The 12 Best Skate Pants for best performance

best skate pants for skaters

Skateboarding is a very fun and energetic outdoor sports activity. It is very difficult indeed. Riding skateboards requires special types of outfits. If you are a skateboard enthusiast then you must be loving performing stunts on the bowls. 

For this, it is recommended to wear strong, stable, comfortable, and suitable types of pants. Because wearing unsuitable clothes may result in injuries and accidents. Now, there are many brands and designs of pants available in the market. The type and compatibility of the pants you choose for riding skateboards are important factors.

That is why you must know the ins and outs of the best skate pants in the market. A quality pair of pants with gsm 350 or more will provide you with comfort and flexibility. In this article, we shall explore the availability, suitability, and compatibility of the best skateboard pants.

What are the best pants to skate in

The best pants to skate should have some exclusive features. You cannot simply go out and ride skateboards in casual outfits.

It must have softness and flexibility. These are the main requirements for finding best skateboard pants. Since you will undergo tremendous muscle and body stress your pants should be flexible. This will provide you to perform sharp movements and maneuvers using the skateboard.

The skate pants must be unique and eye-catching. Skateboarding is an impressive sports activity. It reflects your confidence and personality to the audience. Therefore, your skateboard pants should be matched with your unique taste, personality, and maybe your other accessories as well.

Your skateboard pants must be quality with strong and durable stitching. Skateboarding is quite stressful. You have to do some sharp body movements to cope up with the riding style. Your pants must be strong enough to support you.

Top 12 Best Skateboard Pants

Here we shall discuss the best reliable skate pants suitable for you to hop into skateboarding at any time of the year.

Since accidents, fallings are very much common in skateboarding, the pants get the maximum impact of these events. Low-quality pants may get straight ripped off due to overstretching or getting affected by the rugged surface.

Skate pants must be unique, durable, flexible, and comfortable. These features are the main points to characterize the qualities of the best skateboard pants. Besides, there is another feature of breathability which is quite important if you are skateboarding in a very hot region. 

Taking all the accounts to count we have selected the top-recommended skate pants for all.

Top Pick: Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Fit

Best value: Levi’s Men’s 512 Slim Taper

Budget-friendly: Izod Men’s Comfort Stretch Denim Jeans

Our Top Pick (Updated)

  • Best skate dickies

    Volcom Men's Frickin Modern Fit
    Top pick 1
  • Best value

    Levis Men's 512 Taper
    Top Pick 2
  • Best-Budget

    Izod Men's Denim Jeans
    Top Pick 3

best skateboard dickies for skaters

1.Dickies Men's Fit Straight-Leg Duck Carpenter Jeans

TOp Feature

Many skateboarding enthusiasts want a simple-looking appearance. Because simple looks are more elegant. Therefore, if you are one of them who wants very casual yet the best jeans to skate in, then the Dickies carpenter Jean should be selected.

The Dickies Leg Duck carpenter jeans come with dark solid color options. The physical structure of the pants is very straightforward with a side extension which acts as a unique design. Besides, you will get two frontal side pockets and two back pockets. These are quite useful and allow you to keep your hands free of small items.

There are 8 selectable unique color and design options for you. You can pick the matching outfits, accessories, or the skateboard itself. This helps to enhance your confidence and appearance. Moreover, there are many size options which include both waist and length of the pants. As a result, people of all ages above 16 can easily pick the best-sized one for themselves.

The material used in constructing the skater jeans is 100% cotton fabric. You are ensured to get utter comfort while riding your skateboard all day long. Cotton fabrics keep the air regulation retained and help to keep your body as cool as possible.



2.UNIONBAY Men's Survivor Iv Fit Cargo Pant

Top Feature

uniobay pants for skate in

The UNIONBAY brings the very endured form of work pants which can be used easily as the skateboard pants as well. Because, it has all the features required such as aesthetics, material, long-lasting, and flexibility.

It comes with 9 selectable color sizes. Each of these color options is quite unique and has eye-catching characteristics. It is because of the simple and vintage solid shades. Alongside the color profiles, you will have the option to select the different sizes according to you your measurement 

This ensures the maximum and comfortable fitting of the pants which is important for skateboarding. The side-placed cargo pockets are wide and deep enough to securely carry your personal belongings while skateboarding. You can easily put on the best pants to skateboard in through their 18” wide leg openings.

The machine washability feature of these work pant makes sure that the colors remain intact. Besides, the quality of the fabric does not degrade over time after washing. The belt loops in the package comes as a gift to keep your fitting secured to the maximum. 



best levi jeans for skateboarding

3.Levi's Men's Slim Taper Fit Jeans

TOp Feature

Another fine product is the worldwide famous brand Levis. A lot of people look for the best Levi’s for skateboarding. The taper pants are quite in between the formal and casual region. These skater jeans have an aesthetic and premium-looking design for all ages.

You will rip designs, solid colors, stripes or dotted patterns, and many more from the 38 available designs. You can pick the best-suited one according to your convenience and taste. 

The Levis taper jeans have a fabric composition of 79% cotton, 20% Polyester, and 2% elastane. This ratio of the fabrics used in constructing the jeans is compatible with being the best pants for skateboarding. It will ensure the comfort, durability, endurance, and flexibility you require for skateboarding being worry less.

This pant has a machine wash recommendation which allows you not to worry about manual washing. The tapered leg perfectly sits on the position for supporting your ankle. It keeps your heel and underfoot free of interruptions and gets a good grip on the board.

You will get variable waist and length options to choose the best-suited one for good and relaxing fitting. The classic button closure followed by the zipper allows you to put on the jeans very easily.



4.ZLZ Slim Fit Men's Comfy Stretch Denim Jeans

Top Feature

skinny skate jeans

The skateboard pants require to be both eye-catching and tough enough to sustain in most of the extreme outdoor conditions. If you are a solid color lover with high-grade quality fabric then the ZLZ Slim Fit skinny jeans could be the one for you.

These denim skate pants have a simple and vintage-looking attire that makes everyone look into the person. You can select the best-suited color shade for yourself from 10 eye-catching colors options of the ZLZ jeans.

The materials used to make these skinny jeans are spandex, cotton and polyester. You are ensured to get the combo of comfort, endurance, and flexibility. The lightweight feature of these jeans allows you to remain relaxed throughout your ride on the skateboard.

Its machine washability features make sure that the quality of the pants remains intact for a long time and the colors are not depleted. The well-made slim-fitting feature reduces the time of trial and selection because it conveniently fits every person with an average length and waist. Apart from that, you have the option to select the wait measurement from 28 to 40 which covers all the age limits.



denim skate pants

5.Izod Men's Comfort Stretch Denim Jeans

TOp Feature

Allround casual jeans are the best looking skate pants in the marketplace. The IZOD denim jeans will give you the old-school feeling with their elegant simple yet premium shades.

These denim pants are composed of very common denim shades which are royal blue, blue, black, and gray. You have the authority to select the most suitable one from 8 different color shades and design patterns. It will enhance your outlook as a skateboarder on the street.

The jeans are made up of 98% cotton fabric and 2% spandex. This composition of the jeans makes sure you get constant comfort while riding the skateboard in all seasons and weather. Moreover, it also helps to maintain the flexibility required as a skateboarder.

It has global compatibility of etiquette. You can wear these pants on any casual or formal occasion as well. There are 5 pockets on the front and the back. It helps you put the small essential accessories such as keys, wallets, etc, and keep your hand free.

The slim-fit design of these jeans is acceptable for anyone in this world. You can conveniently wear it anytime and anywhere. The pants being machine washable ensures to retain the quality of the fabric and color of it for a long time.



6.Carhartt Men's Washed Twill Dungaree Pant

Top Feature

carhart skate pants

Carhartt is a famous North American clothing brand popular for its quality and long-lasting skateboard pants. Twill dungaree pants from Carhartt will add premium expression to your personality and  Riding style.

It comes with 5 solid color options from which you can select your preferred one. The outlook of these pants is very formal and eye-catching. You wearing these pants on the road skating will create a positive impression on the mind of spectators.

The zipper integrated button closure system ensures good closure and fitting to the waist. It is designed to sit on the waist. Therefore, you won’t feel any sort of stress or discomfort on the inner waist while moving. Besides, the free size and relaxed thigh give you enough space for added comfort and stretching of the legs.

Its wide and straight leg opening design makes it look very simple and quality. Moreover, you can easily put on these pants for the feature without any inconvenience. The 100% cotton fabric will ensure you get consistent comfort while riding all day long

There are multiple utility pockets available in the pant. These will help you to keep your hands free of things. Besides, you will get a loop to hang the hammer. It is useful practically or can be simply used as a fashion designer.



7.Volcom Men's Frickin Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pant

Top Feature

best chino skate pants

Volcom is a very renowned brand for producing quality and long-lasting outfits for sports activity. The Frickin Modern Slim Fit chino pants have an eye-catching design in a very simple manner. 

You will get to choose from 26 selectable options. These are different from each other in colors and patterns. This flexibility of picking makes it one of the best skater pants.

The stretch chino pants are 59% cotton, 39% Polyester. And 2% Elastane. Therefore the composition makes the pants a complete package for skateboarding. The cotton buildup will surely give you the comfort you require while riding.

Its Polyester making ensures toughness and durability for extreme riding conditions. Moreover, the elastane in it will provide you with the flexibility required for doing some unique maneuvers or stunts.

The Volcom strrtch chino pants have been stitched using stone embroidery. That is why it’s very unlikely to get the stitches benign ripped off very early. This pant has a closure system of buttons which makes it very straightforward and classic. Besides, the zip fly is there to make them fit.

In the case of fitting the Volcom, chino pants come with global and modern slim fit measures. Therefore, anyone with an average weight measurement can easily wear it. Besides, the belt straps allow you to manually alter the fitting if required.



8.Ruiatoo Snake Embroidery Baggy Jeans Hip Hop Denim Black Trousers

Top Feature

best skating jeans pants  ruiatoo

If you are looking for very elegant and eye-catching skateboard pants in the entire arena, then the Ruiatoo Snake pants are choosable. They are one of the best skateboard jeans you can have right now.

There are 7 selectable color and design options available for you. Each pant has a unique embroidered snake pattern which makes you look aggressive and possessive in skateboarding. 

Besides, this skateboard pants are quite compatible with all types of casual tops such as t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, etc. the highlighted embroidered pant design make it look very aesthetic among all others in the bowl or arena.

This pant is made of 100% cotton fabric. As a result, you don’t have to worry about comfort. In all sorts of weather, you are allowed to ride your skateboard comfortably throughout the day.

The Ruiatoo pants are wide down the waist. This gives you enough space and flexibility to perform sharp maneuvers and movements using the skateboard on the street or the bowl.

Each of the designs comes with many waist-size options. You do not have to worry if you are skinny or overweight. You can select a suitable size for you easily and wear them comfortably.

Being made of pure cotton, it is recommended for hand wash only. It helps to maintain the color, design, and quality of the pant top-notch for a long amount of time.



9.LUOBANIU Men's Loose Fit Baggy Hip Hop Cotton Denim

Top Feature

best baggy skate pants

Baggy hip jeans are very popular among sports and adventure lovers. It is because the wide thigh and toe area give them enough room for quick movements. In episodes, it is more breathable than the other types of pants. 

The LUOBANIU jeans are one of the best baggy skate pants that come with both simple and artistic designed pants. You can choose the best-suited one from the 10 available patterns and designs. 

This will help to highlight your riding style and personality. Besides, for each design, there are several waist-size options. Therefore, kids or adults, anyone can have it and wear it very conveniently.

Made of 100% cotton fabric, these jeans ensure you will never have to compromise on comfort while riding. Moreover, the pure cotton fabric maintains the color of the pants retained for a long time without damage.

The oversize hip-hop style of these jeans makes them highly compatible with skateboarding. Because you can do some sharp turns and maneuvers easily weaning these pants.

It has a dual-layer construction which retains the softness of the pants and also adds endurance to the durability. Skateboard pants have to be very strong and ready for extreme impacts. Therefore, these pants favor the situation for being the best baggy pants for skating.



10.dELiAs Girl's Stretch Denim Jeans

Top Feature

bets skateboarding pants for women

If you are looking for single elegant color jeans with high-quality fabric then the dELiA’s jeans can be the one. This is specially made for girls. Being a female skateboarder it is tough to find suitable skateboarding pants women. But the dELiAs jeans have covered the problem.

It has one classic blue denim color shade. This shade makes the jeans look very premium and gorgeous to wear as skate pants. You will be getting a side headband as a gift that is usable. It will enhance your aggressive outlook while skateboarding on the street or in the bowling arena.

The jeans have a unique fabric composition of 54% cotton and polyester 26%, 18% rayon, and 2% spandex. You are ensured of getting comfort throughout your adventure due to the cotton fabric. 

Besides, the polyester makes the jeans durable enough to withstand extreme conditions while skateboarding. The spandex and rayon make the skateboard pants flexible and stretchable which allows you to do some aerobic stunts and maneuvers on the bowl or the street.

Its soft stretch fitting makes it highly compatible with most females. It allows them to pick the pants without worrying about the perfect fitting. These extremely lightweight jeans make sure to avoid any sort of discomfort.



11.Rothco Camo Tactical BDU Military Cargo Pants

Top Feature

best skating cargo pants

Being an aggressive skateboard enthusiast you would want a very unique and distinctive piece of skate pants for performing.

The Rothco Camo tactical pants will provide you with the idiosyncratic designs as skate pants. Besides the classic green Camouflage Patterns, you will have the option many unique designs from the 32 massive collections of pants. These will enhance your skater look and boost your confidence in front of crowds.

Rothco camo pants have  55% and 45% cotton and polyester fabric composition. That means there is no compromise with the endurance and softness of the pants. You can easily wear these best cargo pants for skating all day long down the streets in any weather conditions,

Its wide wide thighs and ankle space allow maximum airflow for the increment of comfort while skateboarding. There are six oversized pockets available on the sides of the pants. You can conveniently keep your belongings in there to keep your hands free of things. The elastic fit sizer helps you get the perfect fittings of the pants without using any belt



12.RVCA Men's Weekend Pant

Top Feature

RVCA mens weekend skate pants

The best casual for of pants for skateboarding would be sweatpants. These are very soft, flexible, open fitting enabled for adventure lovers.

The RVCA  pants are made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This means the durability and toughness of the pant are very long-lasting. The fabric composition of these pants makes is suitable for hardcore skateboarding.

Its sturdiness makes it compatible with all types of outdoor activities. The free fitting system of these pants makes them very flexible. You can do sharp and close maneuvers with your skateboard easily. Besides, the soft fabric of these pants makes sure of comfortability.

The zip fly closure system integrated with the button allows you conveniently wear the pants. Moreover, you can swing and scratch your legs without any sort of distractions on the way.

These pants have a flat front. It enhances the premium outlook of the pant. The pockets are located on the extreme side points. Moreover, you will welt pockets at the sitting position for your wallet and other accessories. 



Buying Guide: How to Choose best Pants for Skateboarding

skate insider

In order to choose the best skate pants, some mandatory points should be noted beforehand. These are stated below.

Outlook of the pant

The skateboard pants should be very aggressive and skater look. Because it reflects the confidence and personality of the skateboarder. Therefore you can get the pants with aesthetic designs such as UNIONBAY, ROTHCO, VOLCOM, etc.

Material of the Fabric

It is a very important factor for a skate part. The Fabric material determines the endurance of the pants suitable for skateboarding. It is better to get mixed composite fabric than pure cotton. The mixture of cotton, polyester, elastane, rayon, and spandex ensures including many features aside from comfort. For this, you can select the VOLCOM, UNION BAY, IZOD, or ROTHCO pants for skateboarding.

Flexibility or stretchability

Skateboarders perform very harsh and difficult stunts. For doing these, the pants they should wear must be very flexible. Tight pants will interrupt their leg movements which may lead to causing serious accidents.

Fitting of the pant

If you are somewhat above or below the average size then it is better to avoid slim-fit pants. You can select the pants with manual size options of both waist and length. This should enable you to get the best fitting which shall ultimately improve your confidence as a skateboarder.

Weight and comfort

Skateboarding is an extreme outdoor activity. For this, it is good to select lightweight pants such as chinos and cargo pants rather than denim Pants. Besides, the composition of the cotton should be satisfactory enough as it provides the softness of the pants. It will deliver comfort to your skateboard.


Most frequent questions and answers

Should you wear pants while skating?

You should always wear the best clothes for skateboarding for better performance. Full-sized pants are one of those clothes needed while skating. Because accidents occur randomly while skating.

 Volcom slim fit pants, Levis slim tapers pants are some of the suitable pants for skating which shall protect you and allow you to skateboard easily.

Are chinos good for skating?

Chinos are quite good at skating. They have mixed fabric composition, well-fitting and flexibility, and durability. 

If you are a chinos lover then the Unionbay chinos pants, Volcom Chinos pants can be a good option.

Can you skate in sweatpants?

You can do skating on sweatpants but it is not recommended. Sweatpants are very fragile and soft. As a result, they cannot withstand the tough situations caused during skating. It fails to protect you from unfortunate flipping or slipping during the activities.

What do girl skaters wear?

There are many girl’s specific skate pants available in the marketplace. They can conveniently wear them for skateboarding. It shall provide them with comfort and good flexibility.

The dELiA’s jeans are a good option for beginners and intermediate female skateboarders. It also comes with a headband as a gift with the package. 

Is Carhartt better than Dickies?

Carhartt and Dickies are two different versions of the skate pants. It depends upon the choice and demand of the user to select the one. Dickies pants are good rough usage. Besides, they can be worn on other occasions as well.

On the other hand, the best Carhartt pants for skating pants are quite selective. They are very soft and fragile and are not recommended for extreme outdoor activities.

Are jeans good for skating?

Jeans are quite good for street skating. These are made with very durable fabric materials with good quality stitching. But the flexibility and breathability are missing in the jeans.

Being a jeans lover you can select the Luobanio Jeans, Ruiatoo jeans, and Levis jeans can be a good option for you. 

Final Words...

Selection of the best pants for skateboarding is a tough job. Being a professional skateboarder you must require long laying and good quality pants which actively supports the features required for extreme skateboarding. On the other hand, the budget can also be a matter of concern here.

If you are running low on the budget then the Levis jeans or the Volcom chinos can be a good choosable option for you. But, budget being out of the context, then you can get the Rothco, Unionbay, Ruiatoo, Luobanio pants for comfortable and flexible skateboarding.