10 Best Skateboard Helmets in 2024

top skateboard helmets you can pick for adult,teen,kids

Safety gears are a must when it comes to sports & games. Skateboarding is no different. Whether it’s your passion or profession, you wouldn’t want to fall victim to injuries & spend a fortune on medical bills while riding your board. 

No matter whether you’re a novice or professional, a protective skateboard helmet is the first piece of your safety protocol. It is the key to riding with confidence.

Bumping on a skatepark ramp with full thrust or blowing dust with your fellow skaters over a concrete pavement, skateboarding is all fun & exciting until the adrenaline drives you into an unexpected occurrence. Sometimes the balance is lost or the grip untightens. You might fall and get filched by a moving vehicle while riding in traffic. Other times the trick you were performing may go wrong & you fall hard on the pavement or ramp. Talking about safety equipment, a skating helmet comes before the knee and elbow pads. 

When a fall happens, the most sensitive part to getting injured is your head. A skateboard helmet can make sure you don’t hurt your head in such conditions. For your help, we have surveyed the best skateboard helmet brands as well as the best skateboard helmet in terms of price, value, performance & durability.

Why Our Guide?

Skating helmets are unarguably the most important part of your safety gear. This skate helmet review is our top 10 favorite market picks. These are arguably the best skateboard helmets that will defend skull splits, shocks, and any serious head injury. We made sure to cover the costs, pros & cons, the details & where to find them. Our article also answers most asked questions about which helmet to buy. 

We care for all skaters’ safety & thus we suggest you read through. At the end of the read, you will have decided on the best skateboard helmet purchase!

skateboard helmet certifications worldwide infograph

10 Best Helmets For Skateboarding, Longboarding & Rollerblading

Most Skaters understand the importance of a good skating helmet but get baffled when it comes to making the decision. That’s when our best helmet review comes into play!

Are you confused about which are the best skate helmets in the market? Go through this review of the finest helmets for skating. 

Our Top Pick (Updated)
  • 01. Best premium

    Triple Eight Gotham Helmet
    Top pick
  • 02.The allrounder

    Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver
  • 03. Best money saver

    OutdoorMaster Skateboard helmet
  • 04.. Most Unique Impression

    Thousand Heritage Collection Adult Helmet
  • 05. Best Skateboard Helmet For Kids

    Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual-Certified Sweatsaver
    Top Pick
  • 06. best overall

    Triple Eight Dual-Certified Brainsaver Helmet
  • 07. the Go-to Helmet

    Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet
    Top Pick
  • 08. best for Low-light Riding

    Thousand Chapter Collection Helmet
  • 09. Safest Pick for kids

    Triple 8 Little Tricky
  • 10. Best Skateboard Helmet With Face Shield

    TSG Pass, Full-Face Helmet
    Top Pick

tripple eight gotham skateboard helmet for skater


Triple Eight Gotham Helmet: Best premium

TOp Feature

The Triple Eight Gotham MIPS skateboarding helmet is a premium option in the marketplace. Longboarders can vouch for this one too. If you have some extra dollars at your disposal, you shouldn’t be looking around anymore!

Triple Eight skateboard helmet are made with lightweight plastic which brings you the utmost comfort. The outer shell is made by ABS & ventilated for better airflow. These kinds of plastic products have to be molded into shapes. It makes the safety gear more durable for shocks as it’s not glued in any way. 

Let’s talk about the inside which makes it a complete professional skating helmet. The manufacturers combined the outer ABS shell with the finest EPS foam liner. There are lots of ventilation holes that ensure great airflow while still keeping it a lightweight skate helmet.

Triple Eight Gotham features a Multi-directional Impact Protection System, in short MIPS approved. This specialized feature on helmets makes them tough for any crash or shock. It can be the best bike skate helmet for bikers too as it protects against rotational forces during an accidental occurrence of an extreme sport. 

This Pro Skateboard Triple Eight helmet can be the best buy if money isn’t your concern. Think of it as an investment for a safer skating experience. Both CPSC and ASTM standards approve of this product. It has managed to earn excellent user reviews on Amazon so far with 5-star ratings. 

The Triple Eight helmet is made in night colors as they are highly safe for night riders. The dark light options of colors are reflective so you are easily seen on roads. The adjustable strap makes it suitable for both adults and teenage riders. The helmet comes with two sets of removable sweat saver pads which are also wash proof. So no more worrying about sweaty smells! 




Triple Eight THE Certified Sweatsaver:The allrounder

Top Feature

tripple eight sweatsaver skateboard helmet with allrounder features

The Triple Eight Sweatsaver is Certified for skateboarding, Inline Skating & Cycling all along. The features are most promising in terms of comfort, outlook & pricing. We like to call it “the allrounder”.

The brand Triple eight took great notice about safety certification & user comfort while manufacturing this line of helmets. Both U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards are met by this one. Which makes it the best dual-certified skateboard helmets in the market. A great choice for skateboarders as well as cyclists. Even Inline skaters & longboarders can rely on this one. 

The satisfaction of wearing the Triple eight helmet sweatsaver is to vouch for. It is a classic design for youth skate helmets, delivering a low-profile vibe so the skater’s head doesn’t look very bulky. The outer shell is an ABS plastic shell. The inside is very comforting as it is lined with eps foam. EPS is known for its extra-thick appearance, great for padding to avoid hits. 

The sweat saver liner keeps you from feeling soggy because of extreme sweat. A thin lining is already installed while another set of removable pads & thicker eps foam liner is included in the package. Triple eight helmet is an adjustable skating helmet as you can modify the liners as per your fitting. You can also purchase replacements for the Sweat saver liners from Triple Eight’s website in different colors & fittings for customization. These Sweatsavers are specially designed with material that is washable for stains & smells of sweat. 



outdoor master skateboard helmet that protects head and saves money



OutdoorMaster Skateboard helmet: Best money saver

TOp Feature

A friend of mine recently bought the Outdoor Master Skateboard Helmet so I have some second-hand experience in using this helmet for skating. I tried to write an in-depth review about this one. 

Outdoor Master is preferably the lightest skateboard helmet. The outer shell comes in three different sizes. You get to pick your suitable one from small, medium, or large. They have an extra small size option for kids too. 

Not only the CPSC & ASTM certification, but Outdoor Master Helmets also managed to bag the European CE certifications too. They advocate that this helmet is the perfect fit for protection against any skull injuries during accidents. 

The biggest drawback about the Outdoor Master Helmet is that it’s not the thinnest skating helmet. It rather looks heavy and doesn’t give a low profile outlook. Yet it provides all kinds of absorption & ventilation through the sweat saver liners inside. The helmet has an in-built dial at the back which I think is an innovative feature. It helps you rotate and fit the helmet on your head properly. 

If you are on a budget, I suggest Outdoor Master Helmet is an incredible choice. Within $30, they are providing triple certification while giving you the desired protection that a safety gear should. 




Thousand Heritage Collection Adult Helmet: Most Unique Impression

Top Feature

thousand heritage skateboard helmets with impressive features environment friendly

As a sportsman, if looks are one of your concerns too, this is the perfect pick for you. Thousand Heritage Collection Helmet is uniquely designed for adults looking for something stylish while they rock the ramp with their skills. Thousand Heritage remembered to make you look fashionable with their craftsmanship, thus this skate helmet is more fashionable than sporty. 

The Thousand Heritage Collection Adult helmet is a sophisticated skate helmet choice for adults as well as young skaters. Both men & women can wear this unisex piece as a stylish add on & for protection. Comes in Coastal Blue, Navy, Daybreak Red & Rose Good colors.

The manufacturers are cruelty-free & environmentally aware. They cared to think about the climate while their production. Their partnership with Climate Neutral offsets their carbon emission footprint. They even kept their supply chain & packaging sustainable to the environment. The straps of the helmet are made of sustainable microfiber leather. Wearers of this great skateboard helmet represent that they care about the planet too & are mindful individuals. 

The Thousand Heritage is a cool skateboard helmet for adults. They also took care of the safety certifications of the product & matched the standards of CE 1078, CPSC safety standards, and ASTM F1492, so it’s the best-looking bike helmets too. Go for the purchase if you have a few extra bucks at your disposal. 

The helmet doesn’t only serve looks but it’s the best helmet for hot weather too. Three cooling channels & seven air vents continuously work to keep your head cool while the Dial fit system gives you an awesome fitting.



triple eight lil skateboard helmet for  kids, young, beginners


Triple Eight LIL 8 Dual-Certified Sweatsaver:Best Skateboard Helmet For Kids

TOp Feature

Triple Eight did a great job on this one, designing just the perfect helmet for a kid’s head, similar features but smaller (& cheaper). The Lil eight meets CPSC and ASTM F1492 standards, so it’s adequate for cycling, roller skater, skateboarding, etc. 

Triple Eight used the same lightweight materials for your child’s comfort. The durable ABS shell & EPS foam liner works hand in hand to deliver comfort as one of the best skateboarding helmets for kids. It also has an adjustable chin strap for a better grip on the face. 

Triple Eight has thinner EPS foam sweat liners in-built in all of their helmets while the thicker sweat pads are easily purchasable on their website. The removable feature lets you wash off sweat smells & stains quicker while modifying them according to your child’s head shape gives a better fit. All in all, your child will be very comfortable wearing the Lil Eight helmet for longer periods.

The Dial-fit system at the back of the helmet fits the helmet better. Even the adjustable face strap has Pinch Saver chin pads installed for a snuggled fit. Generally, kids up to 5 years & older can easily accommodate the circumference of the Lil Eight helmet.




Triple Eight Dual-Certified Brainsaver Helmet : best overall

Top Feature

tripple eight brainsaver skateboard helmets for overall protection

If there’s one helmet we’ve come across most people using as their primary safety equipment in skating ramps, it is the Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet. The best part, all of their products are dual certified. The helmet does justice to its name in saving skull damages, providing head protection whether in falls involving 1mph or a backward crash of 30mph.

These helmets are certified helmets by ASTM F1492 and US CPSC regulations. Thus the users can’t be limited to skateboarding only. You can use it as a scooter helmet, cycling, bike riding helmet, or roller skate helmet too. In a breath, it’s the best skateboard helmet for adults.

Unlike any other Triple Eight helmets, they come packed with two sets of sweat-soaking EPS foam liners, thick & thin. You can use whichever one suits your fit, again as per the weather demands. In addition, the adjustable chin strap is made by keeping your comfort in mind too. Unlike the other straps, it doesn’t bite on your skin, rather the padded structure gives your face a nice cradle. The neon green & black color options throw a rough & tough sporty vibe, cherished by most skateboarders. 

These helmets are highly recommended by skaters who have a certain standard for their safety concerns & aren’t looking for anything fancy. 




Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet: the Go-to Helmet

Top Feature

razor v17 The go-to helmet with shiny features for skateboarding

Razor V-17 isn’t your regular low-profile skateboarding helmet. The outer look of this is a sleek glossy finish which is surely going to pop up in a group of skaters. It is a multi-purpose protective headgear that will be a smart choice if you are looking for bling on a budget.

Razor V-17 provides outstanding security & protection. Whether on streets or a skating ramp, it meets the safety requirements certified by CPSC safety standards. Razor V-17 is the best youth skateboard helmet serving multiple extreme sports like cycling, skateboarding, roller skating & even scooter riders. Its multitasking ability as a protective gear & the reflective glossy finish makes multitasking ability as a protective gear & the reflective glossy finish make it reasonable to stake your money on. 

The Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet comes in a range of funky color options. However, all of them have a glossy finish. Gloss black & Geo is suitable for boys but the other ones include Magenta, Lucid red & Gloss Blue is going to match any teenage girl’s style. 

The interior of these Youth Helmets is padded with Ergonomic foams for higher satisfaction and protection of the user. Performs thorough utmost security while the higher count of air vent holes on top and sides of the helmet keeps the airflow functioning. 

The most amazing feature that makes the helmet worth every penny is its Adjustable straps and buckle that secures your helmet in place even during the most shocking. However, all of them have a glossy finish. Gloss black & Geo is suitable for boys but the other ones include Magenta, Lucid red & Gloss Blue is going to match any teenage girl’s style. 




Thousand Chapter Collection Helmet: A Low-light Riding Gear

Top Feature

thousand chapter skateboard helmets for men women and multiple usability

The brand Thousand has its name for designing the most stylish and tasteful sporting gears for both men & women. Their Chapter Collection helmets are another embodiment of what exquisite yet subtle taste can look like while you are still concerned about being secured against injuries. 

The Thousand Chapter Collection offers a handful of great features starting from the exterior to the core interior. The helmet is built with MIPS inside. This extra layer lessens the impact of any shock on the head. MIPS eliminates the rotational force of an accident and works as a skull protectant. On the outside, the helmet has an acrylic resin visor in the front which looks royal with the leopard print. The motive of this visor is to reduce the sun glare & expand the vision of the user. This additional detail earned great reviews from the modern skaters. 

Skateboarding at night is equally risky & exciting. But if you like to skate in the dark, this skateboard helmet with lights is at your rescue. The Thousand Chapter Collection features a helmet with a 30-lumen USB rechargeable taillight attached to the back of it. Best Skateboarding helmet for teenagers & adults both who ride back home late after school or work. It is a great pick for low-light riding too if you like mountain skating too. 

You get to choose from a hand-painted tortoiseshell look, a simple matte black & a metallic rose gold color.  Worried about sweat greasing in the insides? The 8 vent holes will take care of the airflow & keep your head cool.

Below the logo mark, there’s a channel through which you can insert a Pollock that comes with a helmet for its security. Leave the helmet behind your bike & go to work worry-free!




Triple 8 Little Tricky – Safest Pick for kids skateboard helmet

Top Feature

tripple eight lil tricky safest skateboard helmets for kids

As a parent, if you are buying a helmet for your kid, the consideration of features will differ from buying for an adult. You must take notice if the helmet fits properly on their little heads & if it is cool enough for them to like it. 

Keeping all that in mind, Triple 8 brings a fancy-looking helmet range called Little Tricky for the li’l skating champs of your house. It is just the right skateboard helmet for young skaters. 

Kids don’t prefer dorky-looking adult helmets & they are most likely to take them off rather than being seen in them. But you can never predict a mishap happening. Little Tricky is a cool skateboard helmets for toddlers to young kids with vibrant color options to look good on. 

The nice design with that funky logo on the side will make them feel confident in style while you’ll be confident about their safety. The outer shell is made of high-density ABS which is a high-grade plastic to prevent any damage.

I believe Little Tricky checks all the boxes even if you involve your kid in choosing their helmet. The cool design is sure to attract attention while providing a snuggly fit with the Dial-Fit system. Each helmet is packed with two sets of interchangeable pads for a customized fit. 

Best kids skateboard helmet for big heads & small kids simultaneously, it matches all the ASTM safety standards of ASTM F1492-08 and CPSC for kids aged 5 years & more. 




TSG Pass, Full-Face Helmet: Best Skateboard Helmet With Face Shield

Top Feature

tsg skateboard helmet with face shield to make sure safe skating

Legendary longboarder Martin Siegrist was a 3-time downhill longboarding world champion who created this helmet design for professional skateboarders. Coming from a background in industrial design, he &  the TSG worked together to produce one of the best full-face helmets in demand.

If you are someone who likes to ride at a high speed (40mph which is equivalent to 65 km), it is considered that a full-face helmet will be a better protective gear for you. This skateboard helmet with face protection makes your downhill breakage safe as well as serves as a roller-skating helmet, bike helmets & mountain biking too. 

The TSG Pass Helmet comes with two fiberglass visors that deliver awesome clarity of vision both in the summers & winter. The visor head reduces sun glare. These are scientifically 100% UVA & UVB ray protectants. You can choose from a jet black or electric silver-colored shield. Saves your eyes & face both from the scorching heat or blizzards. 

The inner shell has much thicker EPS foam liner than the outer half-shells. The helmets can generally withstand more than one trauma. Makes your money worth the buy as they are very long-lasting. Plus, the TSG Pass helmet meets all the relevant safety standards of EN 1078 and ASTM F1952 certification. It is an astm certified helmet which means the helmet is fit for any concussion on your way as your guard. 



Buying Guide: How To Find The Best Skateboard Helmet

skateboard helmets for adul,teen,kids for ultimate protection explained

This guide features the 10 best skateboarding & longboarding helmets that are worth your money. This is also a complete guide to help you with a self-evaluation of helmets if you’re planning to try out a new brand or latest product. The most traits that you must consider while buying a safety helmet for your skate rides are described in detail. So the next time you go to a sports shop, you know exactly what to look for.

Your helmet of choice must excel in terms of style, fitness, certification, comfort & price. If not all of it, make sure it ticks at least three boxes while still delivering protection. Don’t know how to assess the features? Confused about the certifications? Here are all the answers. 

Decent Fit & Comfort

First comes the fitting of your helmet. Comfort comes from the inner liners of the helmet. The liners are important as they will decide how comfortable you are with your helmet fit. 

Always buy extra inner paddings for a custom fit. Too thick padding can make your helmet too tight on your head and feel heavy. Similarly, too thin padding may make your helmet wobbly while riding. Removable liners can be washed when required so you don’t feel the smelly discomfort of former sweaty tours. 

The size of your head matters while buying a helmet. For the best fit, you must measure your head correctly. 

Most helmet brands launch Helmets of different sizes, ranging from small, extra small to extra large skateboard helmets. Usually they suggest you follow the sizing guide unique to their helmets. The different sizes have different diameter of the helmet. Find your size by measuring the circumference of your head and comparing it to the sizing chart.

A good fit brings comfort automatically. The helmet stays locked on your head while giving you the snuggle and protection all at the same time.

skateboard helmets Correct size chart according to head shape

Types & Styles of Helmet

Skateboarding helmets are mostly the same design. But to classify, there are three types of helmets that you will find: the Classic, the Full-face & the Full-cut.

Classic skate helmets are the regular helmets that you think of when someone says ‘Helmet’ to you. Pro tech Classic is the most commonly used helmet design with a simple head cover and chin strap. The shell keeps your head protected starting from the middle of your forehead till your neckline. It has cutouts above the ear line. The chin strap keeps the helmet in place while the chin padding provides extra comfort. The classic style of helmets are lightweight & do not need much ventilation. Though, to keep your head cool there are ventilation holes at the top, back & sides of the shell. 

Full-face helmets offer the most protection. Generally, fast bikers or downhill skateboarders use this type of helmet for ultra safety. It is recommended that you should buy a full-face helmet if you ride fast electric skateboards. We recommend the mountain biker styled helmets by the Bell for a better experience. They are well-vented, lightweight and the visor is UV protectant for better vision.

Lastly, the Full-cut helmets offer a bit more coverage than the classic ones so they’re a bit heavier. Sometimes they are skateboarding helmets with brims. Provides coverage to your ears and further down to your neck.

Nowadays, new technologies are being implemented every day in the regular helmet styles. They are helmets with 3D glasses for a more realistic view & Bluetooth skateboarding helmets with earpieces installed. You can enjoy music while you pace down your way on the wheels.

Skateboard Helmet Certifications

Many cheap helmets don’t come with safety certifications. While the outer features are important for the helmet to look good on you, they are not enough. A good quality helmet complies with the nation/international safety certifications. They certify that your helmet doesn’t only stop minor fractures but also protects against concussions and major trauma. 

Certifications of Skateboard Helmets Worldwide

Here’s a list of Safety certifications you should check while buying a helmet depending on the country you are living in. 

1.Australia and New Zealand do not hold any certifications for skateboard helmets. But they have laws AS/NZS 2063:2008 which applies to bike and scooter helmets.

2.In the United States, helmets need to get several certifications for industrial manufacturing. CPSC 1203 is a skate/bike helmet certification. The ASTM F-1492 Certification is a skate/roller helmet certification and ASTM F1447 certifies that the helmet can be used by riders of bike/roller skates. 

3.According to the laws in Europe, CE EN 1078 certifies helmets that can be used for skateboarding and bikes. 

Usually, European skateboard helmets aren’t considered dual-certified in the US as per their helmet standards. The U.S. helmets are dually certified by ASTM and CPSC for being bike helmets, roller skate helmets & skate helmets altogether. It makes these dual certified helmets a dual-sport or multi-sport helmets. Can be used simultaneously for multiple purposes. Multi-purpose helmets are the best skateboard helmet as they protect against low impacts & major traumas at the same time as they have to pass through certain tests to get the certifications. 


How To Check Helmet Certification

Before you buy a helmet, verify the certifications by using a lookup tool or individual standard label. You can search down the helmet brands online & learn about their product certifications. Or you can ask for a manufacturer’s brochure. Certifications make sure the helmet provides maximum safety.


A big reason why people avoid using a helmet is that it makes their heads hot. Especially during the summers. The weather is hot and humid and all the sweat from riding in the sun can easily make you feel soggy under the helmet if it doesn’t have proper ventilation holes. 

A good helmet doesn’t only ensure certification. It is designed with proper ventilation ducts for airflow to keep your head cool. Proper ventilation brings a big difference to your riding experience. The fancy helmets have better ventilation by nature.  

Helmets ranging from $80-$200 have the best ventilation designs. They keep your head cool as the helmet protects. The $35-$70 range provides slighter ventilation. If you’re someone from a cool climate zone, you can buy a cheaper helmet with less ventilation.


Most frequent questions and answers

Is it illegal to not wear a helmet on a skateboard?

The laws about wearing a helmet or not while you are riding a skateboard differ from place to place. In California, laws state that kids under 14 must have a helmet on while they are skating, beside knee pads & elbow pads. But to not wear a helmet while you’re skating in a group of adults is not illegal in any other region. It is, however, a matter of personal choice. While many don’t like to wear one, thinking it might ruin their style, one must wear a helmet for utmost safety & precautions. 

Do street skaters wear helmets?

Street skaters often don’t abide by all safety protocols while skating. Some skating parks have it mandatory in their laws & regulations to wear a helmet while on the ramp. But street skaters are often seen without one but as days are passing, more and more skaters are getting aware of protective gear. A helmet is the most important of all safety gears as it prevents any brain damage to severe injuries.

How long do skateboard helmets last?

Experts recommend that helmets must be replaced every four to five years for better sustainability. You may change the inner padding every 14 to 16 months as it gets stained quickly due to sweat. For kids, they outgrow the fit so one must make sure if it fits well & protects well. Otherwise they may replace it. 

How should a skateboard helmet fit?

Best Skateboard helmets should fit snugly enough to not come off when you brake or jump. But mind that, it shouldn’t be too tight to cause you discomfort or headache in a long ride. There should be no space between a skater’s head and the padding foam, otherwise, it is loosely fitted & needs a replacement.

How much is a skateboard helmet?

Price shouldn’t be the first consideration while buying a helmet. This way, you’d be compromising your safety. A good skateboard helmet costs between $35-$140. The price ranges between quality and features. Thanks to the evolving technology, almost all helmets have the minimum safety features in affordable prices nowadays. 

How to measure a skateboard helmet?

Use a seamstress measuring tape that is used for fabric measuring. Wrap it around your head about ¾ inches your eyebrows, which is known to be the widest circumference of your head. Read the tape above your ear line & note down the number. Now use this information while you’re shopping for a helmet. They come in various sizes & extra padding for a customizable fitting.

What is an ABS shell? Why is it important?

Safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads are made of abs plastic. ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. The outer shell is usually made from abs plastic which is a common thermoplastic polymer. It has no true melting point so the heat of the sun doesn’t change the shape of it. Since it can not be melted, parts made of this plastic cannot be joined using heat. They are molded. The helmet protects against any injury. The high impact abs shell is sustainable for any trauma or shock recurring from accidents. A good skateboard helmet is sure to have an abs plastic outer shell. 

Final Words...

Many skaters don’t start to wear helmets until they meet an accident. Many of them fail to find the perfect fit or learn about it late. Even though they understand the importance of helmet safety, they don’t start wearing one until a serious crash. Accidents may change your life for the worse. So it’s never too late to be safe than to be sorry later. 

The world has always witnessed pro-skaters losing it all on international ramps because they were too confident to wear a helmet. You can search down such incidents on the internet or watch the dreadful videos & learn from their experiences. To convince yourself why you should invest in good protective gear. Otherwise you would have to spend a fortune on medical bills. 

Now that you’re convinced, we listed the 10 best skateboarding helmets available from top brands such as Thousand, Triple 8, Razor V, and more. We used and reviewed them for you so that you don’t worry about wasting all of your dimes in a bad purchase. These are all safety certified by safety expert laws, not only for skateboarding but some other wheel sports too.

Our guide also covers the buying considerations for your help. Find the best helmets for yourself by following the safety ratings, of course, as well as the style, fit, shell material, proper ventilation, and prices. We tried to answer all of your ifs & buts in the FAQ section too. Hopefully, this guide gets you all about skateboard helmets under one roof.