How To Build A Grind Box For Skateboarding-Easy DIY

Skating is a fun and dynamic sport. And the amusing diversity of obstacles makes this sport challenging yet enjoyable. Whether you’re a professional skater or a newbie, a grind box is a tool that helps you overcome several skating challenges. 

So, what is a grind box? It is a wooden skate ledge typically used in street skating for thrills. Grind boxes are the most popular skating obstacle in all skateparks. To learn ledge tricks like a pro, grinding is a terrific way to develop your skating abilities and gain confidence. 

Having your own skating grind box allows you to practice anytime you want.Constructing a DIY grind box will be extremely beneficial to your skating career and it’s also considerably cheaper than buying one.

How To build A Grind Box For Skateboarding

Building a grind box is a lot easier than you think. To make one that suits your needs, this article will teach you how to make your grind box in the simplest way possible using the fewest resources.

skateboarding on a grind box

Required Materials

Here is a list of grind box construction tools that you may need & the additional supplies. You can find them at any local hardware shop or order online. I would suggest buying from physical stores so you can check all the measurements yourself. Do not forget to arrange everything beforehand! 

Grind Box Construction Tools:

  • A wooden Pencil or marker 
  • Drilling machine
  • Measuring Tape 
  • Drill bits
  • Circular saw

Supply materials:

  • 6 feet of 2×4’s wood. Quantity: 4
  • 15 Inches 2×4’s wood. Quantity: 8
  • a piece of 6 feet long angular iron
  • 2-inch screw, 28-30 pcs.
  • 1-inch screws, 12-14 pcs. 
  • Plywood

Safety Gear: 

We recommend wearing the safety gear & maintaining all safety protocols while crafting any DIY. Any unwanted mishap is not our intention. Here’s another list:

  • Safety Goggles or Glasses
  • Sound Protection (Earplugs and Earmuffs)
  • Dust Mask or Respirator
  • Cut Resistant Gloves
  • Steel Toe Boots
  • Leather Apron

Building A Skate Grind Box

After you’ve gathered all of the necessary building materials, next comes cutting. Be sure that you know how to use your saw securely, particularly if you’ve barely used one before. You would not want to cut any fingers off. So, first and foremost, put your gloves and safety goggles and get to work!

STEP 1: Measure & Cut the Wood

Choose a clean area and gather all of the stuff required for your grind box designs. First, cut the pieces of wood into smaller pieces to construct the box. 

Take your 2x4s and a tape measure, and mark 6 feet on your 2x4s since this length is appropriate for your grind box. Safety is our first and foremost priority so use a saw only after you guarantee that you are well-versed in its use. Afterward, you must have a total of four 2x4s.

Measure & cut 15 inches since this is the height required for grind box legs. Likewise, 6 pieces must be trimmed at 15 inches. After the legs have been cut, it is time to begin assembling the frame.

measuring wood to build a grind box for skateboarding

STEP 2: Assembling 

Step 2 starts with laying two 2×4s parallel. Put one 15-inch leg piece in between the boards. Align everything likewise before drilling. Begin with pre-drilling through the 2×4 boards. Make two screw holes on each end and tighten the screws to attach the legs once it has been pre-drilled. Pre-drilling holes protect the wood-splitting. Now repeat the process.

After a pair of legs is attached to either end of the boards, flip it. This is the structure’s bottom. It’s time for the structure’s top. Pre-drill and fix another 2×4 board on top using the same method.

A middle leg must be added to strengthen the box structure. Gauge the middle of the frame. Pre-drill both the top and bottom ends of the frame and attach the middle leg. That’s one of the frames completed. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the second one. 

After all of the sides are tightened, you will end up with two identical frames. 

assembling woods for making a skate grind box

STEP 3: Adding The Plywood Top 

The plywood gives a nice finish to the top. Take a large sheet of plywood. Cut off a 20 inches wide and 6 feet long piece and another piece that is 6 ft in length and 16-inches in width. 

Paste and fix the plywood sheets to the frame using screws. The bigger one is for the top and the smaller one for the side of the box.

By this step, Your grind box should resemble a grind box! 

adding plywood at the of skateboarding grind box

STEP 4: Color Coating the Grind Box 

Step 4 is optional. If you want to protect the grind box against weather damages, painting is highly encouraged!  

Use a weather coating paint as it works as a protective barrier against the wear-off due to weather. It also keeps it looking nice for longer. You will find such paints at any hardware store or home decor shops. 

Let the paint dry up as you should prepare the final element of the grind box.

color coating make a grind box look attractive

STEP 5: Coping

You have reached the ending. Drill a 3/16″ hole at every end of the angled iron, one above and one on the bottom. Put screws at a gap of around 2 and a ½ inch, along the line.

Here is a quick tip: drill screw holes with one an inch up or down from the other, so the screws don’t strike each other when you put them in!

After you’ve drilled all of the holes, use the 3/8″ drilling pin. Do not hit all the way to the board!. Only countersink the holes so that it prevents the screws from sticking up and grabbing on anything.

Your skateboard grind box is ready, it’s time to test it out. A DIY rail and ramp is a really simple attachment that you can use to have a skate setup in the comfort of your own house.

how to build a grind box with coping detailed


Complete Skateboard

The most important part is choosing your plaything. It can be cheap or expensive, stylish or sustainable. Do not go for Walmart boards as they are easily breakable. Go to a real sports shop to choose your sports mate from. You don’t have to spend too much on your first board, one for $85-$100 works fine!

There are two types of boards available to choose from- Classic Skateboard & the Longboard.

The Classic Skateboard usually is for professional skaters, who want to ride in a skatepark or the streets & perform spectacular tricks. The nose & the tail of this skateboard is curved as well as the posture is concave for a better stance. With a variety of sizes, the usual is a length of 30” and width of 8”. 

Conversely, the longboard is manufactured double the length of a classic skateboard and an equivalent width. It’s ideal for learners who want to skateboard as a way to go around and have no intentions to elevate to tricks.Check our best skateboard for beginners list to chose yours fist skate.


Most frequent questions and answers

How high should a grind box be?

A moderate height for DIY grind box should 12 inches or 1 ft. That’s the height that can be easily overcame and stored at home inside the garage and easy to carry as well. 

How long should a grind box be?

6 feet long grind boxes are found everywhere and can be easily built at home. That can build by using a 12 inches wide and 6 feet long board. Again, easy to move around and in & out if garages. 

How to make a grind rail box?

Using a PVC rail & attaching it to a triangular grind box made with regular wood pieces, you can build a grind rail box. A 2 inch or 4 inch grind rail should be enough to build a grind rail box. The longer the PVC, the better the amazement of riding.

Where to get supplies to build a grind box?

Most DIY architectural support businesses sell timber and hardware. You can check Home Depot or Target. You may need to buy steel as well; in that case, look for steel manufacturers or salvage steel on the internet.

Final Words....

Congratulations, you have just completed the construction of a long-lasting skateboard grind ledge. That tool will be an essential part of your skating career. You can also attach a fancy sticker to it for your grind box to appear cool just as you are. Now grab your board and get ready for some action! 


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