Learn How to Assemble Your Skateboard in 6 Steps

If you have read my article about how to learn to ride skateboarding, your second calling is how to assemble a skateboard. 

You must start with your nearest sports shop. Find & buy the best skateboard parts you can. A skate deck, nice trucks, good quality bearings, wheels, and a handy skate tool should be the primary things you need.

I have introduced the parts in more detail in the article further. Here, you will also find the guide on how to assemble your skateboard step by step. Following my instructions, you will be able to build your skateboard.

What Parts Are Needed To Assemble A Skateboard?

If you are going to order online, do check the list twice or thrice to not miss any parts. Otherwise, you’ll create a hole in your pocket paying the shipping charge again & again. I would suggest you choose a local shop for buying the skateboard parts as well as the mechanic tools. That way you will be able to check everything on your own and buy with assurance. 

Here’s goes the supply checklist before you start assembling your skateboard :

1)a pair of good quality trucks 

2) a deck: for building the body

3) 2 pairs of latex coated wheels

4) grip tape

5) 4 pairs of bearings

6) 2 pair of spacers

7) 2 riser (optional)

8) bolts: to attach with the bearings

9) a skate tool or an Allen wrench or a Socket wrench

10) bushings (optional, as you like it)

11) a razor blade: to cut through grip tape

12) Screwdriver 

Different Steps To Assemble Skateboard

Before we get to business, you must arrange a skate tool otherwise the list of alternative tools are going to get longer :

  1. A ⅛” Allen wrench
  2. Or a ⅞” Allen wrench
  3. 9/16” socket wrench
  4. Razor blade

Step 1: Attaching the grip tape

The tools you need the most for this first step are your hands & confidence. If you can overcome the fear in your head, this is going to be the most easily won technical part. You just have to use your common sense and follow through.

The standard grip covers any board up to 8.5” decks or more. But too much over that is going to give you a hard time. Put the tape well aligned with the board and uncover plastic wrap. 

Start tapping the grip tape as you move toward the tail from the nose of the board. Scrap the tape with a blunt object like a credit card and get rid of any air bubbles. Cut the edges when you need to like the trucks & wheels. Use the cutout pieces of grip tape to sand down the edges of the taping. 

For more info and details, you can follow our article on how to apply grip tape on your skateboard.

assemble skateboard attaching griptape

Step 2: Bolt Insertion

Skateboard decks have premade holes to insert the bolts. Having taped the grip tape, now it’s time to punch holes in it.

Use a screwdriver and this should be easy. Punch holes where the grip tape is sticking opposite of the board. You can also use the bolts directly to push through the grip tape. 

assemble skateboard inserting bolt

Step 3: Riser Pad (optional)

You can skip this step if you haven’t got riser pads. This step doesn’t require much explaining. Just use the right length of riser pads to the right length of bolts and follow your instincts. 

asssemble skateboard attaching Riser Pad

Step 4: Attaching The Trucks

Time for the most essential part of skateboard assembling. The trucks play a crucial role in making your tide smooth as the bolts, kingpin etc. affect your ride a lot. 

You need a Phillips screwdriver, a skate tool, ½” Socket wrench or an Allen wrench for attaching the trucks that hold the wheel for you. Make sure you insert the bolts fully and tightly to experience smooth skate tricks and prevent your shoes from being damaged. 

Hold still the trucks on the bolts and hold the nuts on one side. On the other side, use a screwdriver or Allen wrench to lock down the bolts. Screw down the bolts until tight using your fingers. To lock it finally, you use the ½” socket wrench or the skate tool to turn the nuts. Tighten until the baseplate is secured in place. check our top list of best skateboard trucks here.

assemble skateboard trucks inserting

Step 5: Preparing The Wheels

Before attaching the wheels to the trucks, you must put the bearings and spacers in place. Use a skate tool or the axle of your truck to pop them in place. Make sure they are all sticking in & not any way out. 

Firstly, put the first bearing in. Applying your thumb,put pressure on the bearing ball until it pops in. Then put the spacers with the help of the axle bar. After that, put the second bearing in too. You can use any silicone lube to slide the bearings in easily. 

Flip the wheels and repeat the process with the others side too.


Step 6: Attaching The Wheels

Attaching the wheels is really easy. Just don’t screw the truck’s axle nuts too tightly. Covering the bearings with a washer on both sides of the wheels is safe as it protects the bearings  from any rust. Using lubricants before attaching the cover also help. The bearings run well until the next servicing. 

Attach the wheel on the axle bar and wiggle around a bit. The axle nut may feel a bit loose but eventually they will fall into place. Now attach the nuts and tighten enough so that the wheels can spin freely. 

assemble skateboard wheels attaching

Is It Hard To Put A Skateboard Together?

Putting skateboard parts together or assembling it might be technical but not difficult. You have to understand the roles of each part and how they work together. The quality of different parts may affect your skateboard’s performance. 

Here are some hacks that you can follow to make your way easier:

  1. Do not stress over air bubbles under the grip tape. It’s okay if there are some air pockets here and there. Just try to stick as smooth as possible and cut edges evenly.
  2. Do not be afraid as to how much pressure should be applied while inserting the bearings into the wheel. Push your way through.
  3. Organise all the parts neatly on a surface before you start. This will save time as well as help you visualise better.
  4. Do not skip getting a skate tool. It is the all in one tool that you need to assemble.


Most frequent questions and answers

Can you assemble a skateboard without a skate tool?

Yes, you can. But it will require a lot more tools than buying this only T-shaped tool. Plus, this tool is going to be very easy to carry as you ride around. It comes handy in times of need too!

Does tightening the nuts too much cause harm to the bearings and wheels?

Too tight nuts and bolts prevent the bearings from spinning freely and create more friction. This causes long term damage to the bearings.

Wrap Up

You can always buy a ready-to-go skateboard at the shops but assembling it on your own has some emotions involved with it. Especially if it’s your first skateboard. 

I hope my article smoothes your first step to skating as well as saves you some bucks. Do share your experience with us!


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