The best skate Shoes for Wide Feet

skateboard shoes for wide feet explained

Finding the right runners is quite a struggle for wide-footers, let alone skate shoes. The regular shoes with a narrow front fit too tightly on our feet. Skating in those or any other narrow fit can be more uncomfortable. 

The skateboarder must be aware of the right cut of his feet. A lot of wide-footed skaters struggle to find the right skateboarding shoes and we decided to help them out!

We wear-tested numerous pairs to procure the best skate shoes for wide feet & found our top 7! The brands are durable whilst the shoes provide room for the wide feet to move. These 7 pairs are sure to be your best buddy to take on impacts & provide comfort.

Why Our Guide?

We have evaluated the wide feet reviews of shoes by wear-testing them for up to 60 hours. Most shoes give up within 10 hours, so the ones that lasted were picked as the best skate shoes for wide feet. 

This article is a complete guide to follow while buying skate shoes for wide-footers outside of the list given by us. No seller can deceive you cause we have got your back! At the end of the writing, we have answered all the frequent queries possibly there can be relating to the topic. Let’s get you geared for the board game!

How To Pick Right Skate Shoe For Wide Feet

A chart of details must be checked before buying the right skate shoes for your wide feet. Looks can be deceiving! The awesome looking stylish pair can be very hard to break in. 

Do not worry! I won’t prolong the list as that has been covered precisely in the Best Skateboard Shoe Brands 2022 & Best Skateboard Shoes For Beginners. Anyway, we’ve to tried to get you the gist of it.

A great skate shoe for wide-footers must be soft on sensitive skin. There must be enough room in the front, easily flexible, great perforation, lightweight etc. It should also suit the feet’s shape & cut. 

Skate Shoe Width

The most important factor is the wide-cut front of the skate shoe. This is the only fact that can’t be compromised. The narrow feet can avoid these for better stability but the wide-footer will get hurt if the shoes aren’t wide enough. Wider shoe area breaks in easily and increases foot area. 

Most skate shoe brands don’t make shoes with wider fronts or provide the shoe width. You have to measure on your own or follow the International sizing chart described by us below!

Width D: a D pair is a medium width so no issues if you have a narrow front worth 3 to 5 inches. Measure across the bottom of your foot at the ball area using a Measuring tape. 

Width E: is quite wide and average feet. Can be easily found within brands. When measured, these shoes fit from 3.2 to 5.2 inches across the ball. 

Width EE: skateboarders with an EE width have fewer options so that might be a bad news. 3.4 inches to 5.4 Inches is the accurate measurement to fit EE.

Width EEE: skateboarding brands don’t have shoes above 2E so finding EEE & above is quite impossible. We’re sorry to say that the skater might have to look among the regular runners like Puppy Health Sneakers, Globe Sabres, Nurse Mates Falcon, etc.

skate shoe width infograph explains how to choose right shoes  for wide feet

Skate Shoe Shape

Finding the right shoe-shape for your wider than the average feet can be crucial, but once you’ve unlocked the secret, you can stick with it for years. The right shape must have enough arch support, whether low-arch or high-arch. The toe box should have enough space for the toes to move. The outer corner of your big toe and the outer pinky toe must breathe feely. Even the neck should fit properly around the ankle to give off a comforting feel. 


Lacing style & hidden lace loops can make a huge difference in broadening room for your wide feet inside the state shoe. There are so many combinations possible that can be practiced. Before you pick shoes for skating, try different lacing patterns at home. This can be a game-changer pro-tip for you. 

7 Best Skateboard Shoes For Wide Feet

Our experts have polled the best skateboarding shoe brands to find out the latest skating shoes in every category you may need. These 10 best skateboard sneakers are one of their kind in 2022.

Our Top Pick (Updated)

  • super comfy

    Emerica Reynolds
  • toughest shoe

    Etnies Marana
  • long lasting

    New Balance Numeric

    Lakai Griffin

    Vans SK8-HI

    New Balance 574v1

    Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

1. Emerica Reynolds Vulc Skating Shoe

This popular Suede pair of shoes by Emerica are super comfortable and durable when the question is about wide-footers. Our wear-testers reviewed that they felt like home right from the beginning so no worry about breaking them in.


Before we talk about the features, let’s take a moment to appreciate the stylish look of this piece! Sure to compliment the wide-footed skaters who are most afraid of looking like an oldie in regular runners.

Due to the great durability in Suede, the shoes hold up just fine even after 20 to 30 hours of harsh wear. The trendy appearance is a confidence booster. The wide width skate shoes are said to be extremely lightweight even after providing room for the giant feet. 

The sole of this pair has excellent board grip and the thin insole and flat outsole is sure to give out the most board feel. However, they can be the perfect pair for skating but not regular walking. It has even got perforation holes on the side and nose area for ventilation. The cushioned panels on the projected areas help with feet swell.


2. Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

Etnies might not have a reputation for flexibility in their shoes but they sure do last long. They can be the best wide fitting skate shoes who are into different styles in the skating community such as transition skateboarding or full length flex grooves.


The Marana skate shoe is a wide width skate shoe. Some might argue that the cupsoles will take away a portion of the board feel but we disagree. The considerable amount of board feel we got from riding in this pair, it was enough for the board grip and control. The toes at front are strengthened to withstand the friction of the griptape so no worry about the durability too.

The Marana skate shoe outsole is made of premium rubber from Etnies & Michelin collaboration. They made sure to manufacture it in a way to withstand longer to break in. The insoles are extremely shock absorbent so the impacts are much more comfortable. 

These can be used as regular shoes for wide footers too. They offer awesome arch support for long walks. The ventilation holes on the nose and sides don’t let the bigfoot get sweaty. The price might feel costly but there are always discount offers on Amazon. 


3. New Balance Numeric 913 Skateboarding Shoe

The Numeric 913 by New Balance gives a tough game to extreme skateboarding conditions. Brandon Westgate, the designer of this shoe, is a professional skateboarder. He swears that the packed features can take your game to newer heights.


The cupsole needs some break-in time, until then the wide skate shoes might feel rigid to wear. After you’ve gotten it flexible enough, it is sure to pay-off a decent board feel. The flexibility does a good job for increasing the board control too, but it’s not as good as a vulcanized sole. However, the Ndurance rubber sole is grippy enough to hold up on the board & grip tape. 

If you’re a 2E wearer, the first impression of this skate shoe might not impress you as it has a narrow starting. It goes from narrow shoes to a bit wider as it graduates towards the end in square edges. The presence of a pointed tip is unexpected but trust me, it gives a better board control. The squared seam around the toe box provides room for the wide feet too. The durable suede upper lasted up to 10 hours of wear-test before starting to show signs of wear & tear.

Numeric 913 is an upgrade of the features of New Balance shoes. The collar of this one is a bit higher than usual which helps stabilize the heel and ankle movement. The outsole is stiff until break-in period but the midsole is REVlite EVA foam which adds to the impact absorption quotient. Mesh material on the sides increases comfort and ventilation.


4. Lakai Griffin Skate Shoe

Lakai is a popular skate shoe brand name in the sports industry. The Lakai Griffin wide skate shoes are recommended by many skaters as it fits suitably. So we decided to test them for you!


The Lakai Griffin has a synthetic made outsole that breaks in just no time. As soon as you get flexible in them, the shoe becomes a great home and keeps the foot in place. This tells a lot about the shoe board control as well.

The herringbone tread pattern on the outsole of the shoe provides the best grip. The toe area wrap is seamless and attached to the bumper sole so no fear of stitches coming off. The low-cut design doesn’t do much for ankle support but the lightly padded collar and wide set mesh tongue comfort the heel and ankle against impacts.

The Griffin is an incredibly long-lasting vulcanized model. Lakai provides customizing options for their shoe material. We suggest choosing suede in terms of durability as canvas material might start damaging within a few weeks of heavy skating. 


5. Vans SK8-HI Core Classic Skateboard Shoes

Vans SK8-HI Core Classic Skateboard Shoes for wide feet features explained

The Vans SK8-HI is a classic skate shoe. It has its name for the classic outlook and the protection provided by the high-top design. Amazing ankle support shoe Can be used by wider feet as the nose has a cylindrical ending.


The first impression might confuse you as these wide fit skate shoes have too much stitching but it is not a weakness. The outer part has many stitching waves finely tuned in with the canvas material. The clean look sure gets complimented in & out of the skate parks. The strong rubber sole withstands the heaviest impacts or friction from the grip tape.

The unique lace-up to the high-top design was created by Vans itself. The shoe is sure to speak for its style. The 8 eyelets help increase the interior room of the shoe for wide feet and lets the user experiment with the latest lacing trends.

Vans kept the high-top ankle area comfortably padded against all impacts. The combination of high quality suede and canvas makes a durable upper material that will last for months.


6. New Balance 574v1 Men's All Coast Skateboarding Shoe

If you’re looking for durability within the wide feet options of skate shoes, the New Balance Men’s All Coast is a great shoe. It might not have got enough exposure but it is definitely famous among its users. 


The All Coast Skateboarding pair is a staple from the New Balance brand. The upper material has been exclusively designed for durability with breathability by mixing leather and mesh together. 

The outer logo matches a lot with the one of Nike’s so it’s only forgiveable to mistake it for a Nike shoe. However, the durability and comfort quotient of this pair can easily beat Nike anyway. 

The outsole is a rubber cupsole that may feel stiff and take some time to break in. Riders also noticed the outsole making noises while on the go. The midsole is a cutout from REVlite EVA foam, that is known for its heavy impact absorption. The midsole makes the shoe a perfect fit as regular runners for wide feet. 


7. Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas Skateboarding Shoe

Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas for wide feet detailed

The Nike SB Check Solarsoft model is a terrific option among a few skate shoes for wide feet. The break-in time for this pair is relatively short compared to its peers and it has a wider front for our potential skaters.


The shoe description starts with the upper material. Nike SB has a well-ventilated canvas top. Crucially designed perforation holes work together in favour of breathability while the padding design adds to the comfort quotient of the shoe. This has been combined with a vulc sole for enhanced board feel. 

Nike SB Solarsoft features the classic Nike logo on the side. The black color gives it a sophisticated aura. The not-so-narrow front is expanded enough for wide feet even after the moderately padded inside. This model by Nike comes with a thin foamy insole. The outsole however, takes away some of the comfort for being too this to soak up shock. 

The over all lightweight feel and breathability makes up for other limitations that the shoe has. If you are someone who tends to sweat a lot during rides & tricks, these wide fitting skate shoes can become your best buddy in no time.


Buying Guide: What To Consider While Buying Good Skateshoe For Wide Feet?

Not sure about our suggestions? No problem! Our buyer’s guide will help learn all the nooks and crannies of the best skate shoes for wide feet, beginners or flat feet. Not only the features, we’ve discussed the roles and assessment of those traits so you can easily identify the right skate shoe.


You must be wondering what is this medical term doing here! Probation is the measurement if how much your feet moves side by side while you’re in any action such as, walking, running, or skateboarding. Let’s simplify, it is your walking stanza. 

Overpronation can cause injuries like shin splints, heel pains, heel bruises from sturdy upper, stress factors & more. So, while buying any kind of shoes, not only skating shoes, remember to check for shoes that do not allow overpronation. You can check your older shoes for signs of overpronation & if they wear too much from the inner arch, you need to check for shoes that support anti-pronation.


Breathability is correlated to perforation holes. It is the holes that are included in sports footwear designs to keep the air flowing. Ventilation holes keep your feet from sweating too much and wide feet holders only know what irritating feeling is that. 

You must buy shoes that have good breathability and for that, check for perforation holes on the sides of the shoes. Sometimes they are on the nose and heel area & on the tongue too.

Arch Support

Wider than average feet that have lower or higher arch need additional arch support in the long run. The insoles play a vital role for arch support and that can be customised according to the requirements. You can go with the pre-installed insoles or buy a replacement insoles for a higher arch. 

Many brands have separate insoles in the outlets. The EVA foam ones are the comfiest & most impact absorbent. They also play a role to protect your heel joint from impact injuries. Some like to double the insole layer for a better arch support. 

skateboard shoes sole for arch support explained


Seams work as stitching to strengthen the more vulnerable areas of skating shoes. They play a vital role to tone down the wear-off. Naturally, your show will wear off due to the traction against grip tape. But if you check for double or triple seams around the toe-cap and heel area, the shoes are sure to last longer. 

seams make skate shoes last long and give strength


Vulcanized soles & Cupsoles

In terms of durability and flexibility, vulcanized shoes win the deal. They have a better board feel for being flexible and thinner compared to cupsoles. 

If you are looking for something tough that will last longer and withstand impact to protect, cupsole skate shoes are your thing. They are a lot sturdier compared to vulcanized soles but you’ll sacrifice the board feel. 

Cupsoles skate shoes are the perfect choice for flat feet as they offer extreme arch support and durability. However, for wide feet both vulcanized soles and cupsole skate shoes work alike.


We’ve a detailed review on Best skateboard Shoe Brands 2022 and the buyer’s guide there has a detailed discussion of what to bit to get the best grip, better board feel or board control.

As mentioned above, vulcanized sole has a lot more flexibility and the synthetic used is a lot grippy. Though they don’t last longer but offer a better board control than the regular rubber cupsoles.

Board Feel

Board feel is an active and effective factor in skating. Wide feet or flat feet, it is no fun to ride or walk if you simply can not feel the ground under your feet.

Though vulcanized shoes do not last as much as cupsoles, professional skaters worship the alter of the abilities of a vulcanized sole. They take the least time to break in and become flexible in no time on your feet. They will offer the most board feel whether you skate on streets or ramps. 

considering board feel while choosing skate shoes for wide is an important factor


Cupsoles are undoubtedly the best if you want skateboarding shoes that will last up to months. The upper might rip off and show holes but the sole of your skating shoe will remain intact if you go for cupsols in the first place.

They might not agree with the twists and turns on your path and stay stiff on your feet but trust me, it’s all for the greater good. Not only they last longer, the textured look of the sole is impressive too. They suit the best on flat feet skaters but the width of the sole doesn’t really make a difference. 

skateboard shoes durability depends the type of shoe sole


Most frequent questions and answers

Are wide feet good for skateboarding?

Feet shape and size don’t quite affect how well you can skate. It all comes down to one thing, practice. Wide feet might be dangerous if you have an issue of overpronation which causes long-term health hazards. Otherwise, flat feet or wide, skateboarding can be enjoyed if you are fully geared.

What type of shoes are best for wide feet?

Wider footed skaters need skate shoes that are durable to withstand their pressure and at the same time, comfortable. Cupsoles can be a good choice as they provide sufficient arch support with extreme durability for their sturdy nature. For the upper, high quality suede with mesh material is good for durability and breathability. 

Can I make narrow shoes wider?

Sometimes we come across articles that tell us tips about how we can make our narrow skate shoes wider. They might be surprising but these are temporary solutions. You can use a shoe stretcher tool, shoe stretching spray & Ice water to stretch out the old pair and skate for the day.

Is a shoe stretcher helpful?

Wooden or plastic shoe stretchers are a good option if you want to stretch an old pair of skating shoes or if you bought a pair that is not true to size. Shoe stretchers are very easy to use and helpful to a certain extent. You have to put it inside your shoes for 7-8 hours and they stretch up to 2 inches.

What Sneaker brand is good for wide feet?

Sneaker brands and wide feet have a love-hate relationship. While many users will say that brands don’t design shoes for wider feet separately, we have dug out some brands that do. These are a few skateboard shoe brands that have stood out for their shoe features. Vionic, New Balance, Etnies, Munro, Vans, DC shoes, etc. have several options.

Final Words

That’s all that we have for skaters with wide fitting. The list is all the best skate shoes for wide feet and the tricks & techniques will help you adjust your shoes better. All you need to do is take all the knowledge and apply it next while making your next purchase!

Wide feet and the sizing of the shoes shouldn’t be an obstacle in the journey of your skateboarding. With the right pair of footwear, you can ride comfortably and ace all the tricks better than anyone too. Our webpage is here to assist all your queries. 

If you have anymore unrests, leave it in the comment section and we will cover in our upcoming publishing. Happy skating!