How Much Does A Skateboard Cost? (Hidden Costs Revealed)

Do you have your eyes on the best skateboard on the market, but is it that you can’t buy it because of your budget issues? You may be new to skateboarding, which is why we’re here to help you. The cost of a good-quality skateboard deck will not depend only on the brand but also on the quality of the board. With this article, we bring to you the analysis of the expenditures that you need to bear with skateboarding. So, without any further delays, let’s dig in. 

Skateboardings cost break down

Indeed, buying a skateboard is not an easy task. There are hidden costs associated with buying skateboard decks which are often neglected. Investing in the correct skateboarding deck made with the right components is important because a sturdy deck will last you a lifetime. On the other hand, a deck that has sub-par materials is not even going to last you a few years. 

Whether a skateboarding deck is cheap or expensive, a good quality one is important. Therefore, let’s have a look at the breakdown of the major parts of a skateboard and the costs associated with buying a skateboard deck. 

A skateboard deck may cost anywhere between $30-$50 whereas the wheels may cost around $15-$60. The skateboard bearing and the trucks may cost anywhere between $10-$80. The grip tape and hardware may cost around $5-$20. 

The total costs of the main components associated with skateboarding decks may range from $90-$300. 

skateboarding cost breakdown

how much does skateboard equipment cost?

Skateboards may easily be bought from skate warehouses that sell decks, bearings, wheels, and even other hardware components meant for skaters. Any hardware shops may sell skateboarding decks and the additional components associated with them. 

Alternatively, there are many online marketplaces or shops that sell skateboards and you could choose to buy from them.

Skateboard Pro Setups That You Should Try

The recommended setup for skateboarding practices includes the use of good-quality decks, wheels, spacers, bearing, hardware, and grip tape. 

The setup example for the cheapest skateboarding activities has been given below:

  1. WKND skateboarding deck
  2. Spitfire Wheels 
  3. Bronson bearings
  4. Grip tape
  5. Additional hardware components

Cost for different types of Skateboards

There are different types of skateboards such as the ones that have been listed below:

  • Beginner’s skateboards

These types of skateboards are used by skaters who are trying out their luck at skating for the first time. These may not be the best for pro-level skaters, but they are a blessing for beginners. Beginner-friendly skateboarding decks may range anywhere in price from $30-$70. 

  • Street Skateboards

These types of skateboards are designed for those who want to take the streets by storm They have small wheels to accommodate easier movement for the skaters. They cost around $70-$250.

  • Classic Skateboards

These skateboards are pretty much versatile, but they don’t allow for the cruising technique. They range from $50-$400. 

  • Blank Skateboards

These skateboards are literally blank, as the name suggests, without any graphic decorations or colors. They provide the best value for money as well. 

  • Professional Skateboards 

These skateboards are mainly used in different types of competitions and they range in price from $100-$250. 

  • Longboard skateboards

They are designed for downhill cruising and they have a stable base which makes them ideal for cruising too. These usually cost between $60 and $500. 

  • Children’s skateboards 

These skateboards do not come with a lot of wide range of functionalities but they are specifically designed for children’s easy usage. 

how much do skateboard decks cost?

Skateboard decks may also range in price from 30 bucks to 50 bucks. Blank decks usually fall in this range because blank decks are much cheaper compared to graphic decks. However, the decks may even cost a few hundred dollars, such as the Powell Peralta Deck. Usually, blank skateboard decks cost around $35.

skateboarding decks cost explained

The Top Branded Decks (‘pro’-models)

Branded decks have a lot of value, but they also come with a hefty price tag. Most branded decks have the same quality, with a few brands being different. The selling point of branded decks is that they have a special shape to ensure that the skater can perform several tricks.

Blank Decks

cost of skateboards blank decks decscribed in details

Blank decks from brands are not very different either. However, be careful when you are buying a blank deck. If the blank deck happens to be disfigured, then it may not be useful for you. 

Shop Decks

skateboards shop decks cost and price detailed

Many good shops make their own decks. Sometimes these shops buy the blank skate decks in bulk and print logos or graphics on them. Many skaters only choose to buy their decks from certain shops.

How much does skateboard trucks cost?

The price of skateboard trucks also varies a lot. You may get Mini Logos trucks retailing for a few bucks or $10 or $20, but don’t expect them to last long. However, though expensive trucks come with a hefty price tag, they are much better than the more reasonable ones. The pricey trucks will ensure that you may easily land tricks. 

Good-quality skateboard trucks will cost you at least $40. If you invest in expensive trucks initially, you will be investing for the long run. 

how much does skateboarding trucks cost detailed

How much are wheels on a skateboard?

The same rule is applicable to skateboard wheels. You get what you pay for, as more expensive wheels will last you a long time. Mini Logo wheels cost approximately $20 while the more expensive variants may cost as much as $40-$50. However, the Mini Logo wheels wear and tear fast, doing justice to their price tag. 

The main reason that sets cheaper wheels apart from the more expensive ones is that the cheaper wheels are made from cheaper plastics or polyurethane. On the other hand, the more expensive wheels are made from more expensive materials. 

how much does skateboard wheels cost explained

Cost of skateboards Grip Tape

Grip tapes are not usually very expensive and their price is not a factor that you should worry about. It doesn’t matter even if you use the cheapest grip tape. But for your convenience, let’s look at the price tag of the grip tapes available on the market. Brandless gripping tapes cost approximately $5 whereas branded ones or printed ones cost around $20. 

budget for bearings: keep it low

If you do not want to skate at unimaginable extreme speeds, then you don’t need bearings that cost a fortune. The good part is that you may easily buy bearings by spending even a small sum of money. The typical Bronson G2 bearings cost $15. 

Is Skateboarding Hardware Cheap?

Usually, the additional hardware components that are required for skating do not cost a lot. The bolts and nuts required to fix everything in place can range only up to $6. 

How much is a skating shoes?

Shoes may range in sizes and prices too. For example, Nike shoes specially made for skating may cost as much as 100 bucks. These Nike shoes are great if you want to perform tricks like a pro. Many skaters change their shoes very often, for example, in as little as four weeks. However, if you take good care of your shoes and sand down your grip tape, then you are likely not to have any problems. 

skate Pants cost

You will need sturdy and good-quality pants if you want to ride a skateboard. Wear something comfortable but durable at the same time. You may wear cargo pants and pants usually range up to $50. 

Protective Gear to Prevent Injuries

Protective gear is must have item if you want to prevent injuries during skating. But sadly, no one considers them. But we would still like to inform you that helmets may range up to $50, and knee pads up to $100. Wrist and elbow pads start at $20. 

Skating Tools that You Need

It is not mandatory to have skate tools, but it is always considered a plus point if you have them. Premium skate tools may range up to $30.

Hidden Costs of Skateboarding

Hidden costs of skateboarding are the costs of skateboarding that are linked to it but do not directly fall under this category. Fees for skating in a park, replacing components and the costs of learning skating are all hidden costs. 

how much is a good skateboard for beginners?

Maintenance expenditures aren’t a problem when you’re first starting off. After 6 to 12 months, most starting skaters will need to replace their boards.

The same might be said for shoes. Your skating boots will last from 6 to 12 months if you don’t do professional tricks all the time. Fixing these shoes will add 30 to 50 hours to your skating time.

how much should you spend as an Intermediate Skateboarder?

Intermediate skateboarders who perform professional-level skills may have to change their skateboarding components more often. Their skateboarding decks and shoes will last around 6 months. Bearings may need to be replaced every 5 months or if the skater is lucky, they may last a year. 

professional Skaters Costs

Skilled skateboarders need to change their decks the most frequently. The decks are replaced in as little as 4 months whereas the shoes are replaced in as little as 4 weeks. Wheels may last them half a year if they are lucky enough.

how much does it cost to make a skateboard?

The production costs depend on the brand, the type of materials used, the labor employed, etc. Typically, the production cost varies, but it may be $35 per unit whereas these skateboards will be sold at around $75-$200. 

There are additional factors to consider here though. Let’s talk about the wheels of the decks. Wheels should not cost a lot, but sometimes the higher-end brands spend a lot of time and money making these wheels, which is why they become more costly. 

What is a good price for skateboard?

There are many brands of decent skateboards that offer them for a cheaper price. CCS skateboards come at a fairly reasonable price meant for all skaters. The brand CCS never raises any price or does not charge unfair prices. 

Sometimes cheaper skateboards have wheels that won’t spin after a few uses. The bearings of some cheap skateboards may also not work in some cases. Decks that have been soaked in the rain will not have any pop either. Inspect parts of the skateboard such as the axles or the bearings and then buy them only if everything is in mint condition.  

What are the most expensive skateboards?

Skateboards may even be extremely expensive. For example, vintage skateboard decks and collectors skateboard decks may even range up to a hundred thousand dollars. The Golden deck, Mundi Skateboard, and Tony Hawk’s skateboards are one of the most expensive skateboards ever. Another expensive skateboard is the supreme skateboard by Louis Vuitton. 

Is it Okay To Buy A Used Skateboard?

You may buy a used skateboard deck for a cheaper price but beware of the consequences. The wood of the skateboard may soften with time, the wheels may not spin as smoothly and even they may wear and tear easily. The bearings of used skateboards are usually ruined easily too, which further gives reasons not to buy used skateboards. 

However, it is important to note that used skateboards may be bought as collectibles or vintage skateboards that are meant to act as sovereigns. 

Final Words....

The average price of a skateboarding deck may not be much, but considering the hidden costs and the costs of the materials associated with skateboards, they cost a lot. You need to be smart about what you buy. Always look for good-quality skateboarding materials at decent prices but not cheap prices, as the cheaper skateboards wear and tear easily. Lastly, we hope that you could get an idea of the cost of the skateboards from this article. 


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