Best skateboard shoes for beginners

best skateboard shoe for beginners explained with feature

Every first is special. Just like your first skateboard, your first skateboarding shoes are going to be your best friend in the early learning days. 

The beginners spent most of their time repeating the motions & flipping the board to cement their first tricks. Investing in beginner-friendly skateboarding shoes is only right at this time of the training. 

We tested some of the most discussed skateboard shoes for beginners for over 60 hours and picked out the best 5 skating shoes for beginners. Beginners can count on our selection as we have assessed the brands in our Best Skateboarding Shoes in 2023. Our buyer’s manual will guide you through selecting your first skating shoes. 

5 Best Skateboard Shoes For Beginners

These 5 picks are the best skateboarding shoes for beginners. Among many options, these stood up in all the categories of our wear-test.

1. Vans Men’s Old Skool Pro Skate Shoes

vans mens pro skate shoe features for beginners explained

Vans skate shoes are legendary in creativity, designed originally for skateboarding. Their Old Skool Pro model has been around the top list forever. This version is an upgrade on their classic skateboarding shoes line. 


Vans Old Skool Pro design is the best pick for beginners and fierce skaters. Unlike other brands, Vans skate shoes have pumped this decade-old classic article with improved durability & weatherproofing. These high top skate shoes are the perfect pair for a nervous beginner. 

Vans shoes upper material is Canvas which might wear off quickly but the sole lasts around for months. The durable outsole takes on extreme abuse of kickflips by its wearer. 

The authentic design is seamless on the edges with toe caps for protection. The insole provides extra comfort and flexibility. It is a very lightweight stylish sneaker that helps beginners increase the stability of rides in & out of skate park. 



2. Lakai Manchester Skateboarding Shoes


The Lakai Manchester was brought first in the industry in 2007. Ever since, it became a timeless pair for its iconic look & sober aura. It is still one of the best-selling skateboard shoes listed in the skate shop.


Lakai Manchester is a durable skate shoe. The low-cut silhouette combined with a classic vulcanized shoe sole makes a great bond performing for durability. The suede material selection was a cherry on top for a great beginner skate shoe as it lasts for months until you become a pro at your game. 

For the comfort segment, the shoe has reinforced heel padding. The sticky rubber outsole features a hex tread pattern for an awesome grip. The padded collar & tongue adds to the comfort quotient and prevents the shoe from moving left and right. 

Comes with a deluxe insole attached, and the inside is a comfy molded footbed, the perfect home for beginners’ feet soles. 



3. DC Graffik Low Top Skate Shoe

dc graffik low top cupsole skateboarding shoe for beginners

DC shoes plaza was owned by Droor Clothing until they separated & continued to design skateboard shoes independently and their Graffik Low Top is a stylish beginner skate shoe.


The DC Graffik is a Cupsole skate shoe popular for its multi-padded surrounding. The padded collar and tongue gives a 360° comforting feel as the beginner takes his first step pushing the board. Comfort is important to calm the stressed nerve and DC shoes completely understand that.

The cupsoles increase support and shock absorption. The ventilation holes are perfectly predicted on areas to be most sweaty such as the heel or ankle. Together, they prevent heel bruises.

 The opening is wide enough for thick feet to slide inside easily. The leather and suede was the perfect choice by DC to make the shoe look stylish whilst increasing the durability.



4. Adidas Bravada Skateboard Shoes

Adidas, as a brand, doesn’t need much talking. It is a trusted name in the sports industry and their footwear has always been beginners’ first choice. The manufacturers put in much effort to keep up with the trust of skateboarders. Their new skateboard shoe launch, Bravada can be your first skate shoe. 


The Adidas Bravada features a sturdy rubber sole that provides a concrete platform for a beginner’s feet. It is the reason why the inexperienced skaters should go for this model, the whole of the sole gives a full range of board feel and grip. The rubber toe in the front doesn’t leave the newbie’s toes unprotected against injuries. 

The lightweight appearance of this Adidas masterpiece can be deceiving. The shoes fit snugly on the feet of adult skaters too. The classic three lines on the side talk about the Adidas skate shoe style. 

The laces are anti-slip material so they don’t need frequent tightening. The tongue has a separate loop for the laces to pass through, so that it doesn’t slip down as you slide on skate shoes on your feet. 



5. Supra Vaider Skate Shoe

supra vaider high top skate shoe for beginners described in details

Supra is unknown to many newbie skaters but their Vaider series has gained much attention as one of the best-recommended skateboard shoes for beginners. Let’s talk about it’s amazing qualities!


The Supra Vaider’s best part is the high-top ankle collar with mesh padded tongue & additional mesh padding. The perfect fit of the shoe feels extra safe and snuggle. The shoes however, take some time to break down and get flexible. But once it does, they helps the beginner learn tricks faster. 

The stylish outlook of this pair is rather bulky but compliments casual outfits. There is enough room inside for the wide feet beginner skateboarders.  

The mesh lining is one of the durable materials used in its manufacturing. It can be your day to day runner or a casual cruising shoe around the neighborhood. Our reviewers recommend them 100% of the versatility they serve. 



What are Skateboard Shoes Made Of?

Durability, stability, flexibility & comfort are inner qualities that the best skateboard shoes for beginners must have. Besides these, the outlook matters too. The outer material, sole, fit & appearance is what makes great Skateboard shoes. 

Material: Skateboard shoes material encompasses the durability of shoe-shape hugely. Here’s a detail of what fabrics they use to make your footwear:

Suede: the most long-standing, durable material for best skateboard shoes. 

suede skate shoe for beginner

Leather: great appearance and durability. But the material lacks flexibility for a versatile beginner wear.

Canvas: the ideal choice for light skaters such as cruisers. The combo of cotton & linen isn’t tough enough to withhold thrashing and tricks. 

canvas skate shoe is a ideal choice for beginner skaters

Vegan: apart from textile shoes, vegan skate shoes are a thing now. Unlike normal shoes, these are made from cruelty-free and eco-friendly products. Might feel flimsy on feet but they too can be perfect skate shoes. 

Shoe Laces: Shoelaces wear out quickly as they snap very often. They might even come in between your feet and board during flip tricks and drive you crazy. Glues, stapling, dual-sided tapes; Nothing holds them back. So if you don’t like the perks of wearing one, try slip on skate shoes. Leather laces are better for the suction they have. 

Sole: Skateboard shoe sole includes outsole, midsole & insole technology. 

considering skateboard shoe sole while buying skate shoe is a important factor for beginner

Outsole: most outsoles are designed with polyurethane. There are gummy rubber outsoles too. Both are rigid & longer lasting for an enhanced durability. It is also important for toe protection if toe cap is added in the design. From our reviewed models, you can learn all about the super durable beginners skate shoe outsoles. 

Midsole: this middle part enhances the comfort & stability of your rides. Jumping huge gaps, flip tricks & stair rails becomes very impactless on your ankle joints. It also helps with ankle conditions. Manufacturers craft out the midsoles from absorbing EVA foam (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) or heat non-transferable plastic. Renowned brands have their midsoles designed & installed. 

Insole Technology: Customized insoles cut better than factory insoles. Shoes have their insoles installed but if your foot type doesn’t suit the insoles, such as a higher or lower arch, Gel Insoles are a quick fix. Dr. Scholls Gel Inserts are recommended. For more heel protection & comfort, Orthotic insoles are considerable. 

Buyer's Guide: What To Consider While Buying Your First Skate Shoes?

buyyers guide for beginner skateboarders to choose best skate shoe

Beginners must consider some basic factors while buying skateboarding shoes. A proper skating pair elevates the quality of learning a lot. They bring you the perfect amount of bounce & board feel that is required. 

Follow this guide into your hunt for the cool skateboarding shoes. Not only should it fit you properly, but also check all the prerequisite boxes of an ultimate pair. 

Suede Material

Beginners must wear skate shoes made of suede material. Unlike regular users, beginners spent hours flipping the board to master their favorite tricks. The conventional synthetic materials of sneakers do not stand up to the struggles of a beginner’s shoe performance. Suede material works the best against the grip tape and shocks. They last up to 4 months before showing signs of tear or holes. 


Skateboarding is a sport of turns & twists. A beginner’s shoe has to go through a high level of stress. It is very normal for the pair to start losing its shape if you use the same shoes for 2-3 months but you wouldn’t want that to happen in the initial period. Focus on the seam and material of the shoe before buying. Pick one with a high elastic feature.

Padding Design

I would say you should expect some hits and bumps as you start skateboarding. Hitting on your board axle bar or rolling over the board is a regular phenomena for skateboarders. Toes and ankles of a skateboarding person needs the most protection, the padding of your shoes does the job. 

Choose a shoe pair with extra padding around the ankle collar and frontal area. It protects both your feet and lifespan of the shoe. At least the heel and toe area should have padding designs. 

Flat Sole

Skate shoes have a specialized sole differently designed from the regular ones. Regular running shoes might have curved arch areas matching the curves of a human foot. Beginners should mind the sole being a flat one for enhanced balance support. Combined with a signature waffle outsole, flat sole also increases the friction area on the grip tape and reduces accidental slips. 

Molded Insoles

Each part of a skateboarding shoe is attached for its particular purpose. The insole is as important as the outsole. They don’t let your feet feel the vibration caused by the grip tape or the landing impacts. 

Beginners take a while to toughen up against the gap landing or transition impacts. They require flexible and molded insoles more than anyone. A thick insole molded according to the arch of your feet can be adapted with the sole while purchasing. It saves common injuries like bruises or got pockets. 


The comfort quotient varies from person to person. Self-Evaluation can be a key. The comfiest skate shoes have gel insoles installed. So wear and walk around with shoes from different brands and insoles and decide yourself.


A superior grip comes from the tread patterns of the soles. Different brands have distinctly patterned soles for their shoes. Sometimes they customize the treads according to user preferences. A triangle tread pattern, DC pill tread pattern, and Gum rubber outsoles are very trending for optimal grip increment on the board. It is a super essential factor of any beginners skating footwear. 

Heel & Toe Protection

Skating shoes eventually fall out due to extreme wear and tear. A stitch to repair them as soon as they show signs of damage can save nine. The toe box and heel area are important zones to look for protection & trauma absorption. The toe box starts to crack or the heel area padding might start shredding in a month or two. These incidents compromise the protection of the heel & toe so you must choose durable skate shoes with rubber/polyurethane toe caps. skate shoe sole size adjustable with toe snd heel protection explained


Most frequent questions and answers

Do you need skateboard shoes to skate?

Most beginners try to pass the learning period wearing regular running sneakers. This way, whether you end up with the best skills or not, you will most likely end up with lots of injuries and a bad ankle. Good skate shoes have molded insoles, flat outsole and a supporting ankle design which the regular running shoes lack. It is only wise to start skateboarding with proper gear. 

How do skating shoes for beginners work?

Brands design the beginner skate shoes keeping in mind the sensitivity of a beginner’s feet. They take care of the sole design, insoles & outsoles attached to a durable material. Beginner skate shoes provide the maximum ankle support to avoid ankle injuries. The tread patterns are helpful for the ultra grip that a beginner needs.

Which skate shoes are best for beginners?

Among the numerous sport footwear brands, some of them are quite popular for manufacturing beginner-friendly, classic skate shoes. You can check out Nike skate shoes, Lakai, Vans, and Adidas skate shoes for a reasonable yet professional purchase. The other less popular brands are DC, eS, Globe, Etnies, Emerica romero skate shoes etc. They might have cheap skate shoes with yet some better qualities. 

Are Vans good for skaters?

Vans is the oldest brand in the skateboarding essentials’ industry. They have designed some classic skating footwear to skating apparel appreciated by most professionals so far. They even launched skateboards, helmets & protective gear for passionate clients. Their skate shoe’s sole are commendable so far. Suits all skating style. 

Is it okay to skateboard in Converse?

Converse CONS is an entirely specialized line for top skate shoes by Converse. The features project the perfect skater’s footwear for any beginner-level skater. Converse can be a very good comfy shoe for someone with a taste in quality. 

Does it matter what shoes you skate in?

Skateboarders who want to learn and perform newer skills everyday need a shoe pair with better board feel & grip. Regular running shoes won’t be able to provide the best board control thus ruining your tricks. The insoles, padding & outsole pattern works in favor of the skateboarder. 

Can I use running shoes for skateboarding?

If your running shoes match most of the features of good skate shoes then yes, they can be worn on rides. But to perform tricks or skate on ramps, the grip of a professional skate shoe is unmatched. The rubber sole plays a major role here.

What makes skate shoes different?

Skate soles are designed differently from regular shoes. The thin rubber sole increases the board feel while the insole feature absorbs impact. The difference in comfort is evident too. Regular runners or basketball shoes are also very different from most skate shoes. Skateboarding needs more durable skate shoes. 

Where to find cheap skateboard shoes?

Adidas, Lakai, Nike SB, Vans & Converse are some of the top skate shoe brands with Cheap price tags and quality. Most skate shoes have free shipping options for orders over $50. Any local sports shop might have their dealership to shop from. You can grab clearance sales while buying beginner skate shoes within $35-$40 to get a cheaper deal on best skateboard shoes.

Final Words

If you have read it till the end, thank you for being patient. I can vouch that you have mastered the protocols of buying new skateboarding shoes by now. 

Observe the details of the brands we have reviewed & choose your best bet. As a newbie, there’s nothing like evaluating yourself & experiencing different brands. If you still have any query unanswered, leave that in our comments section and keep an eye on our next articles! We got you!