How Much Weight Can A Skateboard Hold?(Ultimate Answer!)

Like all sports, skateboarding also has some rules and regulations. You can’t just start skateboarding however you like, without knowing the basics such as the type of skateboard required, the weight it can hold, etc. 

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of weights can a skateboard accommodate, then this is a good place to get started. 

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before you choose the right skateboards for you. The weight that a skateboard can hold is ensured by several factors such as the material of the skateboard, its size, etc. 

How Much Weight Can a Skateboard Hold: Weight Limits Of Skateboards

A skateboard may hold around a maximum of 272 to 273 lbs. of weight. This weight that the skateboard accommodates is not just determined by the weight of the person who is going to go for a skateboarding venture, but also by the material of the skateboard. 

For example, the maximum weight limit of a wooden skateboard is going to be very different from the weight that a maple skateboard can hold. 

  • 28-33″ Skateboards can hold around 120 kg.
  • Long boards ranging up to 58 can accommodate weights up to 136 kg.
  • Penny boards ranging in size from 22-27 can accommodate weights of up to 90 kg.
  • Electric skateboards generally accommodate the highest weight of around 150 kg. 

How Much Weight Can a Skate Wheel Hold?

Skate wheels are important components for the proper functioning of a skateboard. Skaters may buy them separately or they may be accompanied by the decks or skateboards. Wheels with a larger base or a longer diameter will be able to accommodate more weight. 

On the other hand, wheels with smaller bases or diameters will be able to accommodate smaller weights, such as the weight of small children. 

Skateboard wheels can generally hold larger weights than the decks of the skateboards themselves. Although the accurate figure is unknown, there are certain wheels that can hold above 280 lbs

The maximum weight that skateboard wheels may accommodate also depends on other factors such as the materials used to make the wheels, the diameter of the wheels, etc. 

Why Does Your Weight Matter When Skateboarding?

Whether you are a novice skater or a professional one, you may want to perform tricks using your skateboard. Your weight is crucial for determining what kinds of tricks you can perform and what kind of landings you can make when you are skateboarding. 

The weight also determines how fast or slow you will go. For example, lighter people will be able to skate much more easily as they are more agile than people with more weight. Understanding your weight is an important part of skateboarding, because if you don’t understand it, you may risk injuring yourself. Check our how to ride a skateboard article if you are starting your skate journey 

How much weight can a skateboard hold

Skateboard Weight Chart

When choosing the right skateboard, it is important to consider the weight of the rider. Skateboard weight charts provide an easy way to figure out what size board is best for different weights. This information is important because if your board is too heavy or too light for you, it will affect your skating experience.

The following skateboard weight chart is a general guide to help skaters choose the right size skateboard:

  • For children who are five years old and below, micro skateboards with a width of around 6.5” are excellent.
  • Children aged eight years old and younger should opt for skateboards that have a width of around 7”.
  • Children weighing below 59 lbs. are recommended to use a mini skateboard.
  • Smaller people weighing around 89 lbs. should use smaller skateboards with a width of around 7.3”.
  • People who weigh below 152 lbs. should utilize skateboards that are around 7.5”.
  • Adults weighing around 190 lbs. should use full-size skateboards with a width of around 10”.

Skateboards are curved inwards which helps them to be more flexible. On the other hand, flat boards and longboards are geared towards a different audience because of their tapered end parts. 

SizeDeck Width AgeAverage WeightHeight
Micro6.5"-6.75''5 year45lbs3'4''
Mini7''8 year and below59lbs & below3'5''-4'4"
Small7.3''9-12 years63-89lbs4'5''-5'2''
Mid7.5-7.6''13 and over102-152lbs5'3''-5'6''

The Importance of Deck Width

Skateboard decks are typically 7.5″ to 8.25″ wide. The appropriate width is determined by your height and skating style. 

If you choose a skate deck that is too broad for your stature and shoe length, you will have to apply more force, making skating a difficult experience for you. The ideal range for choosing the width of a skateboard should be the one that is close to your shoe size. 

  • If you are a man who wears a shoe size of 9, start with a skateboard that has a width of around 8 inches
  • If you wear footwear with a width of 9.5 inches or more, we suggest a deck with a width of 8.0 to 8.5 inches.

A bigger board is typically more comfortable for those who perform various tricks or prefer to jump down enormous gaps and steps. Bigger boards are also better for traveling since they provide a more sturdy and comfortable surface to stand on. Thus, if you are a pro-level skater who loves to perform tricks, then you should choose a skateboard with a much larger width. 

The Construction of the Deck

Before selecting a skateboard, you must ensure that it is of good quality. To do this, you should consider the materials that the skateboard is made from. The skateboard should be made from great, durable materials, but at the same time, it should allow the skateboarder to move with ease and agility. 

The list of the materials that are used to construct a skateboard has been given below:

Maple Wood:

The majority of decks are built from maple wood found in North America. This is extremely sturdy and stable owing to its slow growth. To make a skateboard deck, seven layers of maple wood are laid on top of each other with a special kind of glue or a specific epoxy resin and pushed together under great pressure.

Skateboards are most typically made from maple wood. It’s pliable and long-lasting, allowing it to be readily molded without compromising strength or quality. Maple is still the most popular wood for skateboard boards, with bamboo longboards coming in second. The greatest benefit of utilizing maple wood for skateboard construction is that it is less costly than oak and other kinds of wood.

Carbon Fiber and other Composites:

Skateboards may be made from materials such as carbon fiber or composite materials. Composite materials are made from two or more materials to make a durable substance. 

One of the toughest materials for constructing skateboards is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber composite skateboard decks are fantastic freestyle boards. They are great because of their longevity and durability. They’re lighter, making it simpler to get in the air, and they can withstand some serious bends that would break most wooden skateboard decks in half.

Other materials are also used to construct skateboards. Bamboo is known for being a light material, particularly when compared to maple. This makes bamboo an excellent choice for people looking for a longboard meant for transportation. This is because the lightness yielded to the skateboard due to bamboo will ensure that the bamboo skateboard can be carried anywhere. 

Who is the Heaviest Pro Skateboarder?

Sometimes, weight is not a factor when it comes to skateboarding. Such cases are exceptional though. These exceptional cases include people like Big Ben and Sean Sheffey. Big Ben is very tall and weighs 230 lbs., yet he is a pro skateboarder. 

Final Words....

You may easily buy any skateboard that you want to, but it’s important to take into account certain factors and considerations. Be careful while you purchase because the quality of your skateboard will determine how much weight can a skateboard hold. 

A skateboard that is strong enough will be able to accommodate your weight no matter what, so always ensure that you choose wisely so that the decks can bear your weight.


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