Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane And How?

When it comes to skateboarding enthusiasts, they will do anything to take their skateboards anywhere. Avid skateboarders take their skateboards on a plane because they want to embark on their skating adventure wherever they go. That doesn’t mean that they want to skate on their flights!

Skaters often take their skateboards on their flight as checked baggage. But if we were to be honest, standard baggage policies also apply to these skateboard decks. Let’s have an insight into the dos and don’ts of bringing a skateboard on a plane. 

Are The Airlines allow you to take a skateboard on a plane?

When it comes to the most skateboard baggage-friendly airline, the first name that comes to our mind is the South-West Airlines. The information on their website is updated. Moreover, the staff is very friendly when the skaters bring their skateboarding decks on these planes. 

You don’t have to pay any extra charges for bringing a skateboarding deck on most Airlines like the South-West. With that being said, we would like to enlighten you on some other Airlines that have a skater-friendly policy. 

airlines has the regulations to allow to take skateboard on a plane

Airlines That Allow you to bring your Skateboard

Different airlines have different policies for those who bring skateboards on their planes. We have tried to compile a list of the US Airlines that allow skateboards on board. 

American Airlines

You cannot bring the skateboard on American Airlines as a carry-on. Instead, you will have to pay the same fee as the first or second bag you’re taking to the destination. The weight of the skateboard cannot be more than 50 pounds, 

Hawaiian Airlines

This airline allows you to bring carry-on skateboard baggage that weighs no more than 25 pounds. You will need to check in your skateboard deck. Standard fees may also be applicable. 


This airline will accept your skateboard deck as checked baggage as long as it is smaller than 22 inches. 

United Airlines

Skateboards ranging in size up to 115 cm can be brought on these airlines. According to the policies of the Airline, only mechanical skateboards are accepted. This means that you won’t be able to take your electric skateboards on board. 

Southwest Airlines

One of the remarkable policies that this airline has is that you need to cover the wheels of your skateboard decks. This will ensure that there are no scratches or indentations as you embark on your flight for your next adventure. 

Things You Need to Know About Transportation Security Administration

Be informed about the rules and regulations of each airline. This will ensure that as you proceed through the security check, there are no unpleasant consequences. The Transportation and Security Administration allows the skateboard decks to be accommodated in the airplane cargo. 

Packing A Skateboard Deck For Embarking on Your Flight

One of the most important things that you need to know before traveling is how to pack your skateboard deck for a flight. The first and foremost step in packing your skateboard deck is to disassemble all the parts. 

Disassemble the skateboard trucks and carry them in a separate backpack along with your skating deck. Usually, you are not supposed to face any problems as long as your skateboard is well packed. Even if your deck is a bit oversized, the staff of the airplanes should not create a fuss about it. 

The crew likely won’t give you any trouble if you express a friendly demeanor towards them. The rule of thumb is to not look too worried about it! 

If you have a hard time passing through the security check, ensure that you are as polite as possible to the customs officers and the other staff as well. However, it is important to remember that the safest way to carry your skateboard on a plane is to carry it in a separate bag. 

best airlines to travel with your skateboard

The most skateboard-friendly airline has to be Southwest Airlines. Their website has the most updated and accurate information. The skateboarders who take their skateboards on board have only rave reviews about the airline.

Can I Bring an Electric Skateboard on a Plane?

It’s tough to take an electric board on a plane. Because of the risk of fire, most airlines have rigorous rules and will not accept E-boards. Some argue that if you dismantle your electric skateboard and carry the components in your bag, you may bring them with you.

The TSA doesn’t mind e-boards passing through screening as long as the battery matches lithium-ion specifications. But you have to be prepared to put up a fight with many airlines. Since most airlines do not allow electric skateboards, you will most probably have to leave them behind. 

Can You Take Your Skateboard on Connecting Flights?

This is when things become a little trickier. Even if you’re flying a connecting flight, additional regulations may apply after you go overseas. You will not be allowed to carry a skateboard in Frankfurt (Germany) or Sydney (Australia).

The actual policy is to go out of the airport to check in your skateboard. There are some additional rules and regulations that you will have to comply with if you want to board connecting flights. The main takeaway is that you need to know which flights allow skateboards and which flights do not if you change flights. 

bring a elctric skateboard on a plane explained

Is It Possible to Carry Skateboard Decks Through Airport Security Checks?

The different security check services of multiple airports have varieties of safety standards for allowing skateboards. In the USA, it is possible to take skating decks through security checks without any problems. 

European countries have no strict rules and regulations for the avid skaters who would like to carry their skateboards to these places. However, if you are traveling to a place in France, you may face some consequences if you are carrying a skateboard. 

Can Skating Enthusiasts Take Their Skateboards in their Checked Baggage?

Most domestic airlines should allow skateboards as checked baggage. However, there are some stringent policies regarding the weight and the size of the skateboards permitted on board. 

One of the primary concerns that you need to keep in mind before you check in your skateboard is that it does not get damaged in transit. The compliance policy for most airlines is that you pack your skateboard in a bag really well so that there are no damages. The airlines do not take any responsibility if belongings such as skateboards are damaged. 

Disassembling the Skateboard for Carry-on Luggage

It may seem like a strange idea to disassemble your skateboard as you embark on your next flight. But it is actually a practical thought as well. This is because extra charges may not be added if the skateboard parts are disassembled. 

You could also disassemble the trucks and put them in a backpack. After that, you could keep the disassembled skateboard in your overhead stall or place it under your seat. 

If all of these do not seem like a possibility too, then tie or strap your skateboard deck to your luggage or backpack. One of the key steps to getting free space in the overhead stalls is to get on the plane as early as possible. If you get on the plane early, you will be able to easily keep your skateboard with your other luggage. 

disassembling skateboard before riding on a plane is a good method to bring a skateboard on a plane

Dealing with Damage Control

If you are going to get on a plane with a skateboard, you also need to be prepared for damage control. If the bag containing the skateboard did not end up on the flight, then it could be on the next flight. 

Most airlines tend to send the skateboard baggages to other flights or the otherwise empty flights. This is because skateboard luggages are usually oddly shaped or slightly bulky. 

If the airlines do not send your baggage by another flight, they will entrust a third party delivery company to deliver your baggage to the final destination. So, don’t get too worried about losing your skateboard bag. There are high chances that it’s on another flight or being delivered by another third-party company. 

Getting an Empty Space in the Overhead Bins

The key to getting an empty space in the overhead bin is to reach the flight as soon as possible. Boarding the plane early will allow you sufficient time to stash your skating deck or baggage in one of the overhead bins. 

It all comes down to if there are any empty bins where you can easily stash your skateboard decks. In any case, if there are no empty bins, you may stash your deck next to someone else’s baggage. Deconstruction of the board would also allow you to place your skating deck with convenience. 

skateboard can be kept on overhead bin on a aeroplane

Final Words....

Traveling on a plane with a skateboard can become an inconvenience if you don’t know the basic dos and dont’s before you travel. You may have a picture perfect vision of embarking on a plane journey with your skateboard deck, but it may be ruined due to some airline mishaps. 

We would advice you to keep calm in situations like these. Moreover, here’s to hoping that your next journey on air is as smooth as the moves you make while you ride your skateboard. 


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