How to Practice Skateboarding At Home

Perhaps the most difficult part for a skater is to sit idle at home. As though skaters were born to skate the streets, they always go out and look for the best place to do so. While we wait for the epidemic to subside, it’s easy to feel trapped at home. For those of us who wish to be active, despite the ongoing pandemic situation, skating is the best means to do so. So, whether you’re a novice skater or a pro in this field, you need to know some tips and tricks. This article is the best place to get started. 

Is It Possible To Practice Skateboarding At Home?

Skateboarding may seem like an ordeal for those who don’t know how to do it. But you know what they say, practice makes a man perfect! You may easily practice skateboarding at home to improve your balance and skills. Surely, honing skateboard skills is not an easy task, but it is not impossible either. 

Even though skating is designed to be a sport for outdoor enthusiasts, if you don’t have access to a skate park or the street, you may practice your skating skills at home. In addition to practicing pushing the board, there is a universe of ideas you may experiment with at home.

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It is possible to enhance your balance by using a balancing board or you may even practice with a simple carpet to enrich your skills. 

To get your body ready for skateboarding, it’s also critical to maintaining your muscles with strength training. You may start off by watching YouTube videos and practicing at home. 

However, it’s not that simple, as skateboarding at home comes with its own set of drawbacks. You need to be extremely careful because you don’t want to land yourself in the wrong position. Be careful about performing skateboarding tricks to avoid injury.

practicing skateboard balance at home is possible

How To Practice Skateboarding At Your Home?

If you have access to the internet, half of your work has been done already. Go to YouTube and start watching tutorials on skateboarding right away. Don’t expect to become an expert skater in one day though. Just like mastering any skill takes time, this is going to take some time too. 

  • try to get up and stand on the board
  • Trying to learn to push off
  • Try to practice some beginners’ tricks tricks like ollie, Chinese nollie and, shove-it.

Try to skate without attaching an extra pair of wheels first. Attaching wheels may let you perform certain tricks, but as a novice, you shouldn’t start off with expert moves.

Practice your skills every day to be proficient at skating.

If you have access to a trampoline, you can take your board and do as many tricks as you can while jumping on the trampoline. However, be aware that the trampoline trick is not meant for beginners. 

Do Some Balance Board

Balance boards have been shown to increase the body’s ability to maintain its strength and balance. In order to learn techniques more quickly, it is vital to use a balance board in the beginning. Using a balancing board is a great way to learn about the mechanics of your body and how it functions.

Your leg strength and endurance will also be benefited if you practice using a balance board every day. As a skateboarder, you will utilize your brain and leg muscles when on the board.

The skateboarder’s legs are going to be stronger and they will be stimulated more, once he or she becomes adept at using the balance board. 

Build Your Own Spot at Home

To stay in touch with the sport, nothing beats setting up a skating arena in the comfort of your own house.

If you want to make an all-steel rail, you’ll need to enlist the services of someone who can weld. Alternatively, you may make a grind rail out of wood and steel without any welding.

When you have a grind rail, you can stop whining about not being able to go to the park. It’s a fun obstacle to use to improve your skating abilities, and you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Building your own spot at home also has to do with finding a good place. Set up a part of your home for skating activities, and practice regularly in that spot. Sometimes, you don’t need a big space to do something. You may utilize a small area in your living room or the bedroom to hone your skating abilities. Whether you practice skating in your home or in your parking garage, make sure to do it carefully to avoid any potential injuries. 

If you have space in your bedroom, then the bedroom is the best place to start. Once you know how to ride your skateboard, go out on the streets, and have a fun experience riding your board. 

skateboard practicing spot at home


How To Land A Perfect 180

If you’re new to skateboarding, then don’t try this at home! No, we’re not trying to scare you, we’re just here to tell you that mastering this skill requires time and patience.

A frontside 180 is a skating trick that combines an ollie with a 180-degree turn, with the chest leading the way. After mastering the ollie, which requires skaters to take off without a take-off board, skaters may learn the frontside 180 flips.  

To do a frontside 180, you must first master the ollie. Make sure your feet are in the right posture. Place your feet in the same position as you would for a normal ollie.

Turn your torso around. Open up your shoulder and move your body to the front side when you’re going to snap the tail of your board. This will create enough momentum for your board to turn 180 degrees on its front side. Turn your shoulder even more if you’re not turning a complete 180 degrees.

Shift your weight in a different direction. Shift your weight to your front foot halfway through the turn as you level out your board. Try to coordinate the movement of your upper body and feet. When you land, you’ll be in a position to continue rolling backward.

Make sure your legs are straight. After you and the board have both rotated 180 degrees, straighten your legs to bring the board down. If necessary, you may land on your front wheels (now in the back) and pivot the rest of the way while lowering your back foot. 

Voila! Your 180 flip has been achieved. Before trying this out on the streets, try to practice it at home, to avoid any miscalculations in your movement. 

But here’s the main takeaway to doing a 180 flip, master the art of an ollie first. You are probably wondering, what is an ollie? An ollie is a trick that allows a skater to get additional airtime, allowing the skater to do more difficult movements like the front side 180. With that being said, we’ll wrap up on how to land a perfect 180. 

skateboard flip 180 degree practicing at home


Most frequent questions and answers

How many hours a day should I practice skateboarding?

You should practice skating for at least an hour every day to fully enhance your skateboarding abilities. 

However, if you want to become a professional skateboarder, 4-6 hours a day is a good amount of time to practice. If your body and mind are in an excellent state, you can train for longer than that.

How do beginners practice skateboarding?

Ever heard of the old saying that says “if you want to run, you need to fall”? The same goes for skateboarding. If you’re a novice skateboarder, be prepared to fall when you are practicing. 

The key for beginners is to maintain their balance and coordination by bending the knees. You must have the mindset to practice skating regularly if you’re a beginner.

How can I practice skateboarding without a skatepark?

You don’t necessarily need a skatepark to practice skateboarding! Go somewhere where the ground is flat or smooth. You could even practice in your garage if you are comfortable with it. If you’re going to practice on the streets, be careful about bends and turns. 

Can you practice skateboarding on the carpet?

Indeed, practicing skateboarding on a carpet may seem like a fun idea, but it is quite different from the real skateboarding experience. This is a good way for beginners to start, though.

How can I learn to skateboard alone?

Don’t worry if you don’t find a companion for skateboarding. You can easily start off alone by watching tutorials online and practicing every day. Ensure that you know how to maintain the proper stance and posture if you want to be a good skater. 

Lastly, if you see that it’s taking time, try not to worry too much. 

Where should I go to practice skateboarding?

Let’s just be honest, if you want to practice skateboarding, you’ll need sufficient space. You’ll easily get that in a skatepark or even an actual park. If you don’t want the attention of a crowd, go skating in your own garage.

Final Words....

Remember that you should be having fun while learning to skateboard. If you’re enjoying the sport, it’ll always come easy. Whether you’re trying to learn the stances or the tricks, never let it get mundane. 

To learn new how to ollie or how to check your truck tightness up-to-date, check out our relevant articles. 


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