How fast can you go on a longboard

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Plying on a longboard is much more exciting than on a skateboard. Skaters know how smooth it feels to glide through the autumn breeze in a rusty skatepark on a fall afternoon. And if you can level up your longboard speed then it’s a cherry on the icing!  The average longboard speed is much faster … Read more

How To make Skateboard Rail

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Skateboarders spent their most time either practicing higher & higher ollie to perfect it or dreaming about having an international-sized skate park all by themselves to be the next Ryan Sheckler.  However, it’s not possible to bring a skate park overnight in your neighborhood. But building up a skating grind rail is similar to bringing … Read more

How To make Griptape Less Grippy

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When you step on your skateboard, does it start running without taking you along? Having trouble taking your board into the air?  A quick fix is changing old grip tapes. It easily increases your board’s grip of footing similar to a professional one. Though you will need to tone down the grip of your grip … Read more

How To Find Your Skateboard Stance: Are You Goofy Footed Or Regular

skateboard stance, regular vs goofy stance, goofy footed skateboarders, regular skateboarders

Talk about any boarding game- finding your stance is a must! This isn’t about how perfect you are at riding, but the debate is about how good you are going to be. This tells enough about how important it is to find out your natural skating style.  Be it snowboarding, longboarding, or skateboarding, any board games … Read more

How to make longboard faster

how to make longboard faster, make wheels spin longer

Longboards are elevated versions of skateboards with more stability and durability. Thus, it is ideal for speed riders and athletic skaters. Once you learn to ride it, you would want to speed up your rides. The adrenaline rush of high speed in your nerves, the jumps, the bumping against your ramp and the wind against … Read more