Skateboard Shoes For Flat Feet With Arch Support

Best sakteboard shoes for flat feet with arch support explained

Human feet vary in shape & size. Have you heard of flat feet before? Do you happen to get a sore foot after skating for a while?

If these sound like your troubles, sit back, you’re just at the right place!

Babies are born with flat feet. As we grow, the inner corner of our feet forms a hollow area called an arch. Skaters with flat feet require skate shoes with adequate arch support. Skateboarders must wear shoes with a low or high arch support for a relaxed riding experience. 

Our picks are the 7 best skateboard shoes for flat feet. We remembered to pick flat outsoles with a wavy insole for a near-complete contact with the ground when you skate in these. Let’s get down to business!

Why Our Guide?

Our guide is a one-way ticket to all your worries being dumped if you have flat feet and you want to skate. This is not only a detailed, wear-tested review of the best skate shoes for flat feet, but also the buying guide for shoes for arch support, best insoles for flat feet etc. 

We care to answer all the queries that strike us and this time, we filed the frequently asked ones in the article. Who knows you might find your answer even before finishing reading this!

feet arch type determines the arch support for skaters

1.Best Skate Shoes for Flat Feet

We tried to divide our picks according to their specialization. These 3 skateboarding shoes are for skaters with flat foot soles.

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • best light-weight shoes

    Vans Men’s Low Top Sneakers
    Top 1

    Etnies Barge LS
    TOP 2
  • Best minimalistic shoe

    Emerica Wino Cruiser
    Top 3

1.Vans Men’s Low Top Sneakers

Vans Men’s Low Top flat feet Sneakers with arch support

We received the most reviews for the lightweight Vans Men’s low-top skating sneaker by Vans. The canvas upper material of this pair feels feather-light as the rider goes on rides wearing these.


Before you jump to conclusions about the flimsy outlook of this pair, let me assure you about the inner workings of the manufacturers.

The inner-corner padding design lacks enhancement, however, the comfort wasn’t compromised at all. Due to less padding, the shoes come with extra room inside for any kind of big, wide or flat feet. After you have settled in the spacious interior of the shoe, next comes the adjustment.

Many will argue that a classic Vans slip on deliver ease of wear but let me tell you, the unique shoelace design gives off a better adjusting feel after you tie-up. The protection quotient is remarkable against new injuries while the shoe will help you recover older ones. 

The outsole of this Vans pair is a waffle tread pattern that gives a good fight to the gritty skateboard surface. Even if someone is a fan of consoles, they will find this pair to be perfectly elastic with its combination of the outsole with canvas upper. 



2.Etnies Barge LS Skate shoes

Etnies Barge LS Skate shoes is a best choice for skaters having flat yet narrow feet

Etnies Barge LS Skate Shoes are renowned for its thin & light-to-use padding design. The padding around the ankle collar & tongue & even on the corners makes sure to feel like a soft cocoon for your flat foot. 


These sneakers come with Foam Lite 1 insole installed for a snugly fit and the perfect posture. The manufacturers aim highly to solve flat feet issues & posture of movement comes first. The insoles are specially designed to sustain flat footed skater’s weight of riding, jumping or performing tricks. 

Having flat foot doesn’t necessarily mean you have wide feet too. If you’re someone with a flat yet narrow foot, this pair is made for you. The narrow front design of these sneakers will fit comfortably right from the beginning, without any break-in period.

The shoe delivers a clean appearance even though the utter material has double switching which makes the pair longer lasting & durable for high impact users. It can be a go-to pair for skaters with a heavier than usual weight too.



3.Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe for Flat Feet

Emerica Wino Cruiser Skate Shoe is specially designedfor Flat footed skaters

If you’re a minimalistic skater when it comes to fashion, gear up as we bring you the most extravagant skate footwear in the simplest outlook possible. If you agree to overlook the lack of fancy details and cuts, the Emerica Wino Cruiser’s lace-up closure and rudder edges on the front gives off the best fit & friction there is.


The manufacturing of Emerica involves 100% textile material in all their uppers. Lovely how they prioritised the user’s comfort more than the design and kept it simple everywhere. The breathable textile material feels soft and light on the feet, protecting from over sweating, damp insides & sweat blisters.

The Emerica Wino Cruiser has excellent impact absorption due to its full-length flat insole especially designed for the flat footed skater. Users don’t feel a thing while landing from tricks & that is a lot for ankle/joint protection.

Emerica kept the model perfectly durable & flexible. The sole twists & turns along with user movement. The vulcanised sole is durable enough to last long.



Best Skate Shoes With Arch Support

A much neglected aspect of skate shoes is the arch support. People don’t understand how important it can be until the arch of their feet hurts, due to the wrong arch design. Our picks are the result of thorough research and culmination of a wear test. Here are what we labelled as the 3 best Skate Shoes for Arch Support.

4.DC Men’s Court Graffik SE Skate Shoes

dc court grafik is a skateboard shoe pair with best arch support interrior

Droors Clothing owned DC shoes is known by all. They are doing no less in the sports industry as well when it comes to skating footwear. Their Men’s Court Graffik SE model is so far the most loved for its arch supportive interior.


The DC Men’s Court Graffik is arguably a bulky pair. The shoe might be puffy but they fit true to size. The prominent side logo on the shoe adds to its light mood. The colour contrast of the logo with the upper was a good idea to enhance its look.

Let’s talk about the material! The cupsoles are added to a synthetic leather upper for reinforced longevity and durability. Its improved grip comes from a pill pattern featuring the DC trademark on the sole. 

The shoe has a foamy tongue that is super breathable. The thick insole provides a feel as if you’re walking on the air. The arch of the insole works tremendously for the ankle and arch support while the tongue and padding keeps air circulation running inside and out of the shoe as you walk or run or skate in them.



5.Adidas Busenitz Men's Original Skate Shoe

Adidas Busenitz Men's Original Skate Shoe features arch support for skaters

Adidas models are easily identified with their iconic three stripe logo. Tells a lot about the person wearing it and his taste. Adidas Busenitz Men’s Original outperforms many of its competitors in the footwear section with arch support.


The Shoe’s designer Busenitz himself said that he got inspired by Adidas Copa Mundinal Boots and its durability to manufacture the Busenitz Men’s Original. While the shoe has maximum longevity and support for your flat/wide feet, you shouldn’t expect much breathability as the upper material and tongue lacks perforation holes.

The heel area is thickly padded for ultimate comfort and ankle to heel support. The front design has more than usual stitching either for the strength or a different kind of outlook of the shoe.

The outsole of this Adidas model has a regular striped tread pattern for a moderate grip. While many argue that a vulc pair would last longer, the shoe offers a lot of comfort and support in arch, ankle & heel area.



6. Emerica Reynolds G6 Skate Shoes

Emerica Reynolds is one of the most durable skate shoes there is with arch support. They get more & more comfortable as time passes and you break in the pair. You wouldn’t want to let go of the pair once you get used to the comfort of the Emerica G6.


A suede upper is coupled with a double-sided thermal wielded toecap to structure the most durable pair for skating. The spandex-made tongue is generously performed keeping the breathability of its wearer in mind.

The midsole of this shoe is cut out from polyurethane that provides utmost support in ankle & heel areas. The insole isn’t up to the mark so you might wanna replace it with a separately bought one. The comfort quotient raises due to the 360° well-padded collar. 

We can’t help but recommend these shoes for the outstanding grip it provides. The outsole features a triangular tread pattern. But what about the arch support? The urethane midsole paired with a good quality insole can do wonders for the arch support you are looking for!



Best Skate Insoles for A Flat Feet

To get a better arch support or to reduce the arch support, installing insoles of your own is a great solution. It also helps to elevate the inner space of a shoe, making room for the flat feet or wide feet for a comforting feeling while skating on the street or in a skate park or on a ramp.skate shoe insoles for arch support for flat feet

Following are the 3 great insole brands for sports footwear that you can vouch your money for:

Remind Insoles

The advanced features of Remind insoles will help you keep healthy and in great posture while skating. Not only they protect your ankle joint from shocks but also they are good for spinal injury protection.

Remind insoles come in 3 different types to meet the requirements of sportsmen of all age, gender or size. Their product features a rebound protection system activated by several layers of foam compressed together. The foam layers are covered with an anti-microb fabric that is designed to be frictionless. So, even if you sweat a lot, you are not likely to get blisters on your sole. The fabric still grips well by the foot pad and provides board control & stability. The fabric remains dry and odourless.

Remind Insoles are recently launching a technology in all of their insoles. The tech is called Blue Magic. It is a special kind of shock absorbing foam who’s performance matches none in the market. It absorbs massive shock energy radiating from a landing while giving your feet a soft cushioning. 

Remind have used biomechanical engineering techniques to follow proper anatomical guidelines for manufacturing insoles with arch support which matched the human foot anatomy. If you have an old joint injury, the insoles will help you with pressure relief. The moldable insoles can be heated up for moulding shape & size or heat-padding any pain.

Dr.Scholl’s Athletic Sport Insoles

If you need to replace your skate shoe insoles again & again, a cheaper option is likely to be of your interest. However, remember that, less price means less performance. 

Dr.Scholl’s athletic insoles are found in almost every sports shop in any neighbourhood. They are renowned to heal muscle fatigue & pain of sportsmen from all range of activities including skateboarding. 

They feature a Massaging Gel Advanced Technology in their insoles. The gel allows your athletic legs to be on the run for longer without rest while providing the joints with a comforting squishy feel. The flexible arch support and lateral support enhances control over motion and sudden breaks. Your feet won’t slip inside your shoes during ollie, kick flip or stall tricks, helping you to land the trick with perfection. 

Dr.Scholl’s Athletic Sport Insoles is a ultimate solution to the arch supprt

Footprint Insoles

FP footwear manufactures insoles of different size & thicknesses depending on the type of foot pad you have, flat, wide or wavy. The insoles are custom-made according to your feet or shoe design, a custom orthotics. 

You can heat up the insoles for a few minutes inside a preheated oven and the pliable foam becomes moldable. You can put them inside your shoes or pressurize them with your feet to mould them into your required shape. FP insoles are well-known for the non-tiring feel they provide. This feature increases a skater’s performance time & enhances balance. 

Footprint Insoles fight overpronation so you don’t fall while putting these on. It can prevent long-term arthritis or never cartilage injury. It even fights away fatigue that grows from skating and keeps your bone joints in good health. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Can I Skate with flat feet?

If you take proper precautions, flat feet will not affect your skateboarding. You only have to wear proper footwear recommended for flat feet situations. Installing the right kind of insoles will help you too. You won’t have to fall victim to any potential foot injuries.

What to look for when buying skate shoes for flat feet?

Experts and orthopaedics suggest that a shoe with the right supportive sole can help solve the issues of flat feet. The sole can be firm to fall back on but should be cushioning enough to bed the foot joint as well as absorbent to take on shocks. The flexibility should be moderate but not very floppy. It should hold its shape but also bend according to the required situation. 

Do skateboarders need arch support?

To withdraw the negative shocks from landings & falls, a supporting sole goes a long way to provide comfort & cushion. Yes, a skateboarder does need such features in his shoes for a prolonged tire-free riding experience. Arch support adds to the whole support quotient of any insole, broadly of the shoe. 

Do skate shoes have arch support?

Skate shoes, as well as running sneakers, either have attached insoles or need replacement insoles to be bought. These insoles have adequate arch support for both low and high arch which helps one in skateboarding without a sore feet.

What shoe brands have arch support?

There are sports shoe brands that manufacture shoes with arch supportive insoles. Some of the eel owned brands are Sovella, ECCO, Brooks, Hoka, Olukai, New Balance etc.

What type of shoes are best for flat feet?

Sport footwear with good cushioning & a supportive sole is the best for flat feet owners. The sole must be flexible but not floppy, stiff to support but not rigid. 

Why are skaters shoes flat?

Most skate shoes have a flat sole & we cannot emphasise more on the importance of this. Be it a good board control or grip, the more the friction area is there, the better the board will stick to your feet. That’s the reason we see most skate shoes with a flat sole.

Are high tops good for flat feet?

A high-top skate shoe works well for ankle support. The high collar top supports the ankle joint from sudden bending. Whereas, the high-heeled shoe put a lot of pressure on the front of the feet, causing a lot of pain to the muscles. 

Are Vans good for flat feet?

Vans skate shoes do have a flat sole but they are rigid. They are not good with padding, cushioning or arch support. Even though they are one of the top-tier sports footwear brands, they can’t be good for flat feet skaters. 

Is Nike good for flat feet?

The Nike Air Max & the Nike SB Arch support series is the best for runners or skaters with flat feet, overpronated feet & so on. The midsole feels soft underfoot and gives a lot of stability. Again, the heel area of the insole is cushioned according to support heel-to-toe underfoot. 

Final Words

If you are a newbie whose flat feet are making him doubt his skating abilities, it’s time to break a leg! Nothing can stop you, as long as your passion for skateboarding is a deep-rooted one. We are more than happy to help you start a new journey & choosing your best skate buddy!

Our comment section is always welcoming towards any query or any topic you’d like us to cover next. 

Medical Disclaimer: Readers must acknowledge that the provided information is based on “as is” or general situation based. We do not claim it to be medical advice and thus we discourage readers to rely upon our words as a substitute for a medical consultation. Please contact a qualified, professional healthcare provider if you have any prior injury or feet condition considered serious in medical history.