Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Regular Skateboard

Longboard wheels have lately been really raved about. Let’s admit that there are several advantages of using these in conjunction with a regular skateboard. What if you desire to cruise on a skateboard but don’t want to deal with the bumpiness that comes with smaller wheels on a skateboard?

We’re here to tell you that you can fit longboard wheels on a regular skateboard to get the most out of your skating experience. When it comes to replacing the wheels, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll be skating in no time if you follow all of our recommendations.

Skateboard Wheels vs. Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels are the parts of your skate that help to move and influence how quickly you can travel. Skateboarders may choose from a variety of sizes, styles, and durability levels when it comes to longboard wheels, which are often composed of polyurethane wheels.

When landing a trick or making strong spins, the deck and wheels of your longboard skateboard might get stuck together, which is known as “wheel bite.” This might create a small indentation in the deck where the wheels contact. Based on your skating style, you can lessen wheel bites by adding riser pads or high-length longboard trucks. 

Like skateboard wheels, the diameter of longboard wheels is likewise tested in the same way. When purchasing longboard wheels, the wheel shape is an important consideration. Easy gliding, freeriding, and drifting is made possible by wheels with rounded edges. The edges don’t hold the pavement as well in corners when downhill racing, therefore this can be an issue. A greater degree of control and more grip are provided by straight-edged longboard wheels at higher velocities.

Longboard wheels are smoother and bigger wheels than normal skateboard wheels. This suggests that longboard wheels travel quicker and give a more smooth ride than skateboards. The longboard wheels with wider diameter also suggest that the route is smoother on smooth surface and rough surfaces.

Regular skateboards have small wheels that do not protect the movement of the user from absorbing bumps, splits, and other obstructions. However, the movement is enhanced by bigger wheels such as longboard wheels. Longboard wheels will definitely give you a good experience even if you ride through uneven terrain and rough surface on a frequent basis.

The small skateboard wheels are ideal for performing tricks, but that is the only advantage. You will get find less balance and less grip while riding small skateboard wheels Wheather Skaters with large wheels have better control and can travel at significantly high speed while using less energy. Experienced rider supports large wheels.

Longboard wheels are the right wheels for cruising since they allow the person to maintain their speed. You will need to kick yourself considerably less frequently, providing for a smoother ride experience. Hence, in the race of longboard and skateboard wheels, large longboard wheels win.

skateboard wheels vs longboard wheels explained 

Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

First and foremost, by installing longboard wheels on a skateboard, you are effectively converting this into a cruiser and will no longer have the ability to do standard skateboard tricks. That’s true, your skateboard will feel very much like a cruiser than a skateboard.

Smaller wheels can be used on skateboards, however, they must be no larger than 70mm in diameter. To maintain appropriate and enough clearance, you’ll need 1/2″ riser cushions and 1-1/2′′ shorter bolts. Otherwise, you’ll suffer wheel bite. Your wheels should be tight, and depending on your size, hard bushings are advised.

A standard skateboard can accommodate cruiser and longboard wheels. To avoid wheel bite, all you have to do is install risers. You also should strengthen your skateboard trucks and replace the bushings with medium to hard ones.

What Happens If You Put Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard?

In the first place, install longboard wheels on your skateboard effectively transforms it into a cruiser, making it unable to do standard skateboard tricks on it anymore. Yes, your standard board will ride more like a cruiser than a skateboard due to its change in shape caused by the attachment of longboard wheel. 

While you may easily put or fit most longboard wheels on a skateboard, it is important to note that you can’t really use longboard wheels and skateboard wheel in place of each other. 

Tools You Need To Put Longboard Wheels On A Regular Skateboard

A flexible wrench and a screwdriver are appropriate tools to use. Any serious skater, though, knows the value of a good skate tool. It is much easier to switch wheels and trucks connect with a proper tools, replace bearings, remove axles, and rethread wheel when you have a tool like that available. By the way, proper maintenance is a must in terms of tools.

If you don’t already have one, you can get one at hardware or skateboard shops. A T-shaped wrench intended for skateboard wheel removal and replacement may be used. As an alternative, a 12-inch wrench or a curved wrench may accomplish the job just as well.

To sum up, these are the necessary tools and hardware:

  1. Larger than 70mm longboard wheels (preferably below 66mm)
  2. Riser pads are needed. The brand doesn’t really matter when it comes to the size of the riser pads fit.
  3. A total of eight 1-1/2-inch bolts are needed.
  4. Skate tools or whatever tools you have at your disposal should be utilized. 

How To Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard

Let’s take a look at the steps that you will need to follow once you decide that you want to attach longboard wheel to a skateboard. 

Removing the Old Wheels

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the older wheels from the skateboard’s bottom. Locate and use your tool to remove the wheel axle bolts. As soon as this is done, remove the skateboard truck’s wheels and set them to one side.

Removing longboard wheels for putting on skateboard

Using your truck’s axle, yank off the bearings from your wheels. Only one bearing should be on the axle if the wheel is to be slid halfway off. The bearing should be able to more grip the axle. To remove the low quality bearings, just keep rotating the wheel in an outward direction. Then do the same with the rest of the wheels.

Placing the Riser Pads

Unbolt the skateboard trucks and remove them. Underneath the deck, place the riser pads and line up their corresponding holes. These will also help to prevent pressure cracks on the skateboard deck as a result of the vehicles’ weight.

Replace the trucks on top of the new riser pads. Keep the bolts facing inward when you do this. To assemble the board, thread your bolts through the top and bottom of the skateboard and into each of the holes. Tighten the nuts using a wrench after screwing them onto the bolts.

What Are Riser Pads?

Wheelbite is bad for you and your board, thus it’s a smart idea to add riser pads on your board.

Purchase a set of eight 1-1/2″  bolts and a set of half-inch riser pads to fasten them into position. Bolts that are too short will not pass through the wheels or riser pads.

To provide secure separation of the board from wheels, new risers need to be installed. It’s also possible that you’ll need to replace your bushings.

Try bending forward and back while standing on the board. Try to turn after a few pushes. Tighten your screws if the wheel is rubbing on the deck.

Even if your trucks are properly aligned, you may want to consider purchasing medium or harder bushings if the wheels continue to rub against each other wheels.

longboard and skateboard riser pads explained

Fitting New Bearings

New wheels require new high quality bearings. The shield side should be down as you place them into the axles of the vehicles. The wheel must be pushed onto the bearing until it is firmly placed in and no longer moves.

It’s possible that you’ll have to spin the wheel to get the bearing centered on the vehicle. All wheels and bearings should be fitted in this way.

Reinstall the vehicle axles and the wheels. The correct reinsertion alignment needs to be there on some wheels. When your fingers no longer turn the axle nuts, it’s secure. Use a wrench to finish tightening this.

In theory, there should be no room for movement between the nut and the longboard wheel during installation. However, be careful not to overtighten the nuts, since this might cause damage to the bearings. 

longboard wheels bearing removal for putting longboard wheels on skateboard


Most frequent questions and answers

Why do Different Types of Wheels Matter?

How fast you can go depends on the wheel size of your skateboard. If you’re looking for a smoother ride and more comfortable ride, go for bigger wheels.

Moreover, larger wheels are better suited to riding on many types of terrain. For tight spins and stunts, small wheels are preferable.

Can you put longboard wheels on a penny board?

The standard Penny wheel diameter is 59mm, thus you’ll need to add around 10 mm to your rim diameter. In order to minimize wheel bite, it’s necessary to crank down the axle all the way and avoid any but the tiniest of curves. 

So, the rule of thumb is that if you put longboard wheels on a penny board, you need to go straight.

Can you put cruiser wheels on a skateboard?

Longboards and cruiser skateboards may use cruiser wheels, and they’re a terrific substitute for a bicycle if you’d rather skate around town than ride a bike. They’re great for long trips because they provide a comfortable riding experience.

Wrap Up

Putting longboard wheels to a skateboard works, but there are drawbacks. You need to undertake certain measures to avoid complicated situations. To prevent wheel bite, you need to raise your trucks, tight trucks and make sure the bushings are not too weak.


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