Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Regular Skateboard

longboard cruiser wheels put on skateboard

Longboard wheels have lately been really raved about. Let’s admit that there are several advantages of using these in conjunction with a regular skateboard. What if you desire to cruise on a skateboard but don’t want to deal with the bumpiness that comes with smaller wheels on a skateboard? We’re here to tell you that … Read more

07 Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Skating (Know Before Ride)

skateboard wheels for street,street skating, cruising and tricks,beginner, wheels guide

Best Skateboard Wheels For Street (Know Before Ride) Every skating soul loves to skate outdoors. And choosing the best skateboard wheels for the street is indispensable if you take your eyes to the outside of the skate park. It matters as wheels impact your skating performance.  When it comes to skating on the street, you … Read more

How to clean skateboard wheels

clean skateboard wheels, set up skateboard wheels, skateboard maintaining

Cruising through the dusty pavement or your favourite skatepark, if you are wondering why your wheels are not giving you the same smooth ride like before, then you are at the right place!! Skating is all fun and exciting. From kids to youngsters to young adults – the game doesn’t discriminate when it comes to … Read more

How to Determine The Hardness Of A Skateboard Wheels

skateboard wheels hardness, hard wheels vs soft wheels, soft skateboard wheels, skateboard wheel size

If you are passionate about the sport, researching a bit about your plaything will never fail you. Skateboards are all about their wheels & trucks. And while talking about the wheels, the wheel sizes & the hardness, both matters! Standard Skateboard wheels are usually made of urethane, a bi-material polymer plastic mixed with rubber, to … Read more

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