Best Skate Shoes for Ankle Support

best skate shoes for ankle support all features explained

Around 20 million skateboarders worldwide enjoy skateboarding as a profession or passion. To them, a pair of quality skate shoes is a necessity. They make your rides more comfortable. A pair of good skating shoes doesn’t mean expensive brands. Just by checking for essential factors while purchasing, anyone can grab the best deal! 

Ankle support comes first on the list of features one must be checking in a skate shoe. The sole & bounce comes next. Freestylers or cruisers, most supportive skate shoes secure a stable riding stanza as well as avoid muscle injuries. 

Confused about which one to buy? 

We have reviewed the 3 best ankle support skate shoes for riders in & out of the skate parks. Make sure you read till the end & get all your queries answered! 

Key Takeways

  • The Emerica Pillar features a mid-top design and extra padding around the collar for comfort and reduced slippage, making it a top-ranked skateboarding shoe for ankle support.
  • The VANS SK8-HI model is a flexible and durable high-top skateboarding shoe that offers maximum ankle support for performing tricks spontaneously while surfing.
  • Get ready to hit high-speed on your skateboard with ease and style, thanks to the sophisticated and budget-friendly Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe equipped with a rubber sole that ensures maximum grip and prevents slippage on even the sloppiest of tracks.

3 Best Skate shoes for Ankle Support

Let me introduce to you, the three best skate shoes from reputed brands that are striving in the market. These are the most durable, comforting, and price-worthy pieces, specially featured for their excellent user reviews.

Our Top Picks (Updated)

  • Best-Overall

    Emerica Men's Pillar Mid
    Top pick 1
  • The Timeless

    VANS Unisex Adult SK8-HI BLK
    Top Pick 2
  • Best-Budget

    Adidas Men's Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe
    Top pick 3

1.Emerica Men's Pillar Mid Top Vulc Skate Shoe

emerica mens pillar moderately supportive midtop skate shoes for ankle support

The Emerica Pillar is a skater-owned brand. Their mid-top skate shoe has been decorated with features keeping the skater’s comfort in mind. This Vietnamese brand manufactures its products in the USA. They have been making quality skate shoes for years now. No surprise that they are one of the top-ranked skateboarding shoes for ankle support.

The Emerica Pillar is made using 100% synthetic. The synthetic makes it mudproof for puddles. The rubbery sole gives an excellent bounce which elevates ankle support. These skate shoes with ankle support have more padding around the collar for auxiliary comfort. The extra padding also helps to decrease slippage.

The Pillar is a moderately supportive mid-top design. The extra materials included in the shoes make them feel heavier than the other brands. Two different sole patterns work together to give you a better board feeling. The forefoot area has deep dots which help with better adjustment of the foot while performing tricks. The heels have a dense lined pattern for gripping the board well. Thicker soles make your foot lay higher above the ground. That may hinder stability but don’t worry! These also have flat insoles. 

The Emerica skate shoes have rubber taping around the exterior of the sole. The soles are doubled wrapped and vulcanized. Having the insoles flat gives less arch support. So if your feet have deep arches, you might wanna think about switching or changing the insoles.

The Emerica Pillar skate shoes took more time to get noticed in the industry. Currently, they are holding a place in the hearts of the riders for quite a long time. For a price below $50, a pair of Emerica skate shoes makes a justified trade-off. Any high-impact rider would reach out first for this pair’s comfort, style & traction. 

emerica men's pillar mid top vulc skate shoe offers comforts and durabilty makes it best pick for riders



2.VANS Unisex Adult SK8-HI BLK (Port Royale Skate Shoe)

VANS Unisex Adult SK8HI BLKPort Royale Skate Shoe perfect for both men and women

Vans is ruling the American skateboarding industry for decades. The sports brand serves nearly 16 million skateboarders in the United States with skateboarding apparels as well as shoes, parts & more. Their Unisex SK8-HI skate shoes are perfect for rider both men & women.

The VANS SK8-HI model has a retro impression that serves everyone. The timeless structure design takes us back to the classical era of skating. One feels relaxed wearing these with a sense of attitude in & out of skateparks.  Additionally, the flowing logo on the side speaks for your taste in shoes. The stitches on the exterior can either be visible, contrast or go against depending on what colour you choose. There are 40 colour options to choose from! Terrific isn’t it?! 

Vans SK8-HI skateboarding shoe is structured with a high top for maximum ankle support. This high-end model is flexible enough to perform tricks spontaneously while surfing. The durability & flexibility has gained excellent remarks from users over the years. No doubt it was possible because of them feeling confident about the skate shoes’ ankle support friendly design. 

The manufacturers have designed the airflow according to seasonal demands. In the summers, we look for ventilation that will prevent overheating & in contrast, preserve the heat inside in winters. This pair is a perfect combination of that. The heat transfer-proof feature makes it unique. Its breathability lies somewhere between regular snow boots and running shoes.

The comfort level of the Van skate shoes is created while keeping the skaters in mind. If you want to put it on a scale, I would say it is a high-mid comfort level. The pricing is like any other high-end brand in the industry but the experience is worth every penny!



3.Adidas Men's Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

adidas mens daily skate shoes can be styled with every outfit with or without the skateboard

Who hasn’t heard about Adidas in the sports industry? Adidas is a leading German-based sports firm. They have Millions of buyers worldwide. Sportsmen swear by the quality they deliver, not only big talks. Being an iconic brand, theIr Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe is extraordinary in quality. 

The Adidas 3.0 Daily skate shoes have rubber-made soles. The front canvas design and rubber make it highly strong and safe. Easy-to-wash & dirt-proof hence these will appease you for eternities. The rubber sole is perfect for high-speed skaters. It holds up the grip on the floor and prevents slippage during sloppy tracks.

The ventilation of these skate shoes is commendable. The material is mesh-soft. It makes the heat transfer to the outer environment easily, making it a comfortable pair of skate shoes.

This 3.0 Adidas model has a sophisticated design pattern. Extra padding has been added around the ankle for elevated ankle support. Protects you from injuries during unwanted brake-fails while providing comfort 24/7. This timeless piece can be styled with every outfit with or without the skateboard. These are extremely budget-friendly. So you can get style, comfort, and safety all at a very reasonable price.

Adidas Men's Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe features comfortable insole and long lasting antimicrobial properties highly supportive for ankle




Most frequent questions and answers

Do high top skate shoes help ankles?

High top skate shoes are extremely helpful for ankle support. Injuries happen due to sudden muscle stretch. High-top skate shoes prevent the muscles from reacting instantly during ride-fails.

What skate shoes should I get?

From a huge range of lucrative skate shoes, buy the ones that have the most reviews for. Whether good or bad, there’s nothing like a first-hand experience reviewed by a user. Research on your own about the brands or any particular model you like then make your move. 

How do you skateboard with bad ankles?

Physicians recommend not to skate at all if you have bad ankles. But if you must, wear high-top skate shoes with support and wrap extra padding around your injury. Instant pain-relieving spray should also be applied before the skate rides.

What are the best shoes to wear if you have bad ankles?

High-top ankle shoes are a must to wear if someone has bad ankles. Mid-tops are also helpful for bad ankles. The best skating shoes for bad ankle are:

Do skate shoes have support?

Yes, most skate shoes provide two kinds of support: the Arch support and the Ankle support. Both are to prevent injuries and deliver comfort. While purchasing, one must look for these supportive skate shoes according to preference & feet structure.

Can you skate with an ankle brace?

Yes, while wearing an ankle brace you can skate. Usually we wear ankle braces to support our injured foot. An ankle brace will protect your foot from being wounded furthermore. Moreover it will hinder a rider from performing any tricks while riding just for the time being.

The bodily act of skateboarding is to create cardio and core strength, enhance flexibility and develop coordination skills. Constant riding strengthens the core stability, abs, back, ankles, leg muscles and other joints. 

Why do skates hurt my ankles?

If the laces of skates are tied tightly, it might cut through tendons on the ankle and cause you redness, swelling & pain. The laces prevent the tongue of skate shoes from providing cushion for your feet. Loosening the laces a bit might lessen the pain. 

Final Words

It would be bad to miss out on Ankle support while you are buying your sports footwear and regret later on. 

The strategy to purchase the right fit for your sports shoe requires some guidance and we made sure to take care of that. 

You can also check out our article on the 10 Best skateboard brands or  best skateboard shoes for a detailed guide on what to look for while buying a pair of skating shoes. 

Let Reading this piece tell you all about the best 3 skate shoes for ankle support in the market. Leave a comment about how you liked them too!