How to Make Money Skateboarding

Skating is the kind of sport that is not meant for all. It gives the adrenaline rush and high that can cause some people to think whether this nerve-wracking sport is actually meant for them. If you are faint-hearted, then this sport is not meant for you. But if you are someone who can bear the brunt, then this nerve-wracking sport can give you a life-changing experience. What’s more, you could even take it up as a way to earn cash. 

If you want to know how to make money skateboarding, then read on. 

Thus, we made sure to help you with all the assistance about Skateboarding basics in one article here. From determining your stance to nailing a skating trick, you will have a Skating beginner’s guide here.

can you make money skateboarding

The Multiple Ways Skateboarders Make Money

Aside from being a fun sport, the whole skateboard industry worth 3 billion dollars by now.

Skateboarding is on the bucket list of many people for several reasons. For once, it can help people to make some extra cash while they’re at it. Have a look at some of the ways regarding how do skateboarders make money.

1.Selling Signature Items to Skaters

If you were wondering can you make money skateboarding, then you have come to the right spot! 

You can sell signature items designed specifically for skaters and earn extra cash.

For example, a professional skater may come up with his or her own clothing line and sell customized T-shirts to other avid skaters. 

selling skateboard signature items can make cash for you


Imagine you are a renowned skater or at least a good skater. You are likely to get endorsements from well-known brands. To know how endorsements work, read on.

If you were a top-notch skater like Tony Hawks, then you would be endorsed by brands like Nike for advertising their shoes. 

All that these well-known celebrities and names have to do is make a video or sort of an advertisement endorsing the product of that particular brand. 

pro skaters make revenue from endorsement on skateboarding

3.Leagues and Tournaments

If you were wondering, how to make money in true skate, then know that skaters can earn a good amount of money by competing in sports leagues and tournaments as well. Let’s see how this happens.

The organisers of such events arrange for cash prizes for their winners. Starting from amateur to professional level skaters, nobody misses out on the chance to compete in these leagues and tournaments because of the lucrative cash prizes. 

skateboarding stunt and tournaments is money making

4.Teaching skateboarding Lessons and coaching 

Indeed, there are plenty of online tutorials on how to skate, but it is true that there are some people who look forward to receiving first-hand training from trainers. 

So, if you are good at the sport, then why not take up the job as a skateboard trainer and impart your wisdom of skateboarding to an amateur skateboarding enthusiast? 

expert can teach and coach skateboarding make money

5.Skateboarding Photography 

Just like wildlife photography and other sorts of photography, skateboarding photography is also a genre. Take a look at how skateboarding photography works and how to get money in true skate fast.

Often, the front page of sports newspapers and tabloids needs photographs of the prime shots of popular sports. 

In a similar way, skateboarding magazines also need good shots and captures of the skateboarding sport. 

If you are capable of capturing splendid shots, then consider whether you could become a professional skating photographer. 

filming and photograph skateboarding is a working way to generate income

6.Selling Tickets to a Skateboarding Match

Often, there are ticket sellers who earn plenty of cash by selling tickets to matches that sports enthusiasts want to see. If you are planning to earn some cash by becoming a skating ticket seller, then read on!

If you are someone who can easily get hands-on skateboarding tickets, then you can consider selling these tickets for some cash. 

Selling skateboard tickets at a good price, especially if you can obtain them in dirt-cheap ways can make you well-off. Try it!

7.Working in a Skate Shop

While it is true that skateboards are sold online, most people prefer to buy their skateboards by going to skate shops. 

If you are someone who has experience working in the sales sector or has good bargaining skills in general, then why not take up the job as a skateboard seller? Your chances are high in the skate industry

Skateshops often need salesmen who have sound knowledge of the sport, so if you are someone knowledgable and with the skills, then feel free to work at a skate shop. 

8.Manufacturer of Skateboard Parts

Skateboards have many different parts, including trucks and bearings. All of these parts are assembled to make a skateboard deck that could be sold. 

If you think you have the necessary skills to manufacture these parts, then you could become the manufacturer of skateboard decks or a supplier of parts to a skateboard deck is the core business in skateboard industry.

You wouldn’t make a fortune out of it initially, but eventually, you could be well-off!

Can you make money skateboarding?

yes, you can make money skateboarding.Make living by skateboarding is totally possible if you are focused on your skills and networking. There are many different ways to make money much a skaters make varies a ton depending on a variety of factors, industry, contracts,etc.

How Much Cash Is It Possible for An Average Skateboarder to Make?

An average skateboarder doesn’t have the same pay rate as a top-tier skateboarder. In short, an average skateboarder should not expect to earn as much as a pro-level skateboarder. Let’s have a look at the average monthly income of a skateboarder. 

The average monthly income for mediocre skateboarders starts from $1000 or less. But whether or not an average skateboarder will make more cash also depends on his or her level of expertise. As the expertise in the field of skating increases, an average skateboarder can expect to earn more. 

If you wanted to know how much do supreme skaters get paid, then it is important to know that supreme or pro-level skaters may even make up to $10,000 per month. 

How Are Professional Skaters Paid and Do They Have A Base Salary?

Professional skateboarders are professional athletes who get paid differently compared to other jobs. Professional skaters have sign-up bonuses and even special compensations. However, most pro skaters demand at least 20% advance remuneration if they are participating in skating leagues or tournaments.  

All skaters, regardless of whether they are pro-level skateboarders or average ones have a base salary. Have a glimpse at how the base salary of pro skateboarders works. 

Just like any other job, pro-level skateboarders are given a fixed sum of money per month or based on their contract. 

How much the pro skateboarder is paid depends on their expertise level and the kind of skateboarding activities they participate in. 


Are The Board, Shoes, Clothes, and Bonuses Considered Royalties?

Royalties are those merchandises or items which have the skater’s name or initials embellished on them, and these are sold to the market. 

The royalty payment that a skater receives upon the selling of these goods depends on the sales made. The rule of thumb is that the skater receives at least 10% of the total lump sum that the sales of these products make. The royalty that the skater will make also depends on the contract that the average or pro-level skater has with the company. 

Does A Skater Have to Pay Their Way to A Contest?

Contest costs need to be covered by the skater if the contract states that the company or sponsor will not cover the contest costs. For example, the skateboarder may have to buy an airplane ticket to board the airline to travel to a specific region for the contest. But this will only be true if the contract does not cover the cost. In most cases, these costs such as food, lodging, etc. costs are covered by the company. 

How to Become a Pro-Level Skateboarder?

If you are still a beginner skater, then do not fret! We have some pro tips and tricks to turn you into a pro-level skateboarder in no time. You will also get to know what does a pro skateboarder make and more about how to become a professional skateboarder. 

No matter how hard you try to be a professional-level skater, you won’t be a professional-level one unless you practice. Yes, that’s right! As the old saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. 

One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to participate in plenty of skateboarding competitions to build up your reputation and skills. If only you win or at least do well in some of these contests or leagues, you can earn your spot as a pro-level skater. 

Who knows, maybe you will even earn yourself some sponsors or even people to endorse you! In the long run, you will also get to know how much do sponsored skaters make or how much do skateboard companies make.

So, if you think you want to make your way to the top of the skateboarding world to earn some cash, then you need to keep these things in mind. Eventually, your commitment to skateboarding and learning should earn you fame, reputation, and even wealth. In the end, it is your level of dedication that can make you go pro and earn a solid amount of cash. 

How Is It Possible to Get Endorsed In the Skateboarding World?

According to expert skaters, it is easy to get endorsed if you enter an ample number of contests, leagues, tournaments, or even competitions. Your style of skateboarding will also determine the kind of sponsorships, endorsements, or even contracts that you get. Networking and connecting with skateboarders who have already made it big in the skating world is also the way to go when it comes down to getting endorsed in the skating world. 

Final Words....

On the ending note, we would like to say that do not just think about how to make money skateboarding. Think about the opportunities that you will end up with. Moreover, think about the skills you will develop and the things that you will get to learn about skateboarding. Once you start to think that you have gotten skateboarding up your sleeves, then you will go pro and earn cash in no time!


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