How To Paint A Skateboard Deck?

Skateboard decks may look appealing to skaters if they paint them. Painting a skateboard may seem like a hefty task, but it is not so. It is not possible for everyone to get their skateboards custom painted by well-known painters. So, many prefer to paint their skateboards by themselves.

This little guide will show you the tips and tricks of painting a skateboard deck. Let’s jump right into it. Don’t worry because this guide will be beginner-friendly.

How to Paint a Skateboard Deck yourself

Before you learn how to paint a skateboard deck, you may want to know what are the things you will need to do it. Let’s have a glance at it. 

Some materials will be required. Buy them from any hardware store or paint shop. Then, proceed to follow the steps given below. If you go through the steps, you will think they are easy. 

how to paint skateboard deck with yourself explained


Multiple materials are required to paint a skateboard. Without further ado, let’s have a look at these materials. 

  • Different kinds of primers
  • Many different types of design stencils
  • Tape
  • Multicolored paints
  • Varnish or clear coat
  • Sandpaper

skateboard paint type

Different types of paint are available in the market. These paints may be watercolor, gel, acrylic, or spray paint. 

The best kind of paint available for skateboard decks is acrylic and spray paint. Acrylic and spray paint have vibrant colors. Moreover, since these are thick colors, less coating is needed. 

Watercolor is relatively thin, so it is not suitable for skateboard decks. 

Steps You Will Need to Follow to Paint

You may paint different designs and customize a skateboard according to your liking. Different kinds of spray paints are available in the market. You may utilize those to create unique designs and make the skateboards stand out. 

What are the things you will need to do first to paint a skateboard? Let’s have a look. 

1.Unassembling the trucks to your skateboard

First of all, remove the trucks from your skateboard. Then, ensure that you keep them in a secure place. Once removed, you can install the trucks again after the skateboard painting is done. 

unassembling skateboard trucks while painting skateboard decks

2.Sanding the skateboard deck

Next, you have to get sandpaper. Sand the skateboarding deck to make it well-polished. After polishing the deck in a circular motion, follow the next steps. Wash the skateboarding deck in a circular motion with soap and water. Once washed, let the deck air-dry. 

Washing is key here because these preliminary steps will ensure that the paint sticks on the board. 

skateboard deck for painting

3.Procuring a tape

Place the tape on the top side of the screw holes. If you want to avoid paint drips, use tape. 

4.Apply base coat or Primer

Cover the skateboard deck with a primer. Ensure that the deck is covered on all sides with the primer. Do not apply a thick base or primer. Apply an even coat. 

When applying the primer, keep in mind that it needs to dry. Wait for an hour or two before applying the second layer of primer. As a safety caution, wear a mask. 

5.Using A Sandpaper Again

Use 150-level or grit sandpaper to polish or sand your board. If there are any paint bubbles, remove them using sandpaper. Ensure that you polish with a sandpaper again very gently. 

Utilize a piece of cloth to get rid of dry flakes.  

6.Make a Plan of the Design

Make a stencil of the design. Moreover, you should make a plan about the colors, proportion, symmetry, etc. You can make a stencil by drawing a figure on cardboard or any hard paper. The stencil should be placed in a convenient manner on the deck. 

7.Know Your Colors

Get an idea about the kind of colors to use. Furthermore, you should know how many layers to apply. 

skateboard deck color explained

You may apply several layers of paint. You can also apply at least 4 layers of paint to make the colors pop. 

Applying several layers of paint may seem labor-intensive, but it is worth the effort. 

8.Apply Base Paint

Apply the base color for your skateboard. It may be black or white. Black and white make the colors pop too. 

Spray the base paint evenly to ensure all nooks and crannies are covered. Apply the paint evenly. 

8.Tape the Stencil on the Deck

Tape the stencil of the design on the deck. The stencil may be a piece of cardboard, styrofoam, etc. Taping the stencil is easy. Just place it and tape it. 

9.Use Different Layers of Colors 

Spray different colors in the gaps of the stencil. After the first layer of paint is dry, apply a second layer, then a third, and so forth. But be sure that the paint is dry before you apply another layer. 

use of different colors while painting a skateboard deck described

10.Lift the Stencil 

Carefully, lift the stencil. After the stencil is removed, you will see the design clearly. 

11.Use Varnish or Clear Coat

Once the paint is dry, use varnish or a clear coat. Varnish protects from the sun, and also makes the colors look brighter. 

12.Fit the Trucks Again

After the varnish has dried, fit the trucks again. You are all done! All of the steps to paint your skateboard have been completed. 

As a side note, you may watch YouTube tutorials to get ideas to paint your skateboard. 

Remember that the essential things to paint your skateboard may be collected from your hardware store. Supplies such as acrylic paint, and varnish, all are sold there. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you are bound to get a brand new-looking skateboard. 

Final Words....

You may think that painting a skateboard deck is not easy. But it is not that hard either. Of course, you will have to invest in the materials required to paint. 

But do not fret! This article has you covered. It guides you about the materials you need to buy and the things you need to do to paint. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon of painting your skateboard deck now. 


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