How to Determine The Hardness Of A Skateboard Wheels

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If you are passionate about the sport, researching a bit about your plaything will never fail you. Skateboards are all about their wheels & trucks. And while talking about the wheels, the wheel sizes & the hardness, both matters! Standard Skateboard wheels are usually made of urethane, a bi-material polymer plastic mixed with rubber, to … Read more

How to loosen skateboard trucks

loosen skateboard truck, skateboard truck set up, loosen trucks on skateboard, skate tool

Have you been facing problems while gliding on the sandy skatepark on your skateboard??  Cruising through the cement pavement or bumping against your favorite ramp, the ride doesn’t feel smooth & comfortable enough?  The reason is the tight trucks & it might be time to loosen your skateboard trucks a bit! Why Should We Loosen … Read more

How to Carry a Longboard

carry a longboard, carry longboard on backpack shoulder strap bike

Are you tired of carrying your longboard back home after a long day of riding?? Often, the awkward large board isn’t comfortable to carry around. Don’t worry as you are in for the solution to your problem!  In the article, I have described various style that might just work for you in carrying your plaything … Read more