How To Get Better at Skateboarding

Many may think that all skateboarders do is eat, sleep, ride & repeat. That’s not the case if you are a passionate skater who not only wants to learn but also wants to level up their game and get better at it. 

Sometimes when a skater feels they have hit the rock bottom, it might be their passionate urge to improve their performance at skating. A beginner also finds it difficult to learn the tricks and stunts if he skips the very basics. 

If you are any one of these two categories, then you are at the right place! Our article will shower you with all the tips on how to get better at skateboarding games & the guidelines! 

Get Better At Skateboarding With The Following Steps

Different skills are needed for an improvement at skateboarding. These skills come slow but with true dedication, it comes surely! 

Communication & Socialization

Any surrounding plays a vital role in keeping a person motivated to achieve his goal. And when the person in question is an athlete, a supportive peer has no match! 

To surround yourself with like-minded people so that you stay motivated to push yourself to get better, the best place is your neighborhood skatepark. A skatepark is a place where you get to meet fellow skaters who might be pro at your favorite trick. They might have answers to your physical questions on how to skate better and even have tips to share. 

They help you stand right back up after every fall, hold you through your practices and keep your morals high. Sometimes you can explore a new circle of skating people or another skatepark by increasing socializing. 

A Positive Attitude

In life, whenever you feel you have hit the wall, the only thing that keeps you going is your attitude towards the problem. The same is the case with skating or any other sport! 

Keeping a non-giving attitude and taking the failures positively will go a long way if you want to find out how to get better at skating. For this, the qualities you need to possess are Confidence, Positivity & Recharged. 

How To Become More Confident At Skateboarding?

A skater with confidence shows. Your Confidence level can make or break your trick. If you are not confident in your movements, the performance may come off as sluggish and not pick up enough praises. 

A confident skater performs every truck with competence and thus feels complete. Being confident encourages you to graduate at learning and move on to the next trick faster. 

How To Ride With Positivity?

Positivity in skating means to hold a positive attitude towards all aspects of the game i.e. the tricks, falls, failures, criticism etc. 

An athlete must start every day with optimism. The same is for the skaters. He should not focus on self-doubts like “Am I doing good enough?” or “What if I get injured?” Yes, it’s good to be cautious but he shouldn’t hold himself back from failing or falling. A skater must practice patience and persistence in his attitude towards learning as the skill comes slow and after much hard work. The only person he should be competing with us himself & try to top himself everyday! 

How To Stay Focused & Recharged?

To start every day with a fresh mindset is very important to get good at skateboarding. You will get rid of yesterday’s wounds only if you know how to brush them off. For that, you must stay charged every day! Do what it takes to stay flexible and non-lethargic for the everyday ups & downs of the practice. 

Take a healthy meal, try gymming, or take regular sit-ups and push-ups for a healthy & fit body & mindset. 

Learn How To Fall

Falls & fails are a part of any game. So you must learn to excel at it too! The best of the skateboarders know how to fall in a manner to avoid any serious injury & stand back up right away. As you are riding on wheels, it is very normal to get imbalanced, stumble or fall. No matter how goofy it sounds, you must learn to tackle falls and land properly. The guidelines for that are: 

1.Always maintain the basics. The safety gears.

2.wear kneepads to save your knees from any kind of scraping or flesh injury.

3. Do not land on your palms as you might end up injuring your wrist. 

4.If you are falling flat, roll or backflip to land on your back & not on your face.

5. Wearing knee pads & elbow pads allows you to slide through your fall so you can be fearless about the cuts. 

Always wear a protective helmet to prevent any head hemorrhage. 

Lastly, try to run off & finish the trick as it is. And start over. Do not force it.

Core Training

Skateboarding is a game of balance and bounce. To achieve a good balance while on the wheels, you must train your cores into a fit and healthy body. 

If you are out of shape or failing at maintaining a tough & flexible core, then you might be in for some bad news. To improve at skateboarding, you sure need some regular practice. But besides that, weightlifting can train your core to earn that inner strength that a pro skateboarder requires. 

A trained core brings higher control over your body and mind. Your body becomes ready to face any fall and takes injuries soaked like a sponge. Best part is that the skating trucks become easier to excel to those with a tough core as they have good muscle binding. 

Fakie & Switch: your skate friends

You can be a learned skater but still not a master at fakie riding. A huge part of a trick-freak skater is being able to ride his board both ways, push backward, even at his opposite stance. Not having the quality of riding a fakie or switch makes a skater miss out on the whole catalogue of skating tricks there are. 

Not only learning Fakie or Switch will give you a better stance to build trick skills, it also gives you the power to impress peers by showcasing amazing skating powers. Some skaters try to push in Mungo style which turns out to be a buzzkill in the long run. Mungo is easy to adapt but it makes a skater forget the basics which are very essential for mastering the tricks anyway. 

The advice is to focus on learning Fakie and Switch sometimes to get better at skateboarding overall. 

Practicing is Irreplaceable

Nothing can beat the fruits of regular practicing in skateboarding. It is the last and only way which has to be borne vigorously. I know it sounds unexciting but they are necessary. Practice again and again until you achieve that perfect posture and balance of every trick as well as riding. The failures can be annoying but never give up! Keep that unending enthusiasm high and drill down every nook and corner of your training. Remember that your experience will show in your performance. 

Ride around your lawn or garden. Practice on your school driveway or neighborhood. You don’t need a professional skatepark or ramp to hone your form. Instead, try yourself in front of other skate mates when you actually get to park and feel the encouragement. No one beat your time spent with dedication behind the gained perfection.


Most frequent questions and answers

How do you get better at skateboarding faster?

The answer is regular practice. There’s no alternative to the never-ending drills. Keep practicing that hardest trick you fail every time, maybe that stance you are unable to hold, the flip that keeps throwing you off the edge – it all can be achieved with regular exercise only. Besides, maintaining a healthy diet, a fit physique is equally important to get better at skateboarding faster. 

How to Get Comfortable On a Skateboard?

To get comfortable on a skateboard means to feel safe as you ride it. Try balancing yourself on the board without riding as long as you can. Keep wobbling but don’t touch down the ground until you are falling. Soon you will find your comfort zone and be fearless in skating. 

How long does it take to learn skateboarding?

Rumors are, you can technically learn to skate within a day or two or even in an hour. That much time is enough to learn the basics but to learn it well you must practice for longer which has no time limit. 

Final Words....

Learning any sport can be tough but it has been excelled by someone surely in the past. Don’t give up until you do too! 

It’s time to wrap all the talking and get to work. Do what you need to do but remember that for lasting results you must not haste yourself. 

Hit the gym, get that summer body, eat healthily and smash the ramp until you are fully drenched in sweat. Do remember the guidelines we shared here and comment down any further queries you want to be answered next. Follow our skating articles for more!


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