Best Skateboard Wheels For Street (Know Before Ride)

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Every skating soul loves to skate outdoors. And choosing the best skateboard wheels for the street is indispensable if you take your eyes to the outside of the skate park. It matters as wheels impact your skating performance. 

When it comes to skating on the street, you must take the wheel diameter and durometer into account. Every wheel size and hardness will not provide the grip and balance you need for street skating. 

For street skating, wheels between 52-54 millimeters are perfect as they provide the stability you need. And the durometer between 88A-100A is ideal as they offer both the speed and grip for smooth riding. 

Considering these, we reviewed the top 7 best street skateboard wheels that meet the requirements. So, let’s dive deeper to check them out. 

07 Best Skateboard Wheel For Street Riding

After thorough research, we enlisted some of the best skateboard wheels for the street. Each of them provides the speed and stability you need for a smooth ride. However, you can consider our top three picks into account if you don’t have enough time to read this entire article. 

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • Best Seller

    Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels
  • Editors Chioce

    Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels
    Top Pick
  • All Rounder

    Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard
  • High Quality

    Ricta, Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel
  • Best for freestyle

    Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels
    Top Pick
  • Wheels For sliding

    Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels Set of 4
  • budget-friendly

    LOSENKA 52mm Skateboard Wheels
    Top Pick

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels for street


Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

TOp Feature

Skating around the street is fun. But the cracks, pavements, and rocks may push you back to the skate park as all of the wheels are not suitable to ride over those culprits. Fortunately, this wheel-set from Powell Peralta is here to skate around the street. 

The diameter of these wheels is 60mm, and the contact patch is 44mm. In other words, those wheels are wide and big enough to go over the cracks, rocks, and stones. On top of this, these wheels offer a 90a durometer. Indeed, wheels are not so soft or not so hard. So, you will get a better grip and speed at the same time for a smooth ride. 

However, you will experience wheel bite as the wheels are a bit bigger. To avoid this issue, get some riser pads. 

A bit heavy- is another downside of these wheels. Because of this, you may find it a bit tricky to perform tricks. The good news is- this extra weight is worth it as the wheels float over the rough terrain like a champ




Shark- Best Skateboard Wheels For street Skating

Top Feature

shark wheel skateboard wheels for street skating

Shark Skateboard Wheels is one of the best wheels for street skating. The wheel’s unique shape, design, and size make these wheels suitable for street skating

The unique sine wave shape tends to kick the pebbles and rocks out of the way. In other words, bumps, rocks, and cracks can’t stand in their way. On top of this, the diameter of these wheels is 60mm. Due to the big size, you can glide your skateboard over the bumps and cracks with ease. 

Turns out, the unique 30-degree approach angle reduces shocks the way a car does. Indeed, you can’t even notice if you ride over the bumps. 

Now, let’s move on to its durometer. These wheels from Shark Wheel offer a 78a durometer, which is grippy. You will get enough grip to perform sliding even on a wet surface. 

Wheel bite is the only shortcoming we spot out. To overcome this issue, you should get 1/2″ riser pads.



ricta 92a skateboard wheels for street skateboarders


Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

TOp Feature

Ricta Cloud Skateboard Wheels is a reliable name to every street skater because of its medium profile wheel shape. With it, you can skate around the street or in the skate park without compromising performance. 

The durometer of these wheels is 90a. It means this set of wheels is not soft enough like the wheels rated 78a or 87a. Though they are not so soft, you will get enough grip to roll over every surface. 

Due to its slight softness, you can go over the craggy street with sidewalks, asphalt, and bricks. Also, these wheels make all smooth surfaces feel relatively equal. As a result, it will be easier for you to pop an ollie on pretty much any terrain.

Besides, they provide you with a nice dampening effect on landings due to the slight softness. You can also perform tricks and slide with this set of wheels. 

Indeed, Ricta is the best skate wheel for streets and parks. They are perfect for beginners, and you can hit rough terrains without any hesitation. Indeed, Ricta infused a lot of magic and wonder inside these wheels to glide over the  street.



Ricta Clouds 78a-Best Skateboard Wheels For Street Cruising

Top Feature

ricta cloud 78a best skateboard wheels

If you look for a bit softer and grippy wheels than the Ricta 90a, go for the Ricta Clouds 78a Skateboard Wheel. They are smooth and provide the grip you need for skating and cruising around the street. 

This set of 4 wheels offers a 78a durometer. These wheels are softer and sticky. Indeed, they are smooth as butter and grip like glue. With them, you can glide over rougher ground and will get the speed you need. You will gain more skating speed if you use this set of wheels with red bearings.

Turns out, these wheels are excellent for skating on the street as they absorb bumps and cracks optimally. 

Now, let’s talk about the diameter of these wheels. Each of the wheels is 54mm. They are medium in size and perfect for a standard skateboard and their softness is right to handle every situation. Indeed, you can ride with these wheels both on smooth and rough surfaces with ease. 

The only shortcoming is- this set of wheels is too sticky. You will get stuck if you land tricks on these wheels.



spitfire skateboard wheels for freestyle street riders


Spitfire Bighead-Wheels For FreeStyle Street Riding

TOp Feature

Spitfire is another trustworthy brand every skater trusts to get high-quality wheels for their skateboard set-up. And this set of wheels is the best spitfire wheels for the street. The durometer of these wheels is medium. In other words, they are not so hard and so soft. 

These wheels come with a 99a durometer. You will get more grip than the hard wheels and more slides than the softer wheels. Indeed,  this set of wheels from Spitfire is ideal for skating on the street. 

Unlike other wheels, the diameter of these wheels is 52mm. They are smaller in size, which makes these wheels perfect for skating on smooth surfaces. Due to their small size, most freestyle riders recommend them as they are lightweight. With it, you can perform tricks and slides. 

The only downside is- you can’t ride over bumps and cracks with these wheels because of their compact size. But they are worth it if you look for wheels to skate on the street or skating parks. 




Sector 9- best skateboard wheels for sliding

Top Feature

Sector 9 skateboard wheels for sliding

If you are looking for a set of skate wheels to learn sliding and drifts, don’t hesitate to go for the Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels. Their unique core and wide contact patch will provide the grip you need for sliding. 

These wheels come with a 70 mm diameter and 44mm contact patch. Unlike other wheels on this list, they are large and provide the stability you need for a smooth ride. You can effortlessly go over the bumps, cracks, and rocks. 

Due to its wide contact patch, these wheels stick with the ground and deliver the grip you need for sliding. On the other hand, the sturdy core helps to resist wear & tear when sliding. 

Apart from these, the durometer of these wheels also helps to do slides. They come with an 80a durometer. In other words, these wheels are soft and grippy. 




Losenka- Best Budget Friendly Skateboard wheel

Top Feature

losenka best budget friendly skateboard wheels

Do you look for budget-friendly wheels for your skateboard set-up? Then, you can’t find the best alternative to this set of wheels from LOSENKA. 

You don’t need to spend a leg and arm to set up your skate for riding around the street. This 4 set of wheels comes fully assembled with ABEC bearings. So, you don’t need to hassle to install it on your skateboard. Just unpack it and attach it to your skate and start riding right off the bat. 

The size of these wheels is 52mm, which is smaller and perfect for skating on the street or in the skate park. They provide a 95a durometer, which is hard and rolls smoothly on smooth surfaces. You can ride over asphalt roads, extremely on skate park terrain.  

When it comes to longevity, you can hardly find wheels like this set at this price point. These wheels adopt unique patent instantaneous cold infusion processing to make wheels solid & wear resistant. In other words, they last for a long time. 



Buying Guide: What To Look For When Buying Skateboard Wheels For Street

skate insider

Take a look at the following criteria before picking the best skateboard wheels for street skating. 

Types of Skateboard Wheels

You can find three different skateboard wheels- street wheels, cruiser wheels, and longboard wheels. 

Street wheels are smooth and lightweight. So, you can use them to perform tricks, slides, rails, and ledges with ease. The diameter of this type wheel falls between 50-53 millimeters. And the hardness is between 95a-104a.

On the other hand, cruiser wheels are comparatively soft and grippy. The hardness of cruiser wheels falls between 78a-98a and the diameter is between 54-59 millimeters. This type of wheel is perfect for riding over pavements and cracks. 

And lastly, longboard wheels are the softest and grippiest compared to other two wheel types. They are specially designed to go over cracks, pavements, rocks, and bumps. The durometer of this wheel type falls between 75a-85a and the diameter is between 60-75mm. You can go for the longboard wheels to perform carving, sliding, and racing. 

As you are here to get street wheels, pick the wheels that come with 50-53mm diameter and 95-104a durometer. 

Benefits of Street Wheels

Consider what benefits you will get from street wheels before making a purchase. With street wheels, you can go over smooth surfaces like a champ and can learn tricks, bowls, rails, and ledges. 


How long the skateboard wheels will last depends on the material they use as their construction. Most wheels use polyurethane as their built-in element as they are heat-resistant and tough. As a result, they last for a long time, and you can use the wheels under extreme conditions. 


The durometer of wheels is used to measure the hardness of the wheel. The range of it is between 78a-101a+. A common rule of the durometer is the higher the number, the harder the wheel will be. And the harder the wheel will be, the more speed you will get from those wheels. If you look for street wheels, go for the wheels that come between 96a-99a durometer. They provide the speed and grip you need to skate around the street. 


Diameter is the next criterion you must consider when picking the wheels for your skateboard set-up. How much speed and stability you will get depend on the diameter of the wheels. A wheel between 50-53 mm will be perfect for new skaters as they provide greater stability. On the other hand, wheels between 54-59 mm will be ideal for intermediate skate lovers. And lastly, 60-75 mm wheels are perfect for pro skaters who need the speed for racing.  

Contact patch

Contact patch means the surface area of your wheels that stick with the ground. We recommend you go for the wheels with a wider contact patch if you have a longboard or cruiser board. In return, you will get the grip you need for smooth riding.

Wheel shape

You can find two types of wheel shapes- sharp-lip and round lip. A sharp-lip wheel provides excellent grip. So, you can carve, cruise, and slalom with ease. On the other hand, a round-lip shape wheel is best for learning power slides. 


Most frequent questions and answers

What is the best skateboard brand for street skating?

You can find a lot of skateboard brands that offer the best skating equipment for street skating. But the heck is- all of them are not the best as they claim. Here is the list of skateboard brands you can consider to get the best skate accessories.

What wheels do street skaters use?

Most street skaters use the wheels between 88a-100a durometer. They offer less grip but deliver the speed you need for smooth riding on smooth surfaces. They offer less grip as they are slightly harder. 

What size skateboard wheels are best for street skating?

Skateboard wheels between 52mm-54mm are best for street skating. These wheels are lightweight and easy to maneuver. As a result, you will get better control over the skateboard and perform tricks, bowls, and rails. However, you can ride over rough surfaces with street wheels. In this case, you should go for larger wheels. 

Are soft wheels better for street skating?

Yes, softer wheels are better for street skating. Softer wheels provide the ultimate grip you need for safe riding. Regular street skaters recommend going for the wheels between 96A-100A. They are not super soft and not so hard, which makes them ideal for smooth riding on the street. 

Is 99a Good for Street Skating?

Yes, they are good for street skating. The durometer of wheels between 96A-100A provides both the speed and grip you need for a smooth skating experience. You can use the 99a wheels for street skating, skate parks, and ramps. 

Final Words...

Street skating will be more fun and interesting than in the skate park if you choose the right street wheels for skateboarding. To help you out, we researched those 7 best skateboard wheels for the street. 

Among them, we recommend the Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels most as it comes with the right diameter and durometer. The size of the wheels is 52mm and the durometer is 99A. As a result, you will get the speed and grip you need for skating on the street.

However, you can also go for any skateboard wheels from the list based on your personal preferences.