How Dangerous is Skateboarding Compared to Other Sports(Risk and Safety Guide)

Skateboarding can give you a good deal of adrenaline rush if you know how to enjoy the game fearlessly. You must know, skateboarding isn’t dangerous as a sport and it’s scientifically proven now!

If you are well trained with the basics by a professional skateboard instructor, general falls will come as a piece of cake to you. Also, protective gears are always there to shield you from any major damage.

Common Skateboarding Injuries

While sporting, a little scratch here and there is all a part of the game. But when you’re skateboarding, longboarding, or training your kid to be a future pro skater, like any other sport, a certain risk of getting injured remains. 

Half of the injuries reported are met by younger skaters aged from 15 to 24. Another percentage is met by the newbies of 5 to 14 years. But accidental incidents know no bounds & can even occur to professional or trained skaters.

Most accidents are caused by rocks and pebbles on the way of the skater. In a sense, they are the true enemies. Elbows, wrists, or ankles face the most trauma when you tumble and fall upon these little snipers. The most common skateboarding injuries are

  • Groin injury
  • a twisted or rolled ankle
  • swollen elbows
  • dislocation of joints or wrists
  • deep cuts, etc.

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How dangerous is skateboarding compared to other sports

The danger in skateboarding compared to other sports is minor. Studying other sports injuries elucidate the fact. Heading off massive ramps, downhills, and sporting right protection gear–especially younger and green skateboarders can start safe skateboarding. Wearing protective gear undoubtedly dominate the risk.

Skateboarding Safety Tips to Prevent Injuries

Wearing Protective Gears

When you are properly geared, 90% of skating falls will only cause you slight scratches. Protective gear has no alternative when it comes to preventing injuries. Here are a few pieces of equipment which help to keep the skater safe.

wearing protective gear can lessen the risk of skateboarding injuries


Helmets guard your skull and forehead area from any internal injuries as well as deep cuts when you fall. The helmet must be of the right size for the skater according to his age and face shape. The frontal lobe of the helmet also saves the face from directly banging against the ground.

Wrist Guards

Wrist guards are there to avoid your wrists from getting twisted. It also helps from saving the wrists any trauma when you must recoup a fall backward. 

Elbow & Knee Pads

These protective pads are usually made of resistance fiber plastic and the inside are padded and fitted to resist any sudden hit. The pads protect the elbows and knees from twisting and swelling. If any mishap happens even after wearing pads, there is a possibility of joint dislocation. 

Skating Shoes

Many may differ from buying proper shoes for skating but brands like Nike, Vans, etc are famous manufacturers of skating shoes. These shoes not only boost the outer confidence of the skaters but also provide a better grip on the board to avoid any accident.

Get The Basics Right & Learn To Balance

A skater who sticks to the basics at all stance hardly falls under any fail. Learning the basics right and sticking to them while performing tricks or stances can never be replaced when it comes to becoming more excellent at the sport. A very skill is balancing on the board. Practice as much as you need to and your game will keep getting fantastic.

skateboard balancing practice

Learning How To Fall

We have always mentioned it in our other articles too. The very basics of skateboarding include the art of falling fearlessly. Knowing when to let go of the trick and trying to balance is the key to safety against injuries.

Learning When To Stop

Lastly, learning when to stop emphasizing the trick and regain balance saves you from injuries too. Too much excitement will lead you to pick up too much speed and bad timing to slow down will cause you a bad time.

Weather Conditions

Bad weather conditions work as an opposite force for a skate ride. If you must avoid injuries, you got to be sketchy about weather conditions outside. It is dangerous to perform tricks if it’s raining or snowy outside. Also, muddy patches or watery boards can make you lose grip under your sole and you will collapse. Remember, Water causes deadly injuries.

Physical Fitness

Skateboarding is a game of balancing. Any sport that involves balancing and multitasking such as pushing, sliding, flips, etc requires core strength. Physical fitness builds core stamina. Regular exercising & training certain drills that are meant for core resistance can help balance better while skateboarding or longboarding.

Skateboarding isn’t Dangerous

Skateboarding falls cannot be considered as an injury unless you are having to visit a doctor. Studies show that people visit the ER more because of falling from the stairs than because of a skating accident. Anecdotal evidence says that skateboarding isn’t any more dangerous than other sports. 

The few things we suggested in our article for your safety must be followed. Check the weather before planning a skateboarding ride, don’t be a cheapskate while spending on the equipment as they will last a lifetime & work on staying in shape for core strength.



Most frequent questions and answers

How dangerous is learning to skateboard?

In conclusion, Skateboarding injuries have a low count of incidence and the damages aren’t that serious. If the riders wear proper safety gear and the skateparks are brought under supervision, learning to skateboard is proven out to be dangerous at all.

How often do Skaters get injured?

According to the United States of American database, emergency attendances handle approximately 70,000 cases of skateboarding injuries per year. However, it is quite a low count in comparison to other sports accidents. Statistically, only 9 out of every 1000 skaters get injured that too if they are not maintaining the safety protocols. 

Do skateboarders get hurt a lot?

According to research, skateboarding is mostly played by boys. Thus, the boy kids more commonly fall victim to skating injuries. Mostly they are aged from 12-15 years as this age group tends to be the most reckless. Nonetheless, skateboarding injuries aren’t that serious until it’s a bone injury or hairline fracture. 

How do you not break your wrist when skateboarding?

Wrist bones break or get hammered when the skater falls straight upfront, either on his face or knees. The first reflex of saving the wrist from breaking is not to save the fall with hands straight. Also, one must wear wrist guards all the time to avoid breaking wrists.

Wrap Up

Skateboarding is a fun sport if you learn it with proper passion and dedication. Any perfection requires practice. Exercising to skate daily can help you overcome fears of injury and you won’t find it dangerous anymore. Remember to gear up & enjoy yourself!


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