How To Build A Grind Box For Skateboarding-Easy DIY

how to build a grind box for skateboarding

Skating is a fun and dynamic sport. And the amusing diversity of obstacles makes this sport challenging yet enjoyable. Whether you’re a professional skater or a newbie, a grind box is a tool that helps you overcome several skating challenges.  So, what is a grind box? It is a wooden skate ledge typically used in … Read more

How to Start Skateboarding as a Girl (Ultimate Guide For Beginners)

conclusive guide on how to start skateboarding as a girl

If you are a girl, then you must be dreading and wondering why you ever wanted to learn skateboarding in the first place. Skateboarding can be a fun activity, but for girls, starting out may seem daunting at first.  The main problem is that boys may be gifted with skateboards at a young age, but … Read more

How To Look Cool While Wearing Skateboard Helmet (Cool and Fit)

stylish skateboard outfit matters to look cool while wearing skateboard helmet

Most people believe that wearing a skateboard helmet is uncool. This could not be further from the truth! Wearing a skateboard helmet can actually be quite cool, if you know how to do it right.  With a little bit of effort, you can easily make your skateboard helmet look cool and stylish. Here are some … Read more

Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Regular Skateboard

longboard cruiser wheels put on skateboard

Longboard wheels have lately been really raved about. Let’s admit that there are several advantages of using these in conjunction with a regular skateboard. What if you desire to cruise on a skateboard but don’t want to deal with the bumpiness that comes with smaller wheels on a skateboard? We’re here to tell you that … Read more

How to film skateboarding

how to film skateboarding feature

Filming skateboarding or skate videography has been practised since 1965 till now. “Skaterdater” was the first to shoot a skate film. Since then, manufacturers, Skateboard & Longboard companies, Sports shops, or even individual skaters have been recording themselves while skating or their skateboarding video parts for broadcasting or as self-correcting.  Filming and editing skate videos … Read more

How To Ride A Skateboard

how to Ride a skateboard perfectly

Skateboarding is a worldwide popular sport when it comes to board games. Surfing through the sidewalks and blowing dust under your wheels, skateboarders gather an immense appraisal. Whether to ride as a street sport or to be an experienced skaters, you can skateboard through the right instructions and skateboarding guides. Thus, we made sure to help … Read more