How To make Skateboard Rail

Skateboarders spent their most time either practicing higher & higher ollie to perfect it or dreaming about having an international-sized skate park all by themselves to be the next Ryan Sheckler. 

However, it’s not possible to bring a skate park overnight in your neighborhood. But building up a skating grind rail is similar to bringing your skate park home. It is essential for progressing any skater; whether a beginner or a pro. To practice ollieskate jump & clean landing as much as you want, having a grind rail in your backyard, attached to the ground or the stair railing is a must!

What is a Skateboard Grind Rail ?

A grind rail or skating rail can be round or flat. It is a platform attached to handlers to practice skateboarding or longboarding tricks. You can grind, skate or do jump-landing on the rail followed by cruising ahead. It helps progress your skating instantaneously within weeks!

Skateboard Rail Designs

Most grind rails are made for smith grind. There are two types of skating rails commonly found in any skatepark: a flat iron one or a round pole on. Skaters like to land on the rails to show off some grinding tricks & the design has to support the trick anyhow.skateboard rail design, grind rail, scooter rail

Different Methods to Make Skateboard Grind Rails

According to different designs, the methods to build skating rails differ too. A flat rail is built with more mechanisms than a round rail. Here are the two methods:

Method 1

To make a circular skating rail, the material you are going to need are:

  1. steel pipes of different lengths for the body
  • One 6ft length with 3inch diameter. 
  • Two 1ft high with 4inch diameter for legs 
  • Two of 10.5inch long & 3inch width for making feet of the rail.
  1. A welding gun 
  2. Safety goggles
  3. Rubber Gloves

Steps to follow

Search down a DIY rail making video on YouTube for self-explanation. Start with following the steps mentioned below only when you have watched the video enough times and you have no doubts.

  1. Remember to be very careful while using the welding blowtorch. It is a high-tempered flame you are dealing with.
  1. Put on the goggles and gloves before you start.
  1. Assemble the pieces according to the structure of the rail with each piece on its final space. It will save you time & reduce confusion. 
  1. If you are buying assistance from any welding mechanic, the good part is you don’t have to get your hands dirty. But you will be required for supervising a lot.
  1. Make them watch the videos and judge any tips or tricks they suggest for better efficiency. 

Method 2

Method 2 is for the times when you are planning for a flat skating rail. It is basically for landing and grinding tricks. 

Materials needed for this one are:

  1. Lag bolts: also known as coach bolts. These are screws with a copper coating & giant in size for wooden joints. 
  2. Screwdriver or Screwgun
  3. L shaped aluminum hinges or handles- 4 pieces
  4. Flat Steel platform: 6ft long and 1ft wide
  5. Two of 10.5inch long & 3inch width for the feet of the rail

Get It Done

  1. Assemble the parts according to the design first. This provides clarity in the work plan and reduces the chances of mistakes.
  2. Put on your safety goggles & gloves as mandatory.
  3. Start with adding the hinges to the platform with the help of the screw gun one by one. Do not rotate the screws too tight as they might break off & get stuck in the hole.
  4. If you face any trouble or any confusion/query about DIYing it, watch tutorials on making a skate rail thoroughly. 
  5. You may also want to take help from a friend or sports machinist who has done this before.


The responsibilities of Installing a skate rail in your lawn/garden don’t end here. To make it last longer, you must take proper care of it just like your board.

    1. Stain the rail with skate wax to save it from rusting. Continuous exposure to rainwater or sprinkler can create rust easily over the metallic piece.
    2. Once you are welding the steel pipes, make sure there isn’t any hole or leakage left from where water can stay trapped inside the pipes. It may create rust again!
    3. You can make a skate rail cover following our next segment of the article. 

How to make skateboard rail without welding

Making a skateboard rail without welding is a relatively simple process that can be done with a few pieces of wood and some screws.

how to make skateboard rail withoud welding method explained

  1. First, you will need to cut four pieces of wood into equal lengths. These pieces will form the sides and top of your skateboard rail. Then, use screws to attach the two side pieces to the top piece. Make sure that the screws are tight enough so that the rail is sturdy.
  2. If you want, you can also add a bottom piece to your rail for extra stability. Simply cut a piece of wood to the desired length and attach it to the bottom of the rail using screws.
  3. Now, it’s time to test out your new skateboard rail! Be careful when skating on it, as railings can be dangerous. Have fun and be sure to share your photos with us!


making skateboard rail without welding is a quicker and easy you topersonalize your skateboard rail

If you want to add a bit of flair to your skateboard rail, you can try painting it. This is a quick and easy way to personalize your rail and make it stand out from the rest. Just make sure that the paint is weatherproof so that it will last longer.

Railings can be dangerous, so always use caution when skating on them. Railings are not necessary for every skater


how to make a skateboard rail out of pvc pipe

how to make skateboard rail out of pvc method step by step

another great way to go about it. pvc is a more affordable option and can be easily found at most home improvement stores. Like the wood railing, you will need to cut four pieces of pipe to the desired length and then screw them together.

make skateboard rail out of pvc pipe easy way

Be sure to test out your new rail before skating on it! Railings can be dangerous, so always use caution when skating on them. Railings are not necessary for every skater, so choose what works best for you. 

Making skateboard rail out of PVC pipe can be done with some regular tools and material tools

How To Make Skateboard Rail Covers

Skateboarding is a great way to have fun and stay active, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. One of the most common injuries skateboarders suffer is getting hurt when they fall on the railings. This can be prevented by using a skateboard rail cover.

Skateboard rail covers are not tradeable goods to be sold in shops all the time. Nevertheless, you can still make them at home. There are many different ways to make a skateboard rail coverYou can use foam, plastic, or rubber. 

If you’re using foam, you can cut it to fit the shape of the railing and then use hot glue or duct tape to attach it. If you’re using plastic or rubber, you can either cut it to size or buy one that already fits. Then, use zip ties or clamps to attach it to the railing.

Use any bug sheet of plastic or any other water-resistant material. Cut out pieces according to your rail’s size & sew if needed. You can also simply make holes on the sides & tie the cover to the rail block using a rope. It will resist both water and dirt to protect your rail.

No matter which method you choose, make sure the cover is securely attached and won’t come off when you’re skating. It’s also a good idea to check the cover regularly to make sure it’s still in good condition and hasn’t been damaged.

Final Words....

It’s a wrap!

We will be leaving you with a huge good luck wish for your upcoming experience while DIYing way to owning a personal skating rail. 


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