Globe skateboards review

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If you are looking for a good branded skateboard within a reasonable price, Globe skateboards has some really good options for you. Globe company has options of skateboards, sports equipment, surfboards and snowboards.

Globe skateboards have really earned a name with their sustainability, quality and long lasting skateboard models. Their products are sold and famous in over 100 countries around the world.

after testing globe skateboard we have compiled a report. Here’s a complete guide to the Globe skateboard review and their features for you.

History of Globe Skateboards

Globe International Ltd was created by three brothers Peter Hill, Stephen Hill and Matt Hill. They created this company back in 1985 in Australia. Since then this company has extended to over 100 countries and became a multinational skateboarding empire. 

 The first products this company produced were skater shoes and surfers. They later expressed disappointment in quality skateboards in the market and started producing them. The company is run by professional skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders who always work to raise the quality of their products. 

The Australian country opened its first US operation in Los Angeles in 1995. It has now become the most prominent brand to supply sports apparel, footwear and skateboard hardwares in the US. 

At present, the Globe company has several other brands under their company such as Darkstar, Trasher, Almost, Enjoi, Flip, Blind, Andale, Girl, Chocolate, Pro-tec. 

How good are Globe skateboards?

Globe skateboards are extremely good for everyone from beginners to professionals due to their exceptional qualities. The decks of the skateboards are produced by a leading skateboard factory DSM which is under the Globe company. 

Dwindle Distribution, which is also under the Globe group, also takes part in the production of these decks.

The Globe skateboard decks are known to be strong, durable and lightweight. Each deck is pressed individually using epoxy resin glue. These are far better than any water based glue. This process made the decks more consistently concave and CNC precision shaped. These perfect decks were engineered by Rodney Mullen. 

Globe complete skateboards feature Tensor trucks. These are made of aluminium and magnesium alloys. These skateboards have grade 8 kingpins along with high rebound bushings. The completes have 52mm, 99A durometer wheels and ABEC 7 bearings.

Top Globe Skateboards


Among the glorious articles, the Globe G2 Typhoon is the most recommended skateboard under this company. It is considered compatible for decent beginners or someone who is learning to improve their skills. Take take a look at the similar products Globe has designed featuring its signature accessories!

NameGlobe G2 Typhoon Skateboard

Globe G2 From Beyond Skateboard

Globe G2 In Flames Skateboard

Globe G1 Full On SkateboardGlobe G3 Bar Impact Nebula Skateboard


Graphic Visual against contrast, black and brown background

Translucent artwork featuring a tropical theme with a glossy finish

A black and purple coloured deck with vintage prints of fire and slogan on the front & tsunami on the back

multicolor print with a glossy finish

Galaxy and Nebula Stars graphic on board with a glossy resin finish


25.59” length & 7.87” wide

31” length & 7.75” wide

34.65” length & 8.9” wide

31” long & 7.75” wide

8.125” wide

5.25” Tensor Trucks

5.00” Tensor Trucks
5.00” Tensor Trucks

Aluminium Tensor Trucks

Magnesium 5.25” Tensor Trucks


Globe 59mm 101A wheels

Globe 59mm 101A wheels

Globe 52mm 101A wheels

Globe 52mm 99A wheels

Globe 53mm 101A wheels


ABEC 7 Bearings

ABEC 5 Bearings

ABEC 7 Bearings

ABEC7 bearings

ABEC-7 bearings






Globe Skateboard Review

For a better demonstration, we decided to review in detail the most loved Top 3 Globe Skateboards that you can vouch for your money.

Globe G2 Typhoon Skateboard

Globe G2 Typhoon Skateboard is compatible for beginners learning to improve their skills or professionals sharpening their skills. It is a mid range model anyone can use to bring their skills to a new level. It was from the Globe Street Collection. 


  • Deck Size: 8″ x 31.63″
  • Wheelbase: 14″
  • 5.25″ Tensor Alloy trucks 
  • 53mm Conical 101A wheels
  • ABEC 7 bearings
  • Full concave deck
  • Split black and printed griptape


Most Globe skateboards are rather plain in case of designs unlike other brands. The G2 Typhoon skateboard comes with a few graphic designs. Since it was released in the Globe Street collection, it has been the most favoured after design. The skateboard features a graphic visual against a contrast black and brown background.

The graphics on the deck features a skeleton walking in the middle of windy palm trees. The same palm trees graphics feature on top of a brown background on the other side of the deck. It has split black and printed griptape with it. There’s also a set of sticker that is prepackaged with the skateboard.


The Globe G2 is 31.63’’ long and 8’’ wide. The wheelbase is about 14’’. The decks are made with 7 ply of 100% Canadian maple wood. The decks are lightweight, durable and have a good pop. 

Each of the decks are individually pressed. Avoiding multiple pressing at once allows the decks to have a consistent shape and makes it fully concave. For pressing, epoxy resin 7 glue is used which is better than water based glue. This makes the decks less likely to delaminate even  after regular use. 


The G2 Typhoon has wheels of 53 millimetres diameter.  Usually, it depends on the diameter of the wheel, how quick you can accelerate or how tightly you can take a turn while riding the skateboard. The G2 Typhoon with its 53 mm wheel is very suitable to maintain balance and withstand the weight.

Trucks and Bushings

The Globe G2 features their very own Tensor trucks. These trucks are made of aluminium and magnesium alloys. These Globe tensor trucks have lifelong guarantees against any kinds of defects. The trucks are 5.25’’ with a hollow kingpin.


G2 Typhoon has the ABEC 7 bearings which provides accurate and consistent skateboard experience. The precision level and tolerance level are high and tough respectively due to the ABEC 7 bearings. It results in faster but smoother rides.



Globe G2 In Flames Skateboard


The Globe G2 In Flames Skateboard is a versatile skateboard suitable for any kind of skateboarder. It is pretty reasonable as you can get one at only $109.95.

This skateboard comes in a resin 7 maple wood deck featuring extremely cool street art. It features Tensor trucks and hollow kingpins like other Globe skateboards.


  • Resin-7 hard rock maple
  • Full Concave
  • 6.0″ Tensor Alloy trucks with hollow kingpin
  • 52mm 101a wheels
  • Split black grip tape


The Globe G2 In Flames features one of the most unique designs for this line of skateboards. The deck contains a unique holographic foil prism art. It is drawn in the backdrop of a black and purple wooden background. The graphics on the top depicts a vintage fire in a washed out print.

There is a slogan on the stack of smokes saying, “we’re all going down in flames”. The slogan is inside a circle. Below this circle, “1-800-we’re-screwed” is written. The backside of the deck features the graphic art of a tsunami.


The G2 In Flames has a deck of 34.65” length and 8.9” width. The decks are made with 7 ply of 100% Canadian maple wood. The decks are lightweight, durable and can create a good pop. 

Each of the decks are individually pressed using epoxy resin glue in between. Avoiding multiple pressing at once allows the decks to have a consistent shape and lets it have a fully concave shape.


The Globe G2 In Flames has wheels of 52 mm diameters and 101A. It is a good shape for any kind of tricks and technical riding. 

The wheels consist of polyurethane which makes it softer and allows you to glide smoothly over any kinds of cracks or pebbles easily. 

Trucks and Bushings

The Globe G2 In Flames skateboard has five inches of tensor truck. They are made of aluminium and magnesium alloys and hollow kingpins. These trucks ensure steadiness and durability of the skateboard.


The Globe G2 In Flames skateboard has ABEC 7 bearings. These steel bearings allow you to get the highest speed without altering your performance.



Globe G1 Full On Skateboard

Adidas Unisex-Child Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe for kids and childs

The Globe G1 skateboards are basically for entry level skateboarders. If you are new to skating and want a beginner friendly skateboard that can get you deeper into skating, this is a really good option for you. It might be a little expensive with a cost of $199.95. But in the end, it will feel worth it.


  • 7.75″ wide and 31.63″ long deck
  • Wheelbase 14″
  • Resin-7 hard rock maple
  • 5.25″ Tensor alloy trucks
  • Globe ABEC 7 bearings
  •  52mm 99A wheels


The Globe G1 Full On is of charcoal and chromatic colour. The tail and the nose of the skateboard is charcoal in colour. On the bottom side of the deck and in between the trucks, there is a gradient design. The charcoal and red colour gradients in the middle make the skateboard very eye-catching.


The Globe G1 Full On has a larger deck with a 7.75″ width and 31.63″ length. It has a wheelbase of 14’’ as well. The Globe skateboard decks are known to be strong, durable and lightweight. This skateboard has an extra ordinary pop for tricks. 

The deck is fully concave and perfectly shaped because of the epoxy resin 7 pressing method the Globe company follows. The hard rock maple wood makes the deck stronger and resist delamination well.


The Globe G1 Full On has wheels of 52 mm diameters and 99 A. It is a good shape for any kind of tricks and technical riding. 

The wheels are also considerably softer. These soft wheels add buoyancy to the skateboard while riding and makes it a lot easier to roll over any cracks on the road smoothly without any hitch.

Trucks and Brushings

The Globe G1 Full On features premium quality aluminium or magnesium alloy trucks of 5.25 inches. They’re tensor trucks. These trucks are reliable and ensure avoiding wraps because of the steadiness it provides.


The Globe G1 Full On has the ABEC 7 bearings which provides accurate and consistent skateboard experience. It results in faster but smoother rides.



DC Men’s Pure Skate shoe

DC Men’s Pure best adults Skateboarding shoes

DC specializes in footwear for action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, or football. The American Droor Clothing owned them first but for 27 years now, they are an independent footwear brand that keeps designing amazing shoes for adults. The DC Men’s Pure Shoes is one of their best pro skate shoes for adult skaters.


The Pure Skate shoe comes in all materials of uppers. You can order to customize a suede, leather, vegan, or canvas upper. The round toe cap provides room for the width of adult feet so that the toes lay comfortably on the footbed. 

The fitting of these best suede skate shoes is very good and secure. The foot entry has a padded tongue with the DC logo on it. The lace-up entry ensures a fitting that sits in place for hours even if the skater jumps, flip tricks, or simply rolls on his board. The lining of the shoe has mesh material for superb breathability. Prevents sweat & odor build-up as you wouldn’t wanna get bothered by sticky feet while riding with your homies. This pair can be trusted blindly for professional tournaments.

The insole is a cushioned footbed for the ultra comfort of a professional skater. The mesh tongue and collar are padded with foam for support and comfort. The midsole is constructed with a wrap cup to help you perform your best. The midsole gives enough bounce and elasticity to your rides. Lastly, the outsole features DC trademark pill tread patterns for an anti-slip superior board feel. The abrasion resistant rubber outsole gives an unbeatable traction .

The outlook of this shoe is rouge and stylish. The inner left side has semi-visible stitching lines that you can contrast. The outer-right side features the brand logo. Lookwise, the DC Pure Men’s shoes are so unique that they can be your casual footwear also.




Most frequent questions and answers

Is Globe Skateboards Sustainable for the environment?

The bigheads at Globe include environmentalists and they did not compromise at all when it came to environmental impact. Globe partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to participate in a tree-planting project. Globe donates more than three times as much wood to the skateboard industry as they remove each year. 

This raises the brand’s sustainability quotient. Globe's purpose is to participate in forestry techniques that help to restore more than the damage to compensate for the wood used to make our skateboards. After joining PRANA’s Responsible Packaging Movement, the brand eliminated single-use plastic and virgin forest fibre from their packaging, as well as excess waste from their supply chain.

How Are the Globe Skateboards Compared To Other Boards?

Globe Skateboards has kept developing, evolving, and competing with other major companies. Being a worldwide brand is difficult, but they succeeded. The DSM single deck press technique distinguishes them from other rival brands. The folks behind the organization are talented enough to produce something wonderful. It’s also worth noting that their boards are reasonably priced. When it comes to quality, you get more than you pay for, unlike most other brands

Are globe skateboards good for a beginner?

Globe manufactures some special kinds of skateboards which could be perfect for beginners. The Globe Concrete Dreams Breeze 7.625″ Complete Skateboard is the ideal junior skateboard, featuring Tensor trucks and Globe 52mm 99a wheels with smooth-rolling bearings. Perfect beginner skateboard for young skaters for both street and park skating- fully made and ready to grind.

Final Words

Most skateboarders around the world can vouch for Globe skateboards and their quality components. Being an international company, Globe skateboards have managed to come this far by providing satisfaction to the customers and impressing them with a good service at a reasonable value.

If you are a professional you’ll need to make some changes in these skateboards before reaching your full potential. Otherwise, Globe skateboards G1 and G2 are perfect for intermediate and beginners. 

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