, the Joslin has a great board feel. The outsole is grippy, flexible yet lightweight.

Being a skater owned brand, Etnies has upgraded their older designs, thus this one has better board control. The bulky outlook is deceptive indeed. The toe area has been upgraded with more stitches, Velcro strips and lace protection have been added. The shape is low-top with a narrow toe-box. The narrow toe area helps in tricks like flicking, shopping, or popping the board. The elasticity of the durable skate shoe keeps the shape up to 50-60 hours of skating. 

The Etnies Joslin 2 are brand new shoes, promised to give you a Wow factor the moment you unbox them. The massive tongue on sturdy suede & extra cushioning give it a stylish look. The padding design gives a feeling of walking on clouds and can handle the impact. Some riders say the duration of lasting is enough. Whereas, others say it lasts less than the other Etnies models. We would say, it is normal for seams to wear off at 60 hours of skating so you should consider the other excellent features. 



2.Lakai Manchester Skate shoes

Among the numerous cool skateboarding shoes for beginners, we have chosen the best Lakai skate shoe, the Lakai Manchester as an honorable mention. Since 2007, it has maintained its name as the most famous pair in the skate industry. The classic design is a timeless model. 


The Lakai Manchester has vulcanized outsole construction. The shock absorbent Vulc sole feels comfy when paired with a suede upper. The interior feels fluffy while the extra padding provides additional ankle support. For beginners, foot support is crucially important for stability & confidence building. The back has a steel plating to protect against heel bruises. 

The suede material provides a superb board feel with happening skate ability. The sole is grippy for beginners to have good command over the board and perform tricks without the fear of falling. This Lakai model is a great steal for an impact absorbent pair at a low price. The manufacturers of Lakai kept in mind to make these super impact takers for beginners. 

The rubber outsole with hexagonal tread patterns gives an excellent grip. The tread lasts up to months of skating with little to no vibration felt at all.

The inner footbed takes care of the sole of your feet.

The durability of this pair didn’t get as many praises but at a beginner’s disposal, they will be less vigorous. 

Lakai is charging a very honest price for such amazing features. All in all, Manchester can be the best skate shoe for beginners on board or a teenager’s feet. 



3.Adidas Unisex-Child Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

Adidas Unisex-Child Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe for kids and childs

Adidas is a leading brand name in the sports industry. Their product quality doesn’t need much talking. This German-based sports firm has millions of buyers worldwide. One of their iconic models is the Adidas Kids’ Daily 3.0 for skateboarding Kids. This is a mini version of the Adidas Mens’ Daily 3.0 skate shoe, a pair that sportsmen swear by!


The Adidas Kids’ 3.0 is a unisex article for both Girls & Boys. Little Kids or Big kids can wear them on-ramps, skate parks & on school walks too! The anti-slip rubber outsole gives it the best grip for skateboarding or running. The outsole is durable enough to withstand the hectic running & jumping of Kids.

The Adidas 3.0 upper is a durable mesh material. Along with a super-comfortable feeling, it is best for ventilation. The anti-transfer heat protectant feature of this material makes the heat stay inside during winters & doesn’t let the heat rise during summers. The breathable shoe lining works for the ventilation too. 

The Adidas Kids’ Skate shoe has the iconic three-lined pattern of Adidas on the exterior. The classic design gives it a sophisticated look even for the style of a kid. This piece was made keeping a child skater’s comfort in mind. The Ortholite insole & midsole provides tremendous cushioning for the Kid to not get tired easily. It also works as a protective gear for ankles. 

The padded ankle collar & padded tongue also protects the ankle area. 



4.DC Men’s Pure Skate shoe

DC Men’s Pure best adults Skateboarding shoes

DC specializes in footwear for action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, or football. The American Droor Clothing owned them first but for 27 years now, they are an independent footwear brand that keeps designing amazing shoes for adults. The DC Men’s Pure Shoes is one of their best pro skate shoes for adult skaters.


The Pure Skate shoe comes in all materials of uppers. You can order to customize a suede, leather, vegan, or canvas upper. The round toe cap provides room for the width of adult feet so that the toes lay comfortably on the footbed. 

The fitting of these best suede skate shoes is very good and secure. The foot entry has a padded tongue with the DC logo on it. The lace-up entry ensures a fitting that sits in place for hours even if the skater jumps, flip tricks, or simply rolls on his board. The lining of the shoe has mesh material for superb breathability. Prevents sweat & odor build-up as you wouldn’t wanna get bothered by sticky feet while riding with your homies. This pair can be trusted blindly for professional tournaments.

The insole is a cushioned footbed for the ultra comfort of a professional skater. The mesh tongue and collar are padded with foam for support and comfort. The midsole is constructed with a wrap cup to help you perform your best. The midsole gives enough bounce and elasticity to your rides. Lastly, the outsole features DC trademark pill tread patterns for an anti-slip superior board feel. The abrasion resistant rubber outsole gives an unbeatable traction .

The outlook of this shoe is rouge and stylish. The inner left side has semi-visible stitching lines that you can contrast. The outer-right side features the brand logo. Lookwise, the DC Pure Men’s shoes are so unique that they can be your casual footwear also.



5.DC Women’s Kalis Vulc Skate Shoe

DC Women’s Kalis Vulc Skate Shoe for women

DC aces in the women’s sports footwear section too. Talk about the perfect skate shoe for women, the DC Women’s Kalis Vulc is an honorable mention. 


These Women’s DC Vulc is a mid-top vulcanized skate shoe including all the amazing features of a DC sports footwear. The mid-top supports the stability as any decent ankle supportive shoe while the vulcanized outsole provides amazing board control for the female skaters. 

The shoe toe is round in shape and stitched together with a leather upper. The leather makes it look stylish as well as a highly durable skate shoe. The upper is promised to last long even after rigorous skating. The lace-up closure around the ankle area fits properly on the feet and doesn’t come off by sudden shocks. 

The sticky rubber sole is designed with a pill tread pattern for the best board feel. Absorbent abrasion resistant rubber protects it from smoothing out by the grip tape. Midsoles feature DC’s signature wrap cut construction for better performance of the rider. The insole is a special EVA foam that gives supreme cushioning. The mesh lining & upper has the same reinforced ventilation holes for breathability. Comes in 6 different color palettes. At $70, this cheese is a steal!



6.DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC Men's Court Graffik Skateboarding Shoes for wide feet

The DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes give the wide feet enough room for turns & twists. The classic inner padded design is known for its perfect, snuggly fit.


The DC Men’s Graffik doesn’t take much to break in. They are perfect for wide-footed skaters because of their almost straight form. Comes with an extra padded tongue and collar. The inside surrounds each foot with squishy side-pads. Plus, the padded tongue makes it a 360° comfort circle around the ankle. 

These skate shoes have a wide footbed for the sole’s shape. It gets flexible with skater’s riding style so they can ride for long hours without any swollen feet. On the arch, there are 3 holes for ventilation so the feet stay arid & fresh for longer hours. 

The DC Graffik’s exterior is high-quality leather. The main surface is durable and strong. Capable of withstanding sudden turns. Plus, it provides the shoes with an exclusive look. The reasonable price tag makes the shoe pair a total win for wide-footed skaters!



7.Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

Vans Men’s Low-Top durable skate Sneakers

Vans is the name of a leading sports company. This American manufacturer is the pioneer of lots of skateboarding articles, including shoes, apparel & safety gear, etc. The Vans Men’s Low-Top Sneaker is one of the most durable skate shoes in the industry. Even professionals have talked about its vitality. 


The Vans Low-Top sneaker is simply effective in terms of power-skating. The low-top ankle collar gives the rider a lot of versatile space to explore his skills. Again, look-wise, this sneaker is pairable with any outfit, casual or formal, the wide color palette fits in with any occasion. These are made with elegance, class & style. 

The Outsole is a gummy rubber sole that gives out amazing board feel & excellent grip. Even when you are off-board, this pair is a great impact-absorber. Landing a trick in these shoes doesn’t feel a thing. The heel area is reinforced which adds extra strength to the core of the shoe. These areas of shoes wear off quickly, and the technology adds to their lifespan. Additional stitching has been done to strengthen the toughness. Vans has put in all sorts of ideas to build its durability. The sole has Vans classic waffle tread pattern on the bottom. 

Vans authentic Low-Top Men’s sneaker is mentioned for its comfort too. The footbed feels like home. These are the strongest skate shoes that last more than the average ones, even after super long skating sessions. 



8.Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas Shoe

Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas Skateboard Shoes for Cruising

Nike.Inc. is an American multiverse manufacturer of most loved sports accessories. Be it footwear, equipment, or apparel, they have designed it all. The brand has something for everyone & the SB Check Solarsoft Canvas sneakers are for the skaters who like to cruise around the neighborhoods on weekends or skate as a way of commuting. 


The Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas is a ready-to-skate right out of the box just as you are! The shoe takes no time to break in and get comfy as it was being used for years. The canvas-made upper is super breathable, best for cruisers who don’t want something too tight fit. The Nike Skateboarding has paired the canvas with the vulcanized sole, the most lightweight duo. 

The SB Check upper material holds up force well. The Solarsoft sock liner is installed for additional support as the shoe is made thin to make it lightweight. The liner plays a role in making the inside extremely comfortable too. The outsole is vulcanized for a superb grip & traction in & out of the skate park.  

The SB Check would prove to be stronger than any regular canvas shoe but they are not as durable as the leather or suede shoes. This Nike pair does nothing for ankle support. The lace finished pretty high up off the outsole, good for a non-irritation cruising experience. All in all, the Nike SB Check Solarsoft is a well-ventilated design. For those who are looking for a flexible pair of skate shoes, this one should be considered. 



9.Adidas Seeley Skateboard Shoes

Adidas Seeley Skateboard Shoes in budget

The Adidas Seeley is a decent catch among the big fishes. Don’t go by the simple outlook of it! It can do wonders even though the price tag is in most skaters’ budgets. 


The Adidas Seeley is a narrow Toe-box sneaker. There won’t be much room for the forefoot but wouldn’t need much effort as the soft material breaks in super-fast, making it ready for a ride right away. Adidas has the same model made in Synthetic, Suede & Canvas material so the riders can choose from. We suggest a synthetic upper should be chosen for added durability. 

Let’s talk about the bottom! 

The vulcanized rubber sole has great adhesion. It even has a pivotal center that helps rectify the position of one’s feet. These Adidas suit every skater whether they’re just strolling around or are very serious about their game. Though the pair needs an upgrade for professional levelers as the shoe doesn’t do much for impact protection or ankle support. 

There is thin padded collars for some support. Adidas seeley, the best cheap skate shoes don’t have perforation holes so might get hot inside during the summers. But as a primary purchase, the shoe has a bit of all basic requirements that will help you better your game until you save up for a better one!



10.VANS Unisex Adult SK8-HI BLK/Port Royale Skate Shoe

Vans has a wide range of skateboarding apparel as well as shoes, accessories & more. Their Unisex SK8-HI skate shoes are perfect for riders who want shoes with ankle support for maximum stability. 


The VANS SK8-HI model’s retro impression screams skateboarding. The timeless high-top structure hails from the first few decades of skating. The pair is a combination of style & assurance for today’s skaters. Even the side logo design is a sign of aristocrat footwear architecture. 

Vans SK8-HI shoe is a high-top skating shoe for maximum ankle support. This feature provides a sense of assurance & safety while performing tricks. It’s a durable pair that helps the skater gain spontaneity in rides. The tongue and collar ends quite above the ankle area but lacks a layer of padding. 

This Vans authentic article is a canvas skate shoe with a round toe cap. The heat transfer-proof feature is very unique. Its airflow lies somewhere between winter snow boots and regular sneakers. The comfort of the footbed is high-mid level. This pair might cost you a fortune but makes every penny worth spent!



What is the best brand of skateboarding shoe?

Sports stores are an ocean of different brands, taglines & lucrative packaging. While finding the right brand for your kids safety skate shoe or your comfort can be hassling, our experts have saved you much toil. 

Skateboarding footwear is more about the rider’s personal comfort and less about what others say. Skaters spend countless hours in their skating shoes so they must be perfect for their size, fit & preference. Keeping all these in mind, the competing brands in the industry have created outstanding models for their buyers. Some of the brands gained tremendous remarks since their journey & are still prevailing in the rider’s choice. 

The top 5 brands who make the best skate shoes are:

1.Vans : They have topped the people’s list of the best low profile skateboard brands since the 80s. According to the professionals, they are the oldest & the most prestigious skate shoe company in the world.

2.Nike SB: Nike SB is their skateboard apparel and footwear line. They are known for designing extremely lightweight & breathable shoes, ready to skate right outta the box. Their trending skate shoes series, AirForce is loved by all shoe-lovers. 

3.Emerica: The true owner of this franchise is Sole-Tec, a famous name in the snowboarding & skateboarding world for making durable & thriving sports gear. The company also awestruck everyone with their film-making skills about the same sport.

4. Adidas: The biggest manufacturer of skateboarding accessories. Legendary skater Dennis Busenitz marched with the company to launch his signature shoe line. The brand thrives on knowledge about what the riders want in their gears & specializes in those areas.

5. Lakai: Lakai shoes are sworn by many skaters for their tasteful outlook & classic silhouettes to rock with any everyday outfit. Their shoes date with performance & comfort while prioritizing the style of the wearer. 

Buying Guide: How to choose the best skateboarding shoes

top shoes for skateboarding

Wearing proper skateboard shoes brings a lot of difference in your riding experience. It is important to increase your grip on the board as well as absorb trauma. Not all feet demand the same and there are a lot of factors to consider. 

So how does one choose the right skateboard shoes? The right shoes for you will fit you perfectly, give you a comforting feel. Let’s dive straight into what features should it hold!

Types of Skate Shoes

Three basic types of shoes that are easily distinguishable! It all depends on the height of the ankle shaft.

  • High-Top Skate Shoes

You must have guessed by now that we are talking about a higher cut around the ankles. High-top shoes end a bit above your ankles. They provide the most ankle support around the ankle area & ankles, prevent risk of injuries, and provide cushioning & stability in rides. 

In addition, they are best suited in cold regions. They help keep your feet warm for longer. However, reviews say they are not very breathable. 

high-top skate shoes for skaters

  • Mid-Top Skate Shoes

If high-tops are too high & low-tops feel too insecure for you, go for mid-top skate shoes. They provide just the necessary amount of freedom of movement with stability & padding. Perfect for flip tricks or Ollies. 

Weather-wise, mid-tops are perfect for transitional seasons like Fall or Spring. They have moderate ankle support & dampening dry-warm environment inside. Of course, they are higher than the low-tops & lower than high-tops. They cover just around the ankle cut & the laces fall below or on the ankles exactly. 

mid-top skate shoes perfect for skateboarders

  • Low-Top Skate Shoes

Low-top shoes are the most standardized in the world of skate footwear or sneakers. Thanks to the low cut, it gives the most freedom of movement & is the most lightweight. 

The rider has to consider ankle support in exchange of breathability & light material. However, a good cushion is restored by high-quality insoles. The Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 is the best low top skate shoe that can be used as a regular sneaker to schools or work too.

low-top shoes are the most standardized skate shoes

Fits for Different Feet

As said earlier, not all feet are the same nor their shoe types. You must understand what your ideal shoe shape is according to your feet. Buying the wrong shoe might either be too big or narrow. 

Wearing shoes that are too tight while riding feels claustrophobic. The extra sweat causes pain & blisters on the feet-skin. Again, too much room inside the shoes make your steps wobbly, that’s bad.

Flat feet:

Riders with flat feet are suggested to wear cupsoles or insert insoles. Regular running shoes increase the risk of cramps for flat footers. We will be explaining what cupsoles are later.

Large Feet:

Generally, it is easy to find the right fit for the large feet owners. Unless you have extremely large feet, most brands make shoes for large feet. All you need to find is a narrow fit for yourself.

Small Feet:

Usually small feet are wide on the arch. Consider looking for the right shoes in the low-top section but do not shop online! Go to a physical store, wear the shoes, walk, jump, run & decide based on your feelings.

Wide Feet:

This is my own type of feet. Flat running shoes are perfect for this kind as they have enough room and the inside doesn’t feel too narrow.

Narrow Feet:

The regular canvas from Vans or Nike have plenty of options for Narrow feet style. If you still find it hard to find a narrow shoe, consider buying a size bigger and inserting insoles for a comforting feel. 

Shoe Material : Suede or Canvas?

If you are confused about why the “shoe material” talk is important, let me tell you, IT MATTERS! Among the synthetic materials, suede & canvas are the most tried. Suede shoes are better than canvas skate shoes in terms of price, durability, washable etc. Leather shoes are expensive skate shoes. They are also too bulky for skateboarders’ taste. 

Suede Shoes:

Suede as a durable material for skate shoes wins the most recommendations. Any shoe will wear & tear due to usage, But the upside of durable suede is that you can get it repaired if there are holes or tears. The perfect material for skate tricks such as Ollies & Kickflip or flip trick performers  The con is it attracts too much dirt but who said skating is clean?

Canvas Shoes:

The cheaper material so the shoes will cost you a lot less than Suede. But they last less too. Reviews have that Canvas shoes can tear within an hour of rigorous skating. The pros of canvas is that it is very breathable & doesn’t cause sweaty feet. Perfect for riders who are into skate transitions on mini ramps & verts. 

canvas vs suede skate shoes explained

Vegan Shoes:

Go vegan! This slogan now applies to skate shoes too. The skateboarding industry is trying to appease the Animal lovers & minimize cruelty while manufacturing. Faux leather or suede are used. Even the adhesives are replaced with water-based glues. 


Soles are the souls of your skate shoes. They can either make or break your ride. Skate shoe souls are layered with 3 different layers projected together for the best riding feel. 

A high sole is meant for better heel support but has less board control. It has special insoles inserted and a waffle or herringbone tread pattern printed on the outer side. Next comes the thin sole, this makes the ride feel closer to the ground. Hence, it has considerable board control for the technical riders. However, thin soles have a greater risk of heel injuries. Skateboarders usually opt for the middle ground skate shoes. The combination of a good board feel with sturdiness to take a hit. 

Some skateboarders like to add paddings or insoles with their thin sole shoes. This idea has a freedom of feeling as you want. 


The outsole is the outermost layer of a skate shoe, glued with the midsole. The material is mostly a lightweight foam or a rubber sole with some bounce. 


This is the layer fitted between the outsole and insoles. Mostly foamy polyurethane is used for a longer-lasting & feather-light skate shoe sole. The wavy midsole gives an amazing arch support. 

Insoles technology:

Insoles can be attached or removable. It is better to buy shows of your choice & add insoles separately. There are cheap & costly insoles available in the market. The cheaper ones are barely a sheet of thin foam while an expensive insole technology uses air pockets, gel or foam for the bounce. Insoles sacrifice a bit of your board control but bring you lots of comfort depending on the design of your shoes. 

Ask an expert salesman about the features of the shoes you like or research online before you purchase. You can even read the brochure for a better understanding of the structure of your shoe. Try to buy shoes with removable insoles as they need replacing. 


Skate shoes that have double or triple stitching are considered durable. Mostly the stitches of the shoes aren’t visible but if they are, make sure the areas that take the most impact have multiple stitching lines. The nose & ankle area are most likely to wear down quickly. Even the most durable materials won’t stand a chance with single stitching in those areas. Some people like to apply Shoe Goo on these areas before riding & that sounds like a good idea!


Seams are as vital as stitching as a durable agent of skate shoes. Skate shoes are recommended for how well designed the seams are. Seams strengthen the more vulnerable areas of the shoes. Thus the wear & tear gets reduced significantly. 

It’s natural for even the best-manufactured shoe to wear off due to griptape. Yet, the shoes that have double or triple seams around the toe cap and heel tracts, last longer. 

features and parts of skate shoes explained

Padding & Comfort

Padding/Cushioning is tied to your comfort inside the skate shoes. Padding around the neck of the shoe not only prevents blisters but also reduces risk of any heel injury. Slip ons without a padded collar must be avoided. A minimum amount of padding is needed for arch support. A padded tongue protects  against bone injuries.

Toe Caps

The kickflip riders wear skate shoes with rubber toe caps in the front. The heel flippers can relax. These dome shaped caps prevent holes on your shoes & withstand the force of Toe-grip. Reasonably, canvas shoes come with toe caps & most Suede don’t have them. However, if you can consider a bit of less board feel, you can choose to have toe caps to slide better. 

Board Feel & Traction

Promising board feel & great traction walks together. All thanks to the flat surface of skate shoes & their outsole tread pattern.

The outsoles of specialized skate shoes have waffle tread & herringbone tread proportionately designed. The patterns don’t wear off that easily if the outsole is polyurethane. They help to get a better board feel & grip. Slipping off of your board isn’t something you would want so do check the pattern of your skate shoe. 

While board feel & traction is important, too much abrasion can ruin the soles. Remember not to wear the good shoes when you have pasted new grip tape on your board. 


Just Like any other running sneakers, skate shoes also have sizes starting from 36 upto 42 or more for some brands. However, the size charts have different sections that differ fundamentally. Size conversions need to be done between US, EU & UK as they are not standardized. 

The best way to find your right fit regarding size and shape is to try on the shoe & survey physically rather than buying online. Check the labels to find a size chart. If the US sizes don’t look familiar, you can switch to EU or UK sizes. The sizes for kids’ shoes are different. 


Nobody wants sweaty feet after just an hour of skating. Suede Or Leather skate shoes are most likely to cause soggy feet & stinky socks. Canvas shoes have better airflow among material options. 

However, a key to optimal ventilation is perforation (breathing holes). Thanks to the breathable little slots for which fresh air can leak in & out & prevents moisture build. Great skate shoes come with perforation hole patterns. They are mostly on the upper surface of the shoe. Some brands design shoes with perforated panels on the sides or air mesh tongues. 

Cupsole Vs Vulcanized Skate Shoes

If you are confused about wanting Cup sole or Vulcanized skate shoes, first you must know the basics of two. Their major difference is felt with durability and board feel. The cupsoles are stronger but Vulcanized soles are highly flexible.  

Vulcanized soles are tapped consisting 2 separate pieces around the body of the shoe. The individual parts are glued together and attached to the upper side using a thin rubber strip. They are lighter and slimmer than cupsoles. They tend to wear off quickly after extensive skating. 

Skaters that perform a lot of technical tricks and prefer a lot of board feel can go for Vulcanized shoes. That doesn’t mean you can’t perform tricks wearing cupsoles. Depending on your skateboarding type, vulc shoes can be moderate to less lasting. They are poor with impact prevention due to slim heel support. 

Vulcanized shoes are great for street skaters, who don’t do high jumps a lot. Skate parks have mini ramps or verts or stair rails. Go for vulcanized shoe if you avoid those. Otherwise, for your heel bounce and safety, cup sole is ideal. However, you will get a lesser board feel but that is debatable. 

Cupsoles are constructed using 3 parts – outsole, a midsole and a separate insole. The single outsole is glued to the midsole and sewn to the upper part for additional security. The insole can be glued or removable. 

The fat polyurethane sole and extra seam of a cup sole provide more stability. They are better at shock absorption than a vulcanized sole. However, these shoes are heavy and less flexible than vulcanized shoes and therefore take longer to wear off. 

So which one wins the debate? There is no best choice. It all depends on personal preference.

vulcanized skateboard shoe sole self explained infograph

cupsole skateboard shoe constructioni nfograph

Care Guide For Skate Shoes

Skate shoes deserve intensive care for an extended lifespan. Dirt, mud and sweat are a daily treat for the footwear, so it is worth taking care of them.

Here’s a basic care instruction list you must follow:

  •  Do not dump your entire shoe in soapy water or soak it. It reduces the material durability. 
  • Use a soft brush or damp cloth to clean your shoe after soap application. Don’t put too much pressure on the material.
  • For the outer material, dab with a rag/wipe rather than scrubbing. Otherwise, it will push the dirt deeper into the fabric if it is Canvas or Mesh made. 
  • The outer sole can be washed with clear water & light detergent or hand wash paste. Give a gentle rubbing following step 2 to wash off additional dirt or mud. 
  • Daily cleaning can easily be done with regular wet wipes.
  • Apply Shoe Goo timely where needed.


Most frequent questions and answers

Should I get High-top or Low-top skate shoes?

Ask yourself. Do you want maximum ankle support sacrificing some air circulation? Or are you perfect at your riding stability and want to feel free as you skate? If you are still not able to decide, we suggest going for the mid-top shoes for it is the perfect combination of a bit of everything, freedom of movement, stability, safety etc. 

What is the best skating shoe ever made?

It is difficult to label “Best” any one of the skate shoes. Numerous brands are excelling the industry everyday with the newest modern technology in their products. The shoes top each other on some or the other features and the list keeps upgrading. However, the best worth-mentioning skate shoe is the Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid. It is one of their best launches and recommended by many professionals. 

Are leather shoes good for skateboarding?

Leather shoes are good skateboard shoes as well as stylish. For skateboarding, it is one of the best materials to choose from. They are very flexible for movement and durable too to prevent wear and tear. When combined with double/triple stitching, it can turn out the best lasting shoe pair. 

What is the number 1 skateboarding shoe?

eS Accel, the originals. This brand pair has won numerous number 1 awards in the skates industry for years. Every professional skater has had one of the Accel pairs in their lifetime. Irrespective of what brand they rode, the Accel has ruled the hearts of the riders always.

How long do Nike Skate shoes last?

If stored in a humid place, Nike pairs’ lifespan degrades depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process. With rigorous sporting activity, the shoes will last for 2-3 years. Upon being used as a daily sneaker, they are promised to last a maximum of 4 years. 

Are SB Dunks good for skating?

The Nike SB Dunk was originally designed for basketball gaming. Confusion roams about them not being perfect as skateboard shoes. But they have been redesigned partially for skateboarding. So the SB Dunks are a great choice for skateboarding as well. 

Can you skate in Adidas?

Adidas has designed some of the best shoes for skating. Plus, the articles are durable, super comfortable to wear & protective for your feet. The running shoes last up to 500 km. So yes, they make comfortable shoes for skateboarding as well.

Are DC good skate shoes?

DC shoes were previously owned by Droors Clothing. Now they are no longer dealing with Droors but are simply known by the name DC. Their design is a bit on the bulky side. The cushioning inside gives you enough comfort & moderate board feel. All in all, DC can be a great shoe for skating. 

Why are Skate shoes important?

You can’t skate barefooted. Of course, a pair of skate shoes is a necessity. Whether you ride often or perform tricks only, skate shoes play a vital role. The sole, grippy sole, insoles handle your command over the board. Regular shoes can’t do the job. The board feel and board control won’t be as you are wearing a skate shoe.

Where to buy skating shoes?

Simply google “where to buy good skating shoes near me” & google will show you your nearby sports shops that resell from brands. Again, the brands have online websites where you can order your desired pair. You can also shop online on websites such as Amazon etc.

What to do with old skate shoes?

You can donate your old skateboard shoes instead of piling them up in your closet. Nike SB intake used skateboard shoes to destroy them and reuse the materials in good condition. This prevents footwear privacy. You can also exchange them in a sports shop in exchange for money or another pair while they are still in good condition.

How can you make skateboarding shoes last longer?

The lifespan of a skateboarding shoe degrades with usage. However, it can be elevated by a good take and gentle attitude towards the shoe. Read the care instructions enlisted in our skate shoe review article “Best Skateboard Shoes 2022”. Make sure to clean them after every 2nd or 3rd ride. Keep them packed when not in use. Store in a dry place if the material is leather. 

Are Adidas skate shoes good?

Adidas skate shoes are recently getting noticed a lot. There are no complaints from the users of it so far. Skateboarders worldwide love to cruise in them.

Why are Vans good for skateboarding?

Top skate shoe brands have cool footwear options for skaters. You don’t have to buy the most expensive skateboard shoes. Start with a regular comfortable shoe & once you progress, upgrade your footwear too.

What skate shoes should I get?

Vans make the most durable skate shoes. They have been in the game since the early days of skating & the most classic skating pairs are designed by Vans.

Final Words

I apologize if the article became unthinkably long for you but thanks for reading till the end. We are more than happy to help you choose your most important skateboarding buddy. 

Check for the details mentioned or follow our recommendations for brands and shoes. If you are a newbie in the skating world, you will need an expert’s tips. Soon you will figure out the right skate shoes for yourself.