Top Female Skateboarders

top female skateboarders amidst so many female skaters

Skateboarding saw a steep rise in the 1960s, and ever since that time, women have been an important part of the sport. Unlike many other sports, skateboarding is the kind of sport where women have been actively involved right from the start. The history of skateboarding has been shaped by influential women skaters. Newcomers are … Read more

20 Top Skateboarders Of All Time

20 best skateboarders of all time exol

If there is one profession that most adventurous people would pursue, then it is skateboarding. What’s not to love about such a thrilling profession? There are highs and lows in skateboarding just like there are highs and lows in our lives. But regardless of this, skateboarding is a profession that is pursued by many.  According … Read more