4 Best Ways To Hang a Skateboard On a Wall

To a skateboarder, his board is no less than any souvenir to him. Be it a retired skateboard or a newly purchased one, hanging the board on a wall is the best possible method to deck display a skater’s taste as well as the collection. 

Skateboard deck arts are often very colorful and diverse. It dates back to when skaters started to take the sport as a passion and wanted to spend on skateboard art luxury as well. They used to hang the boards on the walls of their living hall or passway to showcase the variety they had. How did they do it? 

Our article documents all the methods of hanging skateboards on the wall. Read through. 

Different Methods To Hang Skateboard On Wall

Skateboard wall hanging is not only about exhibiting. If you use skateboarding as a way to commute, you must have to store your board somewhere at your workplace or college. The common ways of hanging a skateboard on a wall may also help in storing your board deck.

Here we have discussed a few methods of skateboard deck hanging for a better understanding of the procedures.

How to hang a Skateboard Deck On Wall Vertically

Vertically hanging boards on a wall may look very sleek and organized. It is the most commonly used skateboard displaying method there is.

Multiple skateboard decks can be displayed in vertically. This allows you to display a collection of skateboard decks on a narrow wall.

The method requires your wheels and trucks to be removed so if you are choosing this one, make sure you don’t frequently use the board you are going to hang

organized skateboard deck vertically on wall

Necessary Equipment to hang skate deck vertically

  • A drilling machine
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Fishing line or invisible strings

hammer using to hang skateboard on wall

skateboard hanging nail

Steps to hang skateboard deck vertically

Here we direct you step by step on how to hang it with a fishing line and straight:

Step 1:

Once you choose a suitable place on the wall for hanging the skateboard, shove a nail inside and jam it using a hammer.

placement on wall to hang a skateboard

Step 2:

Cut pieces from the roll of the string. Cut around 12 inches length of each piece..

skateboard hanging strings

Step 3:

Hold the skateboard face to face of yourself vertically. The trucks should be removed beforehand so you can see the holes made for screws empty.

REmoved skateboard hanging  trucks hole

Step 4:

Insert the string through the topmost hole and bring it down to the lower truck hole and pass through.

Once you wrap the board through the holes, tie permanent knots joining the two ends of the string you cut. Examine if it is right enough to hold the board like a handler

inserting rope on skateboard to hang on wall

Step 6:

Use two or more strings to secure the hanger.Hang the skateboard vertically on the nail on the wall. You can also use a stick on the wall hanger for less hassle. 

skateboard hanging hook

How to hang Skateboard Deck On Wall Horizontally

Horizontal hanging is the only method where you can hang your board with its wheels on. Here we use a rope as a hanger. This most common method allows you to use the same board for rides as well as keep them hanging when you reach your destination.

Necessary equipment to hang a skateboard deck

  • a 25 inches long nylon rope. Make sure it is thick enough to hold the weight of the deck, preferably 0.65 cm.
  • A pencil
  • A ruler scale
  • A hand drilling machine
  • A screwdriver 
  • Two drilling screws
  • Two plastic wall anchors
  • A lighter                         
hanging skateboard on wall vertically and horizontally

Steps to hang a skateboard on the wall horizontally

Once you have arranged everything we enlisted, follow the steps stated below for a rope hanger:

Step 1:

Cut out a 25-inch length of rope by a tape measure if you still haven’t. Once you’ve cut the rope to your desired size, tie two knots tightly on each other end. 

Step 2:

It is important to burn out both ends of the rope to prevent it from splitting. Hold the heads of the rope under flame using the lighter for 3 seconds each. 

Step 3:

Select a wall to get an understanding of the measurement. Use the pencil to draw two small vertical lines 38cm apart from each other. 

Now draw another horizontal line that touches the first two while intersecting them.

Step 4:

The intersections of the three lines are the points that you need to make holes for screws. Use the drilling machine and be very careful. 

Step 5:

Push two wall anchors through the holes you drilled. Then hold the two knots you tied just in place on the holes and start pushing a screw through the rope with a screwdriver. 

Step 6:

Once the rope is screwed to the wall, hang the board in and the wheels will lock the hanging position. Make sure the lower part of the skateboard decks is facing outwards.

How to hang Skateboard On Wall Sideways

Hanging a skateboard deck sideways is known as the Wall Mount method. It is at the same time the most permanent and best way to hang multiple skateboard decks on the wall. 

Gives your skateboard decks collection as well as the wall an exquisite look.

Necessary Equipment

  • A drilling machine
  • Two t-nuts
  • Two pairs of bolts and nuts (long ones)
  • Wall screw
  • Wall mount plate
  • Wall mount anchor

All these tools are included in a Wall Mount kit that can be easily found in any sports shop.

mounting skateboard for hang on a wall

How To Wall Mount A Skateboard

The steps are as follows:

1.Drill a hole in a suitable place on the wall and put a dry wall anchor there.

2.The wall mount plate comes with holes made for bolts and nuts. Insert the two long bolts through the holes and wind down the nuts. Make sure the bolts are facing the same direction.

3.Use a wall screw to screw the wall mount plate tightly on the wall where you already placed the wall anchor for grip. The face of the plate which has the bolt’s head will be outwards. 

4.Hold the skate deck of the board in a vertical lines and pass through the topmost truck holes through the bolts of the plate. 

5.The bottom of the board should be facing outwards and the bolts should be visible. Now secure the bolts with T-nuts that you got to keep the skateboard hanging there.

6.Repeat the process with the bottom holes made for skateboards trucks on the deck for a secured joint as well as a permanent setup. 

best ways to hang a skateboard on a wall mounting method

Other Ways of Displaying Skateboards

If you find the methods which include drilling and screwing too hassling, you can use shelves or racks for the deck display.

Sometimes we don’t have proper open spaces or run out of empty walls. Or if you have multiple skateboard decks to showcase, you might not want to go through the hassle of making a rope hanger every time. An easy alternative is to build a shelf that can hold all your boards at the same time.

You can order online or make a spot purchase or follow a DIY tutorial to build up a rack that has steps to hold 2-3 boards at a time. 

Judging by the pros and cons of numerous methods above the Fishing Line is the easiest. However, the Wall Mount provides a more premium look. I hope my article solved all your dilemmas about whether or not to end procrastinating. 

Wrap Up

Start working on achieving your dream exhibition of your retired decks on the wall of a hallway or your sports cabin. It will keep the memories alive from your glorious skating days. You can even invite your skating friends over for an exhibition. 

If you are someone who likes to try new things out all the time, you may want to mix up methods and discover some new techniques. 


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