Where to Put Stickers On Skateboard?

Putting stickers on skateboards has recently become the trend. You can easily make your skateboard aesthetically pleasing with the addition of brand-new stickers. Nowadays, most people adorn their skateboards with stickers to give them a personal touch. 

The best part about styling your skateboards with stickers is that besides giving the decks an aesthetic feel, they also reflect your personality. I find stickers to be a light Thief Deterrent since they are easier to identify if anyone recognizes them.

But before sticking stickers on your skating deck, you should know where and how to attach them. Read further if you want to delve deeper into sticking stickers on your skateboard deck. 

the placement for putting stickers on skateboard

Knowing the Places Where You Should Place Stickers

How you want to design your skateboard deck will also determine how many stickers you need. Depending on the size of your deck, you may need 2 to 3 pairs of stickers. You may need at least 20 to 25 stickers to cover the entire deck. 

How To Place Stickers on Your Skateboard?

Below, we are going to describe the steps we should implement to place the stickers on the skateboard deck. 

Step 1: 

Thoroughly clean the skateboard deck to make sure that any excess dirt and debris is removed. You could utilize a cleaning agent to do this. Wipe the skateboard deck afterward to ensure that there is no remaining water left. 

Step 2:

Decide where you are going to place the sticker. But before sticking it, ensure that you have decided on the spot. After you have decided on the spot to place the sticker, peel off the adhesive. 

Step 3:

Stick the sticker on the deck ensuring that the adhesive grips the surface of the deck. 

Step 4:

The easiest method is to peel off one part of the sticker. Then position the sticker in such a way so that it is in contact with the surface. 

Step 5: 

Another key step is to smooth the surface of the sticker using a card or hard object so that there are no bubbles. This will ensure that the sticker sticks smoothly without the presence of any jagged edges or rough spots. 

Step 6: 

There you have it! You have now successfully placed your sticker on the skateboard deck. Now that your skateboard deck is beautifully decorated, you may take it out for a ride. 

Materials Needed to Protect the Stickers on Skateboard Decks

The best way to ensure that the sticker on your skateboard is not damaged is to coat it lightly with epoxy resin. To do this, you will need to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Use tape on the top of the deck to collect any drippings of epoxy resin. 
  • Make a concoction of 1 part resin and 1 part hardener. 
  • Pour the mixture of resin and hardener on the board and then spread it evenly using a brush. 
  • The next step is to cover the skateboard deck with a piece of cloth or just keep it covered. This would prevent the accumulation of dust and debris on the newly resin-coated deck. 
  • Take the painter’s tape off and fill the holes if needed. Just in case there are air bubbles on the epoxy-coated skateboard, use a torch or air dry it. 

What Are the Ways to Remove Stickers from a Skateboard If Needed?

Sometimes, you may feel that you no longer want a sticker simply because it has worn off or it is no longer in trend. In that case, you may be thinking of ways to eliminate it. But simply ripping off the sticker is going to make your skating deck look aesthetically displeasing. 

In that case, you may use acetone, nail polish remover, or isopropyl alcohol. Soak a piece of cloth in the acetone and hold it on the sticker for a while. The sticker should come off easily.

Is it alright to stick stickers on your skateboard?

If the skateboard deck is yours, then yes, absolutely nothing to worry about when placing your stickers! After all, who does not like a well-decorated skateboard deck?

Is it possible to place stickers on a penny board?

You may put stickers on a penny board. But due to their small size, you will have to place small stickers. 

How do you sticker bomb a skateboard?

You may easily sticker bomb a skateboard by placing different stickers on the deck till it’s all covered. 

How to protect a sticker bomb?

If you have already sticker-bombed your skateboard and want to protect it, use a coating of epoxy resin.

How can you wrap a skateboard for Christmas?

Measure the length of the skateboard. Then place the skateboard in a cardboard box a little larger than the skateboard deck. Wrap the cardboard box containing the skating deck with colorful wrapping paper. 

How is it possible to remove stickers from skateboards?

Remove the stickers from a skateboard deck by using acetone or nail polish remover. The stickers should come off easily in this way. 

Final Words....

There you go! That was an easy way to learn about placing stickers on your skateboard deck. Now that you have learned about sticking stickers on the surface of your deck, you may easily stick the stickers that you want. Our guide should also help you to remove these stickers in case you do not want them. 

We hope you will enjoy riding your sticker-adorned skateboard deck!


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