Can You Skateboard in the Rain?(Not A Good Idea)

Skateboarding in itself is a daunting task as it requires a lot of patience. To top it all off, it may become even more challenging if it is raining. There is the risk of falling and injuring yourself if you are skating on a skateboard in the rain. But some people may argue that although skating in the rain may be injurious, it is also a nerve-wracking sport. Due to the adrenaline rush and the thrill it gives, some people may prefer to skateboard in the rain, rather than skate when it is not raining. 

If you want to find out more about the things that you need to know to skateboard in the rain, then delve deeper! 

skater skateboarding in rain


can you skateboard in the rain?

Skateboarding in the rain may prove to be a dangerous activity if you are a newbie or if you are just starting out. If you are wondering why this is the case, then we have the answer for you. It can result in your skating trucks, bolts, and even your skating deck getting waterlogged. Your skating gear and even deck may wear away very easily if you skate in the rain. 

Rainwater will not just damage your skating gear and deck, but it may result in a troublesome experience for you too. You may be thinking about why it may become a troublesome experience for you. Read further to seek the answer to this question! In our opinion, skating in the rain can only be an option for you if you want to fall down and break a leg! 

You shouldn’t be riding a skateboard when it is wet because of the devastating consequences. It may cause your skateboard deck to lose contact with the ground as a result of a condition called hydroplaning. Even if wheels are designed to endure the rainy condition, they may still slip, which would result in injuries for the skaters. 

The wheels won’t be the only ones to lose grip from the ground, but your feet may also lose grip on the skateboard. If you don’t have any other choice but to skate on wet surfaces, then remember to be extra cautious. 

skateboard on the watery ground in rain

What Will Happen If You Skateboard on the Water?

Skateboarding might be your favorite hobby, but let’s be real, nobody wants to ride a skateboard in waterlogged places. If you often ride skateboarding decks in waterlogged conditions, you probably already know the drill. 

The material of the skateboarding decks makes them prone to damage. Skateboard decks are made of pure wood which gives these decks absorbing properties. Thus, if the skateboard decks remain waterlogged for long, it will cause them to soften and eventually delaminate as well. 

If you are someone who likes a skateboard with good pop, then definitely, skating on the water is not for you. 

Even the bearings, the metallic trucks, and the wheels of your skateboard may wear out if you ride a skateboard on water. After knowing about these undesirable consequences, would you ever want to ride a skateboard while it is raining?

skateboarder fell down while skateboarding in rain 

Your Skateboard Deck May Change Shape and Become Waterlogged

One of the main reasons why skateboarders should be careful is that their skating decks may become waterlogged. As a result of being waterlogged, the skateboarding decks may get warped or lose shape. Let’s be honest, who would want to ride a deck that doesn’t even have a good shape?

Besides that, problems may arise as well. The water may result in the glue holding the layers of wood in the wooden deck coming off. As a result of the less cohesiveness or holding properties of the glue, more water may get in. When increasing water gets into your wooden deck, it may result in the board getting deformed or warped.

skateboard decks condition while skateboarding in rain explained

grip tape becomes slippery?

Although grip tapes do not cost a fortune, they may become a problem if they start peeling. Don’t you want your skateboarding deck to look aesthetically pleasing? If the grip tape starts peeling away it may not look too appealing. 

Besides, older grip tape may peel away from the surface of your skateboard deck and cause problems for you if you are skating in the rain.

Damaged Bearings and Why It Happens

It’s a wise decision to not get your skateboard bearings wet in the rain. If you are wondering why, then we are here to inform you about wet bearings and their consequences. The inner part of your bearings will start to oxidize, which may result in corrosion. Moreover, your bearings may become loose and come off when they are exposed to water for a long time. 

There is a special lubrication system inside the bearings which may dissolve if the bearings are overexposed to water. So, if you do not want your bearings to fall off while you are having a fun time skating with your friends, then you should be extra cautious about taking care of the bearings!

What Happens to the Trucks, Bolts, and Nuts?

It is a common problem for skateboard trucks to rust easily when they are exposed to water. If your trucks are metallic, then they will rust easily if they are overexposed to water. Not only that, even the bolts and nuts which are made of metals will rust more easily if they are waterlogged. 

Would you really want rust to accumulate on your skateboard deck when you treat it like a prized possession meant to enable you to skate?

Why Do Skateboard Wheels Lose Their Grip?

Skateboard wheels have a softer structure when compared to longboard wheels. Even though longboard wheels can handle the rain, skateboard wheels are not designed to do this. 

When you take a turn using a skateboard that has been waterlogged for a long time, the wheels may lose grip on the ground. As a result, you may get injured. Imagine a car’s wheels losing their grip on a busy road. It would be a dangerous situation, and a similar situation would result from your skateboard wheels losing their grip. 

What should you do If Your Skateboard Gets Wet?

If you want to prevent your skateboard deck from getting soaked in the rain, you need to take certain measures (obviously!). First of all, remove the skateboard from the water source and keep it in a cool and dry condition. You also need to dry your skateboard if it has been waterlogged or wet. Use a towel or a piece of cloth to dry the skateboard deck. 

Voila! You have a skateboarding deck that looks as good as new.

How Can You keep your skateboard safe from damaging by water?

There are some preventive measures that you may undertake if you want to protect your skateboards from the rain. Firstly, replace the regular wheels with wheels designed especially for the rain. 

Then spray some fixating spray on the wooden skating deck to prevent it from becoming delaminated. The fixating spray needs to be sprayed every time you go out skating in the rain. 

Where should you skate while it is raining?

You may want to go out skating in the middle of a heavy downpour, but we are here to let you know that you have plenty of other options available. When it rains outside, you may opt to skate indoors. You may practice skating in your basement or even in the comfort of your own room. 

Can you penny board in the rain?

Although riding penny boards may seem like a fun activity, it is not a wise decision to ride on penny boards when it is raining. This is because penny boards are much smaller in size compared to skateboards. Riding on penny boards may even cause you to topple over during typical rainy days.

Some Tips and Suggestions

There are a few more tips and tricks for starters and pro skaters out there that should be suggested. Always avoid muddy surfaces and puddles so that you do not get your clothes dirty. 

It is the best decision to wait inside and not skate outside in the rain. This will help you to ward off any dangers. 

Even if you skate in the rain or in wet conditions, always remember to dry your skateboard deck so that the wood does not rot

Final Words....

To conclude, it is the best and the wisest decision to not skateboard out in the rain. If you can’t find a dry place, then it is best to wait for the downpour to stop. You may easily go out and skate once it stops raining. Or, if you live in a rainy environment, don’t be upset because you may always skate indoors!


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